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Why Marriages Fail: Part 2

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 06:29:49 -0000 (GMT)
From: Singh_Manindra
Subject: Why Marriages Fail: Part 2


~ PART 2 ~

(this is the continuation...)


3) It is important to remember that Dadas must NOT act as a mediator for any Ananda Marga marriage. Invariably, Dadas will give preference to the family giving them more money. So if the boy is not interested in AM and drowned in pseudo-culture, that Dada will paint a false picture and say how the boy is spirited and meticulous in 16 pts. This may not happen every time - but certainly there is scope for such issues. It has happened in the past and must be avoided in the future. And the best way to avoid this in the future is not to involve Dadas.

Besides it is not good for our wholetimers to act as matchmakers. In that process some accidentally get themselves matched up and they leave their Wt ship. This also has happened.

Thus for everyone's well being, no Wt should be actively involved in match-making. Rather Wts should refrain from match-making entirely. That is Baba's rule.


4) One should be prudent - even skeptical, about receiving advice from stakeholders - ie sometimes family margiis also carry a bias. For instance, let's say that in their unit or bhukti, there is a girl or boy nearing 30 years of age and it is obvious that this person needs to get married soon. Then with the intention of supporting them, such people falsely praise that boy or girl up to the sky in order to attract an interested party. Under the notion of helping to marry that older boy or girl, some such people may say things that are not true. Out of sympathy they may say, "Oh he or she is very good and has always been exemplary in our community." When in fact that is not at all true. Just they are saying like that in order to get that person married. Actually they want to help but what they are doing is not at all good. Encouraging false perceptions as will lead to a bad marriage - or the marriage may simply implode or break apart.


5) Finances play a big role in any household. So the boy and girl should have in-depth discussions and get to know each other's lifestyle and views on money. Someone who wishes to live like a king or queen should not marry someone with a sadhu mentality, or vice-versa. There should be clarity on all financial matters including credit, debt, cash allowances, and so much more. The expectations on points of finance should be very clear.


6) One of the most defining points of any marriage is child rearing. Ahead of time - before they marry - the boy and girl should discuss how they are going to raise their children. What values will they impose? How far will they goad their child into Ananda Marga way of life? How far will they go to never compromise with dogma? The child must be brough to the path of sadhana at any early age and encouraged in this practice wholeheartedly.

Is one going to let the child play always while the other parent tries to instill a sense of discipline toward spiritual life? Is one going to let the child eat garlic while the other wishes to raise the child on a sentient diet. There are so many points of possible contention.

One must also remember that those children will one day be teenagers. Will you raise a person who will be a slave of pseudo-culture. If so, that teenager may bring meat into your kitchen, alcohol into your study, and crude, loud music into your sadhana room. If one parent emphasizes spiritual life and the other does not, there are going to be problems - many of them.

So this should be thoroughly discusses beforehand, lest you become a stranger in your own house where your own children have become like non-margiis. In that case they and your spouse will form a majority vote in your own home. If you do not educate them about our AM way of life from their infancy, this is going to happen.


7) Here is another critical point that the boy and girl must review. They both must be educated about, as well as discuss, how this world is transitory. The beauty they both possess today will not last forever. At any time, they may lose much of that beauty. One might contract some terrible disease like diabetes or multiple sclerosis, or get involved in a road accident etc. So many things can happen. The boy and girl should be told about how this world is transitory; they must understand the impact of this. If anyone gets married based on external beauty that marriage will fall apart. We have seen this so many times. They should discuss with one another how they will treat and regard each other when they are sick, disabled or helpless. Because, after all, their youthfulness and beauty will not last forever. Hearing and seeing this, do they still want to get married.


8) The teachings of Ananda Marga have to be a central aspect of any margii marriage. Both boy and girl have to be of the mind-set that what Baba says on any given topic is the defining opinion.

It is not enough to renounce one's caste and get married. Yes, we have to overcome all caste sentiments etc, but our AM ideology encompasses all realms of existence.

Both have to be ready to follow Baba in each and every aspect of life. So when there is any disagreement between the husband and wife, then the answer must be found in Baba's guideline. And that must be accepted by both as final. This must be discussed ahead of time.


9) The boy and the girl should be ready to strictly follow the oath of our AM marriage: To live like Shiva and Parvatii. This should be formally written down and both the boy and girl should be educated as to what that means and then sign that piece of paper as a veritable contract. This contract must be binding on each and every AM marriage. One must be extremely careful and aware if their spouse will Ananda Marga way of life or not.


By making all of the above perfectly clear between the boy and girl before marriage, then so many misnomers, false perceptions, and bogus expectations will be washed away. The mind will be clear and pointed and one can truly decide whether to marry that person or not. Or should they marry someone else. This will have tremendous benefit in both the personal lives of those who wed as well as in the greater society. People will be successful and productive in their marriages and society will not be plagued by mis-matched marriages and divorce. Mis-matched marriages are commonly looked upon as normal to others, but those involved in that marriage suffer internally and feel like an alien in their own house. Children will not be left shelterless but rather empowered by having dedicated parents who live by a spiritual ideal. Then society can truly be done in the real spirit of the term.


Here Baba graphically points out the fate of those who suffer from mismatched marriages.

Baba says, "The wife of a certain gentleman that I knew was quite ill-mannered. One winter evening I saw this gentleman sitting quietly at the foot of a tree. I asked him: “Why are you sitting under this tree on a winter evening? You’ll freeze.” He replied: “You know, my young friend, if I go in the house I’ll hear only khankhan jhanhan [unpleasant and disturbing sounds]. It’s a lot more peaceful out here.” (Varna Vijiana, Disc: 19)


By Baba's grace He has given the perfect system for building a great human society. Marriage is one of the key elements. Every marriage within the Marga should be done only after thoughtful consideration. All should be very aware of what marriage means and they should know who they are marrying.

Baba says, "[Shiva] declared that women must be kalatra, which means that women must discharge their obligations to their husbands and their children in such a way that the latter will not have the least difficulty. Those who accepted this new arrangement were declared married...The Sanskrit equivalent for marriage is viváha (vi – vaha + ghaiṋ): it means, after the ceremonially, the man and women can no longer live as libertines or as irresponsible so-called family people. They have to discharge their full obligations as bharttá and kalatra, responsible husband and responsible wife...The liberal meaning of the term viváha is “live one’s life in a new way with a special type of responsibility.” This is the underlying significance of the Shaeva system of marriage." (NSS, Disc: 9. Shivokti 3)



After reading the above, some may complain that now no one will want to get married. They will argue that there are to many stipulations and it is an impossible endeavor. But theirs is not a well-reasoned approach.

We have to remember that when drugs were initially given as medicine then the side effects were never listed and patients were getting harmed. Finally the government intervened and demanded that all medical side effects must be stated. After this judgment, some were concerned that no one will take those medicines if companies are forced to list the side effects. Yet here we are years and decades later, and people still take those medicines and they are aware about the side effects so they can protect themselves. The end result is positive.

Similarly, if people are aware ahead of time about the difficulties of married life, they will be better off. Then they can properly prepare for getting married and select the right spouse and create an ideal family.

Finally, the main idea is that the entire institution of marriage cannot be stopped. It has been going on for thousands of years. It satisfies a basic human need. Thus listing the pitfalls of marriage is not going to deter anyone from getting married. Only it will fortify them with the requisite knowledge to make an educated decision.


