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Who Gets Frustrated

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Who Gets Frustrated Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 07:47:25 -0000 Baba "Ga'n geye ja'bo..." P.S. 2305 Purport: Baba, I will go on singing Your song-- Your glory. It's up to You whether You will grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with these songs, in my deep contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations, by Your grace-- and go on serving You. Baba with my deep yearning I am calling You again and again without getting any response-- You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to go closer to You. Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly attributions, Your depth cannot be measured-- nobody can realise You. But by surrendering that very unit "I" which already belongs to You, and with the divine sweetness of singing Your name I will surely get You by Your grace. Baba, I sing my songs only for You. Please listen to these heart-felt loving melodies-- and be gracious... Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of communication is quite natural.
Namaskar, Everyone wishes to do something great with their life and contribute something special while on this earth. However, human beings are motivated in different ways. Sometimes their motivation serves as a perennial source of inspiration for dharmic works and sometimes their motivating force sends them into an inevitable state of depression and frustration. We should take a look at the operative factors involved - i.e. what is a person's motivating force - as well as understand why some tend to get frustrated.
There are some who Baba has termed as reactionary type of people. Let us see who they are and if their pathway leads to frustration or not. One classic case is the communists in Bengal. They watched as our Marga gathered more and more followers and sympathizers by performing service to the needy, poor and destitute. The common people were rallying around us because of our plans and programs to uplift them from disaster and poverty. Seeing this, the communists were seething, i.e. burning with jealousy. They too then started social service projects - out of a reaction to what was being done by our Marga. In contrast to our works - which were motivated by a sincere desire to serve - the communists were only engaging in "service" as one ploy or strategy to combat us. They were jealous of the positive attention we were getting. The communist doctrine did not assert that service is indispensable in society nor was this their normal way of working. They were not doing this as their duty to serve others, just they were doing out of reaction. That was their primary motivation. Not surprisingly, it was not long before all their frustrations mounted, their desire fizzled, and ultimately their projects crumbled into dust. Hence Baba has nothing good to say about such reactionaries - who do not out of a sincere desire to serve, but to satisfy their selfish needs out of sheer jealousy. Baba says, "You will have to identify such reactionary forces in the society, such vocal revolutionaries who claim to be socio-economico-political reformists, but who actually befool the people by adopting such pseudo-reformist, pseudo-humanistic strategies. You will have to recognize them all." (NH-LOI: Disc 9)
The next obvious question is do such things - reactionary approaches - happen within our Marga as well. Unfortunately, since 1990, there have been many such examples. For instance, some years ago H group ((Ranchi et al.) began protesting against the dogma of mahaprayan, but soon their cries against this dogma died out. It did not take long before they became totally frustrated on this issue. Why? Because their motivation was totally based on opposing B group and dismantling their program - i.e. out of reaction to the Kolkata faction. They did not like that B group had a long kiirtan program so out of jealousy they started their own dogmatic tiirtha in Jamalpur with a ten day kiirtan. But again, they were not motivated by any higher ideal - i.e. not out of love for Baba or to uphold His eternal nature. Rather their chief purpose was to push Kolkata in the mud and grab the attention for themselves. Thus from the Ranchi side, frustrations mounted quickly and their opposition came to a halt. The proof is that today we do not seeing them rally against the dogma of mahaprayan and their own dogmatic Jamalpur tiirtha program is a total bust. So that is one instance of a reactionary event in AM - and, truth be told, there are countless others. And the common theme among theme all is extreme jealousy. Nearly every groupist strategy and approach is reactionary - done in opposition to another group. Never do they do out of ideological yearning. One group expels the other, and then vice versa. This is all done out of reaction. They do not oppose the wrongful practice of expulsion - they just are motivated to counteract the other group. So their cries against the unfairness of expulsion do not last long. That is further proof that groupists are nothing but reactionaries, not ideologiists. If their group members perform a negative action they all keep mum, but if the other group does the same thing they raise a big hue and cry. Such a mentality is no better than party politics; rather it is party politics. Baba says, "Are they not the ones resorting to mud-slinging for the sake of party politics? Most of them are blinded by their obsession for power, so what can they teach others?" (POD #32) So the motivation behind every groupist is approach is crude - done out of jealous reaction - and that is why such groupists are continually frustrated in life. Never are they basking in His bliss, never do their plans and programs come to fruition, always they are just in a state of angst, trying to outdo their opposition. Plus we see such reactionary approaches in individual life as well. Sometimes a Dada sees another person doing long sadhana and then that Dada vows to do sadhana for twice as long. This is nothing but reaction & jealousy. That Dada is not guided by the high ideal to serve and love Parama Purusa. Rather their sole motivation is to "outdo" that sadhaka etc. For that reason, their days of doing "long sadhana" do not last long. Quickly they get frustrated - and even when they were supposedly sitting for long sadhana, their mind was not involved in the mantra. Just they were looking over their shoulder to ensure they were sitting the longest. And there are countless such cases in individual life as well. We can all think of many such examples. Whether in individual life or group life, such reactionary type of people are just "leg-pullers", i.e. just trying to wrestle another party to the ground out of jealousy. They have no higher motivation than that. In cent-per-cent of these instances, frustration rises mounts quickly, and the entire approach is derailed. Baba says, "They are reactionaries. They suffer from a mental disease. They are afraid to accept the new; they suffer from fear complex. They utter high-sounding phrases, but their hearts are filled with fear complexes." (NH-LOI, Disc: 7) So these reactionaries are one category of people who get easily frustrated.
A second category of people that get easily frustrated are those who resort to hypocrisy. But like reactionaries, these people also can be easily identified. The classic example is any groupist who is not currently in power. In that case, such a person will walk around and act sweet, soft and humble with all the margiis. They will empathize with the struggles of margii / family life, offer encouragement in sadhana, and act with all kinds of niceties. And they will brag about all the great things they will do for others etc. One might become truly convinced that this Dada really is a gem. But the proof comes later on. As soon as that groupist Dada comes to power, then their thirst for power and control knows no bounds. Their years of frustration vent fully and one can see that such this groupist is a veritable despot, crushing all in their way. But again, due to their severe lack of divine inspiration, their tenure will not last long and one day they are sure to lament about their failed ways. Whether we look at Sarvatmananda, Tiirthananda, Rudrananda, or whichever group leader, they all fall prey to the above formula. They are tried and true hypocrites, destined for frustration. When in power they rule with an iron fist and when not in power they wear the mask of hypocrisy and pretend the be saintly in order to gain more followers and ultimately overthrow the ruling group. It is just one duplicitous cycle.
Here again, those suffering from this sort of hypocrisy are not limited to groupists only. Anyone who is hankering for praise or attention or power is like that. But in our Marga, mostly these are groupists and their tools. Many perform sadhana, asanas, fasting, reading of Baba's books all so that others will revere them. But if they do not get the attention they seek or when others are not around to watch, then such persons will be 1000% frustrated and they will give up their holy behavior. I think we have all seen such type of behaviour.
Really, there is much more to say, but at this point the subject is quite clear and already many were aware about such things. The main difference between these two groups is that reactionaries are primarily those in power who are jealous of any other party gaining momentum, whereas hypocrites are those factional teams not in power who feign saintly behaviour to garner more followers and gain the sympathy of others. That is the general rule. The solution then is two-fold: To be very sincere in our own spiritual practices, service others with honest intention of welfare, and identify those reactionaries and hypocrites who are polluting society, both outside and within our Marga. Becoming a reactionary or hypocrite is a severe blow to the human personality - so we must not let us happen to us either. Such a person is destined for angst and frustration and in the future one will suffer the tortures of their past actions. We should all drastically avoid any such ways and be sincere in Sixteen Points and always ask Baba to keep us on the path of supreme benevolence.
The true path of Ananda Marga is the path of revolution - boldly pronouncing the truth in all sphere of life, not caring if praise or censure comes our way - not motivated by jealousy or the lust for power. Baba says, "Those who are courageous enough to speak out this truth in clear language – those who say, “Shatter this bondage of limitation!” – their path is called the path of revolution." (NH-LOI, Disc: 7) Our inspiration comes directly from Him and our sole aim is to please Parama Purusa. With this type of approach, all kinds of great works can get done and one will never feel tired, frustrated, or exasperated - always one will be infused with Divine inspiration. If anyone has a sincere motivation to (a) help others, (b) bring forth the banner of AM ideology, and (c) please Baba, then invariably they will face strong opposition. But frustration will never enter the lives of such persons. Always they will be infused with a perennial source of inspiration that comes directly from Him. They wil always drift in His bliss. One great example of all this is what happened during Emergency. The communist government and all their battalions were against AM, our Marga was imprisoned, yet so many in the Marga held strong and kept ideological zeal and optimism despite the harsh treatment. It almost seemed like the greater the torture, the more inspiration those dharmikas had. No one gave up - because they had an inner urge to serve Baba. The few who left AM had some other crude goal in mind. We should always ensure that we are motivated by the idea of serving and pleasing Him, with the intention of becoming one with Parama Purusa. Then we will never fall prey to hypocritical or reactionary tendencies. If any work is done WITHOUT that benevolent motive then such persons will bind themselves and destroy their inner peace and tranquility. We must not not waste our time in such nasty dealings - life is too short. No one should fall prey to being a reactionary or hypocrite. That is only inviting a life of exasperation and frustration - nothing more.
By Baba's grace He has given us all the tools to achieve victory - i.e. attain Him. Parama Purusa likes it when we follow ideology and avoid getting caught up in the mess of maya. We must think about Parama Purusa and do what He says, i.e. those well documented tenets outlined in His dharmashastra. That is the only way to lead a life devoid of any frustration - working tirelessly to spread His ideals. Baba says, 'Sadvipras will never have any rest. They will have to continue fighting tirelessly. This fight is the life of living beings." (POD, #34) Namaskar, Gagan
Being a reactionary can happen to anyone - if they are not careful. Thus it is not limited to people outside the marga or to certain groupist forces. Anyone who is not guided by divine inspiration and ideological motivation is susceptible to becoming a reactionary. Of late there has been the case of a margii formerly of Seattle, WA (USA) and his whole entire approach was to give a knee-jerk reaction against anybody upholding the tenets of ideology. This poor margii suffered / suffers from extreme jealousy and inferiority complexes. He is perpetually nervous and scared that others will take his place or position - he always thinks that others will loot his prestige and recognition. Thus with white knuckles he clutches onto his plethora of organisational posts, clings onto organisational dogmas held by the ruling regime, and simultaneously tries to suppress anyone who raises the flag of ideology. Unfortunately for him his life has just become one internal ball of frustration, bound up in jealousy and dryness - nothing more. No one should fall into this way of life. It is like living in a spiritual desert, bereft of any connection with the Divine. By Baba's grace we should all hope and pray for this aforesaid margii to be rectified soon, lest his past karma make for a bleak future. Let us all hope for the best.
*************************************** One New Dogma
Baba says, "Ananda Marga is for one and all: I wish to disseminate dharma among all. The dedicated sannyasis (monks) and sannyasinis (nuns) of Ananda Marga have accepted their life of sannyasihood (renunciation) not out of any escapist mentality, but to further the cause of human welfare. And through their service, they seek to lead human beings along the path of righteousness, to the abode of Supreme Bliss." (AFPS-3, p. 30) Note: Nowadays one dogma is getting injected that the Ananda Marga sannyasis system is just temporary-- that it was made only for the time being. This poisonous dogma has been put forth in a book titled "Divyacaksu". The book itself is a collection of Baba stories told by the late family Ac. Dasarathji. And the book was edited by householder Acarya Pratapa'ditya. Actually 1% of the book is Dasarthji's stories and the other 99% is the gossip of senior editor Pratapa'ditya. And it is in Pratapa'ditya's printed gossip in the middle of the book where he has inserted his misguided idea that the AM sannyasis order is only temporary. But this is entirely wrong. Because the sannyasis order is a permanent feature of AM. Baba has given the system that sannyasis and family people will be working together, side by side. So the AM sannyasis system is an on-going and permanent aspect of AM society. Our Ananda Marga is a balanced philosophy. It is unlike the dogma of Buddhism which dictates that everyone should be sannyasis; nor is it similar to the dogma of Islam that claims that everyone should be a family person. Rather our Marga is a balanced approach: There are family persons and sannyasis. This is Baba's permanent & dharmic system. So persons like Pratapa'ditya should be made aware and corrected and he should not get scope to taint our AM philosophy and Baba stories by sticking his misguided ideas right there in the middle of the book, "Divyacaksu" which is a compilation Ac Dasarathji's stories.

