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Baba is Talking about Ananda Marga

To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Baba is Talking about Ananda Marga Date: Thu 28 Feb 2008 23:29:36 +0500 (IST) From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth Baba "A'jake sa'njhe madhur sa'jhe ke else go, ke ele..." (P.S. 5006) Purport: In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone's life and in everyone's heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together...
Namaskar, Here is the logical and rational reply to those few Dadas who falsely claim that in the AM Revolution discourse when Baba uses the term "sannyasis" then He is referring to those wandering Indian sadhus-- since this AM Revolution discourse (1957) was given 5 years before the introduction of the AM sannyasis order. It has become the fashion of the day for some Dadas to give this tricky logic in order to discredit that passage about margii rights, but here is the clear-cut reply to their tainted claim. We know that Baba is the Taraka Brahma who is all-knowing-- having perfect knowledge of past, present, and future. So Baba's idea of introducing renunciates and wholetimers into the AMPS structure in 1962 did not come 'out of blue' or 'out of thin air'. Rather it was an inherent part of Baba's long-term plan and strategy from the very beginning. As we know, and in many places and in different books it has been written that Baba planned and made the program for all the projects of AM when He was in His early childhood, i.e. when He was still a small boy. Indeed the Holy Advent of Parama Purusa is not just a coincidence. He comes on this earth with a definite mission, plan, and program. That is why His teaching and ideas are always clear, consistent, and conclusive. His is unlike the human thought pattern which is always changing. If anybody does not like to believe or understand this fact then they will do more harm than good to AM society. Especially in the understanding and preaching of Baba's ideology. So those who are telling that in the Tattvika Praveshika book, the term "sannyasis" has been used to refer to those Indian monks who are begging in the street, such persons lack the devotional feeling to understand that at that point in 1957 Baba already had mapped out & planned His entire AM mission. Such persons do not understand that in 1957 Baba knew that in 1962 He would create the WT order. This was all part of His pre-planned approach. But they think that the "sannayasis" term put forth in 1957 must refer to Indian sadhus because Baba had no idea that in a few years He Himself would start His own sannyasis order in AM. Such persons making their concocted claim do not have faith and regard for Baba's teaching and they also do not believe in their heart that Baba is Parama Purusa and HIS teaching is eternal. Think of it this way. Baba gives many things for the near and distant future which may not be understood today. But those teachings will be well-utilized & understood tomorrow. In that case then Baba is giving the future plan. For example in so many places Baba has told that 'the crimson dawn is knocking at your door'. And suppose He told this very thing in 1970 when so many problems were happening and now 37 yrs passed. So those who are foolish people may claim that Baba was wrong that time. But intelligent people know that Baba's teachings have eternal meaning, and that in His mind's eye He knows full well what is going to transpire. Thus all His teachings have relevance to and incorporate future events. Here is further explanation. Those who have just a little knowledge or lack a deeper understanding might claim that Baba first started talking about Prout in 1959 when the theory was first named in Idea and Ideology etc. But when rational people think in the proper way then they can see that since the very beginning Baba started talking about Prout. No doubt Prout was officially introduced in 1959. But that does not mean that from 1955-59 Baba kept silent on socio-economic problems. And then out of nowhere one day in 1959 Baba started talking about Prout. It is not like that. Because just see, the discourse 'The Evolution of Society' was given by Baba in 1955 and was first published in Subhasita Samgraha part I. But now all are aware that this very same discourse is part of His Prout discourses, published in the book PNS-1. Then who can claim this is not a Prout discourse because it was given prior to 1959 when Prout was formally introduced. Now let us look at another example. One very old book is 'A Guide to Human Conduct'. These discourses were first given in the very beginning of AM, around 1957. Yet the chapters about 'Satya' & 'Ahimsa' from that book also got included in the Prout Nutshell series-- PNS part 11. So once again can we say that Baba had know plan about Prout prior to 1959. Sure He did. He knows everything. It is all within His divine planning. The main point is that here we should also not forget that Baba does not deliver His discourses with any type of common human intellect etc. He Himself is knowledge Personified; He is that Cosmic Mind and all knowledge has its abode in Him. That is why it is said that His teaching are permanent eternal truth-- Apta Vakya, unchangeable, non-decaying. Baba says, "A'pta va'kya comes directly from the Supreme...that [a'pta va'kya] knowledge is true and beneficial for all people in all ages and in all countries. ...The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all A'pta va'kya." (APH-4) So when Baba's teaching is eternal and when in 1957 Baba talked about sannyasis and monks in His 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse, that gives the idea and foreshadows His future plan and program to create a system of sannyasis within AM. This is how rational Ananda Margiis view the matter. Thus there is no question then that in 1957 Baba used the term "sannyasis" for Indian beggar type of monks or wandering sadhus etc. This type of logic has no base and goes against the divine system of Parama Purusa. When Baba put forth the term "sannyasis" in 1957, He was clearly talking about the sannyasis order which He Himself already had the plan to create. And that He did in 1962. The teaching foreshadows the coming event. This is the working style of Parama Purusa and those who are not swayed by their own agenda and those with the requisite devotion easily understand this truth.
To continue with the essence of the discussion at hand, we can say that there are two key points surrounding the AM: A Revolution discourse. (1) In this discourse & in the paragraph about margiis rights Baba is referring to our AM way of life-- not any other. (2) Baba's original paragraph about margii rights should remain in tact & in its entirety. Both of these above points are deeply related with the health and well-being of our Marga. So in step-wise fashion we will go through both of these points. In reality the whole situation is quite straight-forward, but in their crazed-delirium a few Dadas are trying to tear down Baba's scripture by objecting to both of the above points. And to achieve their desired goal, such Dadas are throwing sand in the eyes of margiis-- both on the email and in their face to face interactions.
In His historic 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse, Baba is outlining life in Ananda Marga. This is evidenced by the title itself and as well as innumerable references throughout the discourse. Thus in this discourse He is not laying down the tenets of Hindu society or Christian society or traditional Indian society or any other society. He is talking about our AM society. And that is marked by the title of the discourse itself: "Ananda Marga: A Revolution". It follows therefore that in the above noted paragraph about margii rights when Baba mentions the term "family people" He is referring to family margiis and when He uses the term "sannyasis" He is talking about our Dadas and Didis. That is to say, that paragraph is about our AM society. Indeed who can claim otherwise. Because in that paragraph itself Baba Himself uses the name "Ananda Marga" or "Our Marga" three times-- in that paragraph alone. Plus that paragraph about margii rights is part and parcel of the greater discourse titled, "Ananda Marga: Revolution". So by all this it is quite obvious that Baba is talking about our AM society. Because we all know that Baba's teachings are clear and pointed-- what He says He means. Baba says, "I keep no ambiguity, I am clear, concrete, conclusive. My philosophy is a complete philosophy, a complete way of life. I am complete in myself...I am like an arrow-- clear, pointed." (Supreme Expression) Thus when Baba Himself says "Ananda Marga", He means Ananda Marga and not any other marga and not any other path. He is talking about our very own Ananda Marga-- the one which He Himself has given. Without an iota of doubt, it is 100% certain that in His below statement from the famous paragraph about margiis rights in His AM Revolution discourse, Baba is talking about our very own AM society-- not any other society.
"A family person therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga." (PNS-11)
So when the above clearly refers to our AM society then obviously the phrase "family persons" refers to 'family margiis' and the term "sannyasis" refers to our 'wholetimers'. This is clear as day. But some Dadas, in order to discredit Baba's teaching about margii rights are foolishly trying to make the claim that in the above statement Baba is talking about the wandering sannyasis of India. They are making the crazy justification that the "sannyasis" term refers to those begging sadhus in the streets of Rishikesh etc. But such a claim is totally preposterous.
Here is the original paragraph about margiis rights from Baba's historic 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse. Baba says, "Ananda Marga does not discriminate between a family person and a sannyasi (renunciate). The place given to a family person in our Marga is greater than the place given to a sannyasi, based on the reason that the former is not dependent on anyone for his or her maintenance, while the sannyasi has to depend on others. A family person is like a strong tree which is self-supporting, while the sannyasi is like the vine which twines around the tree for its support. A family person therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga. This itself is a revolutionary idea. No philosopher or thinker, whether eastern or western, had ever dared to declare a family person as deserving more respect than a hermit or a sannyasi. It needed the courage of a revolutionary to say so." (PNS-11, p.7) So in His above discourse Baba is clearly giving a family people a special place in society. Of course this does not discredit the value of our AM sannyasis; but in clear-cut, undeniable, pointed fashion Baba is outrightly giving family people their deserved and respected stature. That is His point. And Baba has personally placed this discourse 'AM: A Revolution' in multiple AM books. In total this complete discourse appears in six (6) publications related with our Ananda Marga scripture: (a) The original book, "Tattvika Praveshika" (1957). (b) Prout Nutshell, part 11, p.1 (Dec 1987) 1st edition; (c) AM Philosophy in a Nutshell, part 3, p.165 in (Mar 1988) 1st edition; (d) A Few Problems Solved, part 7, p.1 in (Jan 1988) 1st edition; (e) Seminar Notes of January 1993; (f) Cosmic Society 75th anniversary Edition (1996). By the above it is quite clear that this 'Ananad Marga: A Revolution' discourse holds special value and worth, otherwise what was the need for Taraka Brahma to include it in multiple books. No doubt all His discourses hold special import but when Sadguru Himself incorporates a discourse in numerous publications then obviously such a discourse deserves our special attention. And of course the central point is that all Baba's original discourses should be kept in their entirety. He is the Taraka Brahma, He has put forth the teachings of Ananda Marga, and all His guidelines are apta vakya (eternal truth). In that case who can claim the right to permanently delete the above paragraph about margii rights from the shastra (scripture) of Ananda Marga. Absolutely no one-- and if anyone tries to delete it then it means they have their own nasty agenda in mind. Such persons are not the well-wishers of Ananda Marga, irregardless of what fancy justifications they might give for deleting Baba's historic words. So this first point is quite clear: The 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse must be kept in its entirety. Now here comes the second point.
