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Baba Story: Occult Powers

Date: 11 Feb 2011 08:32:38 -0000
From: "Gurucharan Yadav"
Subject: Baba Story: Occult Powers


                            == BABA STORY: OCCULT POWERS ==

In doing pracar, I came across one non-margii who had read one of our AM books and was asking me this question about Baba's use of powers. And really I did not know what to reply. That is why I brought this question to my Acarya because in the past he has always been able to help me. And what follows below is the answer my Acarya gave:


In reporting there was one incident that I remember clearly. Baba was doing a demonstration in Tiljala about negative microvita and its effect on the human body. Sadhaka C had some bad samskaras from his past life. So Baba graciously chose him for the demonstration of negative microvita. It was explained that because of brother C's negative samskara C was going to face a serious accident in the very near future. But by the liila of this negative microvita demonstration, by Baba's unfathomable grace He took away this sadhaka's samskara and saved him from impending disaster.

(Note: In His discourse "The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation", Baba declares that after all there is no such thing as microvita, everything is due to Cosmic Grace. Thus as Ananda Margiis we should clearly understand that microvita is not some special, separate force but rather a scientific name and explanation for Guru's divine grace - nothing more.)

Baba's each and every action is full of compassion and grace. Everyone of us knows this thing.

The story of this demonstration goes like this. In this demonstration first, in order to help and cure this sadhaka, Baba took away the working capacity of the organs related with Brother C's hands and feet. Brother C's body became altogether stiff and inoperational. In that case, Brother C was carefully placed in a lying down position in the demonstration room.

Then in His divine liila, Baba became very serious and inquired to others, 'Because of his negative samskara he has to face the situation. Ask him what he wants now'.

Brother C kept quiet, he did not know how to reply.

Then Baba told that, 'Ask him, does he want that his strength should return?'.

Then the brother replied, 'Yes Baba'.

Baba lovingly ordered, 'Ask him why he wants his strength back'.

The sadhaka kept quiet.

The scene was really quite dramatic. Externally it really looked like Baba was very stern but all devotees know that internally Baba was His usual Self, the personification of sweetness and love. Such is the drama of His liila.

Baba inquired, 'What is his reply. Tell me'.

The devotees present in the room were in a fix about what to say. And they were remembering that brother C was unable to move his hands and feet.

Baba told, 'If his strength is returned then what will he do with that. If he promises that he will be more involved in social service, and for that reason he needs his strength back, that is ok. But devoid of social service if he has another plan then let him face his samskara'.

Baba graciously told, 'Ask him if he has any other plan'.

Brother C said, 'No Baba, I do not have any other plan'.

Then Baba said, 'OK, My little boy needs his body otherwise how will he be able to do the work of Parama Purusa.'

Baba paused and then added, 'If my boy requests that 'Baba, I need my strength back so I can do the work of serving humanity', if he makes this promise then all his strength can be returned back'.

Immediately the sadhaka promised, 'Baba please grace me and give me my strength back so that I may dedicate myself to the cause of serving the humanity'.

Then in His divine liila, Baba touched the tip of His own stick and told to GS that, 'Now go and use this stick to touch him'.

Then GS took Baba's stick and touched disciple C with it.

Immediately brother C got his strength back. By Baba's grace, from that day on brother C has been vigorously active in social service work. That was the end of that demonstration.

                           EXPLANATION OF WHAT IT ALL MEANS

I asked Dadaji, is this Baba's use of occult powers?

Dada replied, 'No, people are confused on this very point that this is occult power, but it is not like that. Because occult power means that which is acquired through the practice of cult. For that reason, due to doing sadhana human beings get occult power. But one cannot say that Parama Purusa uses "occult power". Because He does not get that power through the practice of cult.'

'Rather, that power which He uniquely has, is His inherent quality.'

'The other thing to realise is that pseudo-gurus display occult powers to increase their own name and fame. For that reason they make rasagolla appear from the dirt etc. But this is all just avidya tantra, nothing more. In AM, Baba uses His causless grace to for the welfare of others.'

'But because we do not have any other term, that is why people sometimes call this power of Parama Purusa as occult. But it is not like that.'

Dada then continued, explaining that similar scenes as this above were common, regular practice when Baba used to point out and cure any disease by the use of positive microvita or any type of demonstration. All this was part of His liila. And everybody understood that behind all these things was His causeless grace. Always Baba was lovingly playing this type of divine liila in order to help us.

'Many margiis have such experiences in relation with their Personal Contact with Baba also. When Baba removed their negative samskaras and made them promise to 'utilise their body, mind, and existence for the great cause'.

'The sense is that ultimately Baba wanted to teach devotees that if they want their health restored, then they must pledge that their physical strength will be used for service of suffering humanity. With this promise would Baba cure the disease. By this way we all got the lesson of how to utilise our strength while living in this world.'

'This was the regular theme of Baba's different demonstrations whenever He did such things. To bless His sadhakas spiritually and help them physically.'