After all, we are living in a materialistic society, so what is going on all around affects us. Not only that, we live in world that is dominated by gross materialism where "love" marriages are the norm. Two people get attracted - give in to sensual desires - and then divorce when any problem comes or difficulty arises. Or they leave one another when their become infatuated with someone else.

We must not allow this disease to affect our Ananda Marg away of life. Rather we are to positively affect the greater society.


This is an ongoing discussion so please write in with your thoughts and suggestions.

Main Reason of their Death

From: "Karma Rasa"
Subject: Main Reason of their Death
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 21:02:46 +0000


"Vinati ja'i kare tava caran' dhare..." (P.S. 3687)


 Baba with folded hands I go on requesting You again and again holding
Your lotus feet that: Please come to my home. Please grace me again and
again. Baba, You have countless abodes to go visit or stay that may be
according to Your liking; even then You should not forget that this
little hut of mine is Your creation. Baba I always dance in Your rhythm
and sing in Your melody, in Your tune. I feel that You are the tune,
melody, and lyrics-- everything. I play Your viina.

 I am Yours, and everyone is Yours. Your divine play is our world. What
way You play Your liila, that is my entire existence. I am always
ensconced in Your ideation, in Your dhyan. I always speak and sing Your
ideology, Your tales, Your teachings. I move accordingly by Your grace.

 Baba, when You play Your flute, with that attraction You pull me close
to You. And that is my vital energy for forward movement. Baba You are
the base of everything. You are the quintessence. Your glory is
unfathomable which cannot be expressed. You are everyone's soul--
everyone's heart. Baba with my folded hands I do sastaunga pranam that
You please come to my little hut. Please grace me...


With each and every passing day it becomes more and more clear that we
are at the height of this vaeshyan era. The situation is almost over the
top. But we are not there yet, still tougher times lay ahead.

We are seeing its final series of pulsations as it unsuccessfully tries
to rescue itself before its final death.

Unfortunately, this spells trouble for the common people. Not just
ordinary trouble, but the deep-seeded type of trouble, or sheer
desperation, which leads one to the brink of suicide, or even suicide

Everyone wants happiness, that is what every human being is searching
for. And when they lose all hope in getting it, then thoughts of
self-destruction arise.

Tragically, this is the phase we witnessing now in this present era.
Because of the inherent defects of capitalism people are falling into
this chasm.

Every day this or that report comes on the news how such and such
billionaire has killed himself or how an ordinary person who lost their
home due to foreclosure committed suicide. This is the horrible reality.

As Ananda Margiis it is our duty to understand the deeper nature of the
problem, avert that dark whole ourselves, and help others come onto safe
and stable ground.


There are two root causes of the recent rash of suicide cases: (1)
Improper goal, and (2) isolation.

Both are part of the inherent defects of capitalism.

In capitalism people get enslaved into materialism and they think that
crude objects and money are the goal. Their entire existence gets
painted and shaped in that color. They think that is everything: Their
job, their prestige, their house, their car, their whole way of life.
And when that is jeopardised or lost, then they think everything is gone
and there is no reason to live. That is one of the main causes of
extreme desperation and suicide these days.

The second cause is also due to capitalism. Selfishness is direct result
of capitalism. People are taught to satisfy and indulge themselves, and
not worry about the plight of others. This brings isolation such as in
the US where the family system has broken down and where people live
more and more unto themselves and interact with others less. Computer
games and blogging-- and the pursuit of owns own selfish desires-- have
taken the place of friendship and community. In that case, when tough
times arise, there is no one to turn to for help and support.
Desperation then multiplies and suicides can result.



Here we should remember that the problem does not only strike those who
are rich or those or are poor. The amount of wealth is not the operating
factor. There are some poor people who have lost their homes due to a
typhoon or unemployment and mentally they are alright; and there are
some poor people who have lost their homes due to economic woes and they
are totally distraught and stricken with thoughts of suicide.

The same variation can occur with the wealthy. Some may lose their
wealth and be able to cope and some lose their wealth and can only think
of ending their lives.

So the root cause is not one's economic status or social status. The
main cause is harboring a mundane ideal as the goal of life. If one
thinks their house or car or wife is everything-- no matter the size,
cost, or beauty of that thing-- then if and when what disappears from
their life, one becomes prone to extreme desperation and even suicide.

That is why a person who lost their house in the US is far more prone
to suicide than someone of the same economic means who lost their house
in Bhutan or Indonesia. Because the US is far more materialistic and its
citizens feel that the value of their life is tied up with material
things. That is the common way of thinking.

Hence today, with all the economic woes - i.e. when the carpet has been
pulled out from everyone - then there is so much cause for concern,
especially in western, materialistic countries like the US.

Because knowingly or unknowingly millions and millions of people have
been focusing on material wealth as the goal of their life. And with
that gone, a crisis like a rash of suicides can occur-- and indeed
we are now seeing this horrible trend.

So we should all be aware and sincerely ask ourselves how far
materialistic interests have crept into our mental framework.


Let's revisit the other side of this equation.

As we know life is systaltic: It goes up and down. Sometimes one is
happy and sometimes sad. Often, it is friends and family who help us
through difficult times.

So in a materialistic era, when people view money and material wealth as
the crowning jewel or goal of life, and when economic woes are
everywhere, then naturally one will be in a time of trouble and difficulty.

Now here is where the other part of the problem strikes.

In places where extreme materialism is in vogue, like the US, then
because of the very self-centered attitude, many of the social
conventions and safety nets are gone. Friends and family have been
alienated and one may feel alone.

And then when there is an utter dearth of social programs from the
government side, then people will really feel helpless, as if there is
not a hope in sight. At that point, feelings of suicide will swirl in
the mind.


When the economy is down, as it is now, then we can really see the
horrific effects of capitalism. Capitalism is not just a harmful
economic approach, it is a way of life that railroad people's lives into
dust. Their minds become saturated in a materialistic outlook and they
lose touch with family and friends. In a phrase, materialism and
selfishness destroy the whole human personality. In that case, when the
tidal wave of economic woes erupt, then people feel that their whole
world has come crashing down and they have nowhere to turn. That is why
capitalism is an agent of suicide.

And that is why Baba harshly warns us off the ill effects of
materialistic philosophies like capitalism.

Baba says, "Materialism is the most dangerous – indeed, suicidal –
philosophy." (NSS)

Tragically, that is the fate many will face, if they do shift their goal
away from the material venues like property, cars, retirement accounts,
stock options, etc


We should all be vigilant to ensure that we are not depending on
physical or mobile things as our goal. Because when those slip away, one
will feel sad, hopeless, and ultimately shelterless and depressed. That
is when suicide feelings begin.

Although materialism is everywhere, we must rise above it and keep our
spiritual aim in mind. That is the only path of our survival and
success. Being a materialist is not based on how much one owns but
rather what one values in life.

We should all ensure that the Supreme Goal is what we most treasure and
not any fleeting thing of this world like prestige, wealth, etc. Even in
AM, we sometimes see how lust of post is a reflection of one's
materialistic bent of mind. For that they can kill others or even
themselves. So this disease of materialism is rampant and those who
follow it will not be spared.

We should all be alert and help awaken others also.