If anyone makes the ridiculous claim that the "sannyasis" word from that discourse refers to those itinerant monks of India then it is just like... ...Saying that the Ku Klux Klan in the USA is against the Germans when in reality everyone knows that the racist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is against blacks. So only stupid or misinformed people will get befooled by the ridiculous claim that the KKK is aimed against Germans. ...Or it is just like saying that a veil or burka that covers the female body is the creation of the retail or packing industry. If anyone says like that then who is going to believe it-- nobody. Because all are aware that the dogmatic Muslim religion is responsible for the creation of the burka or veil that covers females from head to toe. Those only stupid people will be tricked into thinking that it comes from the retail or packing industry. ...Or it is just like the old mythological story about the monkey god Hanuman. One day Hanuman was hungry and he could not find any fruit to eat. But when he saw the sun in the sky then he thought that was a piece of fruit. So the fictional monkey god Hanuman jumped up and ate the sun. This is all recorded in the story-- Hanuman Chalisa'. So this is just one outrageous mythological tale that no one is going to believe in this modern era. But in the days of old the simple, naive people took this to be fact. But now who can think such things-- no one.
Here the whole point is that the ridiculous claim that Baba's term "sannyasis" from the AM Revolution discourse refers to traditional Indian monks outside AM is totally baseless. In this modern era where rationality and reasoning take precedence nobody is going to get befooled by this empty and slanted agenda. No margii will be swayed by such a ludicrous justification. Because all rationality and reasoning dictates that in His discourse "Ananda Marga: A Revolution" Baba is explicitly talking about Ananda Marga-- our own AM way of life. The point is clear and self-evident. And even more specifically when Baba states the following He is clearly referring to our AM society.
"A family person therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga." (PNS-11)
The above is Baba's recorded statement. And by the phrase, "according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga", it is an obvious indication that He is talking about our AM. Indeed the whole thing is an open and shut case for anyone who has the least bit of oxygen in their brain. How then is it possible for one to claim that the above quote is referring to a different sannyasis order outside Ananda Marga. Never, it is not possible nor is it supported by logic and reasoning. Thus if any Dada for selfish purposes tries to make the false claim that the term "sannyasis" from the historic paragraph about margii rights refers to 'wandering Indian sadhus' then no margii is going to be confused. Rather all will immediately recognise that that Dada is just one deceitful and manipulative fake who is guided by his own agenda and is outrightly going against the word and spirit of Baba's holy and universal teachings.
Once again the whole underlying message is the point of scripture. As Ananda Margiis and as disciples of Baba it is our sacred duty to keep all Baba's things as is-- unchanged, unaltered. If we do nothing else in this life we are to keep His divine teachings preserved and in proper form for the future humanity. Failing that we will be blamed and damned by the future society-- and rightfully so. Thus when with their own whim this or that Dada starts making the false claim that the paragraph about margii rights in AM Revolution refers to traditional Indian sadhus or when they say that the entire paragraph should be deleted, then we should not have an ounce of trust in them. Because after all these are the same Dadas who have done untold harm in the past. Since 1990 our various groupist Dadas have invented the dogmatic Mahaprayan program, they have created various dogmatic tiirthas, they have broken down the Bhukti Pradhan system, and so many treacherous and hateful plans they have executed. Of course not all Dadas come in this category. There are countless Wts in our Marga who are working tirelessly for the success of Baba's mission. This we have all seen. But when veritable agents of Sarvatmananda like Pranavatmakananda or when the agents of Rudrananda or when the agents of EC make the claim that the paragraph from the "Ananda Marga: A Revolution" discourse about margii rights should be deleted, then we know this is nothing but their whim-- their own personal agenda, nothing more. And when they say that it just refers to Indian sadhus once again we know this is just their own crafty game-plan to shut the mouths of margiis. So again the overriding point is that we must safeguard all of Baba's scripture, including the historic paragraph about margii rights from the 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse.
Here below Baba is warning us what happens when a scripture (shastra) is not properly preserved and kept in tact.
Sha'sana't ta'rayet yastu sah sha'strah parikiirttitah
Baba says, "Each and every structure should have a controlling force [shastra], for in the absence of that controlling force, the different parts of that structure dissociate from the parent body, and this erosion ultimately results in its destruction." (NSS, Disc 14) Thus when the integrity of the shastra is distorted then the society is doomed. This is Baba's strict warning. That is why Baba has declared to keep AM scripture pristine. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless.... (NSS, Disc: 14) By all this it is quite clear that we must not allow a few select Dadas to delete or manipulate the meaning of the paragraph about margii rights from the historic 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse.
By Baba's grace we will safeguard the role of both family persons and wts in our AMPS and build up that perfect human society. Baba says, "The glorious role of both the householders and the renunciates will be written in letters of gold. Only by writing such a history will human beings one day prove not only to this world but to the entire universe, that Parama Purus'a was justified in creating human beings." (AFPS-4) Namaskar, Ram Sahay
This whole entire manipulation and distortion of Baba's historic 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse is nothing but the selfish dealing of a few power-hungry Dadas. It just how once upon a time there was one feast which was attended by a whole village including the priests. And the greedy priests did not want others to have any sweets. So when the rasagolla was being served then the head priest yelled, 'There is a crow flying in the sky, everyone must run and catch it'. And after hearing the priest say this, then all the villagers left their seats to go capture the crow. In that moment, the priests devoured all the rasagolla. And when the naive villagers returned they were asking one another about the sweets, but all they could do was look at one another shake their heads and say that all the rasagolla is gone. If we are not careful the same thing is going to happen with margii rights.
Ever since the matter about the paragraph about the AM Revolutions discourse was raised by conscientious margiis then various top Dadas created their myths to delete and manipulate the meaning of the passage. At first they were stating that "Pranavatmakananda combed the archives" and came up with the "real versions" of the discourse and for this reason they were deleting the paragraph from Baba's books. This was their on-going justification that Pranavatmakananda found magazines and on that basis He was altering Baba's discourse. This was the first myth they concocted. Then more recently they started a second myth. This myth originated from the fertile brain of one Dada sitting in Israel. He "master-minded" the ludicrous logic that the term "sannyasis" refers to those wandering Indian sadhus and not our AM wholetimers. So these are the two leading myths which they are selfishly employing to delete and discredit Baba's holy discourse. All in all such Dadas are no different than the communists or Nazis who would just "boom" their false propaganda again and again until the people believed it as truth. Baba says, "If constant booming is done for something, then people start thinking that there must be some truth in what is being propagated...Communists are doing constant booming about their theory. Due to this people are being brainwashed, and at this stage it is very easy to inject incorrect ideas into their minds. By constant booming of their wrong theory they are creating their supporters." (PNS-15, 'Defects of Communism') So this approach of constant booming, various Dadas are undertaking with regards to the manipulation of the AM Revolution discourse. That is: They have their myths that they just repeat again and again to make their point "true". But ultimately margiis can see through the shams and schemes of such Dadas. With their developed rationality Margiis can see 'what is what' and 'who is who'. All recognise that the original AM Revolution discourse must stand in tact-- whole and that in that discourse Baba is explicitly talking about our AM society.
Here below in his suave manner the trickster Pranavatmakananda (right-hand man of Sarvatmananda) is expertly using & booming one of the myths to his advantage. This he has done numerous times in the past. Below Pranavatmakananda (a.k.a. 'PK Dada' as he is often referred) is falsely claiming that the term "sannaysis" in Baba's original AM Revolution discourse means 'traditional Indian Sadhus' since the discourse was given prior in 1957, prior to the creation of AM wts in 1962. This is his first false justification. But by now we all know the correct response to this false assertion. Namely that Baba's teachings are eternal and apply to future events. Then Pranavatmakananda, in his below cited email, also concocts the outlandish theory that Baba had to change His own discourse after 1962 as if only 5 years after He gave His historic discourse it became outdated since Baba created His own sannyasis order. This second claim by PK Dada is even more stupid and exposes his low devotional standard. Because PK Dada writes as if Baba was clueless about what plan He-- the Taraka Brahma-- was going to execute. As if all of a sudden Baba had to change one of His discourses because it no longer coincided with His planning of AMPS. So PK Dadas whole assertion and myth is ludicrous. Plus on the top Pranavatmakananda's entire thoughtless theory further questions Baba's scripture as being apta vakya or eternal truth. Since PK writes as if Baba's teaching became null and void in 1962-- and that therefore it should be deleted from our AM scripture. Such is the madness of Pranavatmakananda's words. Now see here below what Pranavatmakananda has written on the email just the on past occasions and to this day he has not changed his view, "This article [AM: A Revolution] was dictated by Baba in 1957 i.e. five years before He started the Sannyasi system in 1962. I found several evidences to show that those days He used to attack the traditional Sadhus and sannyasis for their lack of concern for the social problems. It appeared that when He started the WT system and the greater part of the burden of the organisation was on the sannyasis and sannyasinis, He might have thought that these lines needed to be changed." (Pranavatmakananda) The above was all written by PK Dada is his email titled, "How was the article 'Ananda Marga a Revolution' changed?". Can we really trust such a scheming person to be in charge of Baba's holy archive. Can we trust that he will keep it in tact for the humanity. Decide for yourself. Here it also should be known that PK Dada is not only one to subscribe to this faulty way of thinking-- various other Dadas including some from Rudrananda's faction and EC also come in this category. You can recognise them by the words that slip off their tongue and by the phrases they use in their emails. So we should be careful and know who they are lest they create more hell and nuisance in our AM society.
The paragraph about margii rights from the AM Revolution discourse has already been permanently deleted from the Bengali and Hindi versions of Prout Nutshell-11. Plus that paragraph has been removed from all the most recent versions of The Electronic Edition of Baba's books (English). Thus the stage is set for the final cut. Because at present they are preparing the next printing of the Prout Nutshell series in English and guess what they are going to do--- that's right, they are going to delete the paragraph about margii rights from the PNS English edition. Thereby forever removing Baba's holy teaching from our AM scripture. We must not allow such an event to occur. That would be unforgivable.
By Baba's grace we will safeguard the role of both family persons and wts and build up that perfect human society. Baba says, "The glorious role of both the householders and the renunciates will be written in letters of gold. Only by writing such a history will human beings one day prove not only to this world but to the entire universe, that Parama Purus'a was justified in creating human beings." (AFPS-4)
*************************************** Health Guideline: Diet Related
Baba says, "For proper digestion, fill the stomach half-way with food, one quarter with water, and leave one quarter full of air." (CC-3, 'Procedure for Eating') Note: Every conscious margii follows this above point but sometimes for certain people it becomes difficult to follow. Especially at retreats or during feasts this rule is not so strictly followed by some. Whereas in everyday life when they are in their own home this is not a problem. Anyhow, the above guideline given by Revered Baba is highly significant and we should follow it.