'Because without receiving His spiritual blessing, then nobody has the inspiration and strength to do social service in a grand way. And how one can do service if they themselves are suffering from disease. So in that way Baba blessed devotees. And in turn devotees got the teaching in what way they should utilize their lives. This then was the main theme behind His demonstrations- not the show or display of occult power for getting name, fame and prestige. Just like many crude people do.'

'Furthermore, occult means the things which are gotten via the practice of cult. But what Parama Purusa has, that is not occult. Because everything is there already in His mind. So He does not need to do the practice of cult, in order to have those things.' For Him we cannot say He has "occult powers". Nor that He "uses occult powers". Rather we should say that "Baba graced". And indeed, microvita is nothing but His grace.

                                                            * * *

After telling me this above story my Acarya asked me, 'So did you get the answer to your question?'.

I replied, 'Yes Dadaji', and I did pranam and took leave from him.


Note 1:                               IT IS NOT OCCULT POWER

One cannot say Baba has "occult power", as those very things are His inherent quality and not something acquired through the practice of cult. In the same way, some say that Baba is "knowing" all the things. But He is not "knowing". Because everything is already there, in His mind. As He created the world, so how can He not have everything in His mind. That is, such a thing as "knowledge" cannot be said regarding the mind of Parama Purusa. Knowledge is the internal subjectivization of external objectivity. But in the case of Parama Purusa, when nothing is external to His mind then what is the question of getting knowledge. For Him, we cannot say He has "knowledge". And in the same way, for Him we cannot say He has "occult powers".

Baba says, "For living beings, omniscience is certainly a recognised occult power. That is right. But for the Supreme Entity it is not a recognised occult power; He does not get it as a result of cult...To know everything is His nature. That is why He is omniscient." (AV-5, p.15)

The entire creation lies within the mind of Parama Purusa so Parama Purusa sees everything. Because it is all in His mind. Whereas human beings acquire knowledge from outside. The sense is that according to the definition of the faculty of knowledge, for a person to know something then they must look outside the scope or periphery of their own mind. But with Parama Purusa nothing is outside His mind. That means that He does not 'know' anything; rather He sees everything as it is all going on within His own mind. He has His own characteristic that as Parama Purusa He controls all-- so He does not need any cult. For Parama Purusa then, there is no question of occult power. His power has nothing to do with cult. It is just like, Parama Purusa does not have any Jinan. What He has, that is not what we call as jinan. Similarly, what He has is not occult power. He did not get his power from cult. So we should be careful to avoid saying that "Baba displays occult power" as avidya tantrikas do.

Note 2:                     NOT LIKE CRUDE AVIDYA TANTRICS

In the past and in the present also many avidya tantrikas are using their occult powers to enhance their prestige; and in consequence they get degenerated. In this material world occult power is recognised by the "show" of those who possess them. Because of doing sadhana, they get occult power. But in the case of Parama Purusa, it is not at all like that. Because such powers are His inherent quality. He need not to practice any cult in order to get those things. As 'occult' means, those powers which are acquired through the practice of cult. But in the case of crude human beings especially, to gain prestige amongst the common innocent mass or their disciples, such avidya tantrikas do like this. Their motive is bad, self-centered, ego-centered. So by that type of show, their degeneration occurs from human structure to crude matter. AM philosophy never appreciates such type of show of occult powers.

In contrast, Baba as Mahasambhuti graced His disciples to cure their ailments: physical, psychic and spiritual. But such demonstrations He never displayed in the open public. Like creating gold from the air, and fetching sweets from invisible places with His own hand while sitting on the dais. Or such type of magic that avidya tantrikas usually do for their prestige. Baba's entire demonstrations were only for making His disciples better tools to serve the humanity, in better and better ways. His demonstrations were not for His prestige or show. The whole spirit of His demonstrations was far away from that. So when anyone writes a Baba's story then if one is careful in their explanation, then readers will understand.

All these things Dada told in his story. Then he asked that, 'Do you understand? Baba does not use occult powers like other crude people do.'

Please write your thoughts ideas and inspirations.

                                        PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Toma'y kato bha'loba'si, tumi jano na' tumi..." PS 221


Baba, You are the Knower of everything; You are omniscient. Even then You do not know how much I love You. Always, all the time, I am thinking of You. Indeed, I have so many thoughts to share with You-- so many feelings which are accumulated in my heart. Baba, why are You keeping Yourself so busy and involved constantly in Your work, every second-- why like this. O' my Dearmost, when I have so much love for You, why are You not giving me energy and involving me in Your work. Baba, You are the source of all energy; please provide me with shakti day and night-- all the 24 hrs-- so that I can go on working non-stop for You. With every iota of grace and mercy I will move ahead in the work. I will do according to Your liking. I will be 100% involved to please You. Baba, please grace me by utilising me. O' Baba, I love You so much. You are so beautiful-- You are my everything...

                                              Three Points

Babas says: (1) "Wherever there is copper salt, serpents will not be found-- as in Ghatshila and Nobanda, near Tata Nagar." (2) "Water kept in a bronze pot becomes antiseptic, due to the copper in the bronze." (3) "Copper sulphate is poisonous for human beings." (PNS-16, p.38)

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