By Baba's grace only the God-centered approach of Prout can save the
people from the poison of materialism. As Ananda Margiis, we have to
propagate His ideals and show the people that there is more to life than
materialistic pursuits. And by His grace society is already hungry and
thirsty for something more. So it is the ideal time to propagate
spirituality and Prout and bring relief to the people, lest they fall
prey to the illes of capitalism like suicide.

Baba says, "Both capitalism andhave failed to provide the proper
ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the
interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced.
PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of
communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human
beings...When the crimson sun is reflected on our faces we should
understand that the entire day is ours. Victory will be ours." (PNS-15)

Karma Rasa

Allopathic Medicines Not Good

Baba says, "When people take allopathic medicine to cure a disease, the
medicine disturbs the ecological balance of the body because more
negative microvita get concentrated at the point of the disease.
Allopathic medicines do not kill diseases -- diseases die by their own
natural death. Although the medicine may check the disease, the
increased concentration of negative microvita can overcome the effect of
the medicine. In fact, the increased concentration of negative microvita
caused by allopathic medicines creates many new types of diseases, and
due to this, two or three new diseases are presently being created every
decade. So what is the solution to this problem? Our approach should be
two fold-- external and internal. Externally we should take medicines to
check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual practice."
(MVNS, p.136)

16 Pts: When to Follow, When Not

From: "Phoenix Chapman"
Date: Th, 28 Oct 2010 22:47:04 -0700
Subject: Tasmaddharmah Sadakaryah


"Tumi bhuliya' giya'cho a'ma're..." (Prabhat Samgiita 4102)


   Baba, You always hold me in Your heart. That is why it is so painful
that now You have forgotten me. All my efforts are going in vain:
Singing Prabhat Samgiita according to the tune and melody, crying in
yearning for You and looking towards the path of Your arrival, and also
trying to hold You in my ideation, meditation, and dhyana. All these
efforts are getting wasted. Because You have forgotten me. That is why
You are not paying any heed to my efforts.

   O' Prabhu, by Your grace I never forget You. Because Your
introduction is my introduction, then how I can forget You. By Your
wee-bit of grace all the time-- every moment--  I am always floating. My
whole existence is depending upon Your karuna, divine compassion.

   Baba, age after age-- what type of liila is this that are You are
playing with this meagre entity like myself. In Your divine liila my
role is to always get neglected by You. This has been going on since
ages; You never cared about me. Baba, You do not love me.     Baba, all
the time, in the dawn, morning, midday, evening, You go on playing hide
and seek with me. Why this type of divine play. Baba please come in my


In this critical period when the leadership is so helter-skelter, here
is something that will surely keep us sadhakas on track-- simultaneously
creating a proper collective flow.


Baba says: "If human beings do not keep company with righteous people,
or do not study holy books, if their minds are not saturated with love
for the Supreme Entity, then this group of enemy microvita infests their
minds. Ultimately, the structure of those minds is crudified, and
through dogma, reaches the nadir point of crudification." (MVNS, p. 15-16)

We should follow this above quote of Baba. It is the duty of each and
every disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji to observe HIS guideline.


In my life, I have experienced that in the beginning I often find it
difficult to follow many of the rules of dharma (16 Pts etc). But good
margiis friends and my acarya have told me again and again that on the
point of dharma we should not try to find some excuse why not to follow,
but rather the mentality should be to follow and adhere to all the rules
even more strictly. This should be our approach. That is the guidance I
have continually received by Baba's grace.

So since then I have tried to follow all the aspects of 16 Points.
Because they were also telling that in one of His discourses, Baba
guides us that even in our jokes and humour we should not move a single
step away from the path of dharma.


Similarly, in one of the discourses which Baba has given during the
Bhukti Pradhan reporting in Tiljala, Calcutta, then Baba told that many
persons think, 'I will do something great when dharma and adharma fight
will start, like Mahabharata'. But in their regular day to day life
these same persons do not care. They think, 'When Mahabharat types of
battles happen, then I will support dharma. Otherwise when involved in
simple things in day to day life, then I need not to take trouble'.

The point being that if one does not follow dharma all the time then one
can never follow dharma. That is Baba's warning.

Furthermore Baba guides us that in the lives of most human beings, such
great battles of dharma never happen. Means most people never get the
opportunity to participate in such types of battles. Rather in their
life only 2 major things happen. One is the moment of their birth and
other is the time of their death. Beyond that not much else happens. And
at those two important times it is hard to perform great deeds. Because
at the time of one's birth, one is just a baby & thus incapable of doing
anything. Likewise, at the at the time of death one is old and feeble,
in which case it is very difficult to manage.

So the essence of Baba's teaching is that we human beings should follow
the principle of dharma all the time. At every opportunity, small or big.


Baba says, one must have to follow dharma all the 24hrs.

Sutra 2-7: 'Tasmaddharmah Sadakaryah.'

Meaning: "Dharma should always be practiced."


Now, at this present moment, is the delicate time when a couple simple
margiis are getting confused about what to do and what not to do. In
that case they are getting misguided by one or another group or subgroup
etc, and in that way they end up getting misled. So this is a very
delicate time.

Thus we should strive hard to follow Baba's above teaching: In every
moment in our day to day life we have to follow dharma. Then only will
the mind will be serene and pure. In which case internally one's own
inner vivek (conscience) will develop more and more such that one will
be able to see with pristine clarity what is to be done.

Otherwise people get confused again and again and get permanently caught
up in the negative track. Because always one or another sub-group
faction will try to convince you that their way is best.

So to avoid that poor outcome, it is needed in one's practical,
day-to-day life to adhere to dharma in all regards, on all the points--
including all the simple things. In each and every sphere dharma should
be upheld.

Only then will the proper guideline always get reflected in the mind, in
which case one will not go astray. Otherwise this time is very delicate;
this is the crucial time when a lot of problems are coming on this
globe. Various types of natural calamities, severe types of economic
problems, political problems-- all these things are coming.


So whom to support, what to do, what not to do, all these decisions &
answers do not come until one does not follow dharma strictly-- in their
everyday practical life. And that means following 16 Points. And when
one does that, then the direct guidelines of dharma will come from
within. And the right answer will always be found. This is Baba's
expressed guideline.

By Baba's grace those who are following dharma, they never get misled or
defeated. That is the key point. Thus in one's practical life one should
follow dharma. And then the grace of Parma Purusa, the grace of Baba
will be there. And one will always be victorious in each and every step
of life. All this Baba has told in numerous discourses.


Baba says, "Marching ahead is Jiivan Dharma (the characteristic wont of
life). And to march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as
an integral entity, is the principal aspect of Jiivan Dharma. Resolve
courageously to observe this Jiivan Dharma. Remember:

 'Yato Dharmah tato istah, yato istah tato jayah.'

"Where there is Dharma, there is Ista (Baba) and where there is Ista, there is Victory." (AV #43)



Here following are a few more of Baba's divine guidelines about dharma:

(A) Baba says, "Only dharma accompanies you even after death. None but
dharma is suhrd (Eternal Friend)."

