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Mahaprayan (Death) of Ac Gopinathananda Avt

Date: Fri 09 Oct 2009 06:57:22 -0000 (GMT) From: Singh_Manindra Subject: Mahaprayan (Death) of Ac Gopinathananda Avt To: AM-GLOBAL Baba
Namaskar, Last week, we lost our dear Dada,Ac. Gopinathananda Avadhuta - Dadaji's mahaprayan took place on 30 Sep 2009. Dadaji was a spirited worker who dedicated himself in 1988 at the young age of 22 to work full-time for Baba and the suffering humanity. During his 21 years as a wholetimer, Dadaji served humanity faithfully and initiated hundreds of sadhakas. Many will remember his actions, sacrifice, and humility. So it is sad that at the age of 43, Dadaji encountered his mahaprayan (death). Tragically it was cancer of the abdomen that caused his mahaprayan. It had metastasized, leaving his entire body stricken. Actually, as recently as this past August he seemed to be his usual self - full of energy and vigor, totally pain-free. No one was aware - including Dadaji - that he had cancer. Then in a matter of weeks his mahaprayan occurred. We all pay out deepest respects to our young Dadaji and take solace of the fact that he has reached his final resting place, on the divine lap of Baba With deepest respects, Yours brotherly, Manindra
Here it should be qualified that there is such a thing as both real mahaprayan and fake mahaprayan. Real mahaprayan remarks the death of any ordinary human being. This is the proper use of the term: to note a person's departure from this earth. That is the way mahaprayan is to be used. Then there is the fake, or so-called, or dogmatic mahaprayan and that is when certain agents try to apply the mahaprayan term to Parama Purusa Himself. This is totally inappropriate because when Baba is that Divine Entity who is beginningless and endless and resides always in our heart, then it is totally wrong to proclaim that He is gone. That is why rational margiis are protesting and labeling the Oct 21st program as so-called mahaprayan. So-called means that something is fake. Parama Purusa is eternal, thus for groupists to declare his "mahaprayan" is nothing but so-called mahaprayan. Mahaprayan only really happens in the case of human beings.
* Mahaprayan (Death): Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of society who died or passed away. Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan' (death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death). And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

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