A Case of Modern Blindness

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: A Case of Modern Blindness Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 06:17:28 +1000 Baba "Toma're khunjechi a'mi jina'ne, karme, darshanete..." (PS no. 4545) Purport Baba I have searched You on the path of knowledge, on the path of action, and on the path of philosophy. While doing so my heart remained dry like the desert. I could not get any feeling. But by Your grace You have given me this much sense-- You made me understand that You have deep love for me. That is why You have brought me on this earth so that I can love You. All these days I was not searching You in the world of ideation and dhyana. I was searching You externally. But in the last I started doing sadhana and dhyana with the bond of Your love. And since then I am intoxicated by Your divine charm...
Namaskar, Many have deep faith that modern science, not religion, is based on the search for truth and that it is modern science which is the greatest tool of humanity. Science is often regarded as the god of modern day society and that it is science which will solve all of our global problems. However, science does not exist in a vacuum: The guiding force behind it is the human mind. And son long as a capitalist mentality, or racist mentality, or naive mind is pushing science forward, there are bound to be loopholes, if not gaping holes, in scientific knowledge. So the way science is used today is far from this ideal. And one of the main problems is that in numerous cases science is manipulated to promote so-called in-born racial differences.
Of course, as Ananda Margiis, we deeply respect the value of science. Baba guides us to advocate for more and more scientific research. So in our Marga, science is also highly honored-- under one condition: So long as it is guided by the rational & benevolent intellect. Baba says, "Science is also for service and blessedness. Science should always be utilized for the proper progress of human society." (AFPS-7)
Unfortunately, often the way science is used today does not meet up to Baba's ideal. Much of science is used by war mongers for crude weaponry and and many scientific findings are for put forward which promote racial differences. There are innumerable studies released by scientists which give findings based on race alone such as: Blacks do not live as long; Blacks have higher cholesterol; blacks are less intelligent based on the shape of their head; Hispanics have more difficulty learning; Lung Diseases Disproportionately Affect Minorities; Whites have a higher IQ than blacks; etc. Especially in the western world where "scientific studies" are used to measure each and every aspect of life, the idea creeps in-- blatantly and not so blatantly-- that there are in-born differences between the various races. That some races have a greater proclivity for certain endeavours. But such findings only promote racial divisiveness, impose an inferiority complex on a particular race, and give the idea that 'God' created one race better than another. A few decades back, such types of blind studies were the absolute norm. They were trying to scientifically prove racial superiority, especially of whites over blacks. Yet even today-- in this modern 21st century-- there are studies which point in this direction: As if there is an inborn qualitative difference between one race and another.
So even in today's modern era, studies might show that 'blacks have a 75% greater chance of being arrested and put in jail'. And all too often the how's and the why's are overlooked, or just given minor review. Because in this era of white-bred capitalism, where the European races have distinct control, then surely so many factors from schooling to economic gain to social standing play a distinct role in differences of human development. Those races that have less economic might, or less opportunity to attend university etc will surely be more prone to stealing and other crimes. But not because of race, but due to various social and economic factors. So although science has shown some signs of breaking out of this slump-- as compared with decades ago. Still it is lagging far behind. And performing studies solely on the basis of race is bound to create more and more division. Saying that blacks are more prone toward teenage pregnancy and making it into a racial issue as a headline is as ridiculous as saying that white overseas Margiis have a longer life span that Margiis of Nairobi sector or that Indian born Margiis have a greater rate of becoming acaryas etc. Here the whole point is that making conclusive statements based on race is the blindness of modern science. Social and economic and cultural conditions must be taken into account. However still today the differences found in socio-economic conditions is talked about in the small print and the headlines of countless studies point towards in-born racial differences. Of course in our Marga we give no credence to such findings.
In all these following quotations Baba clearly advances the notions that the existential value of all human beings is the same. And surely all in AM hold this ideal in our heart. Yet this remains one point of serious division in the general society. And until modern science wholly adopts this idea, racist theories on the point of health, wealth, intelligence, longevity etc will continue to pollute scientific findings, to some or more degree. Here then are the neo-humanistic ideals that must enter into the thinking and vision of today's scientists-- then and only then can we consider that science has entered the modern age. Till then it it will still be hounded by racial and social blindness. Baba says, "Let us consider the case of race. Many people identify themselves with a particular race. If we look deeply into the subject we come to the conclusion that the human race is one. Some people have black skin, some people have yellow skin, and some people have white skin. Does it make any difference to the inner human being? No, none whatsoever." (AFPS-3) Baba says, "In our Ananda Marga the first step that a person takes is to forget their race or sect and to no longer identify with their race, caste, or sect, regardless of whether their race was superior or inferior. Racial prejudices are very predominant...In our Ma'rga there are no such considerations: these petty differences among human beings are not given any importance. (TP) Baba says, "Tantra does not recognize any racial, [or] genealogical...differences among human beings." (Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima' 1959) By all His above teachings, Baba clearly guides us that there are no differences between human and human-- all are one. So until scientists-- and those capitalists funding scientists-- stop looking for trends in racial qualities and instead look entirely at social and economic factors, modern science will continue to suffer from a certain degree of blindness-- thereby promoting divisiveness in today's global society.
By Baba's grace our AM society will spread the sweet tune of neo-humanistic feeling across the world and it will become embedded in all the approaches of life, including "modern-day science". Baba says, "In our Ma'rga the seeds of an ideal humanity are sown from the very beginning of life and humanity as a whole is considered as one family belonging to the race of living beings. In such a society injustice due to economic, sexual or racial considerations will be unknown." (PNS-3) Namaskar, Vinay
********************************************** Hankering For Knowledge Invites Degeneration
Baba says, "Those who have vanity of knowledge, although they do not expressly beseech this from the Supreme, but rather think inwardly that the Supreme should bestow an enormous wealth of knowledge upon them -- this type of person is reborn as vidya'dhara." (YP, p.79) Note: Vidya'dhara is one type of microvita that is under punishment. Such type of unfortunate beings got degenerated and became microvita. So they are suffering and they long to once again get human life. But this will come only after they escape from the noose of the long-term bondage and state of punishment etc.