Fake Remedy By Dada

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Fake Remedy By Dada Date: Wed 27 Feb 2008 23:25:05 -0000 Baba "Dhu'lir dharn'iite madhurii d'ha'lite tumi esecho a'jike..." - P.S. 3383 Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace You have advented today to inundate this dusty earth with the sweetness Your divinity. Baba, You have come to give the balm of soothing nectar to those grief-stricken people who are crying in agony. And by Your grace You console them by telling: 'Don't worry I am with You; I will remove all your sufferings'. Baba, You have come to grant the power of speech to those who are mute and dumb. By that way, thinking of You, they can rise up and fight against disparities, injustices and exploitation. Baba, by Your grace for all these reasons You have come. Baba, for all those who were lagging behind; for those downtrodden people who do not get any respect; and for those most neglected souls who lost everything and have no money nor social prestige; for them, You have broken the jail of cimmerian darkness and staticity of their life. Baba, by Your grace You have smashed all those negative social bondages that were keeping these helpless people suppressed. Baba, by Your divine grace You have brought peace and effulgence into their lives. Baba, with Your divine love and attraction, You tenderly pull everyone close to You and bless one and all. Baba, You have wiped away the differences of rich and poor, high and low, and touchable and untouchable. And by Your grace You have lovingly brought all types of people together and joined them with one beautiful thread. Baba, today You have advented Yourself on this trouble-torn earth to grace everyone. Baba, those who were suffering from hopelessness and those who were submerged in cimmerian darkness, for them You have advented today. And in the shyness of their newly found joy, all these people have accepted You as their Goal. They have accepted You as their everything and surrendered at Your alter. The entire creation has gotten blessed by Your divine effulgence. In a very happy and exalted state, everyone has begun moving ahead, joyfully. Baba, with Your divine love and compassion You have come on this dusty earth to bless everyone. You are grace personified...
Namaskar, The other day, on the email, one of our respected and elder avadhutas put forth his own remedy for ridding oneself of ego. And we will surely look at that golden nugget of advice given by Dadaji. First, however, let us recount one famous incident that happened during a reporting session with Baba back in 1989.
Those days in 1989, Baba was working and directing our Marga at a spectacular pace-- anyone around clearly remembers this. Baba was implementing one program after another, and side by side watching out for the development and welfare of each and every disciple. During one particular reporting session Baba lovingly, yet sternly, looked at one worker and began strongly rebuking and punishing that Wt for his serious wrongdoing. It was later found out that that Dada had indulged in various sexual crimes. So on that day Baba was purifying that Wt of his sin. Of course inwardly, Baba was exuding His great charm and love-- all could feel that-- yet outwardly Baba was beating that worker ferociously. Then directly after giving punishment, Baba looked over at GS Dada and said, 'Now he (i.e. the Wt who was punished) is an ideal human being'. Then GS Dada turned directly towards that Wt and said, 'Now you are an ideal human being'. Then that worker replied, 'I will become good'. And GS Dada then repeated the same back to Baba. In His divine liila, immediately Baba became furious, and He said, 'What!! WILL become good?!? What nonsense!! Not WILL become good...He HAS become good!'. Then GS Dada turned towards that worker and repeated, 'You HAVE become good'. And the Dada hurriedly said, 'I HAVE become good'. Only then was Baba satisfied. Shortly thereafter, reporting was over and everyone went about their various duties etc. But during that time, that Dada was again thinking about his old lustful ways. Because later on that day, again reporting was held and at one point during that session, Baba looked over and said, 'Pashu!! (animal!!) Where is that sinner-- where is he!' Then with His eyes cast on that Wt, Baba said, 'You were still thinking about your nasty ways!!'. Baba continued, 'You made my ashram impure and dirty by your negative thinking. One should never do like that. One should not think of their past sins. Get him out of here! Kick him out! This is not the place for this!' So in the grand liila of it all, the Wt was pushed out...and then in His contemplative and sweet manner, Baba said that he should be called back and then and there the worker was allowed to re-enter the ashram. Ultimately though, it has to be noted that in the end, some months later, that worker left his wt-ship entirely.
Here the whole point of Baba's teaching is that if one does any misdeed or sinful activity, then one must repent, rectify the matter, yet never, ever look back at those past mistakes. So on that particular day, Baba was showering His immense grace on that worker as He was removing all that terrible sin from that Wt. Due to Baba's fathomless grace, He made that worker clean and pure all over again. All that Wt had to do was keep his mind away from such dirty thoughts-- nothing more. So Baba truly blessed that worker by wiping away the ill-effect of so many crude sins. Even then, due to his improper approach of again & again harboring those sinful ideas, that worker fell into the negative trap of mentally reviewing his lustful indulgences-- and by that way he could not keep his balance and he left. So the overarching ideal that Baba is giving is that one must never think about one's past sins. One must move on and think about Him. That is the whole idea.
Because each and every person on this earth has been born with various samskaras, and in this life or their past life, one has committed countless sins. Everyone has some garbage in their past. But Baba does not want us to think of those things-- that has no value, rather doing so is harmful as it will stain and dirty the mind. Never should one knowingly or consciously indulge in that habit of thinking about their past mistakes. Actually, the mind is such that it will automatically bring those crude ideas-- even when we do not want them to come and our job is to rid the mind of such impure thoughts. Those thoughts may come in sadhana or when moving in the town etc, yet always we are to push that crude thought aside by singing kiirtan or repeating our mantra or by thinking of Him. So there is no need to consciously think of those old, impure memories of old. Such thoughts will only drag us down. Never should we harbour them in our mental plate. As sadhakas we must always wipe away the burdens of the past by channeling the mind towards spirituality.
And here in this shloka Baba is giving this very directive that one must never allow the mind to get stuck thinking about past misdeeds.
Yassa pure ca pa pacche ca majjhe ca natthi kiuncanam'; Akiunca'nam' ana'da'nam' tamaham' bru'mi bra'hman'am.
Baba says, "I will call that person a Brahman whose mind does not run after any colour, who is neither obsessed by colour-laden thoughts of the past nor influenced by such thoughts of the present...One must free the mind from the influence of all colours. " (NKS, Disc: 24) Thus Baba's divine teaching is that we should never burden or dirty ourselves by thinking of one's past misdeeds and sins. We are to keep the mind light and colourless and not become beleaguered by the things of old. So Baba's teaching is quite clear-- He has left no scope for confusion or ambiguity. One must never entertain the crude recollection of their past misdeeds or sins.
Yet on the email, one elder avadhuta is actively promoting the idea that to overcome one's ego one must think about their past sins. This is the "special formula" this Dada is giving. Our respected avadhuta wrote: "occasional drift of mind to one's own defects helps mind not to be egoistic." So Dadaji is giving his own remedy that to overcome the ego one must think about their past mistakes-- otherwise one will never be able to overcome the ego. Obviously, this goes against Baba's divine teaching because Baba says that thinking about one's past misdeeds will only lead to one's degeneration. It has no positive outcome-- it will not help one overcome the ego. That is why Baba strongly warns us never to do like that-- and indeed no true sadhaka does. Rather we are to lighten our mind by forgetting about one's past sins and channeling our thoughts towards Him.
The only question remains then is what is the proper way to overcome feelings of vanity and ego-- since thinking about one's past wrongs is certainly not the proper way. For this Baba has given one beautiful remedy. Baba guides us that we are to think that, 'He is the Doer and Giver of everything. He has given us our sadhana, our intellect, and our energy to act. And not only that, He is the owner of everything. It all belongs to Him. There is nothing we own and all our talents are not our own bur rather His gifts unto us.' By thinking like this and remembering our sadhana, then one can never develop any feeling of vanity or ego. Because the mind will always be immersed in the sweet ideal, that everything comes from Him. It is all due to His grace and divine will.
By Baba's grace He has given us the proper way to keep the mind free of impure thoughts and He clearly tells us in so many discourses never ever to think of one's past mistakes and sins. This we should not do. Thus when one avadhuta gives such ill-fated advice on email, we should not pay any heed. Let us again and again remember that we are to follow the mandates of our Guru, and not any second or third entity. Here again is Baba's special teaching. Baba says, "You should think within that you are ever pure and enlightened – you are a child of Parama Purus'a. You should think that you are like a newborn baby who remains untouched or unaffected by the dirt and dross of sin." (AMWIL-11) Namaskar, Gagan
I touch the feet of our senior, dedicated avadhuta who with his sincere love and affection tries hard in life. I have full respect for him, but Ac Bhaskarananda Avt should not speak things against Guru, otherwise a few naive margiis will follow those negative teachings and that will not be good. So I humbly request Ac Bhaskarananda Avt to not repeat those dogmatic things he got from other religious books. That will not bode well for our Marga. Rather he should learn to only preach Baba's guidelines, and not any other crude doctrine.
************************************************* Origin of Polo
Baba says, "The well-known modern game of polo originated in Manipur's Kobe Valley...Originally, only royal princes used to play the horse-riding game of polo. For that a very hard ball was needed. The kind of bamboo that was used, used to grow in the eastern portion of Rarh, in slightly salty soil. Still today the best bamboo for making polo balls grows in the Uluberia suvdivision of Howrah District and in Midnapore District's Tamluk subdivision." (SC-3, p. 71)