'Eka eva suhrd dharma nidhane api anuyati yah'
"Dharma alone is suhrd and remains with one till the end." (AV-5)

(B) Baba says, "Dharma raks'ati raks'itah-- one who protects dharma is
protected by dharma. Dharma saves the dha'rmika, the upholder of dharma,
in the material sphere, in the subtle sphere and in the casual sphere.
When dharma saves people in the material sphere, they experience it
before their very eyes, they hear it with their ears, they feel it with
the tenderness of touch. When dharma helps them in the causal sphere,
they experience it by loving Parama Purusa with all the sweetness of
their hearts. This feeling has no external expression. When dharma saves
people in the subtle sphere, they experience it through deep
reflection." (Shivokti 11)

(C) Here Baba reveals how dharma works secretly.

Baba says, "With the increasing development of the power of reflection,
dharmik people realize that dharma is always with them in a very subtle
way. They further realize that their dharma and their beloved Parama
Purusa are one and inseparable."

'Dharmasya su'ks' ma' gatih'

Meaning: "The ways of dharma are very subtle." (NSS, '95 Edn, p.156)

(D) Here Baba guides us that dharma is the essence of life.

'Dhriyate dharma itya'huh sa eva paramam' prabhu'

Meaning: "Dharma is that which sustains."

Baba says, "The seed of humanity cannot sprout and flourish unless it is
planted in the soil of dharma. To diverge from the path of dharma means
to rush headlong towards total annihilation. In all one's actions one
should keep Parama Purus'a as the goal, and be well established in
dharma." (APH-8)


Baba says, "There are fishes who carry something like a sack inside
their bodies and they carry their children in those sacks. There are
some snakes who also take their children with them. Not only have they
inborn instinct, but they have something more, that is, they have love
and affection for their children. This is also true of some species of
snakes, but love and affection for their children is more prominent in
mammals. Mammals are more developed than non-mammals because in the case
of mammals mothers feed the children with their breast-milk and
certainly they have got affection for their children -- that is why they
do so." (YP '98, Edn, p.83)

Note: Mothers of financially poorer countries keep their babies along
with them and breast-feed their infants. But the case is different with
so-called advanced mothers from around the globe-- especially in the
so-called developed nations. In those so-called developed places,
neither do those mothers want to breast-feed their infants nor do they
want to keep their infants along with them.

So in comparison to those animals we have to see how far the whole
situation is working. Because those mammals and animals do love and care
for their offspring; accordingly, then humans are more advanced so they
should express more love. And mothers of poor countries do like that.
But the strange thing is that mothers from the so-called advanced

With the scale of Baba's above teaching, we have to judge whether such
mothers are really developed or moving in the opposite direction.


All Should Know

From: "Marc Pele"
Subject: All Should Know
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 06:05:18 +0000


"Kenoi va' ele, dola' diye gele, na' bale gele cale, phele a'ma'y..." (PS


 Baba, You have been gone so long, why did You come and stir my heart
only to then go away without saying a word-- thereby leaving me all alone.
Baba, neither do You have any love for me nor do You understand the aching
pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy tale, where did
You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me.
 Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my dearmost. Why then do You
not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my dearmost and innermost,
then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it proper to leave
me isolated and all alone. Please tell me.
 Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You;
Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away
from my mental plate-- from the memories of my mind. That I will never do.
Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me-- even if You want to
hide-- I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart.
 Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your lotus


Here below is one important issue that is related with the welfare of the
entire society. The topic at hand revolves around the various phases of
life and in particular the potential challenges of mid-life issues. By
being aware of the ins and outs then we can not only internalise points
related with our own lives but also be prepared to guide others as well.


If we are aware about the aforesaid issue-- which revolves around human
sexuality-- earlier, then we can better prevent any mishap.


When any threatening situation happens in an unannounced way, then people
are more scared and they do not know what to do. But when they are
fore-warned and made aware that an incident it is going to happen, then
with their know-how and talent and by various other ways they find some
solution how to solve the problem.

It is just like if suddenly an air attacks happens then the common people
become more scared and mayhem results. But if told ahead of time about the
air strike then they will manage far, far better.

Or if one cyclone bursts out all of a sudden then more people get injured
than if all were warned ahead of time that a cyclone is going to come. The
point is that knowing the problem beforehand makes it more easy to solve

So when we know that this problem of middle age crisis and psychic disease
is going to affect people between the age of 45-55, if they are not
pointedly  focused in spiritual life, then this information should be
shared with one and all. Because if others are alerted about this then they
can properly face & overcome the situation and it can properly be resolved
in their life.

Thus it is in this spirit of prevention that this discussion has been
raised in this whole entire email message. To bring awareness to the
matter. People should know and write their own experiences and opinions and
ways to solve this matter.

And we should also remember that according to Baba's teaching, the answer
of all problems exists within Parama Purusa. So if one surrenders at His
alter, then any problem can easily be solved.




Human life is full of ups and downs. And in the life of sadhakas the
exhaustion of samskaras happens quickly in comparison to non-margiis. For
this reason negative and positive experiences come and go in quick
succession. Sometimes mountainous problems come and at other times life is
smooth and easy.

In comparison to animals, human beings have a lot of freedom. But that
freedom is of a certain dominion; it has certain limitations. For example
suppose one animal is tied up with a rope that is 50 feet in length and one
end is securely rooted in the ground. Then within that parameter of 50 feet
the animal can move freely, eat grass, and basically do whatever it likes.
The sense is that it is free up to that extent-- up to the length of that
50 foot rope. But beyond that it cannot go.

Similar is the case of human beings. Although it looks like human beings
are entirely free to do whatever they like, but in reality it is not like
that. So many things human beings plan and dream, but all do not get to
come to fruition. Problems can come anytime and disturb and interrupt their
planning. And top of all, no human being can avert their own death. Nobody
likes to think about their own death; but death will come to everyone.
Nobody has control over that.

So in some ways human beings have freedom and in other ways not. It is tied
up and the bound with the serpentine noose of the Cosmic Operative
Principle, Maya.


We see that when children are small then only their inborn instincts
function. That means for infants they are guided purely by instinct and
that is reflected in their actions. That is why just after birth they know
how to suck the mothers milk. And when they grow up then, according to
their maturity, other types of glands start functioning.

And at the time of adolescence people's sex glands also develop. And the
sexual urge tries to pull them in a particular direction. But when that
same person was an infant then that instinct was in its dormant stage. So
the young child had no problem from that side. This then is one example how
according to age, various glands and sub-glands start functioning. And it
also happens that after a certain age those glands and their correlating
instincts gradually become defunct.


So when nature orders for the sex instinct to develop, then the desire of
procreation comes in the mind. This is one way of functioning of that
creative principle (prakrti), which has bound up this entire universe.

'Pra karoti yah sah prakrti'

Prakrti creates various colorful things. That is why its name is 'creative

We see that in animals and plants and in all kinds of creatures on this
earth, this procreation system has been going on and on since millions of
years. So the old are moving towards death and simultaneously side by side
new babies are born. It is the same story in each and every aspect of
creation.  So changes are always going on, always people are passing from
one stage to the next.

In human life one of the most delicate times is during adolescence. Because
when the sex instincts come to function then the cosmic operative principle
inspires that being to create more and more. And in this way it maintains
this cosmic cycle of creation, or srsti.

And as human beings grow older then this instinct of procreation gets
controlled to some degree. But in human life, in addition to the period of
adolescence, there is a second time when the sexual urge again starts
dominating, and that happens when humans are going to lose their capacity--
during the 'mid-life crisis'.