One Demonstration

Date: 28 Sep 2009 08:32:38 -0000
From: "Gurucharan Yadav"
Subject: One Demonstration


"Toma'y kato bha'loba'si, tumi jano na' tumi..." PS 221


Baba, You are the Knower of everything; You are omniscient. Even then You do not know how much I love You. Always, all the time, I am thinking of You. Indeed, I have so many thoughts to share with You-- so many feelings which are accumulated in my heart. Baba, why are You keeping Yourself so busy and involved constantly in Your work, every second-- why like this. O' my Dearmost, when I have so much love for You, why are You not giving me energy and involving me in Your work. Baba, You are the source of all energy; please provide me with shakti day and night-- all the 24 hrs-- so that I can go on working non-stop for You. With every iota of grace and mercy I will move ahead in the work. I will do according to Your liking. I will be 100% involved to please You. Baba, please grace me by utilising me. O' Baba, I love You so much. You are so beautiful-- You are my everything...

                                == ONE DEMONSTRATION ==

In doing pracar, I came across one non-margii who had read one of our AM books and was asking me this question about Baba's use of powers. And really I did not know what to reply. That is why I brought this question to my Acarya because in the past he has always been able to help me. And what follows below is the answer my Acarya gave:


In reporting there was one incident that I remember clearly. Baba was doing a demonstration in Tiljala about negative microvita and its effect on the human body. Sadhaka C had some bad samskaras from his past life. So Baba graciously chose him for the demonstration of negative microvita. It was explained that because of brother C's negative samskara C was going to face a serious accident in the very near future. But by the liila of this negative microvita demonstration, by Baba's unfathomable grace He took away this sadhaka's samskara and saved him from impending disaster.

(Note: In His discourse "The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation", Baba declares that after all there is no such thing as microvita, everything is due to Cosmic Grace. Thus as Ananda Margiis we should clearly understand that microvita is not some special, separate force but rather a scientific name and explanation for Guru's divine grace - nothing more.)

Baba's each and every action is full of compassion and grace. Everyone of us knows this thing.

The story of this demonstration goes like this. In this demonstration first, in order to help and cure this sadhaka, Baba took away the working capacity of the organs related with Brother C's hands and feet. Brother C's body became altogether stiff and inoperational. In that case, Brother C was carefully placed in a lying down position in the demonstration room.

Then in His divine liila, Baba became very serious and inquired to others, 'Because of his negative samskara he has to face the situation. Ask him what he wants now'.

Brother C kept quiet, he did not know how to reply.

Then Baba told that, 'Ask him, does he want that his strength should return?'.

Then the brother replied, 'Yes Baba'.

Baba lovingly ordered, 'Ask him why he wants his strength back'.

The sadhaka kept quiet.

The scene was really quite dramatic. Externally it really looked like Baba was very stern but all devotees know that internally Baba was His usual Self, the personification of sweetness and love. Such is the drama of His liila.

Baba inquired, 'What is his reply. Tell me'.

The devotees present in the room were in a fix about what to say. And they were remembering that brother C was unable to move his hands and feet.

Baba told, 'If his strength is returned then what will he do with that. If he promises that he will be more involved in social service, and for that reason he needs his strength back, that is ok. But devoid of social service if he has another plan then let him face his samskara'.

Baba graciously told, 'Ask him if he has any other plan'.

Brother C said, 'No Baba, I do not have any other plan'.

Then Baba said, 'OK, My little boy needs his body otherwise how will he be able to do the work of Parama Purusa.'

Baba paused and then added, 'If my boy requests that 'Baba, I need my strength back so I can do the work of serving humanity', if he makes this promise then all his strength can be returned back'.

Immediately the sadhaka promised, 'Baba please grace me and give me my strength back so that I may dedicate myself to the cause of serving the humanity'.

Then in His divine liila, Baba touched the tip of His own stick and told to GS that, 'Now go and use this stick to touch him'.

Then GS took Baba's stick and touched disciple C with it.

Immediately brother C got his strength back. By Baba's grace, from that day on brother C has been vigorously active in social service work. That was the end of that demonstration.

                           EXPLANATION OF WHAT IT ALL MEANS

I asked Dadaji, is this Baba's use of occult powers?

Dada replied, 'No, people are confused on this very point that this is occult power, but it is not like that. Because occult power means that which is acquired through the practice of cult. For that reason, due to doing sadhana human beings get occult power. But one cannot say that Parama Purusa uses "occult power". Because He does not get that power through the practice of cult.'

'Rather, that power which He uniquely has, is His inherent quality.'

'The other thing to realise is that pseudo-gurus display occult powers to increase their own name and fame. For that reason they make rasagolla appear from the dirt etc. But this is all just avidya tantra, nothing more. In AM, Baba uses His causless grace to for the welfare of others.'

'But because we do not have any other term, that is why people sometimes call this power of Parama Purusa as occult. But it is not like that.'

Dada then continued, explaining that similar scenes as this above were common, regular practice when Baba used to point out and cure any disease by the use of positive microvita or any type of demonstration. All this was part of His liila. And everybody understood that behind all these things was His causeless grace. Always Baba was lovingly playing this type of divine liila in order to help us.

'Many margiis have such experiences in relation with their Personal Contact with Baba also. When Baba removed their negative samskaras and made them promise to 'utilise their body, mind, and existence for the great cause'.

'The sense is that ultimately Baba wanted to teach devotees that if they want their health restored, then they must pledge that their physical strength will be used for service of suffering humanity. With this promise would Baba cure the disease. By this way we all got the lesson of how to utilise our strength while living in this world.'

'This was the regular theme of Baba's different demonstrations whenever He did such things. To bless His sadhakas spiritually and help them physically.'

'Because without receiving His spiritual blessing, then nobody has the inspiration and strength to do social service in a grand way. And how one can do service if they themselves are suffering from disease. So in that way Baba blessed devotees. And in turn devotees got the teaching in what way they should utilize their lives. This then was the main theme behind His demonstrations- not the show or display of occult power for getting name, fame and prestige. Just like many crude people do.'

'Furthermore, occult means the things which are gotten via the practice of cult. But what Parama Purusa has, that is not occult. Because everything is there already in His mind. So He does not need to do the practice of cult, in order to have those things.' For Him we cannot say He has "occult powers". Nor that He "uses occult powers". Rather we should say that "Baba graced". And indeed, microvita is nothing but His grace.

                                                            * * *

After telling me this above story my Acarya asked me, 'So did you get the answer to your question?'.

I replied, 'Yes Dadaji', and I did pranam and took leave from him.


Note 1:                               IT IS NOT OCCULT POWER

One cannot say Baba has "occult power", as those very things are His inherent quality and not something acquired through the practice of cult. In the same way, some say that Baba is "knowing" all the things. But He is not "knowing". Because everything is already there, in His mind. As He created the world, so how can He not have everything in His mind. That is, such a thing as "knowledge" cannot be said regarding the mind of Parama Purusa. Knowledge is the internal subjectivization of external objectivity. But in the case of Parama Purusa, when nothing is external to His mind then what is the question of getting knowledge. For Him, we cannot say He has "knowledge". And in the same way, for Him we cannot say He has "occult powers".

Baba says, "For living beings, omniscience is certainly a recognised occult power. That is right. But for the Supreme Entity it is not a recognised occult power; He does not get it as a result of cult...To know everything is His nature. That is why He is omniscient." (AV-5, p.15)

The entire creation lies within the mind of Parama Purusa so Parama Purusa sees everything. Because it is all in His mind. Whereas human beings acquire knowledge from outside. The sense is that according to the definition of the faculty of knowledge, for a person to know something then they must look outside the scope or periphery of their own mind. But with Parama Purusa nothing is outside His mind. That means that He does not 'know' anything; rather He sees everything as it is all going on within His own mind. He has His own characteristic that as Parama Purusa He controls all-- so He does not need any cult. For Parama Purusa then, there is no question of occult power. His power has nothing to do with cult. It is just like, Parama Purusa does not have any Jinan. What He has, that is not what we call as jinan. Similarly, what He has is not occult power. He did not get his power from cult. So we should be careful to avoid saying that "Baba displays occult power" as avidya tantrikas do.