His Divine Samkalpa

Date: 25 Feb 2008 21:16:04 -0000 From: NJK Majumdar To: Subject: His Divine Samkalpa BABA "Phuler ha'site chile, manoma'jhe a'ji ele..." (P.S. 1898) Purport: Baba, You came in my mind today and You were smiling like a magnificent flower blossom. You know that I love You even then why do You remain distant. Baba, I do not call anyone other than You. In my mind, nothing else has the place; You are my Goal. You are my everything. And I do not think about anything else besides You. In spite of all these things why do You remain forgetful about my existence. Baba, I understand this heart-breaking and difficult liila of Yours. You take my mind and play Your painful game of hide and seek. Sometimes You make me laugh; and sometimes You make me dance; and sometimes You make me float in the tears. Baba, after a long time You have graced me and come in my mind today...
Namaskar, Just in follow-up to the previous letter, these days with one or another groupist leader at the fore and with so many groups airing their dirty laundry all around from one sub-faction to another, it may seem odd that how will dharma ever be established in our Marga. However, sincere sadhakas feel assured and know in their heart that by His fathomless grace Baba has already done all that is needed for the establishment of eternal peace and righteousness. He has set the vibration in motion. With His holy advent itself, Baba has taken the great samkalpa (vow) to infuse spiritual effulgence and root out all staticity from the mind and atmosphere of this globe. And one way He grants this is by leading people along the path of liberation. So when Sadguru accepts anyone as a disciple, that is a great thing. We are all most blessed to have this opportunity. Because HIS acceptance of a disciple means taking charge of that very sadhaka and caring for their welfare with His own hand. That is why the assurance which Baba has given in the Supreme Command is in the favour of all His disciples. And what an extraordinary assurance He has given-- guaranteeing liberation. Each and every Ananda Margii who is doing 2 times sadhana daily has been blessed with this divine guarantee. So the role of Sadguru is to guide the disciple from the beginning up to the last point, liberation & salvation. And not only show the path of enlightenment but lead the disciple along that path, each and every step. In true sense, as we know human beings come on this earth to achieve and realise this one singular goal-- Parama Purus'a. And Parama Purusa Himself comes in the form of Ta'raka Brahma to lead the way and execute this task. And that is what was exemplified & accomplished by Lord Shiva, Lord Krsna, and now with Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So His advent itself is very meaningful; and, at the same time the day when He started guiding others is also a very significant date. We know that Ta'raka Brahma comes on this earth to liberate one and all from all sorts of bondages: physical, psychic and spiritual. And this is not just a utopian idea; it is the established eternal truth. Some, those who cannot consider things deeply, they foolishly think that Baba did not fulfill His vow to establish dharma. And that before achieving this, He left. They think that is why we are facing this entire crisis nowadays. But those who have some sense of deeper understanding, they know that the functioning of Parama Purusa in the form of Mahasambhuti is always done according to His liila. That means it is not easy to calculate or decide what way He is going to play His make His divine play. For example, what Lord Shiva did, Lord Krsna did not do; He executed His holy tasks differently. So then what Lord Krsna did, why would Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji repeat those same things. The point is that HE follows His own pattern and the pattern of Mahasambhuti is not whimsical. We may know or we may not know the reason, but there is some reason. But even with our little understanding-- with what He has graciously bestowed upon us-- we can imagine something. That way we are all reaching to the conclusion that during Lord Shiva's time Shiva Himself fought directly with the demons. Means He was physically fighting side by side His devotees against any and all negative forces. Reason being was that time His devotees were so primitive in their understanding so they needed Lord Shiva's direct involvement. Means they were not going to understand anything than Lord's direct physical help to save them from the hands of demons. And then during Lord Krsna's time the situation was different. He did not need to fight physically in the Mahabharata. That is why He playfully gave His verdict that He will not fight for either side-- Kauravas or Pandavas. So instead Lord Krsna became the charioteer of Arjuna and psychically HE guided everything. In actuality then, the Mahabharata victory was nothing but Lord Krsna's blessing. It was not the magic of Arjuna's bow and arrow. Otherwise after Mahabharata war, how is it that Arjuna got defeated by those simple village folk, 'Bhiil' people. That is why it is understood that the magic was in Lord Krsna's blessing. Even Lord Krsna did not Himself fight during the Mahabharata era. And this time Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji did something one step ahead of Lord Krsna. It seems HE wanted to teach His disciples that Guru's physical presence is not needed. To execute the task, His blessing alone is enough. Sadguru's blessing is all-powerful. Because at time of the Mahabharata era, society was comparatively of lower standard than today. That is why in Mahabharata Mahasambhuti Krsna Himself was present during the battle-- to encourage and guide the people. But this time because the standard of devotees is far higher, so Baba wants to teach His devotees that His grace alone is enough to establish the task. One thing that may need reminding: That when Arjuna was confused, then Lord Krsna showed him and gave him proof that even before the Mahabharata war, all the warriors have been killed. Means that was Lord Krsna's will. So what Lord Krsna thought in His mind, it took a few days to take shape on the physical plane. But after taking physical expression, then everyone saw that dharma got established. But in true sense dharma was established then and there when Lord Krsna thought. We all know that the Lord comes here on this earth as Mahasambhuti to establish dharma. And establishing dharma does not mean physically fighting with a bow and arrow against demons. Lord Krsna established dharma by virtue of His samkalpa. Hence human beings could see after the Mahabharata how dharma was already established before that. Same fashion Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has established dharma by His mere wish. And then according to Him when the work of His physical body is finished, that has signified that dharma is established-- and in the due course we will see it physically. And of course all the while He is still living in each and everyone's heart eternally. The whole idea being that Baba has fulfilled His samkalpa, and for that reason dharma is established. Now the question is: Why is it not visible? And as we all know the answer is very simple. First thing is that it will take some time to take physical shape. Second thing is that whatever energy He has given us He wants to see whether we are utilizing or not. But above all because He took samkalpa that is why dharma is already established. Those who are born pessimists may not like to hear this, but those who have a little sense understand easily. Because what Baba has promised, He always fulfills. And when He says that the Lord comes to establish dharma, then when He came in the form of Mahasambhuti, then certainly before leaving His physical body He established dharma. Please read Baba's guideline: Baba says, "No one need harbour any doubt that Parama Purus'a exists to promote the well-being of all created beings. If He was not concerned about the welfare of the living unit beings, He would have remained in His unqualified stance forever and would not have manifested Himself as Ta'raka Brahma or Sagun'a Brahma. But He did manifest Himself in this way and has just showed His intention of promoting the well-being of humanity. That is why He has given the assurance:"
"Paritra'n'a'ya ..."
"Now what is the necessity for His repeated advent into this world? To ensure human welfare." (PNS-11, pg 59-60) Namaskar, Nagendra
Note 1: Baba's Blessing is always with us:
Baba says, "Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii A'nandamurtiji through janusparsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of all-round welfare. Omn Shanti." (CC-1, 'Concluding Words')
*************************************** Eternal Guideline
Baba says, "When once you develop your love for Him you are not weak, not helpless and not alone. The victory is with you. Remember Him and march ahead - victory will be yours. You have not to be afraid of the worldly forces. Those who enjoy the highest force of Paramapurus'a are sure to succeed. Victory will surely be theirs. Victory to you all." -Jaipur DMC, July 1967 (SS-19, p.24)