The reason behind this is that the creative principle wants to create more
and more. And wants to ensure that it gets maximum output from each and
every created being. So it infuses the idea in the mind of those human
beings who are on the verge of losing their sexual capacity that they
should produce more before they lose their capacity entirely.

This stage is like one master who has many slaves but if he knows that soon
one of the slaves will be set free then the master will try to utilise that
slave more and more and get maximum output from him before he gets freedom.

The solution is that if one follows spiritual life then the mind will be
serene & positive then the ghastly effect of sex will not be problematic
for that sadhaka. Whereas those not leading devotional life or Margii life
then they get caught up in the noose of maya and they do many nonsense

The whole point is that Maya wants to keep the jiivas in her control.
That is why Baba says that there is no other way than to get rid from maya,
other than surrendering to Parama Purusa. This maya is insurmountable:

'Daevihyes'a' gun'amayii mama ma'ya' du'ratyaya'
 Ma'meva ye prapadyante ma'ya'meta'm' tarantite'

Meaning: "My Divine Maya, the Supreme Maya or the Cosmic Force is comprised of three attributes. Ordinarily it is very difficult to transgress it but only those
who merge themselves in Me or take refuge in Me can transcend Prakrti."



Here following Baba is making one special declaration.

Baba says, "Metamorphosis is taking place not only in the realm of
physicality but also in the realm of psychic structure. Changes are fast
coming in the psychic arena and in all the realms of human expression. They
are not only coming, they have just come. We have crossed the threshold of
a new era." (PNS-17, p.56)


Now please read these notes below. They all are connected with this middle
age syndrome. Such as who experiences it, how margiis manage the situation,
and what is the stand of AM on this point. All this and more are talked
about in the notes below. Everyone should also express their own opinions
on this important issue.

Note 1: WHEN, WHO, & HOW

It is the common phenomenon viewed all around that sex oriented problems
mostly come to those non-sadhakas during two critical phases in the life:
during puberty and in mid-life when people are around 50 years of age.
In those communities where humans beings are more extroverted they get
seriously affected by this psychic disease. Just like we see in adolescence
that many become uncontrollable but then later on after that age passes
they become alright. But those who are spiritually minded and focused in
sadhana do not undergo these difficulties, not even in adolescence.
But in general people know that this is the problem of that difficult age
of adolescence when that particular instinct just appeared in that person's
life. And everyone also understand that this problem is going to get solved
in some or more degree.

And such a similar problem also comes between the age of 45-55, more so in
males and very seldom in females. In persons of that age the sex glands
become more active. The worst case happens when someone has lived their
whole life in a crude way then when that male reaches the age of 45 or so,
the they become more crude, uncontrollable. That is why we see that even
when people have superficially ok marital relations with their spouse, even
then those relations get ruined. And they get divorced because the husband
gets completely infatuated with another member of opposite sex. That is the
main problem which occurs. And then in some few cases the wife may
sometimes fall-- but usually not, or at least less so. So when these types
of things happen, in that case everything gets ruined: their family, their
marriage, their children, it all gets ruined.

Those involved in pointed spiritual life do not suffer from these things.
Otherwise lackadaisical sadhakas and especially non-margiis experience a
lot of problems.

No doubt the vast majority of our western / European society is more
extroverted in comparison to many of the so-called 3rd world countries. So
naturally then they face it more If however one is pointed in sadhana then
they will be alright. But otherwise those living in extroverted communities
or if one has that desire then this problem of uncontrolled sexuality is
more commonly seen-- indeed so many people are affected in this way. It is
very, very common in non-margiis but also not uncommon in our Marga. But
again if one is truly dedicated to their spiritual practices then they do
not face any problem or difficulty. For them life remains serene and

So although all this is more common in the west, actually the seeds of this
problem are everywhere-- in each and every corner of the globe. Because
wherever human beings are living they are controlled and bound by that
Cosmic Operative Principle and their mind functions in that same direction,
everywhere. All, everybody's mind.

Even then it is more common in our western countries primarily because the
accepted standard is different than in the Indian sub-continent etc. For
example in India people cannot have partners or friends of the opposite sex
etc, but in our western countries it is quite acceptable to have such types
of friends and/or sexual partners.

Furthermore because our so-called third world countries and in many other
states social pressure is there, that is why such cases did not burst out.
They got controlled in their own way through social rules, regulations, and
norms. So even if people wanted to do they did not.

So, of course, the main way to permanently overcome this problem is to
charge the mind with the divine balm of spirituality.

Because when the mind is goaded to Parama Purusa then surrender comes and
in that state all problems are easily solved. That is why we see that in
spiritual persons this problem is negligible-- zero. Whereas in crude
persons it is rampant.

However the colorful panorama of such nonsense is quite evident in our
western society where you will see a wealthy 80 year-old  man moving around
with and an 18-year-old film heroine. And this is getting more common where
even  in that age on his death-bed they involve in all sorts of crude
behavior and one offshoot is that they produce children also. In our
western society this is not looked upon as a bad thing; but in our Indian
society it is looked upon as being very bad. For this reason it is
invisible in India and more visible in the west.

So if social acceptance is there such that people get praise and prestige
by these negative ways, then these cases of degeneration happen more-and

In our Ananda Marg, however, such type of behavior has no place. The power
of procreation is only for producing children and not for lust and crude
enjoyment. And when a husband and wife do create babies then their duty is
to maintain, nourish, and provide all sorts of arrangements for that child
up to higher education. But if on their death bed-- at the age of 80 or 90
years-- anybody is involving in crude behaviour and producing children,
then how in future will they be able to care for the welfare of that baby.
Never they cannot.

And in the case of those marriage break-ups which occur in mid-life. The
worst effect of all this happens when the young children get alienated from
their families because their fathers leave because he got attached with a
new young female.  Then tragically, the children become sentimentally
affected or fatherless or get treated just like one football. Sometimes
living with the father and sometimes living with their mother. So
everything becomes chaotic and disastrous. And the worst effect happens
upon our impressionable, growing children.

Because in that tragic circumstance, the children do not get proper love
and affection from the parents side. Because the father is involved in the
lustful, dirty games. And in our western society, it is such a shameful
thing that the children do not say that, 'he is my father'. Rather most
often they say that, 'Mr So-and-so is my biological father'. This term or
type of speech you will not hear in our Indian society. But it is quite
common in our western society.


Mind is the cause of bondage and that same mind is the cause of salvation.

'Man ayo manusa ma'n karnam....',

Mind is the cause of bondage and that same mind is the cause of liberation.

If the mind is goaded towards Parama Purusa then it leads to salvation. And
if the mind is goaded towards degenerative propensities then it becomes the
cause of bondage. We know that human life is not for eating, drinking, and
sleeping. Baba says "Human life is an ideological flow".

We have come on this earth to do something great by following bhagavad
dharma. Those who remember the Goal, they cannot lose the path.

Note 3: OUR DUTY

It is our duty to be aware about and inform others about these two critical
periods of the life-- i.e. adolescence and middle age. So before then and
while at that age, everybody-- those who are not pointed in their spiritual
routine-- should be cautious. It is just like when you are climbing on the
snowy mountain then you take all sorts of tools because you know that it is
very slippery. Or if you are walking in the hot, sandy desert, then you
will have to be prepared with something to cover your whole body,
especially to cover your face from the dust. So having knowledge
before-hand is very essential. That is why when in any city an air attack
happens, then the city officials blow the siren to alert
the citizens.