Note 2:                     NOT LIKE CRUDE AVIDYA TANTRICS

In the past and in the present also many avidya tantrikas are using their occult powers to enhance their prestige; and in consequence they get degenerated. In this material world occult power is recognised by the "show" of those who possess them. Because of doing sadhana, they get occult power. But in the case of Parama Purusa, it is not at all like that. Because such powers are His inherent quality. He need not to practice any cult in order to get those things. As 'occult' means, those powers which are acquired through the practice of cult. But in the case of crude human beings especially, to gain prestige amongst the common innocent mass or their disciples, such avidya tantrikas do like this. Their motive is bad, self-centered, ego-centered. So by that type of show, their degeneration occurs from human structure to crude matter. AM philosophy never appreciates such type of show of occult powers.

In contrast, Baba as Mahasambhuti graced His disciples to cure their ailments: physical, psychic and spiritual. But such demonstrations He never displayed in the open public. Like creating gold from the air, and fetching sweets from invisible places with His own hand while sitting on the dais. Or such type of magic that avidya tantrikas usually do for their prestige. Baba's entire demonstrations were only for making His disciples better tools to serve the humanity, in better and better ways. His demonstrations were not for His prestige or show. The whole spirit of His demonstrations was far away from that. So when anyone writes a Baba's story then if one is careful in their explanation, then readers will understand.

All these things Dada told in his story. Then he asked that, 'Do you understand? Baba does not use occult powers like other crude people do.'

Please write your thoughts ideas and inspirations.

                                              Three Points

Babas says: (1) "Wherever there is copper salt, serpents will not be found-- as in Ghatshila and Nobanda, near Tata Nagar." (2) "Water kept in a bronze pot becomes antiseptic, due to the copper in the bronze." (3) "Copper sulphate is poisonous for human beings." (PNS-16, p.38)

Should Prostitution Be Legal

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: Should Prostitution Be Legal Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 10:01:28 +0000 Baba "Toma'ke ja'y na' bhola'..." (P.S. 2347) Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have bound me in Your divine attraction-- love. Always I am calling and thinking about You, yet You are not satiating my heart's desire by coming close. Baba, when I long for You and the feeling of melancholy is unbearable then my heart begins to ache. Baba, in that longing and pain, the feeling comes in my mind that it is best just to forget You. Because then at least the pain which is lingering due to Your absence will not remain any longer. But the more and more I think that I should forget You, then my deep longing and yearning for You only intensifies-- and my heart becomes more and more restless to get You. Baba, I am longing for Your causeless grace, please come...
Namaskar, Should prostitution be legal? It may sound like a moot point, a foregone conclusion, or even an outlandish suggestion, especially in the minds of Ananda Margiis; but it may be something we are all confronted with more and more in the near future-- both outside and inside AM. So we should all be ready with the appropriate & Proutistic response.
Many margii readers may surely be thinking that 'the oldest profession'-- ie prostitution, has no legs to stand on and is a thing of the past; and 'there is no way that it will come to be accepted in AM circles'. And hopefully so, even then we should be aware of societal trends as they sometimes have a habit of sneaking our way. As is commonly seen, in some parts of the globe-- like Europe, parts of Asia & elsewhere etc-- the sex industry, and with it prostitution, is gaining both (a) greater popularity, and believe it or not, (b) acceptability as well. Why popularity? Well for one thing it is a "great money-maker". And in this capitalistic era, where money is king, then that is enough for some sections of the business world to embrace it. Consider this statistic:
"Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and the sex industry has revenues estimated at nearly US $1 billion a year."
And the Netherlands is one of the smallest countries on the planet-- imagine the size of the profit if it were legalised in China. And, indeed, at present in China, the dark way of prostitution is being resorted to more and more by young rural girls who are looking to make their way in the world.
"Fifteen years ago [in China], you didn't find sex workers in remote areas and cities. But now it's prevalent in every city, every county."
Given this, it may be just a matter of time before certain industrialists capitalise on it. So that is a mere glimpse of the popular perspective from certain financiers. And from the perspective of the general populace, prostitution is something that is not so under the table anymore. Amongst 'users' it is also rising in popularity.
"One of the most popular attractions is the Highway from Dresden Germany to Prague. It's lined with hundreds of Brothels and thousands of independents working along the highway."
"The world's oldest profession is highly visible in Berlin. As night falls, the ladies of the night parade the Oranienburger Strasse in the heart of the capital."
So in various regions of the world-- either due to economic woe in former Communist countries, sexual repression in the Middle East, or sexual acceptance in Europe or Singapore etc-- there is a growing market and interest in prostitution. So much so that even legal magistrates are changing their tune.
"A recent decision by a Berlin judge could well trigger a change in Germany's attitude towards prostitution... Judge Percy Maclean said the profession was now broadly accepted."
Thus in this debauched era, in some nations even the courts are giving way to the tidings of prostitution.
And perhaps, the most dangerous thing about this trend towards prostitution is that it is being embraced by certain 'western progressives'. In the name of 'freedom' and 'open-mindedness', more and more are thinking that prostitution is ok. They reason, 'Let the people do what they want' and 'Why should we be confined to narrow-minded Christian beliefs' etc. Hence, just as the right to abortion and gay marriages have become the happy song and voting ticket of countless so-called progressives, prostitution may not be lagging far behind. This issue also they will soon champion, if they haven't already. And if nothing else this spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e in the general society, and even within AM.
By now, some may be thinking that what is the need to discuss this on our Marga forum. Prostitution is not a new issue and why should we be concerned about it. Well for one thing, we are responsible for the proper growth and development of humanity and we should know its trends. So when prostitution is rearing its ugly head more and more, then we should be aware. And secondly, and perhaps a touch scarier, is that there is an ongoing trend that what becomes popular with the so-called western progressives also gains acceptance in AM. That is the history. For evidence of this, we need not look any further than the issue of homosexuality. This is clearly a thing that, in theory, is not at all supported by AM ideology, yet its toes have entered the front door of Ananda Marga, and it is no secret how this has happened. In the western mind-set, homosexuality has gained huge momentum such that gay marriages or same-sex marriages are not only becoming more and more prevalent, but they are becoming legal in many states and countries throughout the western world. And many heterosexual progressives blatantly support this as they think it makes them look more broad-minded, since by this way they are going directly against the Christian beliefs & the Catholic church, both of which are looked upon by 'progressives' as being stagnant in the social sphere. So for this reason homosexuality has become a major force in western social and political circles. And it does not stop there, from this 'progressive' front, such ideas about homosexuality have leaked into, if not spilled into, Ananda Marga. Because now not only are various Ananda Margiis less apt to say or think that homosexuality should be addressed and treated as a social disease, as Baba says it should; but in our Marga, various outspoken activists and self-proclaimed lesbians are given a high place in our AM society. They are treated as 'icons' in some regards. And the source of this problem stems from the fact that so-called progressives in the west hail the cause of homosexuality. Even various Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie refuse to marry until gays enjoy the same right to marriage in each and every state, city, and town. So it has become 'hip' to support homosexuality-- it defines one as being "open-minded". And this very defective mind-set has crept into AM. Some in the Marga have gotten caught up in the chase along with western 'progressives' such that those same fashionable outlooks like "homosexuality go, go, go" have snuck into AM. Please excuse me for saying so but some of our Dadas are have very recently been involved in homosexual realtionships. But because homosexuality is so accepted in the general society, when a Wt indulges then it is not seen as such a bad thing. (Note the aforesaid case is well known and I have the details and first-hand information.) And if we are not careful, the way things are going, within 2, 5, or 10 years, in AM we may see a similar acceptance of prostitution-- all because it has been accepted by certain western progressives. It may seem like a far-off scenario, but actually it may be closer than we think. And best is to get our stance straight from the very beginning, lest some get sucked into the so-called progressive western mind-set, as has happened with the issue of homosexuality.
Just to clarify, our perspective in AM is not that homosexuals should be shunned & banned forever and ever; rather according to Baba such persons should be rectified and treated. Because theirs is not a natural way to live and we should not let our brothers and sisters fall prey to this approach. With full compassion, our manner is to adopt a stance against this abnormal way of life and through 16 Points guide such people how to mend their ways. And our view should be made clear and must not be at all ambiguous or contradictory. We should stick to our AM ideals, and have full empathy towards those lesbians and help them to be cured.
All this goes to show that the issues supported by 'progressive western intellectuals' has a habit of sinking into AM. So we should be careful. Because as prostitution is becoming more and more rampant around the globe due to so many defective trends such as the massive numbers of refugees, poverty, pseudo-culture, and a crude fascination with sex, its prevalence is allowing it to gain acceptance into the so-called progressive think-tank. Little by little this is happening. And we do not want the next step being that some in AM also start thinking that prostitution is fine and well so that they will be embraced as being 'open-minded' by various so-called progressives. That is the main issue, or potential issue if we look a touch further down the road.
In this degraded era of Kali Yuga when so many crude vices are cropping up in so many aspects of our social life, our standard is to stick to AM ideals and now be swayed by any so-called progressives. Surely, on one is AM supports the notion of prostitution but as the thinking of society changes, no one in our Marga should get swayed, for any reason. Here then are but a few of Baba's strict guidelines on this matter. So just as in the case of homosexuality, Baba's approach towards prostitution is equally clear. Baba says, "The repugnant social disease of prostitution is also a creation of the vaeshyas. As a result of excessive wealth the vaeshyas lose their self-control and their character on the one hand; and many unfortunate women are forced by poverty to descend to this sinful occupation on the other hand." (HS-2) Baba says, "Because of injustices against women with respect to their social rights and because women are economically crippled, a section of women is compelled to take to prostitution. Although there are many causes of this profession, these are the main two. Ananda Marga recognizes that women are as dignified human beings as men. Ananda Marga, in addition, wants to encourage women to be economically independent of men. The system in which characterless men swagger about in society while fallen women are denied proper opportunities despite their sincere desire to lead an honest life, can never be supported by justice." (28 January 1958 RU, Trimohan)
By Baba's grace as we spread the ideals of AM to the four corners, our universal human family will grow in a sentient and nice way and recognise the inherent value of all. Baba says, "In this new society based on Neohumanism, everyone will find their life worth living. All will regain their lost positions of honour." (NHNS-1) Namaskar, Dinesh
******************************************** Special Formula of Tandava
Baba says, "Tandava: As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are assimilated by the body. That is why in the tandava dance there is much jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground for a fairly long period of time." (NSS, p. 23)

