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Role of Margiis Before Wts & After

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 23:39:46 Subject: Role of Margiis Before Wts & After Baba "Toma'ke d'eke gechi kato jiivane..." (P.S. 3789) Purport: Baba, O' my dearmost, with longing in my heart I have been calling You for so many lives. Why did You not bring me under Your shelter earlier; why did You remain distant. It may be that You heard me but You did not listen. Or it may be that You saw me, but You did not look towards me. Otherwise, what can be the reason. So many lives passed and I just remained in darkness. O' my dearmost why did You play Your heartless liila with one insignificant being like me. Please whisper in my ear, why did You do like this. Baba, I always tell You the feeling of my heart. And by Your grace I know that resonates deep in the core of Your heart. You are intimately aware about whatever I think each and every moment; nothing is hidden from You. Because You are Love Personified, that is why most of the time without my telling anything You understand my inner thoughts. My little heart felt-feeling has gotten expressed in Your magnanimous heart because You love me so much. O' my dearmost, whether You listen to my call or not, that does not give me any pain. If You listen that is good and if You choose not to listen that is also fine. The main thing is that my everything is dedicated in Your service. With deep longing in my heart my duty is to call You day and night. So I continue to call You-- whether You respond or not. Baba in this cycle of saincara and pratisaincara, countless lives have past remaining oblivious about You. Unknowingly I was crying for You. But You did not bring me as close to You as You have done now. So recalling that my heart cries thinking how so many lives got wasted in vain being distant from You. O' my dearmost please console my heart. Please tell me why You kept Yourself distant for so many ages. Thinking about that, the pain lingers in my heart. Baba, You have graced me so much by bringing me under Your loving care...
Namaskar, It is well known that family margiis have played a tremendous role in the start-up, growth, and development of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (AMPS). Indeed, the first 7 or 8 years of organisational life, there were no Wts. It was those dedicated margiis who preached the gospel of AM. And even thereafter the creation of the wholetimer cadre, Baba continued to place great responsibility on family margiis. Unfortunately, after 1990, in a destructive and systematic fashion, certain group leaders demolished many aspects of the margii side of the organisation. The Bhukti Pradhan (BP) post has become mostly a farce, as group leaders fix elections to put their stooges in power; then they relegate those few good BPs to the dustbin, having no voice at all. Plus, the PKB post and other top margiis posts have been all but eliminated. By victimising and abusing those margii postholders, those positions have become eradicated enitrely, or remain as mere skeletons of the way things were prior 1990. Let's take a brief look back and see the grand role margiis have had in the formation of AMPS. Hopefully, this will help kindle the flame and again allow margiis to play a prominent role.
While certainly many family margiis have had leading roles in AMPS, the story of Bakthavathsalamji of Salem (Tamil Nadu) certainly comes to mind. Bakthavathsalamji along with senior margi brother, the late Sri B.V. Rajagopalan of Coimbatore (South India), travelled to Europe upon Baba's request to do AM pracar and participate in the first AM Global Conference held in Mainz, Germanay, and in the first Prout Convention in Paris, France. Those days, it was no small matter to travel from India to Europe, and those were inaugural conferences and conventions, yet Baba entrusted the vital responsibility of AM representative upon two family margiis. In particular, Bakthavathsalamji and Rajagopalanji focused on pracar efforts in Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Then on a separate tour, Bakthavathsalamji was requested by Baba to do AM pracar in Southeast Asia, in countries and places such as Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Along with many other duties and responsbilities, Bakthavathsalamji was chosen as the master translator Whenever Baba visited to South India & Tamilnadu.