Suppose you have to cross through the thorny path with your bare feet, then
you will be very cautious. In contrast if you are walking inside your own
room then you may not be that cautious. So when that delicate age is coming
in anybody's life if they will remember or be made to remember that avidya
maya is going to create more magic and the mind will be dragged towards
negative direction easily, then they will be more alert. And the situation
has a better chance to be controlled.

So if one is going through that difficult age, then they should do
auto-suggestion and ideate on Parama Purusa, then the problem will be
completely solved.

And to guide others, when we see anyone passing through adolescence or
middle age, then we should guide them by giving them outer suggestion.

The central idea is that when alertness is there and when spiritual feeling
is inculcated, then with surrender this instinct problem can and will be
minimized to zero. And this will happen with the grace of Parama Purusa.


Everyone has surely seen how well-tamed dogs, horses, buffaloes,
and cows-- all kinds of animals even those who are very obedient to
masters, they become wild when their mating season comes. Their behaviour
gets changed in a radically uncontrolled way. And those people who are
around them become more alert to deal with them. So this happens with the
captivation of sex instinct. The same dog which was obedient, that dog
becomes uncontrollable in the mating season.

In a similar way when human beings are captivated by sex, then they do all
kinds of negative things. But no problem is bigger than the solution. So in
the life of those sadhakas who are motivated towards spirituality, then
such problems hardly arise. Everything is controlled. But those who are
leading crude life, they indulge in and gratify their animal instincts in a
very wild way-- breaking all boundaries of propriety and impropriety. And
in result they become more strongly bound by avidya maya and then they get
reborn as lower creatures who dominated by basic animal instincts. This is
the unfortunate and sad plight of such persons.


This common type of problem exists everywhere-- it knows no
boundaries. And in our AM family there are two types of members: WT's and
family margiis. And both are human beings and both have to follow the same
path. So this problem of middle age crisis (45-55 yrs) can be seen in those
who are not spiritually minded or focused in sadhana-- whether they be Wts
or margiis. This is the unfortunate state of affairs.

Some, by the grace of Parama Purusa, are able control this easily. And some
fall down in the ditch and they feel shame and come out from the dirty land
and clean their clothes and they never fall again. But there are still
others  who are of the worst quality. They may be WT or they may be margii
but with such persons their infatuation with the opposite sex knows no
bounds. They indulge in this psychic disease and crude lust as their hobby.
And in this way they degenerate themselves down to the lower most level.
Down to the most negative mental status of degeneration--- that is rasa'tal

Because all belong to my family so I do not feel comfortable writing
anyone's name. I feel sympathy for everyone. After all patient is patient;
it may be related with the physical disease or the psychic disease. All
should be treated with compassion and heart-felt feeling. And it is
everyone's duty to cure them.


The title of this letter is "all should know" because this whole
entire issues involves our whole family. Because even if we are pointed in
our sadhana and we are not affected by such things even then it remains our
duty to guide and inform others about this situation. So for that reason we
should be aware about all this. Because the society should be protected
from this negative onslaught.

Deserts Needed

Baba says, "Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping
the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and the
cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful
effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks in
cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from the sea
and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts vanish
entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced." (PNS-16, p.37)                              


Baba's Equation for Work & Death

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:10:08 -0400
From: Patrick Russell
Subject: Baba's Equation for Work & Death


Intro to PS: In this song the devotee is directly communicating with Parama
Purusa and recounting his own devotional tales.

Note: In tropical countries, in the summer season most of the flowers dry up due to the extreme hot wind. Some few selected flowers are available in that season. So this song tells about those summer flowers.

"Griis'ma'vaka'she se yadi a'se.." (Prabhata Samgiita #110)


  If Baba comes in my summer parched heart, then I will offer Him various kinds of flowers in abundance, I will offer Him my summer season flowers-- whatever the sweetest ones I have in my heart. If Baba comes with His rhythmic rosy feet into my mental garden that is decorated with the crimson sky and full of jasmine and magnolia trees, then in full prostration with my outstretched hands I shall offer flowers at His lotus feet.   In the blissful morning and evening hours when the sea breeze blows then the cuckoo of my mind calls Him with longing. In the flower grove of my heart, on the branches of the kimshuka trees my internal papiya bird calls out to Him-- while nearly the entire flow of devotional river in my heart has run dry.

  Because of the scorching summer heat the sharica indica flowers of my mental grove have fallen and withered away. So my heart requests Baba to shower  His divine grace and come. My mind, which is filled with longing, deeply desires for His arrival to change everything into the luscious blossoms of spring. Because of the extreme summer heat the silk cotton trees are just laden with seeds. On the grapevine, bunches of grapes hang low for You. And in the arbor of the Madhavii flowers of my heart, swarms of black bees are humming around the blossoms.   In this summer atmosphere of my heart, if by showering His grace He comes then whatever are the best things of my heart I will offer at His lotus feet...


In various discourses Baba guides us, "Die while working, and work even while dying." While some certainly understand Baba's intent, a few remain somewhat confused.

Commonly people think that in order to follow - "Die while working, and work even while dying" - they should do relief work or their designated social service project incessantly, i.e. without stopping. They do not do anything else nor think about anything else - to the degree that they even skip their food & sadhana etc. They just work 24 / 7 for their project. Naturally one will die in this fashion. According to their misunderstanding, then that will be, "Die while working, and work even while dying."

This has happened with many Wts and even some margiis. But if one studies our AM philosophy more thoroughly, it will be very evident what Baba really means by His teaching: "Die while working, and work even while dying." He does not want that we destroy our human frame by drowning ourselves in work, disregarding our daily routine of 16 Pts.

This matter should be crystal clear in everyone's mind. Failing that some degenerate due to their misunderstanding while others meet their demise far too soon.


In His June 3, 1990 DMC discourse - "The Cult of Spirituality - The Cult of Pinnacled Order" -  in Ananda Nagar, Baba gave the following teaching:

Ka'm karte raho, ka'm karte raho,
Ka'm karte karte maro
Marte, marte bhii ka'm karo
Go on doing work, go on doing work
Die while working, and work even while dying

At first glance, it may seem that this is a very easy thing to understand. But actually, as noted above, more than a few misunderstand. This leads them to unwittingly contravene Baba's teaching. Invariably they become frustrated, degenerated or leave the path entirely. So we should all be very clear about this lest we fall in the same boat and meet the same misfortune.


In His above teaching - "Die while working, and work even while dying" -  Baba is outlining the essence of true karma yoga which will eventually bring one onto the path of bhakti. First we have to understand Baba's message and then examine common pitfalls or areas of misunderstanding.

So what does it mean to "die while working"? Essentially there are two aspects:

1) Baba has blessed me with the strength to serve others; I am serving with His strength.
2) I am serving Him in His endless array of forms; I am serving Narayana.

Then - of course - to maintain this outlook regular sadhana is needed.

Hence when Baba says "Die while working", it does not mean that we should run ourselves ragged until we have totally ruined our physical body such that we die. Rather He is teaching us the path of true karma where we realise that we are serving with His strength and that we are serving Him in His many forms.