Mahaprayan (Death) of Shrii Arvind Lal Sahadeo jii

Date: Sat 26 Sep 2009 10:20:36 -0000 (GMT) From: Singh_Manindra Subject: Mahaprayan (Death) of Shrii Arvind Sahadeo jii To: AM-GLOBAL Baba
Namaskar, Today it is with sadness that we announce the mahaprayan of our dear respected brother Shrii Arvind Lal Sahadeo of Ranchi. Many are aware of Shrii Sahadeoji's exceptional service to the Marga. He played a big role in VSS and served as Baba's bodyguard during DMC etc. In addition he created a master unit in his village area (discussed below), among many other important works. But perhaps his greatest contribution was Shrii Sahadeoji's opposition to dogma within AMPS: 1) From the beginning, he protested against the so-called mahaprayan program as he fully believed in Baba's eternal presence. (Note: Here it should be qualified that there is such a thing as both real mahaprayan and fake mahaprayan. Real mahaprayan remarks the death of any ordinary human being. This is the proper use of the term: to note a person's departure from this earth. That is the way mahaprayan is to be used. Then there is the fake, or so-called, or dogmatic mahaprayan and that is when certain agents try to apply the mahaprayan term to Parama Purusa Himself. This is totally inappropriate because when Baba is that Divine Entity who is beginningless and endless and resides always in our heart, then it is totally wrong to proclaim that He is gone. That is why rational margiis are protesting and labeling the Oct 21st program as so-called mahaprayan. So-called means that something is fake. Parama Purusa is eternal, thus for groupists to declare his "mahaprayan" is nothing but so-called mahaprayan. Mahaprayan only really happens in the case of human beings.) 2) At that time, Shrii Sahadeoji was Bhukti Pradhan of Ranchi which is a huge unit. Back then opposing groupist dogmas was no joke - it took great courage. 3) The groupist powers tried to victimise him. Because at that time Sarvatmananda was also raising money for the dogmatic memorial project in Ananda Nagar and sending his stooge Parmeshvarananda to Ranchi to collect money. There was a lot of pressure to give money - but Shrii Sahadeoji refused to give even one ruppee for those dogmatic and groupist projects. He was telling that the memorial of Parama Purusa is this entire creation, not some limited building on a small piece of land. A memorial is made for a human being, not for Parama Purusa. One cannot propagate his glory via one building. 4) Shrii Sahadeoji also fought for margii rights, BP rights, and protested scripture distortion. It is well known that with his own personal money Shrii Sahadeoji established the master unit at Gumla in Ranchi diocese. An MU Dada was living there with him. So Shrii Sahadeoji's activity and service in AM was widespread and varied. But even then that was no all. As many will certainly recall, Shrii Sahadeoji was extremely active in pracara: 1) He was a bank manager near a university and he would regularly bring students for initiation and would invite Dadas to give lectures at the university. 2) He was also responsible for bringing his entire family into AM. His wife and children were previously involved (up till '85) in the idol worship of Santosii Ma (Mother Goddess Santosii - one mythological deity). So even though his wife's father was a family acarya, it took the dedication of Shrii Sahadeoji to bring his wife onto the real path of AM. 3) Shrii Sahadeoji also ensured that his own laokika father took AM initiation as well. Finally, here is one very telling account. In 1989-90, Baba needed full-time care of a doctor. This was a big sacrifice because it demanded that AM doctors give up their own practice and personal commitments to go to Baba and work for one month at a time. Doing this was a big maneuver because one would have to leave their own medical work for an entire month. But Shrii Sahadeoji convinced his wife who was a doctor to engage in this service to Guru. And by Baba's grace his wife became one of Baba's personal physicians and served very admirably in this capacity. Thus, Shrii Sahadeoji's life was full of love, dedication, and commitment to Guru and Ananda Marga. His is a big loss to our AM family. Tragically, Shrii Sahadeoji's suffered two strokes over the course of the last few years. Even then, with his tantric spirit he was able to overcome paralysis and engage in service work for the organisation. But it was on 5 Sep 2009 that he suffered his 3rd stroke from which he could never recover. It was that last stroke that led to his mahaprayan. Shrii Sahadeoji's mahaprayan took place at 3:30pm Friday, Sep 25, 2009. At the time of his mahaprayan, Shrii Sahadeoji was under medical care in Ranchi and he ultimately died in Modi Seva Sadan. He is survived by his wife and two children. On the occasion of his mahaprayan (death), let us remember our dear brother who always wanted to serve the Marga and who created a master unit for the propagation of AM ideals. It is sad to see him gone, i.e. mahaprayan. By His grace, we can all take solace in the blessed truth that by his mahaprayan Shrii Sahadeoji has reached his final abode unto Baba's lap. At least now his long struggle with strokes and paralysis is over. Baba has taken it upon Himself to save our devoted brother and grant him salvation. With deepest respects, Yours brotherly, Manindra
* Mahaprayan (Death): Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of society who died or passed away. Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan' (death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death). And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.