So we see that Sadguru Baba placed great trust and faith in margiis. And certainly the above is not at all an isolated case. During Baba's time, the PKB designation, Purna Ka'lik Bandhu or 'Whole Time Friend of the Marga', held great honor, respect, and responsibility. Indeed there is essentially no practical difference between PKB (Purna Ka'lika Bandhu) and WT (Purna Ka'lika Karmii). Both are full-time for the Marga-- the only difference being the first is Bandu and the later is Karmii. Who can forget how top margiis like Sri Dharmenrda Rao of Devariya worked full-time as PKB in India. Other notable PKBs were Harishankarji who was involved in Society Building Department, Pratapadityaji who worked in Publications Department in Tiljala, and Dr Suresh who was the in-charge at clinic in Tiljala. All these aforementioned margiis and so many others made great contributions at the lotus feet of Baba for the development and growth of AM. With their full mind and heart, they did whatever was demanded of them and more, for the welfare of our Marga. Such margiis were eager to serve Baba and play a great role in the development of AMPS. Still today, so many margiis have such a strong desire, but due to the present organisational climate there is little or no scope for margiis to take on such roles. It is a terrible tragedy that today, that entire enterprise of the Marga has dried up due to the selfish and exploitative behaviours of certain top group leaders. Sadly, we do not see margiis being used in the organisation in a dynamic way these days.
All in all there is great benefit to be gained by allowing family margiis to play a dynamic role. And indeed it is not a question of "allowing margiis", but rather paying heed to Baba's wish: It is the birthright of margiis to have a prominent role. That is Baba's design and edict. By tapping into the great potential of family margiis, our organisation will increase its resources and capacity many fold. Plus, by these experiences, family margiis will become more dynamic and capable. And our wholetimers will have a better support structure and will be able to focus more on acarya type of programs, not just money-making etc. So there is lots to be gained in all respects by creative a truly coordinated cooperative structure as in the days prior to 1990.
By remember the great contributions and dynamic role margiis had in Baba's time, we will create a dynamic AMPS at the earliest. Baba says, "What I said just now is that now humanity is at the threshold of a new era. And so many epoch-making events, so many annals of history, are to be created by you boys and you girls. Be ready to shoulder that responsibility of ages to come. You boys and you girls, what do you say? Are you ready for your revised duties and responsibilities?" (AFPS-5) Namaskar, Parashram
For everyone's awareness, here is more about the dynamic history of Bakthavathsalamji's dedicated involvement in the Marga. By Baba's wish, Bakthavathsalamji got imprisoned during Indian Energency in the years 1975 to 1977 for 21 months in Chennai Central prison. At the end of that time, he was in Salem prison along with the then P. A . Ramanandaji & Shiveshwaranandaji. And so many other incidents took place in the life of this humble soul in service to Lord Baba. And he always feels himself only to be a machine in the hands of Baba, just to inspire others. In 1964 Bakthavathsalamji got initiated and within 15 days got the opportunity to hear Baba on one of His finest topic 'THE STANCE OF SALVATION AND HOW TOATTAIN IT' at Salem itself. And he got his 1st lession revised by Baba in 1965 on Tiger's Tomb at Jamalpur & much later on his insistence & by His Grace received microvita sadhana in 1987 at Tiljala. Bakthavathsalamji was present when the eternal song of Proutists was sung by Baba with all the melody during a visit to Baba in Bankipur Jail after his release from the prison. And top of all it is His grace how Baba loves us through ordeals and crisis. His grace is causeless and endless.
Note 2: PKBs and WTs ARE THE SAME
Indeed there is essentially no practical difference between PKB (Purna Ka'lika Bandhu) and WT (Purna Ka'lika Karmii). Both are full-time for the Marga-- the only difference being the first is Bandu and the later is Karmii.
************************************************* Good Sadhaka
Baba says, "The mind of the man whose consciousness or discriminating judgement is awakened-- whose power of judgment is intense, always remains wedded to the 'Buddhi'. That is to say, his rein (mind) remains constantly under the control of the charioteer (Buddhi or discriminating intellect), and so, quite naturally, his organs remain loyal to the Buddhi. Random rambles of the organ-like horses (organs) will cut no ice with him. But in a case like this if the horses (organs) be bad and untrained, i.e. the organs are faulty, it becomes impossible for the charioteer (discriminating intellect) to get the desired result. Hence for the right functioning of the chariot (body), well-trained horses (organs) are indispensable. A sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) also should train himself likewise. His mind, body, intellect, and organs should be directed towards the Blissful Spirit (Shreya)." (SS-4, p.9)

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