Unfortunately, some misunderstand Baba's above mandate and this leads to their downfall. For instance:

a) Some think that "work while dying" means to skip all one's dharmic practices - asanas, dances, fasting, food, and sadhana - and just plunge oneself in social service until the body is destroyed. For example, a Dada running a children's home may just think about doing relief, relief, relief and die in that way. It is nothing but a myth that this is Baba's teaching.

Indeed, this misguided vision leads to so many problems including frustration, ill health, anxiety, and desperation. Some even leave Ananda Marga because they have forgotten their real purpose in life. So this manner is not good.

b) Others think that "work while dying" means that with my own strength I am serving poor people etc. This leads to ego & arrogance as one has forgotten bhumadrsti, or cosmic outlook. They have forgotten that one is serving with His strength and that one is serving Him in the form of this manifested world. Thus this way also is not the path of true karma. Unfortunately you may have seen some doing like this in our Marga. They brag about their work: "I have done this or that, I have built this jagrti and I have published this book etc." This type of expression is the work of a degenerated mind.

c) Some hold the misnomer that all work & all actions are karma yoga. Following this tenet they remain busy all the 24hrs in all kinds of crude & mundane engagements, and overlook their sadhana in the name of doing karma. In that case their work engagement only leads to bondage. True karma yoga actually begins when one feels that "He is the Doer, I am just fulfilling my role in His liila." For this idea to enter the mind, all kinds of devotional practices are a must. Then one's service will lead to liberation.

So we must always remember that Baba's formulas for perfectly adhering to the path of karma - i.e. "die while working" - entails two conditions. First one must think that,  "Parama Purusa has blessed me by giving me strength to serve": It His strength not mine.

And secondly one must ideate that "I am serving Parama Purusa in the form this manifested universe - I am serving Narayana." And all along one must be strict in sadhana and all their dharmic practices.

These are the pre-requisite factors for adhering to Baba's teaching, "Die while working", and following the path of true karma. And by this way one will garner more and more devotion, by His grace.


When Baba says, "Work while dying", then many get confused. They wonder how is it possible to work when the body is sick, old, and decrepit. How can one do work when they are on their deathbed.

And the answer is that at this point one's chief work is sadhana. We must remember that sadhana is also work. In various discourses, Baba Himself says that sadhana itself is karma.

When infirmed, one may not be able to render disaster relief work to the society, however a sadhaka will be able to ideate on Him and do sadhana. That is how to pay heed to the teaching, "Work while dying."

So the main work of one who is taking their last breaths on this earth is to do sadhana and ideate on Parama Purusa. That will be, "Work while dying."


So the above represents the greater meaning of Baba's teaching: "Die while working and work while dying." Here are further thoughts & considerations on this issue.

1) As Ananda Margiis, our preference is not to go and live in a retirement home and lie there listlessly etc. So long as we have energy then we will serve. And when we have lived our life to the fullest and have no energy left then we will remain in bed and do sadhana. That is the formula and how it works.

2) One day each and every person will complete their life and leave their body. And if you remember Parama Purusa then you will become one with Him. So one must go on doing sadhana. That is the main work. Hence, the formula of true karma yoga encompasses all kinds of devotional practices.

3) Once again Baba's teaching is: "Die while working, and work even while dying."

The first part of this teaching guides us to do social service and sadhana for as long as we can. And the latter half guides us that when that when we are on our deathbed we should complete our karma by doing sadhana.


By Baba's grace He has given the teaching for doing true karma on this earth and attaining liberation by His grace. Those who misunderstand His teachings only invite their own demise. By clearly understanding - "Die while working, and work even while dying" - then one's life on this earth is sure to be successful.



Here Baba guides us that bragging about doing any work is pure foolishness since all energy to act comes from Him. One rendering service on the path of true karma will always remember this divine truth.

Baba says, "I have done this. I have done that.” You say this. But where from doth that energy come? It is not your individual energy. If you are not given food or water for a few days, what will happen? You will not have any energy. You cannot create any energy. Through food, physical energy is transmuted into your individual vital energy." ("The Supreme Cognition")

In this next teaching, Baba warns us that if one misunderstands dharmic teachings - like "Die while working, and work even while dying" - then one will degenerate. And indeed that is what we see happening to some in the Marga.

Baba says, "All people should have proper knowledge and understanding of what is shreya and what is preya, what is vidya' and what is avidya', for lack of this knowledge causes their downfall. (SS-3, "Supreme Benevolence and Mundane Pleasure")

Here in this below guideline, Baba warns how we should not waste our life in useless mundane pursuits losing sight of Him. By Baba's grace we should follow His guideline of true karma, where one is ever involved in His thought and serving Him.

Baba says, "I have spent my life in vain;
Such a great Lord I did not worship –
I lost the greatest jewel.
I am indeed an unfortunate creature;
I never enjoyed
Even a drop of nectar
Of the love of God." (SS-3)


The discourse "The Cult of Spirituality - The Cult of Pinnacled Order" is printed in the book, Yoga Psychology. There the publishers printed Baba's teaching as follows:

Marte marte ka'm karo, ka'm karte karte maro

But this is not correct. Because when delivering that discourse Baba actually said:

Ka'm karte raho, ka'm karte raho,
Ka'm karte karte maro
Marte, marte bhii ka'm karo

Hence this stands as yet another case where the publishers could not properly transcribe Baba's original teachings.


In these following discourses Baba also reviews this critical point, "Die while working, and work even while dying."

"Incantation and Human Progress." Tatanagar, 30 Nov 79, Bangla

"Action Leads to Progress", Patna, 11 Jul '79 Hindi

"How an Ideal Person Should Live", Subhasita Samgraha-12


Baba says, "The psycho-spiritual approach makes a person deeply introversial, one-directional, strong and dynamic...Such a magnanimous and devotional mind rises above petty quarrels and interpersonal and inter-group conflicts." (Prout-12, p. 15)

Handling of DMC Discourses

Date: 26 Oct 2010 07:22:54 -0000
From: "Indrajit  Rai"
Subject: Handling of DMC Discourses


"Kato je d'eke gechi toma're, shon'o ni, tumi a'sa ni..." (Prabhata Samgiita #2207)


 Baba, I have so much longing for You. With that feeling I go on calling You. But neither do You listen to my call, nor do You come close.

 Although they say that You listen to the feeling of the mind. That You listen to all the thought waves which sprout in the mind, because You are sitting right there in the mind. Although they say like that, to me it seems like You are not residing in the mind. You are not there. That's why You do not understand the feeling of longing which I have for You.

 I do not know whether You do not have capacity to listen to my feeling, or whether You listen to my feeling of the mind but knowingly You do not respond. This is Your divine play. But this divine play of Yours is very painful for me. You are giving me pain by not caring about my longing. It may be possible that my cry reaches to Your ears, but it does not touch Your mind. That's why You do not give any response.

Baba, please tell me that except You who is mine? You know nobody is mine, that's why I open my heart to You.

Many tales which up till now I did not tell You, those feelings of my heart I will tell You. Baba, I have so much longing and yearning for You. Why are You not listening. Please pay heed to my call and come close...


As we all know in DMC Baba would often speak in three languages. Nearly all the DMC discourses are like that. For accurate depiction of these historic and dharmic discourses, then various steps can be taken. And about this very matter various acaryas and margiis have gathered and the  following are a couple of the top suggestions and recommendations which they have given.