Those Two Stories

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Those Two Stories Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:56:11 +0000 Baba "Saba're kari a'hva'n saba'i a'ma'r pra'n'..." - P.S. 2945 Purport: The clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my pra'n'a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal-- Parama Purus'a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone's desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness...
Namaskar, Recently two stories appeared on one of our Marga e-forums that should serve as a wake-up call to us all. Because here we are trying to fix our own organisation as well as bring welfare to the whole humanity, so all our thoughts, talks, and communications should reflect the ideals of our AM. After all that is what we are trying to spread. Yet on this email forum, all sorts of other types of things-- like these two stories-- are getting shared, supported, and encouraged. No doubt, 1 or 2 persons on the list put forth an occasional correction (of sorts) about the stories; but far and away the tide of these discussions drifts further and further off the mark. So we should be careful. Because it is only the pure teachings of AM that we must propagate-- not any type of new-age melange or any religious dogmas of old.
In the first story, one of our longtime (yet naive) avadhutas writes how he himself is the cause of so much muck & dirt in the world. That is the central teaching of his monologue / story. Yet Baba's divine ideal is something totally different. Baba says that we are all the divine children of Parama Purusa and that we must ideate day-long on the ideal that, 'I am Brahma'. Throughout pages and pages of His AM teachings Baba repeats this very same concept. And side by side Baba adamantly opposes the crude imposition of any sinner's psychology. Baba says, "You should never say, 'I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner.' You should say, 'O Lord, I am your child, I am your son, I am your daughter. I have the birthright to sit on your lap. Please purify me.' This is the proper approach." (AV-12) So Baba is totally against Dadaji's negative minded soliloquy. One should not think, 'I am crud, I am grotesque etc'. Baba clearly tells us to always guide the mind in a positive direction. By adopting a positive ideal and following the theorem, 'As you think so you become', then one will become wholly transformed and divine. And here Baba guides us what the ultimate idea is behind our entire sadhana of life. Baba says, "The culminating point of dhya'na is sama'dhi. What is sama'dhi? To establish oneself in the stance “I am Brahma” is sama'dhi." (AV-3)
Before addressing the second story, there is one more aspect of the first one that needs to be addressed. According to AM, we are not to wait for our own emancipation before rendering service unto the world. Rather with all our energy we should help others as much as we possibly can and side by side strive for our own emancipation. The two are to be done concurrently. Yet Dadaji's soliloquy gives the feeling that one should only work on purifying oneself and that beyond one's own being nothing need be done. How far he really meant to say this only Dadaji knows. Whatever may be, one should not walk away from the story with this type of defective thinking as Dada's guideline goes in the opposite direction of Baba's teaching. Baba says, "One is doing for one’s own liberation – but one is not doing anything for others...The person is selfish. So while one is doing something for one’s own liberation, one is to serve others also." (AV-30) So we are to do sadhana and involve in all types of seva activities. Certainly most in AM are aware about Baba's above teachings, yet when one senior avadhuta puts forth stories that go against, then at least something should be done to correct the situation, lest one or two new people get the wrong impression. At this point let us move on to the second story. While amongst the many supporters, there was at least one on the list who opposed certain elements of this first story, none seemed to have any issues with the second story, yet it runs totally contrary to Baba's teachings.
Baba has come on this earth and given AM ideology in order to solve all the problems-- not to overlook them. This is His great samkalpa and that is why our Marga has been formed. Yet the whole entire emphasis of the second story is to not get perturbed by others' wrongful dealings-- just put on 'blinders' and grant forgiveness to all and turn the other cheek if any injustice or harm is done, a la Gandhi & Christ. This is the dogmatic preaching of this second story, which on the e-forum was ironically titled, 'Dealing with Garbage'. Because in reality the story was about 'not dealing with garbage', but rather overlooking it. That is the irony. And indeed overlooking any injustice or wrong only causes more problems. For example, if someone steals something from you, then your duty is to stop that thief, one way or another. Otherwise the problem will be perpetuated as the thief will inevitably rob someone else. That is why Baba warns us that we are not to pardon anyone unless their conduct is reformed. In Caryacarya and numerous discourses Baba explains this fact. And verily that is the only way to clean up the society, by addressing the problems directly, not by overlooking them and granting pardons to unworthy persons. But the second story basically states that one should just look the other way and ignore that wrongdoing or injustice. If any wrong is done just 'smile' and go about your own personal business. So the second story is a classic case of misguided, western, materialistic selfishness: 'Don't let anything bother you, and do not worry if any injustice is done unto others, just worry about your own self .' That is the defective message of the second story. And tragically that is the wrongful teaching that is being propagated and supported on that Marga e-forum. Yet nothing could be further from Baba's divine mandate. Baba says, "...No problem is to be ignored as an individual or group affair. Every problem is to be considered as the collective problem of universal humanity and is to be resolved collectively and resolved it must be..." (Ananda Vanii #58)
Sadly, both the stories on this Marga e-forum lack prama (balance) and stray far from Baba's teachings. It is sad because some of our most elder avadhutas were involved in the telling and analysis of these stories, yet even with their years in AM they could not come up with Baba's dharmic teaching. Instead they fell into the dogmatic soot of those stories and they appreciated them up to the sky. In that case how are our younger brothers and sisters in the Marga expected to learn properly-- when our elder Dadas are preaching dogmatic theories. Some may say, 'what is the harm, it is only a story etc', but here Baba Himself takes the matter very, very seriously. He points out that a defect in writing or literature is due to a defect in mind. Baba says, "If there is a lack of prama' in the psychic sphere, then many omissional and commissional mistakes and defects are bound to enter into their art, architecture, literature, philosophy, science and other branches of human knowledge. Dance may lose its rhythm, painting may lack proportion, music may lose the harmony of its melody and rhythm, and in the various branches of literature there may be an overgrowth of the parasitic weeds of immature expression." (Prama-1) So we should not take this issue lightly. We should strive to maintain Baba's ideals in all respects. It is not that during some moments it is okay to fall away from the path and preach something else. If that happens in one's casual dealings, then surely when a major event occurs, they will fail in that also. Thus always-- in our talks, writings, emails, conversations, storytelling, and jokes-- we should strictly pay heed to Baba's ideals and strive to preach His values with diamond-like precision. Unfortunately, this could not be achieved on that e-forum when these two misdirected stories appeared on line and got the support of various senior avadhutas.
By Baba's grace we are to immerse ourselves in His teachings and sadhana and then with our intuitional flow and rational minds we will easily be able to correct every wrong and build a neo-humanistic society based on the pillars of dharma. Then our writing will be literature in the true spirit of the term. Baba says, "The real significance of the word sa'hitya or “literature” is inherent in the word itself, for the characteristic of literature is “to move together,” keeping abreast of the trends of life. Literature is no invention of the superficiality of social life, nor is it the colourful spell of any fantasia. Rather it is the portrait of real life – an external expression of the internal recesses of the mind – a bold and powerful expression of the suppressed sighs of the human heart. In order to preserve the sanctity and prestige of its name, literature must maintain its rhythm in pace with the dynamic currents of society." (PNS-10) Namaskar, Karma Rasa
Here below is the first story where Dadaji is giving his faulty narrative of how to view this universe. As a reminder, this whole story follows the sinner's psychology which Baba says we should not do. Dadaji writes: 'A couple of years ago I had a sudden realisation that there is only one huge pile of mud* in the universe and all of it is mine. The sense I had was one of joy and relief because my task was suddenly made very simple -- my only task is to clean up this one pile of my own mud* instead of as previously, when I thought so much about how important it was for others' mud* piles to be cleaned up! Everything bad I see in everyone else in fact is in me and this is where I can get true leverage to clean up the entire universe-- my universe. The more mud* I clear away from my pile the more pristine I become and consequently the more sweet and beautiful the rest of the universe becomes.' End of Dadaji's story. * Please note we inserted the word mud in place of the foul and offensive term which Dadaji used in his writing. We did not like to use that term. But if you want to read the story in its original then please view the "" list and search for the subject, "One Huge Pile. But again, we felt the essence of the story could be easily understood without using that word choice. So no only is the story philosophically off the mark, but also the expression itself is not sentient in nature.
Here are but a few clips from the second story. I think these are enough to give the sense how the story is grounded in western, materialistic, selfishness as well as in Gandhi's error prone ways of misplaced forgiveness.
Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. And if you let them, they'll dump it on you. When someone wants to dump on you, don't take it personally. You just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. You'll be happy you did. I began to see garbage trucks. I see the load they're carrying. I see them coming to drop it off. And like my Taxi Driver, I don't make it a personal thing; I just smile, wave, wish them well, and I move on. So.. Love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't...
Any Ananda Margii can easily see how the entire essence of the above story is diametrically opposed to the grand teachings of AM which state that we should oppose all injustices and right every wrong, and care for one and all-- not ignoring any problem. So it is unfortunate that such misguided stories get glorified on our e-forums. On the bright side, as we gain greater understanding of Baba's teachings such mishaps will happen less and less. Then we will really be able to do something great on this earth.
*************************************** Muslim Countries-- Downtrodden
Baba says, "You can see that in most of the countries in the world -- in almost the entire world -- the vast percentage of the downtrodden people are illiterate. They are lagging behind in the realm of education. Everywhere, especially in Muslim countries, you will observe that the major portion of the population is downtrodden. Even where there is no shortage in wealth, in Muslim countries and certain other countries, the people are still in a downtrodden should do something to spread education in each and every village throughout the world." (PNS-18, p.49)

What Does It Mean By...

