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Maha'prayan'a of Vishvana'tha da'da'

From: Panda <>
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 1:18 PM
Subject: Maha'prayan'a of Vishvana'tha da'da'


                  == MAHAPRAYAN OF VISHVANATHA DADA ==

Dear da'da' & diidii,

Namaska'ram. It is a matter of great regret that one of our senior ma'rgii brothers in our Visakhapatnam unit-G Vishvana'tha(27th Nov 1944 - 1st Dec'2010) underwent Maha'praya'n'a at 1230 IST on 1st Dec 2010 in Shraddha' Hospital, Visakhapatnam. He is survived by his wife Rajylakshmii diidii, son-Bhuvanesha (a software engineer in Infosys, Bengalur) & daughter - Tis'ya'rakshita'(a graduate engineer in Electronics & Communication).

Shrii Vishvana'tha da'da' was advocate by profession. His qualification was B Sc, BL. He got initiated into A'nandama'rga diiksha' in the year of 1970. He was a strict follower of Ba'ba'. When Ba'ba' physically came to Visakhapatnam in July 1979, He graced him & his mother by staying in their newly constructed house in Siripuram. Vishvana'tha da'da' got opportunity to have field walk with Ba'ba' in the beach road of Visakhapatnam. He learnt from Him that Visakhapatnam is derived from Sam'skrta word- Visha'kha'pattnam. Pattanam in Sam'skrta means the town which has come out from sea. This town was established by Queen Visha'kha'. On 26th January, 1980 he got married with Ra'jyalakshmii, daughter of ma'rgii brother Late C K Kris'n'a Menon of Ernakulam, Keral in Patna DMC as per Revolutionary marriage system. His mother, Late G Somideviamma (a professor in Chemistry in Andhra University) followed Ba'ba' till her last breath. His maternal uncle Dr. S Gopal Shastry is aged about 88 & is still actively involved AMURT activities.

About ten years back Vishvana'tha da'da' underwent a major operation in brain. After that also he was regular in attending DC & a'nanda festivals. For last three months he was totally bedridden. Lastly he left his body on 1st Dec '10. His wife & daughter served him well & provided the best medical treatment available in Visakhapatnam with the financial help of his son.

With his mahaprayan, we pray that our dear brother Vishvana'tha da'da' has found eternal peace on Baba's lap.

For more information about Vishvanathji and his family please read this letter:

Na'ra'yan'a P
Bhukti Pradha'na

* Mahaprayan (Death):  Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the
common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death
of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of
Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of
society who died or passed away.

Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan'
(death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association
with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is
only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no
devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or
Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then
there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death).

Those who think that Baba is a mortal human being celebrate Mahaprayan on a
particular day of the year related with Baba, but in the true sense Baba is Parama Purusa so He is eternal and there is no question of His mahaprayan.

And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can
be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically
in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it
will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why
it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

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