Date: 26 Sep 2009 16:19:39 -0000 From: "Liiladhar Karn" To: Subject: Self-Test Baba "Saba're kari a'hva'n saba'i a'ma'r pra'n'..." - P.S. 2945 Purport: Here goes the clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my pra'n'a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal-- Parama Purus'a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another.Everyone's desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness...
Namaskar, In our Ananda Marga, Baba has clearly declared in countless discourses that bhakti is the best. We have all heard or read how Baba proves the superiority of bhakti over the paths of karma and jinana. The Ananda Vacanamrtam series alone is filled with dozens of discourses along this theme. Naturally then, all in the Marga aspire to be top-grade bhaktas. Every sadhaka wishes to consider themselves as a devotee. Invariably, though, some fall in the category of being a karmi or jinani. So the question is: How to tell who am I? How can we know what we are. This letter is a "Self-Test" for determining how far one is a tried and true jinani or not. The goal is not to judge anyone else, but to learn more about oneself. After all, if one thinks "I am a devotee" when in true sense they are something else, like a jinani, then they are just cheating themselves. No one should be confused about who they are. All should be able to answer this question: "Am I a bhakta, karmi, or jinani?" Then one can best address one's own personal growth and development on the path. To get the proper answer, honesty is needed, as well as some critical points detailed below. (Note: For your ease and reference, after the signature, there are some links to other postings defining a bhakta, karmi and jinani, according to the standard of Ananda Marga.)
Some may foolishly reason that it is not important to know whether "I am a jinani or not". However, by reading Baba's strong statements below, it becomes quite evident that one should know whether or not they suffer from being a jinani. Without knowing, one will be unable to take steps to rectify the situation, in which case their efforts for spiritual attainment will be totally wasted. Baba says, "Unless a spiritual aspirant is able to get rid of these defects [of jin'a'nam], the aspirant cannot be established in kevala' bhakti [non-attributional devotion], which is absolutely essential for the attainment of Parama Purus'a. The wise will, therefore, adopt such a conduct as to save themselves from the evil effects of jin'a'na." (AV-23) Baba says, "In order for sa'dhakas to save themselves from the evil effects of jina'na, they must learn how to get rid of those effects, and thus preclude the possibility of allowing their jina'na to be converted into bandhya' jin'a'na [sterile knowledge], which is so much in evidence among the intellectuals of today." (AV-23) Thus, no one should suffer the horrors of being a jinani. All must know their true colour and advance along the path of devotion - that is the only way. Being caught in the whirlpool of jinana only means ruining one's spiritual life, as Baba clearly warns above. Thus everyone one of us in AM should know their own nature, and in particular if one is a jinani or not. This is self-test to be done internally. This is not about looking at others.
Typically we might classify a jinani as one who creates their own theory or someone who thinks that "I know" etc. But there is a more telling attribution of jinanis than that. First and foremost, a jinani is one who accumulates knowledge only for knowledge sake, and not for practical use. This may sound unusual, but actually many do like this, including a few in our Ananda Marga. For instance, there are some who are eager to learn all the ins and outs of sadhana only so that they can deliver a high sounding talk on meditation - or write a fancy article. In their own life they have absolutely zero desire to perform sadhana. Such a person is a classic jinani. So one should all ask oneself: Have I ever done like this - even to a small degree? Then there are those who seek out all kinds of philosophical knowledge about Baba's teachings only in order to preach to others and impress them. In their own heart, they themselves neither wish to apply those principles nor do they even believe those precepts. Once again, one should reflect and think: Have I ever done like this - even to a small degree? Then there is this dramatic characteristic of a jinani: Such a person will vigorously lecture or convince others about points which they themselves do not believe in their own heart. Yet they will preach those words in order to gain the respect of others. Such a person is a classic jinani. For instance, a jinani can give a big talk on samskara theory without even an ounce of feeling in their heart that there is such a thing as samskaras. Likewise, a jinani can deliver a resounding oration on Taraka Brahma without even feeling in their heart that Baba is God incarnate. And not just that, but jinanis can talk about asanas, diet, yama-niyama etc, even when they themselves do not care about those practices. That is why Baba Himself speaks so strongly and disparagingly of such jinanis. Baba says, "It has been observed that those engaged in the acquisition of jin'a'na lose touch with practicality." (AV-23) They chase after knowledge merely to enhance their own prestige - not for any greater good like social service nor for their own spiritual practice. So one has to frankly think about one's own motivation for acquiring knowledge and decide if "I fall in the above categories", even remotely so. If one does, then that means I am either a full-blown jinani, or at the very least, jinan oriented. Of course the proper approach to acquiring knowledge is to enhance one's ability to serve others and to practice in one's individual life. Knowledge for the sake of prestige etc is just a huge liability. No one should walk around like this. They may posture themselves as being smart, but in reality they are ruining their life. Baba says, "The wise will, therefore, adopt such a conduct as to save themselves from the evil effects of jin'a'na." (AV-23)
Actually, these days many religious professionals are jinanis, especially in the west. They read huge piles of books, preach the word of god, but live a most ordinary or even degrading existence. In all the dogmatic religions this happens - to some or more degree as most religions have drifted far from whatever spiritual base they may have had in the beginning. Now many religious professionals preach & study to earn money or to enhance their career - not to share what they themselves have practiced and realised. And they get huge prestige for their knowledge. Whereas in AM, devotion is the highest quality, but even then many fall prey to jinana. Please excuse me but we see this phenomenon with various Central Workers and other top Dadas. They can gracefully deliver a phenomenal lecture on the importance of Guru and dharma - or so many other topics - yet when they leave the lecture hall or the book signing, they pay little heed to Guru's teachings. They have little or no desire to practice those divine words in their individual life. This is the classic sign of being a jinani. So in our own everyday life, one should pay heed and evaluate what one's aim is in gaining knowledge. If it is for anything else other than serving others and practicing, then that accumulation of knowledge falls in the category of jinani. Then one is seeking out knowledge for selfish reasons: prestige, ego satisfaction, social standing etc. In that case when one gains knowledge one will think, "I am great, I know so much." When in reality as sadhakas, one should think that Parama Purusa is great. After all, all one's energy comes from Him, without His divine force, no jiiva con do anything. So it is foolish to think that, "I am great." Buttragically this is the classic jinani mentality. They forget Parama Purusa is doing everything and instead believe that they themselves are grea. In that case it is extremely difficult if not impossible for one to surrender to the Supreme. And without surrender, spiritual success is nothing but a distant dream. Thus one should not fall prey to a jinan oriented mentality. That is disastrous.
Learning or acquiring knowledge is only useful and beneficial if (a) done to serve Parama Purusa and His creation and (b) applied to one's practical day to day existence. Beyond that the gaining of knowledge is nothing but a liability and turns one into a jinani. Rather we are to follow Baba's below premises. Firstly Baba guides us that bhaktas are to use their knowledge and skills for service only, and not to enhance one's prestige as jinanis do. Baba says, "When devotees serve the universe they do it with the feeling that they are serving the manifestation of Na'ra'yan'a only to please Him...The direction of Jina'nii is not working here." (SS-19) Secondly, Baba guides us that learning and knowledge only have value when applied to our own way of living. Baba says, "Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life." (PNS-18)
We all want to get success in spiritual life. So one should all honestly consider one's own status and motivation. What is my aim in acquiring knowledge. How sincere am I to practice what I have learned. Or do I fall in the category of the jinani - the person who acquires knowledge merely to show others? If so then maximum efforts should be made to remedy this. And it is possible to rectify one's status. Someone who is a jinani today will be a great bhakta in the future. All are on the move and the sooner one knows their own status, the faster they can move on the path of devotion. Sometimes people think jinanis are only those who are scholarly. And while it is true that scholars are prone to the path of jinana, in addition, anyone seeking knowledge for the sake of petty gains (ego, bragging rights, prestige, status) is certainly a jinani. With a little bit of honesty one will can easily discern where they stand. This is the self-test we should administer to ourselves - today. We should not waste any time. One should find out: What am I.
By Baba's grace, all have the potential to walk the path of devotion - nay speed ahead on the path of devotion. No one should get glued to the path of jinana, neither knowingly or unknowingly. The above test can help address this. Baba says, "You are not a small or insignificant human being, you are the very child of Parama Purus'a. It is your birth right to be established in the immortality of infinite life. Keeping this supreme fixed in your memory, proceed to the supreme goal with utmost devotion, and you are destined to attain the greatest fulfillment." (APH-4) Namaskar, Liiladhar

The All-Important Point of Ista

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 05:37:28 -0800
From: "Hank Tomasson"
Subject: The All-Important Point of Ista


PS intro: This below Prabhat Samgiita, song #324, is a neo-humanistic
song given by Baba on 10 March 1983. Thereafter Baba expressed this same
theme in His RU address and DMC discourse of 28 and 29 May,
respectively. In both those discourses He has given the same type of
idea but in greater detail. However, as the DMC speech has still not
been translated into English, a portion of Baba's RU speech is cited
below, after the purport of the song. In that RU address, Baba is
specifically telling that everything is the expression of Parama Purusa:
He is expressing Himself throughout this manifested universe. That is
the central idea of His RU discourse and Prabhat Samgiita #324 is based
on this same concept.

"Moder dhara' ru'pe peyeche toma'r ru'per sa'je..." (PS 324)


O' Lord, this world has become beautiful because of Your infinite
charm. That is why I behold You everywhere in all Your creations. When I
look at any expression then I see that You are there. You are expressing
Yourself in that form. Baba, You are expressing Your grandeur in the
form of all these created entities-- animate and inanimate. Baba, You
Yourself are One but Your expressions are many. You express Yourself in
innumerable shapes and forms. You are hiding within Your creation.

Baba, You are present everywhere-- in all the flows. Nothing is
outside Your mental arena; everything is within the purview of Your
mind. That is why nothing is ever lost. I am in Your mind and I do
according to Your desires. This entire creation is in Your mind and I am
one part of that. I am working according to Your exact wish. Because
this entire creation is Your thought projection.

Baba, You are present in each and every thought. Whatever human
beings think is known to You since You are the Witnessing Entity of that
thought process. Baba, You are very vast: Everything is in Your mind.
Baba, You are very small: You are present in everyone's thoughts. Baba,
You are smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest. Baba,
even by mistake I do not think that besides You anything else exists.
You are everything.

Baba, by Your grace I always think that You are the quintessence...

Note 1: Here is a portion of Baba's RU address of 28 May 1983 wherein He
is expressing this same type of idea as has been expressed in the above

Baba says, "Neohumanism includes within its scope not only human beings
and animate creatures, such as plants and animals, but all inanimate
entities as well, for the scope of Neohumanism extends down to the
smallest particles of sub-atomic matter... Why should the love and
affection of developed human minds be restricted to human beings only?
Why should it not include all living beings, including plant life? This
is the new explanation of humanism - neohumanism - for within
neohumanism the entire animate world is included...And that golden day
is sure to come when that perfect stage of structure, that is, unit
existence in the intra-atomic world, will be reached, when human
intuition will realize that the essence in the sub-atomic world is pure
Consciousness." (NHNS-1)

Note 2: Materialists think that everything comes from matter while
Baba's AM philosophy states that everything comes from Brahma. This then
is the fundamental difference between the crude world view of
materialism and our spiritual outlook. Needless to say, our spiritual
perspective changes our whole view of this universe as well as our
relation with it. Materialists think that the world is for their
self-satisfaction only whereas in AM we think that we have come to this
world to serve others since all are the expression of Parama Purusa.