To: Subject: What Does It Mean By... Date: Sat 23 Feb 2008 23:47:25 +0530 (IST) From: Madhusudan Baba "A'mi toma're bhuliya' chinu katadin..." (P.S. 4091) Purport: Baba, I was remaining forgetful and was oblivious of You for such a long span of time. My life passed like this. I traveled on the rugged, jagged path. Sometimes I fell down in the ocean current. My days, full of stains, were wasted in hopelessness-- without any achievement, without any genuine progress. So many lonely, isolated nights passed in crying in utter despair with no pra'na-- just frustration. Baba, sometimes I suffered and got hit by the cold northern breeze. And sometimes that northern breeze took away all my hopes, inspirations, and gains. Just I drowned in staticity and crudeness. But now, by Your grace today spring has come. All the surroundings are filled with the colourful flowers and sweet aroma. The dark night has changed into a glittering moonlight, shining in the sky. Peacocks are dancing in happiness and expressing their joy by extending their feathers. The sweet breeze has come. It is shaking my whole existence and making me quiver in the divine vibration. That sweet breeze is giving me the hint and telling me, 'Listen! the divine flute, which is resonating, it is calling you..."
Namaskar, In various discourses Baba makes the very interesting and thought-provoking statement that one can get liberation or salvation and not get Him. Baba says, "If you want mukti [liberation] or moks'a [non-qualified liberation] from Him, if you are a suitable candidate then you may get it from Him, but you will not get Him." (AV-2) So the question is, what does this mean. Doesn't getting liberation or attaining salvation mean becoming one with Brahma? How is it that one can get liberation or salvation but not get Parama Purusa? What is the crux of this knotty statement-- what is the significance of this seemingly philosophical paradox.
The main point to keep in mind here is that although various types of relations with Parama Purusa lead to mukti, or moksa, there are some relations-- like madhura bhava or Vraja Krsna-- where one feels His sweet and loving proximity in their day to day life, and there are some relations-- like dasya bhava or Parathasarthi Krsna-- where one does not feel that sweet bond of love and intimacy with Parama Purusa. In the former one has Him in their tight embrace and in the latter not, yet both lead to mukti or moksa. Let's take it a step further. For instance, those bhaktas of madhura bhava will have that intimate connection with Baba every step along the way as they attain Him; they will feel His loving embrace and warm touch in their each and every action on this earth. Because that is the very nature of the madhura bhava relation: To have a very personal and intimate relation with Parama Purusa while living in the world. Hence, they get Him. Whereas those involved in the mode of dasya bhava (master-slave relation), or in the case of Parathasarthi Krsna, those disciples will not feel the sweet love of Parama Purusa while on their journey. So in that sense they will not get Him. But due to their obedience, faithfulness, determination, and grit, in the end they will be rewarded with mukti or moksa. But along the way they will not have Him. That is the inner working of Baba's above statement. And here it is again for your review. Baba says, "If you want mukti [liberation] or moks'a [non-qualified liberation] from Him, if you are a suitable candidate then you may get it from Him, but you will not get Him." (AV-2) Because in a comparatively dry manner, those followers of Parathasarthi Krsna or those sadhakas involved in daysa bhava (master-slave relation) progress ahead on the path to liberation without feeling that intimate closeness with Parama Purusa. They feel that they have to do something to earn their liberation-- so they work hard for that and strive to execute the plan and order of Parama Purusa, but in so doing they do not feel close enough with Parama Purusa to desire and get His sweet embrace. In which case they do not get Him.
Here Baba nicely explains how the bhakta of madhura bhava keeps an intimate and personal link with Baba each and every day on the path. Baba says, "Madhura bháva is a very exalted bháva, for this bháva fills the mind with sweetness and bliss and leads the aspirant to the closest proximity of the Lord. To a person who is predominantly a devotee of the Lord, everything tastes sweet, there is nothing bitter in the creation of Parama Puruśa. He is attracting you through the ectoplasmic world, binding you through the bonds of love." (NKS, Disc: 27) Baba says, "The spirit of madhura bháva is as follows: “He is so vast, endowed with innumerable attributes, yet even then He loves me. He is so great, yet He is still my most intimate friend, so very close to me. What joy! What joy!” This is madhura bháva." (NKS: Disc 9) So on the blissful path of madhura bhava, one wants only His sweet proximity and one gets His intimate companionship. In a phrase, one gets Him. But the same thing does not happen in dasya bhava (master-slave relation). In that case one may live a life filled with anxiety, frustration, suffering etc-- but not bliss-- yet in the end due to their sacrifice one may get mukti or moksa. Such is the drastic difference between madhura bhava and dasya bhava. One gets Him and one not.
Another way to think of this whole phenomenon of getting mukti but not getting Him is through the Baba's crystal clear distinction between Vraja Krsna and Parathasarthi Krsna. Note: Here it should be stated that the relations of Vraja Krsna and Parathasarathi Krsna are not related only with Sri Krsna. Here Baba is using this as an analogy to show that in all the ages, one can have different types of relations with Parama Purusa. Baba says, "In the case of Vraja Krśńa, the devotee developed a unique spiritual consciousness. The one thought that filled a devotee’s mind was, “I want to go to Parama Puruśa,” and that journey passed through madhura bháva. Párthasárathi’s teachings were quite different. He said, “Well, you want to advance. That’s all right, but others must come with you. You must all come together.” This approach certainly impairs madhura bháva to some extent because it involves an element of roughness. If we are to use an analogy, we can compare a very sweet thick-skinned mango to Vraja Krśńa. You can easily peel away the skin and relish the sweet juicy fruit to your heart’s content – no trouble, only happiness. If someone asks you how sweet it is, you cannot express your delight in words and you illustrate the sweetness through gestures. But Párthasárathi Krśńa may be compared to a firm, ripe bel [wood apple] with a hard shell. You have to take some trouble to break the shell, and while breaking it you have to be careful not to let the fruit fall to the ground and smash into pieces. The pulp is no doubt very good for the stomach, perhaps even better than a mango, but it is not so nice to eat. It is not as juicy as a mango. If Vraja Krśńa can be likened to high quality cakes like gokulapiit́há or pát́i sápt́á, Párthasárathi Krśńa may be likened to sweets made of boiled, condensed sugar cane juice." (NKS, 'Six Stages of Realisation') Thus in the relation of Vraja Krsna, one feels the inner sweetness and personal love with Parama Purusa in a very close manner. And in that way they get liberation or salvation. In contrast, in the relation of Parathasarthi Krnsa, one does not become ensconced in the devotional love for Parama Purusa, but rather the sadhaka must overcome all sorts of trials and tribulations. And by that way they reach up to mukti or moksa. So on one path one gets the close proximity of Parama Purusa and the other not. One path is full of His blissful love and the other not.
Ultimately though, it has to be recognised that getting mukti or moksa, means losing one's own identity and merging in Parama Purusa. That culminating point is the same for all the accepted pathways as given by Baba. Thus in all the ways-- dasya bhava, madhura bhava etc-- one will ultimately experience this in the end. So perhaps the best way to express the difference is in this following analogy. One can reach to a kingdom by walking for days and months across the dry, hot desert-- sweating the entire way on that very tiring journey. Or one can reach that same kingdom by riding easily in an air-conditioned motor car along smooth, paved roads. Hence both travelers reach the destination, but the first takes a rough path while the other moves along a comfortable one. Similarly one can get mukti without getting His sweet love along the way or one can get liberation and feel His sweet embrace every step along the way. Such is the difference between dasya bhava and madhura bhava. So getting Him along the way means having a sweet and blissful life where one feels that Baba is my most intimate and closest companion. That is the way one can get mukti or moksa, yet also Him.
In our Marga, by Baba's grace, most everyone is on the pathway of getting Him, of realising His sweet bliss in their life. Baba has made the our Marga that way by giving us madhuvidya, kiirtan, Prabhat Samgiita, sadhana, and so many other joyous practices that enable us to feel His sweet touch and loving embrace. Even then the more arduous path of dasya bhava or Parathasarathi Krsna is accepted in our Marga, and some few persons may be moving in that mode. So in their day to day life they may not feel very blissful as they will not be getting Him. But far and away, ours is Ananda Marga-- the Path of Bliss-- and most every sadhaka in AM is joyously moving on that path, getting Him each and every step of the way. All in all this is a highly devotional topic and for more about this one should read select discourses from Namami Krsna Sundaram. Plus in the future, certainly others will write on this very topic.
By Baba's grace we will all realise His infinite love and tight embrace and get Him as we proceed along the path. Baba says, "You are all His loving sons, His loving daughters. You are sure to get Him; it is your birthright to be one with Him." (SS-24) Namaskar Madhusudan

Speaking for Post, Not Ideology

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Foster Davis Subject: Speaking for Post, Not Ideology Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 23:28:37 -0400 Baba "...Diirgh pratiiks'a'ri pare d'a'k shun'iiya' a'ji ele." (PS 3435) Purport: Baba! I was calling You desperately since a very long time. And You paid heed to my call and You came. It is Your grace. Since ages I was waiting for Your arrival. Today You have accepted and appeared. You are very close. Now I feel Your proximity...
Namaskar, In these current times in our AM society it has become the 'fashion of the day' to "speak out" against the various ruling groups. Because now, after so many years of injustices, it has become commonly accepted that those in power are corrupt and going against Baba's teachings. In such circumstances, many opportunists are now trying to captialise on the situation by also "speaking out" and saying something-- hoping that this will enhance their own prestige & position etc. But in the past these same opportunists were the very bootlickers and arms & legs of those ruling exploiters. So to see everything in a straight way and get the real picture, we must apply our vivek. By that way we will easily be able to understand 'who is who' and 'what is what'.
Since 1990, there have been so many who blindly supported one or another of the crooked ruling regimes. First when Sarvatmanandji was at the helm, then he had hundreds and thousands rallying around him. When he said something then so many would jump according to his command. That is the way it was working those days. And in this manner of dealing various goody-goodies and bootlickers got rewarded with prestigious posts as they became ACB members, core-group members, and tattvikas etc. And in return these goody-goody post-holders stood by Sarvatmanandji's every word and tried to smash down any truly revolutionary margii who came forward to oppose Sarvatmanandji's nasty tricks. In this harsh cycle, many rational margiis faced terrible torture and abuse. Because those goody-goodies acted as the blind soldiers for Sarvatmanandji's heinous regime. And when Sarvatmanandji's era was over, then those same goody-goodies and opportunists jumped ship and latched onto the next ruling regime. And they "grew" accordingly. Under Rudrananda's years of rule, those same bootlickers of Sarvatmanandji graduated and became Rudra's foot stools. In that way those who were tattvikas became fake family acaryas or judiciary board members. Or they got some other reward. This is especially true in our overseas sectors like NY etc. Here the point is that no matter what the situation, all the while these bootlickers were eagerly defending and carrying out the orders of the ruling groupist Dadas, whether it was B or H group-- Sarvat or Rudra. In that way things were taking shape, and in that way many "walked into" an array of prestigious posts and became ACB chieftains and fake family acaryas etc. So now, when mayhem has come to the fore in Centre, to further enhance their prestige and advance their resume, these same cowardly people-- these same opportunists-- are posing as great heroes and speaking out against the rulers. Because the atmosphere has changed and it is socially acceptable for such opportunists to grab a megaphone and oppose any ruling groupist regime. They will not lose their post by doing so. In this way so many boot-lickers have magically transformed themselves overnight into so-called revolutionaries. And they are filling the internet with their tall-talks and cries for justice. This is the hypocritical scene these days.
To further clarify the situation, we should carefully see why these opportunists were keeping mum before as well as why they are now "boldly" speaking out. The root cause behind it all is their own cowardly nature and selfish personae. See for yourself: In this past these ACB type of boot-licking margiis were not very self-confident and they were terrified of going against "Centre". Plus what crumbs Centre was giving them they were satisfied with. If they got appointed to a sectorial committee etc, then they were pleased with that. And they felt that they got what they deserved. But now after years of licking the feet of different group bosses and after getting so many rewards for their allegiance, the 'hunger' of these opportunists has grown. Having gotten some post and position they thinking that now they are something great and deserve better. Plus they see that now when chaos has erupted in Centre, it is more or less "safe" to speak out as there will be no real negative consequences. In that way these opportunists have begun yelping like a bunch of hungry street dogs. That is why suddenly they are painting themselves as high revolutionaries. The overall scenario being that by this way-- through their tall talks of revolution-- these ACB type of opportunists are hoping and praying that others will honor them as being great heroes and dharmikas. That is one reason why they are coming forward these days. Plus since that they have gotten some post in the past, they think they themselves are now important and deserving of more and more prestige. So that is the second reason why all of a sudden they are barking out loud. And the third reason is simply that it is now safe to do so. The ruling group is in no position to "discipline" or "punish" anyone. In that cushy atmosphere, even spineless goody-goodies can muster up the courage to speak out.
But no matter how much they speak, one thing becomes perfectly clear. Namely that the words of these goody-goody opportunists are totally 100% devoid of any ideological value. Such opportunists are speaking only out of their own desire to get some higher post and prestige. That is all. They are not advancing the fact that Baba's discourses should be printed in full, or that Prabhat Samgiita should be properly recorded, or that the rights of general margiis should be restored, or that various dogmas like "Mahaprayan" should be rooted out. They are not championing any of these dharmic causes. Just these pseudo ACB type of margiis and goody-goodies are flapping their tongues and making noise out of their own selfish desire to get more post and be heralded as some revolutionary tantric soul. When in reality, the fact stands that they are nothing but hypocritical cowards.
One other astonishing fact is that these fake revolutionaries who are sitting on the ACB boards do not express an ounce of repentance for their dirty past when they themselves were the ones who tortured and humiliated good margiis who came forward to oppose Centre's injustices. Because the history stands that since 1994 various courageous and brave margiis opposed the various injustices and wrongdoings committed by the ruling groups, and it was these very fake ACB type of revolutionaries of today who were outcasting these good margiis and spitting in their faces. Being the bootlickers of either Sarvat or Rudra, this was going on for years and years. Where those on the ACB were rudely and harshly ostracizing and putting egg on the faces of those sincere margiis who were raising the call for justice. This was the ongoing scene, especially in overseas sectors like NY, Suva etc. Yet today, not so far as one syllable is being uttered by these bootlickers about their own dark past and what harm they caused to innocent margiis. Such opportunists have yet to utter a word of repentance. That is why, after seeing the matter from top to bottom, anyone can recognise that these opportunists are just fake revolutionaries whose misguided actions have nothing to do with dharma or justice. Just they are in it for their own stomach-- nothing more. So no matter how much they write on the internet who is going to give credence to their endless flapping. Plus when the situation becomes even a little bit difficult, then such hypocritical opportunists will again fade into the woodwork. In that case who is going to trust them.
Here Baba reveals the nature of such ACB type of fake revolutionaries who are selfishly barking to advance their own cause. In the past they pounded on the face of innocent margiis who were seeking justice, yet now these opportunists have grabbed the megaphone without expressing a word about their shady dealings-- past or present etc. See here Baba's guideline. Baba says, "There are a few opportunists whose very nature is to exploit their fellow humans. But they will not confess this openly." (NHNS-1, 'Liberation of Intellect') And that is exactly what we are seeing today with regards to the current batch of fake revolutionaries. They never admit that in the past they were the top bootlickers of Centre who stomped on the heads of innocent margiis etc. Here below Baba further reveals that such opportunists who have suddenly "transformed" themselves into fake revolutionaries will not last long. Their days are numbered. Baba says, "The opportunists who utilise a situation to create rifts in the society will not get any scope to do so when exploitation is removed." (AFPS-3)
Finally, may we all pay heed to Baba's stern guideline about these tall-talking ACB type of opportunists & board members who are now barking about revolution. Baba says, "Do not be misled by anyone's tall talk. Judge merit by seeing the performance." (CC-2, 'Society', pt# 27a) In sum, we should understand who is who by looking at their conduct and not by their words. Following this dharmic guideline of Baba, it then becomes quite clear that those ACB type of opportunists and overseas pseudo tattvikas who are suddenly waving the banner of revolution are nothing but sheer hypocrites. By their duplicitous actions it is all quite apparent. No need to mention their names here; we all know them well.
By Baba's infinite grace these weak-minded opportunists will shirk in the dharmic rise of the crimson dawn. And By His grace that grand era is now upon us. Baba says, "Today the clattering chariot wheels are turning. That din is making the hearts of the opportunists quake. This is the decree of fate. The pace of change is fast accelerating." (SC-10)
With Baba's blessing all righteous minded margiis and wts are coming together step by step, ushering in that era of neo-humanism and forming one human society. At the same time the hypocritical and selfish ways of the opportunists will be revealed. This is Baba's ultimate decree. Baba says, "The opportunists tried in the past, are trying at present and will try even in the future to fulfil their narrow desires by keeping the human race disunited. By severely reproaching this opportunistic craftiness through your noble deeds, you draw nigh the unknown strangers living far away and build a healthy world-based human family. Ignoring the brute forces, the sky-kissing arrogance, hypocrisy, immorality and glib outbursts of the conceited people, go ahead towards your cherished goal. The blessing of Parama Purus'a shall be with you alone." (A'nanda Va'nii #40) Namaskar, Purusottama
The day is not far when all remnants of groupism will be gone and our AM society will be one. This is Baba's grand blessing upon us all. Baba says, "Smashing all these barriers, we shall all sit and eat and drink together in the same compound, bound by the ties of one human family." (NSS: Disc #2)
**************************************** Honey is Eye-Medicine
Baba says, "Floral nectar can be collected from lotus and is very good for all kinds of eye diseases, including retinal detachment...To extract the honey, you have to employ the same method as doctors use to extract blood. This is because many ants and insects feed on the honey. A syringe can extract it without getting clogged up." (PNS-16, p. 33-34)