Each and every A'nanda Ma'rgii is aware that the point of Ista is one of
our Sixteen Points. Specifically it is point #10.

Baba says, "Observe non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the
sanctity of Ista." (Pt #10 of Sixteen Points)

So everyone is aware that this point of Is't'a is included within His
guidelines, but even then it may be exactly clear what it means.

In comparison, many of the other aspects of Sixteen Points are
comparatively much more straight forward. Such as point #1: "After
urination wash the urinary organ with water." This point does not need a
lot of explanation to understand the meaning. No one is confused or in
doubt about the meaning of this point.

And same can be said about so many of the aspects of Sixteen Points such

"Do not cut the hair of the joints of the body" (#3)
"Regular participation in the weekly dharmacakra at the local
jagrti should be considered mandatory" (#15).
Both of these above points are quite literal and easy to understand. It
is readily apparent as to what the meaning is and what one is to do.
Indeed most if not all of the Sixteen Points are like this.

However the point of Is't'a is less defined-- less specific. Naturally
one may wonder then what exactly does it mean.

To get the answer then one must treat this point #10 of Sixteen Points
like a sutra. To understand its full meaning it is necessary to take
help of Baba's other discourses. Because the point of Is't'a is itself
extremely dense and is not at all explanatory-- not descriptive. By the
wording itself, it is not evident what it means to be strict in Ista.
In that case point #10 of Sixteen Points must be treated like a sutra
since an explanation of this point has to be found in other places of
His vast body of teachings.

Certainly there are many ways and interpretations of this point of Ista,
such as in His discourse titled 'Ista & Adarsha' as well as in the
'Seven Secrets of Success' discourse where Baba elaborate on the point
of Shraddha'-- deep reverence for the Goal. These are all important
places to gain a deeper understanding about what it means to follow
point #10 of Sixteen Points: "Non-compromising strictness and faith
regarding the sanctity of Is't'a."

In addition here below Baba gives us deep insight as to what it means to
be established in Is't'a.

Baba says, "When people are established in devotion, they attain a state
called is't'a nis't'a--- devotion for one's goal. In that stage there is
but one dominant thought: 'Whatever I do, be it social, political or
socio-economic service, the motivating thought in my mind will be to
please Parama Purus'a'." (AV-8, p.101)

By Baba's above teaching of Is't'a nis't'a, we can understand that one
is established in the point of Ista when one does each and every thing
in order to please Him. That is the key point and the defining factor.

So throughout the day all our activities and duties are to be done with
this singular aim in mind-- to please Him. This is the secret of Is't'a

Thus whether we are bathing, taking food, doing sadhana, reading
svadhyaya, raising our family, engaging in business, or organising
social service projects, everything should be done with the sole motive
of pleasing Him. We are doing these things to make Him happy. This pure
intention must be the only guiding force in our engagement. Then alone
can it be termed as Is't'a nis't'a.

And Is't'a nis't'a-- doing to please Him-- is what it means to be
established in Ista, according to Baba's above teaching.

At the same time it has to be recognised that being truly established in
Is't'a nis't'a is not an ordinary affair.

Because in their general dealings and movements in life, people are
mostly if not always guided by their own selfish desires. That is the
overriding idea behind the bulk of their actions: selfish pleasure. Some
fall into this predicament to a greater degree than others. But it is a
fairly pervasive tendency.

For example one degraded person who visits a prostitute house is
obviously sunk in this principle of selfish pleasure. But not only him,
often people in our Marga perform social service work also with the idea
to gain some self-satisfaction, i.e. to get some lift and pump
themselves. By doing that service work they derive some ego
satisfaction. This also happens.

Here the point is not to lump anyone's service work in the same category
as visiting a prostitution shop. Only the point is that it is not the
activity in and of itself that dictates whether one is established in
Is't'a nis't'a or not. What qualifies whether one is established in ista
nista is the idea or motivating factor behind one's action. If one is
doing solely to please Him, then that is Ista nista, otherwise not.

By analysing the motive behind their actions, everyone can freely
determine how far they are established in the point of Ista. If one is
doing to please Him then they are marching ahead on this sacred pathway
and if one is doing for some other reason then they are not established
in Ista. Baba's definition is very clear cut about this.

So with full sincerity we should use this measuring rod of Ista nista to
gauge our intention behind our every action or work. By this way one can
understand how far they are strict in Ista or not.

And then with renewed efforts we can again take His name and ensconce
our minds in His thought and move ahead. So we should always try to
understand what is the motivating factor in our actions and
simultaneously infuse more and more devotional feeling in our lives by
sincerely doing our prescribed practices of bhakti yoga etc.

Through this dual approach one is sure to get more established in the
point of Ista. And the key point behind it all is to sincerely evaluate
one's own actions and not try to befool oneself. If one is honest with
themselves then they can surely progress on the path of ista nista.

May our each and every action begin with the sincere desire of pleasing
Him. With this pure intention in mind, success is sure. This is Baba's
blessing on us all.

Baba says, "You too should keep moving forward, and you will also attain
victory after victory - there is no doubt about it. Therefore continue
your efforts tirelessly, do your duty and you will surely be crowned
with success." (SS-18)


Here Baba tells more about this all-important point of Ista.

Baba says, "There are many meanings of this word "Is´t´a." One is the
fulfillment of the goal. In other words, by ideating on Him, all sorrows
of the mind and bad thoughts go away. That is called "Is´t´a." Ideology
is an impersonal element. To go toward "Is´t´a," we need only love;
whereas to follow an ideology we need courage and efforts. If we have
love for our Lord, then we do not need anything else. We cannot get
devotion by going to pilgrimages. The minimum requirement for getting
devotion is the human mind. By simply exerting little efforts, you get
development. If you desire devotion, you will get it. If you have love
for the Supreme, you will get established in your "Is´t´a"." (23
November 1971 DMC, Purnea)

Proper Plan of Life
Baba is revealing how ignorant, short-sighted people think and plan in
their dogmatic way.

Baba says, "Some people consider that one should start intuitional practice
in old age when a person has more leisure, after one has spent the prime of
one's life earning money. People are afraid that they may face insecurity
and difficulties in their old age if they do not accumulate enough wealth
before their bodies weaken with age, rendering them incapable of hard work.
They regard the prime of life as the period intended for earning money, and
old age with its decreased capacity for hard work as the time to remember
God. They are labouring under the misconception that hard work is not
necessary for intuitional practice and that old age is therefore the proper
time for it." (AMEP, '98, p.131-32)

Now here following Baba is giving the answer.

Baba says, "Whoever is born is bound to die and one is constantly
approaching death, not knowing when it will come. It is never certain if
one will live to grow old. Yet people reserve the most important work of
practising sa'dhana' for the time when the body has become completely
enfeebled and the fatuous mind of old age has become entangled in the
reactions of this life to such an extent that it is afraid of starting
anything new. Ordinarily it is fear of one's approaching death that makes
one think of God in old age. One's evil deeds begin to haunt one, and one
starts praying and imploring God to save him or her from the consequences
of one's deeds. There is no value in remembering God in old age, when it is
not possible to concentrate the mind due to the weakness and disease of the
body and its preoccupation with the reactions (sam'ska'ras) of the deeds of
this life. The mind then is caught up in the infirmities of the body, in
the diseases of old age, impending death, and most of all, in memories of
past incidents, and it is impossible to concentrate it. For these reasons
one is incapable of intuitional practice." (AMEP, '98, p.132)

Note: This problem is such a common ailment that 99.9% of the people in the
present society are caught up in this whirlpool. And by this way their
whole life gets wasted. It is our duty to think again and again and reach
the conclusion about what is the best approach to utilise this priceless
human life.

Get Ready for 2010 Election: Fake BP Manual

Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 07:11:06 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: Get Ready for 2010 Election: Fake BP Manual Baba "Lukiye path cala' ekii liila', lokalocane keno na'hi a'so..." (P.S. 3698) Purport: Baba, You are Ajana Pathik, You are the most loving One who moves throughout this vast universe doing everything but in Your journey You always keep Yourself hidden. You move around secretly. Baba, You do all the things but nobody can see You; You do not like to come within the field of vision. O' my Dearmost, to whom You love, they want to search You in their mind; they want to hold You in their heart by the process of shravan, manan, niddhidhya'san & dhyana. But in Your divine liila You do not like to be seen. You go on moving secretly. Why like this. Why is Your style so secretive? Baba, You do not like to move around following the straight, clear-cut path whereby everyone can see You. That type of movement You do not do. Baba, the eternal truth of straightforwardness which has been established since ages, even a wee-bit of that You do not follow in Your movement. Rather everything You do in hidden fashion. O' my Revered One, it may be also possible that my understanding is not complete so that I do not properly comprehend You. Baba, by the ordinary measuring scale You are immeasurable. If anyone wants to understand You and get You, then You escape and never get held. Then remaining distant, You just smile. Baba, what type of liila is this. You go on doing everything while remaining hidden, out of my grasp. O' Baba, I long for You and surrender at Your alter...
Namaskar, This entire letter looks at how the Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual issued in 1997 has been used as a weapon by groupist leaders to destroy the BP post. After all, despite all the troubles going on in the organisation, we must not let this critical matter slip by. It has already been 12+ years and still the matter has not been rectified. How long are we going to allow this to linger. Together, with a concerted effort, we must keeping bringing this matter to light. Without that, the integrity of the BP post will never be restored. Remember, starting January 2010, new BP elections will begin in units all around the globe. Certainly the ruling regime will desire to use this Fake Manual. As Ananda Margiis, we should insist that Baba's original BP manual be followed instead. Here is more about this critical issue.
Everybody knows that the Bhukti Pradhan (BP) post is part and parcel of a unique system given by Baba wherein family people are actively involved in the leadership of a dharma organisation (AMPS). In the past no pseudo guru had the courage or vision to put forth such an idea. Only our all-knowing Sadguru Baba has put the plan in motion that all people-- whether sannyasis or family people-- should be actively involved in the administration of a spiritual organisation, thereby bringing dharma to the masses. Such is the revolutionary approach of the BP system given by Baba.
However at present in AMPS, our Bhukti Pradhan system is in a state of shambles. This also everyone recognises. The BP post has become a non-entity in AMPS life whereby those margiis who oppose the leading faction are ousted from the BP position. In that way so many BP's are either marginalised or just sit on the BP chair as a stooge of the ruling group. All acknowledge that in today's social milieu of extreme groupism, the voice box of the BP has been shut.
The next question then becomes how did all this happen. And while there are various factors involved, it cannot be denied that when the groupist rulers threw away Baba's original BP guidelines and instead created their own Fake BP Manual ('97), then that became one distinct cause of the downfall of the BP post. Because that Fake BP Manual ('97) contains so many wrong rules which allow the ruling group to turn the BP post into a mere puppet position etc. Even then in the minds of some it is not clear how all this is happening. A few are not understanding how the Fake Manual is used by factional leaders to control the BP post. Thus to help bring the matter into the open foreground and make it crystal clear, various margiis have decided to address points one at a time from the Fake BP Manual in order to show how the Fake BP manual contravenes our pristine AM ideology. This letter begins that series.
As we all know, one of the first and foremost tenets of our AM society is that it incorporates one and all. Everyone is looked upon as a child of the Supreme and a member of our human family. In that light Baba has firmly declared that no one can be expelled from AMPS. In our AM way of life there is no such thing as expulsion. Baba says, "Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on the basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast..." (AFPS-7, p.6) And here below Baba reiterates the same idea: That expulsion is not accepted in Ananda Marga. Baba says, "Harsh social punishment such as creating not find any place in our society." (AFPS-7, p.6) So by all this it is clear as day that expulsion, debarment, disqualification etc are not facets of our AM way of living. That is not part of our social dharma.
Now let us take a look at but one of the many ways how the Fake Manual contravenes our AM ideology. First let us remember that expulsion is not allowed in our Marga. Do you have that idea in mind? Good, now let us proceed. Here is one of the unrighteous (adharmic) rules from the Fake BP Manual. In order to vote or be a BP candidate, the Fake BP Manual declares that:
"He or she must not be expelled." (Fake BP Manual 1997, chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12)
Thus in clear cut language the groupist rulers have put forth the crude edict that no one may vote in the BP election or run for the BP post if they have been expelled. So the Manual makes the false assumption that expulsion is legal. Yet we all know that according to Baba expulsion is not allowed in AMPS. So the Fake BP Manual clearly ignores Baba's dharmic teaching and puts forth the unjust & fake policy that expulsion is allowed and that if anyone is expelled then they cannot participate in the BP elections-- neither as a candidate nor as a voter. This is the type of outrageous manipulation that is rampant throughout the Fake BP Manual. Please refer to Note #2 after the signature for more info. And in their groupist policy-making schema this is what the groupists do. If factional heads feel that any margii is not accepting their dictatorial and unholy leadership then that margii will be "expelled" and forbidden to participate in the BP election process. So when courageous & dharmic margiis or BPs protest against groupist wrongdoings then the factional leaders expel them and point to chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual and declare that "expelled" margii ineligible to participate in the BP elections or hold the post of BP. Indeed there are innumerable cases where this has occurred and if we are not careful this devious rule will be invoked thousands of more times in the future. Thus in the past Rudrananda's faction or Sarvatmananda's faction has used expulsion as a way to railroad BP elections and control the BP post. And what is their justifcation: chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual. And so long as this obscene rule exists, in the future any groupist leader will take advantage of this unholy rule.
So when the upcoming BP elections are going one from one election after another-- 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007-- using this Fake Manual the we all mus be informed and ready to dismiss all the fake rules which factional leaders have slipped into their Fake BP Manual. Because now we see that whichever groupist regime is in power during the BP elections, then they will invariably rely on the Fake Manual to manipulate the course of events-- once again rendering the BP post as a useless position. When in fact we all know that the post of Bhukti Pradhan is an upstanding seat in our Marga and that the post should be held by a strong margii who upholds the teachings of dharma. That is Baba's teaching and that is Baba's vision: That the BP chair will play a vital role in upholding AM ideals. But this the groupist heads are unwilling to accept. Because they are so greedy for power that they do not want anyone else to participate in the governance of AMPS. As a last reminder, we should all be alert and vigilant as we approach the upcoming BP elections. We should demand that the Fake BP Manual be put in the garbage where it belongs and instead Baba's dharmic BP guidelines should be implemented.
By Baba's divine grace, the tide is changing and all the dogmatic rules like those in the Fake BP Manual are being rejected by the people. And a new phase of peace and harmony has arrived. Baba says, "Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not want any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based on Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for human beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate universe." (AFPS-5) Namaskar, Ramendu
Everyone knows that Sarvatmanandji's name itself is printed in bold letters on the inside cover of the Fake BP Manual. Because in those days the B bandits were still in power and they gave the important ISMUB Secy post to their captain, Sarvatmananda. That is why where it says "published by" then Sarvatmananda's name appears. Because he is the one who first published the Fake BP Manual. Of course now Rudrananda is king of the roost so he is sinfully enjoying all the manipulations of the Fake BP manual. Rudrananda is using all those crude edicts to satisfy his groupist agenda. And that is the way it works-- whichever group is in power takes advantage of this fake BP manual.
The following are some of the serious distortions made to the original BP manual given by Baba. In 1997 a new version of the BP manual was made and published, which is very different from the original given by Baba. Changes were made which severely limit Margi rights. Please see some of these significant changes below that stipulate who can vote and run for the BP post (A) Page 12, rule number 6, "clean image..." But in AM ideology, Baba never talks about superficial things like a "clean image". Baba's only conern is dharmic action and Baba Himself says on so many occasions that those who follow dharma and oppose exploitation, then they will not be in the good books of the status quo. Thus dharmikas will not have a "clean image". So this point is totally silly and against AM ideology. (B) Pg 12, rule 7, "He or she must not have acted against the organisational unity and solidarity." We must remember that organisational solidarity is not the unity we seek. Baba says unity is ideological unity. Yet when groupists dominate the organisational channels then they will try and create their own fake type of unity through "organisational solidarity" as they push their own selfish agenda. That is the way groupism works. So here again in this rule, they are merely watching their own backside and not interested in AM teachings. (C) Pg 12, rule 9, "He or she must not be expelled or facing any charge or enquiry on account of organisational impropriety..." The dogma and cheating in this above rule will be quite apparent to anyone who has understood the above two points. Basically, with groupists at the helm, then naturally dharmikas will contest the factional parties, and those factional parties will chargesheet the dharmikas in order to protect their power. (D) Pg 17, rule 6, "...must be capable of maintaining organisational solidarity..." When groupists are ruling, "maintaining organisational solidarity" means being a "yes man" and blindly follow crude rules invented by groupists. So this rule is also bogus. True unity is ideological unity not unity around groupist platforms. And so many more such rules.
If anyone wants a scanned copy of the Fake BP Manual or a scanned copy of Baba's original BP guidelines, then simply write in and our office personnel will get that out to you at the earliest. By this way-- by having the Fake Manual and Baba's original BP guidelines-- then we will be best informed and properly prepared to ensure the upcoming elections are carried out in a dharmic manner. That will be a grand step towards bringing integrity and dignity to the BP post.
********************************************* Ajapa - Japa & Adhyana - Dhyana
SadGuru Baba says, "If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or meditates ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that adores the Guru during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the time of sleep, although he does not remember it...A sadhaka with this capacity continues his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa is called "Ajapa' Japa"; that is to say, without performing japa, one is actually performing it. And it is called "Adhya'na' Dhyana", which means that without actually meditating, the act of meditation is going on." (YP, 1991 Edn, p.150-51)

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