Reverence to Guru is at Stake

Date: 21 Feb 2008 22:11:53 -0000 From: "Anil Vijayan" To: Subject: Reverence to Guru is at Stake Baba "Maner vyatha' mani ja'ne, ca'pa' a'che gopane..." - P.S. 463 Purport: Baba, I love You so much. The yearning and longing which I have for You, everything is hidden deep within my mind. The feeling which is in my mind nobody can understand-- except my mind. If I want to express these ideas and sing them to You in the form of song, then it is very difficult to do. Because these are the inner feelings of my heart-- and are not to be shared in public. But I can sing those songs to You if only You and I are there-- nobody else. When we will be together in a lonely place then I will surely make You listen to those songs which resonate the inner feelings of my heart. Baba, the pain of my mind only my mind can understand. Baba, the Prabhat Samgiita songs which I sing in dharmacakra & other programs, whatever I sing in those songs the feeling of my heart is not expressed. Those songs which express my internal feeling I do not sing in dharmacakra. What I will sing in lonely place that I will sing for You. The language of the heart only the heart can understand. It cannot be heard by external ears. In my practices, I feel in my heart that You are and I am-- and that except us there is nothing else in this entire universe...
Namaskar, As once again some are murmuring about changing the Supreme Command, let us all take a moment to reflect on what it means to have a Guru and be on the path of tantra.
As we all know, in tantra, Guru's example, teaching, and word are everything. We have all experienced how this is an invaluable feature of being on the path. With reverence & surrender, the disciple must follow Guru's each and every order. That is the way tantra works: To do as per Guru's wish. So the spirit of Guru pujanam is an essential aspect of tantra-- it creates a special link of love and reverence between the sadhaka and the Guru. Without that there is no tantra. Baba says, "Gurupu'janam – one must have reverence for the guru." (AV-34) Baba says, "Gurupu'janam: one should do as per the gospels of the preceptor." (SS-18) Hence, Baba's clear-cut mandate is that each and every disciple must adhere to Guru's expressed guideline. And indeed the devotee feels in their heart that there is no other way, 'I must follow what Baba has given; that is what is most dear to me'. This is the innate feeling of every Ananda Margii, of every bhakta. And this inherent yearning-- along with His divine grace-- are what propel us towards the Goal.
However, yet again, some misguided jinanis are trying to misdirect simple margiis by wrongly claiming that the Supreme Command must be changed. And they have given all sorts of logic and reasoning which need not be addressed here-- nor anywhere. Because all such attempts to change Guru's Supreme Command are useless-- since they undermine the whole essence of tantra, and with it the Guru-disciple relation.
In the recorded version of the discourse-- 'Mantra O Mantrajapa-- given in Morning General Darshan on 18 June '79 in Kolkata, Baba Himself states the term 'Supreme Command', in English. That itself is enough to know that He approves of that very translation of the Bengali 'Caram Nrdesh'. So when the term 'Supreme Command' is His own selection of words, then that should be honoured. It is not that we are debating the translation of Carma Nrdesh into Swahili, Portuguese, Thai-- or any other language which Baba chose not to speak. Rather the Supreme Command term is the very English term which Baba Himself spoke. Hence there is no question of having it changed. This is Guru's given term: Supreme Command.
But some dry jinanis have the penchant to change everything-- even the Supreme Command-- which is why Baba Himself makes explicit jokes about such jinanis. In Varna Vicitra part 2, in the last chapter Baba muses how when proofing another's writing, a jinani will even cross out the term 'please' and put 'kindly'; and if the person had originally written 'kindly' then the jinani will mark it out and insert 'please'. This is the diseased approach of various jinanis. Their ego goads them to change each word-- to put their fingerprints on everything. And it is this very same pettiness of mind which leads certain jinanis to even change the words of Guru's Supreme Command. When, in reality, the term is not up for debate. Baba has Himself spoken the phrase 'Supreme Command' in English then that is enough for us. What He has given is gold and none should get duped into chasing after some glittery tinsel instead-- i.e. the false words of some jinanis.
The overall idea is that Guru's guideline is everything in tantra. In vaedic diiksa, the guru is not so important. But in tantra the relation with Guru is everything. That is the greatness of tantra. And verily true tantric disciples have been blessed with the inner feeling that Guru's every mandate is divine. So when Baba is the Tantric Guru and when He Himself has given the words 'Supreme Command', then that is the term to be used-- period. It is just like how Baba has given the term avadhuta-- then there is no question of changing that to mullah, or priest, or pundit etc. Because what He has given is what is best. That is His preference and it is that preference which we must uphold.
By Baba's grace, He has given us everything to progress in life and the very essence of those teachings have been embedded in His Supreme Command. As His disciples, we are not only to strictly follow the orders given in the Supreme Command, but with reverence-- with Guru pujanam-- we are to honour the name itself as that is the one Guru has explicitly chosen. Baba says, "In Tantra, the greatest emphasis is placed on the preceptor-disciple relationship... [and] also on the need for disciples to make a total surrender to the preceptor in the early stages of the Tantric path." (AMIWL-9) Namaskar Anil
Baba strongly warns us about such tricky jinanis who wish to change Guru's teachings like the Supreme Command. Wherever they go, such jinanis create hell and confusion in the society-- for no reason other than to show off their own intellectual extravaganza. Baba says, "Such hypocrites want to misguide the people by their tall talks alone...'Loka Vya'moha Ka'raka.” That is, 'They create disease in the minds of the people.' Their aim is not to solve society’s problems. Rather, they are the chief cause for the downfall, retardation and sad plight of human society. The present crisis in today’s civilization is due to them. Their theories are based on the psychology and intellectual extravaganza of the hypocrite. You will certainly encounter many such theories in the social sphere, the economic sphere, and other spheres of life. This is not the problem of a single country, but of the entire intellectual world. Again I repeat that the crisis in civilization today is due to the intellectual extravaganza of these hypocrites, these polished satans." (PNS-6) Thus jinanis are never happy nor ever satisfied unless they are puffing up their own egos by putting forth their own false theories and attaching their own name to such theories. That is what Baba is warning us about in the above passage. And that is exactly what we see happening with such jinanis who have made up their own fake term-- Supreme Direction. As Ananda Margiis, we are to uphold Baba's original and chosen term, 'Supreme Command'.
**************************************** The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates
Baba says, "Do not think that those who are highly learned intellectuals are elevated. In the realm of spirituality even illiterate persons can reach the Goal, leaving those intellectuals behind. Parama Purusa does not consider the intellectual qualification or intellect. He evaluates everyone with the measuring scale of how much love one has for Parama Purusa." (SS-14, p. 91, Saharsa DMC, 27 June 1980)

Converted into Stone

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 22:07:26 -0400
From: Patrick Russell 
Subject: Converted into Stone


"A'mi toma'y bhule kiser chale ka'l ka't'a'lum dhara'r buke..." (PS 2140) 


Baba, remaining forgetful about You, with some or other lame excuse I wasted my time in the bosom of the earth. I became completely captivated by one magical display. And because of that, I did not hear the call of my supreme well-wisher: Parama Purusa. O' Baba, when those dark days descended in my life, then nobody was there to give me hope; I was shelterless. Baba, then I started asking You to please come and save me. In that very terrible situation, I started calling to You, 'Baba, please come, and save me! O' Prabhu, save me from this ghastly danger'. Earlier, when the proper opportune moment was there, then I was intoxicated in the magical display of maya. In those days I was in a deep slumber; I was not able to understand. So I did not call You until the situation became disastrous. Baba, even then, now I know in my heart that, 'O Parama Purusa, You belong to everyone'. Baba, please attract me & make me Your own. Please remain with me always, in my pleasure and my pain-- all the time. Baba, I wasted the long span of my life by indulging in negative deeds and remaining oblivious of You. Remaining distant, I wasted my life. But now in the end, You have lovingly lifted me from the dust and gently placed me on Your divine lap. Baba, You are so gracious. You are love Personified...


Sometimes when looking at the present day world, the crude thought may come into the mind to have what those materialists have- and to do what they do. This type of desire can befall anyone, if they are not careful. As Ananda Margiis though we should be vigilant not to fall into such a trap. Because these materialists have not a clue what type of serious harm & destruction they are inviting for themselves by running senselessly after material allurements. They do not understand how the ways of karma will strike them down. But such is their fate. So no Ananda Margii should become spell-bound by the ways of materialism-- not even temporarily so.


Because we all know that there is a great law of cause & effect which governs this vast cosmological order, i.e. the law of karma: Where for every action (karma) there is a reaction (karmaphala). In this principle, good actions beget positive reactions and bad actions bring negative reactions. This is Baba's stated teaching and everyone in AM is well aware about this.

 Baba says, "Human beings themselves are answerable for their fate as it is their actions alone which create it. They alone will have to bear the consequences of all their actions. No one else can substitute for them. Their good deeds beget good results, while bad ones beget bad results, and they will have to experience both without any exception. This is the law of Prakrti and no one can change this law." (AMEP)


But materialists are utterly clueless about this. They do not know or understand about the workings of karma; nor are they aware that good actions are those deeds which decrease the distance between oneself and Parama Purusa. This entire outlook totally escapes them. Rather they think that material things are the be-all and end-all of life. Their life revolves around material attachment, sexual lust, and crude desires. This is what motivates them. Hence all day long they are running after one or another mundane allurement. And internally they think that this is fine and acceptable. Even they will openly state that making money itself justifies a particular action, no matter what hell it creates in the lives of others. This is their selfish and harmful attitude. And such materialists think that it is all fine and well. However, little do they know what their terrible fate will be.


Because in countless discourses, Baba warns us that those who blindly chase after crude materials pleasures will become one with the dust. Their future is totally bleak. They will be converted into stone or iron or end up trapped as some kind of negative microvita like prakrtiliina for crores & crores of years. Here following is Baba's very strict warning about what will befall those who rampantly chase after the lustful ways of materialism.

 Baba says, "If a person continually gloats over crude material things, his entire existence will be converted into crude matter. In mythology the story goes that Ahalya' was converted into a stone due to his constant crude ideation. So people who accept matter as their goal, totally denying the existence of Parama Purus'a, tread the path of degeneration and become prakrtiliina devayonis after death." (APH-6, 'Ekendriya-1')


So those materialists have a very grim and dark future. They will not be able to escape the karmic reaction of their selfish and crude desires and their fate is sealed. They are sure to become seriously degenerated in the near future. This is Baba's warning, because no one can escape the cycle of karma. Baba says, "Reactions of actions (karmaphala) have to be experienced. No one is spared from experiencing them; the reactions of all one's actions will have to be borne by oneself alone." (AMEP)

Therefore, in the case of materialists who greedily chase after crude allurements and harm others in that process, they will surely have to undergo piles and piles of negative reactions. Because their only so-called ethic is material gain, and they do not care one iota about the welfare of others. Thus each and every day they create mounds & mounds of negative samskaras by indulging in selfish misdeeds and those negative samskaras will certainly take shape in the form of unenviable & harsh reactions. Thus from top to bottom and inside and out the fate of such materialists is sealed.



In AM, we follow the path of balance. Baba guides us that neither are we to headlong rush after material objects nor are we to reject the world as mere illusion by adopting the ways of Shankaracarya. Neither of these approaches will bring welfare to oneself nor to the world around them. Rather it will just invite trouble. That is why Baba has given us that pathway of perfect prama.

In AM we recognise the existence of this material world yet goad all our mental longings toward Parama Purusa. So ours is the path of perfect balance. Because in AM we realise that we need the material sphere in order to maintain our physical existence and then we goad our psychic yearning toward the spiritual realm. By this way we can utilise this human life to reach up to God.

 Such is the perfectness of our path of 'Subjective Approach & Objective Ajustment'. In thus dual formula, we keep our mental eye & vision focused toward Parama Purusa and utilise the physical world as a platform for meeting our existential needs or basic living requirements. By this way we can create a healthy human society and ensure the spiritual emancipation of all, by Baba's grace.


So none should get allured or attracted by the clutches of materialism. There is no redeeming factor in this crude pathway. Just it will lead one into the depths of despair and degenertion. Here below is Baba's very severe warning about the ills of materialism.

Baba says, "This type of crude material knowledge concerned with the crude materialism has done much harm to human society during the last one century. It has misguided the entire human society, it has converted human beings into animals." (AV-2)

 So those who base their lives solely on material objects will be reborn as pashus (animals) or even spend countless time trapped as negative microvita. In either case it is a hellish fate.


By Baba's grace we should all remember our internal link with Baba and goad all our thoughts and actions unto Him. Then by living in this material world, our lives will be fruitful. Those who get allured by the ways of materialism will only experience pain and misery-- nothing more.

By Baba's grace He was bestowed upon us all the ingredients for a happy and blissful life and a bright future.

 Baba says, "You should always remember that you do not belong to an ordinary family, to an ordinary lineage. Those who are the sons and daughters of Parama Purus´a certainly cannot belong to an ordinary lineage. You have a personal relationship with Parama Purus´a, and because of that intimate relation you can say to Him, "Oh Parama Purus´a, you know me very well; so if You think it proper, You may bestow Your grace upon me. But it depends on You." Parama Purus´a certainly has great love and affection for His children; He will certainly want His sons and daughters to reach their ultimate goal. And whatever bliss human beings may attain by reaching that Supreme Stance, I know that in Parama Purus´a's mind the happiness will be even more. Victory to you all." (SS-18. 'Propensities and Prama')



Each and every day in the world around us or by looking in the newspaper we can practically see the karmic reactions that happen to some many people due to their constant involvement in materailistic ways of living. So many things happen: Either their misdeeds get exposed in front of all, or they lose their psychic balance and have to become hospitalized, or who knows what. Day in and day out everyday people and pop stars undergo such things. It happens to the neighhbor next door as well as to pop-cultures icons like Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith. In any event, persons lead a miserable life and experience a terrible fate. All because they got sucked into the dark hole of materialism. This should not befall any Ananda Margii.


Here Baba clearly outlines how we are to live in this world-- by maintining perfect balance or adjustment and ultimately reach up to Him. This is His divine formula. Baba says, "Subjective approach through objective adjustment. Movement is towards Parama Purus´a, but at the same time maintaining objective adjustment. You have to move giving proper treatment to the objects of the external world. There must be subjective approach, but at the same time objective adjustment; that is, adjustment with the objective world is essential though one's movement is towards supreme subjectivity." (AV-30)


The interesting thing is that in material societies there is a distinct dearth of material things. That is, most do not get what they need to survive due to extreme greed.This is the regular occurance. That is why in places like the US there is a huge number of homeless people as well as tens of millions of people without access to proper health care. So it is not that in materialistic countries people get their physical needs met. It never works out this way and on the top the people are depressed and miserable and suffer from so many psychic afflictions. In contrast in our Proutistic society, everyone will get exactly what they need through the magical formula of subjective approach and objective adjustment. All will have plenty of material goods to live comfortably on this earth and in addition all will get the opportunity to advance in the psycho-spiritual realms of life. So our Proutistic approach is a win-win situation. There is no question of any loss. Whereas in the materialistic model, everyone loses always. There is no winner. By Baba's grace may we create that Proutistic society at the earliest. Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai!!

 WT Conduct Rule: Dealings

Baba says, "Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of their supervised staff in all respects." (Pt #2 of 'Six Additional Rules')

 Note: This is a very significant rule but these days supervisory bosses are more focused on emptying the pockets of their subordinates. This is the only "care" they do. In future when standard of devotion in supervisory workers is higher, these rules are likely to be followed in which case the situation will be better.

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