1. When transcribing or printing Baba's DMC discourses then each and every word must get printed. But not only that, it should be indicated throughout the printed discourse in which language Baba is speaking. Because we know it was Baba's normal manner that in DMC discourses He would rotate from Hindi to Bangla to English, though not necessarily in that order.

   So just as in the general darshans when Baba is mostly using only one of the languages then the discourse is marked as being from that particular language, such as English or Hindi etc. Likewise when Baba is delivering His DMC discourses then all along our transcription should be marked in italics or in some other distinguishing manner in which language Baba is speaking for each particular section.

   By this way it will provide one excellent historical and linguistic record of exactly what way Baba has spoken. And it will also allow the transcriptions to be more accurate and ethically honest renditions of Baba's discourse-- as it will print each and every word. Thus if the book is in English then the entire printed version of that DMC discourse will be in English, but step by step it will indicate which of the languages Baba was speaking in.

   So that way the reader will know which is Baba's actual word and which is a translation from one of the other languages. And no matter which languages the book is written in-- whether it be German, Bengali, Chinese, Tegalo etc-- all the while it will indicate what language Baba was using throughout His discourse. And by this way we will have one accurate and highly indicative version of Baba's discourse.

   Of course thus far this has not been done. Rather there is no way for the reader to know which is which and what is what when reading Baba's DMC discourses. And not only that but in their present way of dealing much of the content of Baba's talk is left our altogether-- i.e. it is not included at all. And the only way to know what was the original language of a particular section of the discourse is to have the audio cassette itself. Otherwise there is no way to know.


2. Another reason for printing the whole, entire transcription of Baba's discourse is because during His speech Baba did not merely repeat Himself when switching over from one language to the next. That means those same ideas were not rote translations from one language to another and then spoken by Baba. That was not His approach. Rather in newer and newer ways Baba was unfolding the subject matter according to the knowledge, cultural understanding and spiritual feeling of the devotees of that particular linguistic background, as well as according to the strengths and limitations of each language.

   So in that way Baba's explanation is more colourful, interesting, and lucid for the audience. And thus even though many people attending those DMCs knew all three languages-- Hindi, Bangla, & English-- they never got bored by listening to Baba's talk. Because Baba's style of expression, use of examples, and way of talking and introducing the topic would vary considerably from one language to another. Of course the topic and the theme were consistent throughout, but according to the aforementioned variables, Baba's style of speaking and way of expression was unique and would vary widely throughout His entire discourse. Hence there is much to be gained by printing the entire transcription of Baba's DMC discourses.

   But up till now this is not at all being done. Rather only small sections are being taken from each and mixed together or only 1 language was taken, i.e. Bengali, and everything that Baba spoke in Hindi and English was discarded entirely, when in fact what Baba told in those languages was not mere repetition of the Bengali section.

Yet when we know that Guru's word is mantra then everything should be included. Strict attention should be given to perfectly transcribe each and every syllable.


(b) With regards to the discourse titled "Macrocosmic Conation And Microcosmic Urge" from the Ananda Purnima 1985 DMC, there is one story to tell.

Not long back I was searching that discourse for many reasons-- one being that I personally attended that DMC discourse in May '85-- and finally I found the contents of the discourse in one of our Subhasita Samgraha books. But there was  no date or place marked along with it. Those key points were missing. Some of the contents of that discourse were printed in that SS-24 book. But by seeing it there nobody can identify what it is. Because the publisher did not print that this belongs to that DMC of May 1985. Means the date and place and all specifics about the discourse are missing from the SS-24 publication.

However by Baba's grace from my diary I confirmed that this is indeed the discourse from that DMC of 26 May 1985 when Baba delivered His discourse, "Macrocosmic Conation And Microcosmic Urge".

But there is one other serious point. Namely that what actually got printed in the SS-24 book is just one very small fraction of the discourse. Most of the discourse is missing, entirely gone. Because in actuality, Baba Himself took about 35 minutes to deliver that very discourse on that very day of 26 May 1985. Thus He spoke for more than half-an-hour. But what is printed in the book SS-24 is the material of maximum 5-7 minutes worth of talk-- or even less than that. So most of Baba's discourse from that 1985 Ananda Purnima DMC is missing from the Subhasita Samgraha book. So that is the situation about this.

Overall then a few critical points are there. One is that the discourse is not properly brought into printed form-- it is just a fraction of the discourse. And second, the place and date are not mentioned. Nor is it mentioned whether this is a DMC discourse or not. All these important matters are gone regarding Baba's historic annual DMC discourse of May 1985.


Guru's things are important. So if the scripture is left like that this then that is a very delicate and sensitive affair-- the door will be wide open for adulteration. So we will have to be vigilant. Please write your opinion.


Here following is Baba's blessing for making one human society.

Baba says, "You will have to build a society in which no one is forced to weep, where everyone smiles joyfully all the time and gets ample scope for laughter. Seeing such mirth and merriment, Parama Purusa will feel immensely pleased. By giving joy to Parama Purusa you will feel even more joyful and will feel His close proximity. This is the actual social code...You should all move along this path - you are sure to meet with success." (AV-4)



Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless. And the pioneering personality must be a strict and benevolent guardian with unyielding conviction." (NSS p.200, Edn 1995)

Here above, by pioneering personality Baba is referring to all those margiis and Wts who have the feeling in the core of their heart to watch over and safeguard Baba's timeless words.


And as we know usually all the DMC discourses are collected and printed in the Subhasita Samgraha series. So if anyone is fluent in Hindi, Bangla, and English then they can see that "all" the DMC discourses from 1955-90 have been published in the Subhasita Samgraha series. Some of the DMC discourses prior to 1970 may be exceptions to the rule in this regard. But for the post 1970 period, in some way, shape, or form those DMS discourses are printed in Subhasita Samgraha books.


Of course for we Ananda Margiis, DMC is one very significant thing where Baba gives Varabhaya Mudra. And Margiis go to attend and get His blessing. In addition, most of the time people like to write down the discourse name which they can later refer to and type. Because recording the discourse on audio tape was not permitted those days.


When there is this type of negligence has occurred with Baba's historic DMC discourses then you can imagine what is the condition of Baba's other DMC discourses, what to speak of all those General Darshan discourses that Baba has delivered.


Subhasita Samgraha parts 1-24 are not available in any single language. Some are in Hindi, and some are in Bangla, and some are only in English print. But between the Hindi and English editions, that is enough to cover all the parts of the Subhasita Samgraha series. But some parts are only available in one language. Just like parts 21 and 24 of the Subhasita Samgraha Series are not available in the other two languages, only English.


With regards to this whole issue of scripture, on the top margiis do not have access to the cassettes of all the discourses and the second thing is that margiis are not being provided the books. And in the midst of all this now those at the helm are involved in group and clan clashes like primitive people. So this whole chaotic situation is occurring because of lack of awareness of the grand ideology which has been given by Baba.


So it is our request that bringing out Baba's discourses in printed form should be given utmost importance.

Far Reaching Effect

Baba says, "In the world today a handful of people who do no physical work, but live by their wits, have appropriated to themselves most of the wealth of  umanity, so they are able to buy comparatively expensive foods, and use them to satisfy their taste buds. As result, they, on the one hand, swell their unnecessary fat, while, on the other hand, those people doing hard manual labour are forced to live in poverty and deprived of the ghee, butter and sweets they need to maintain their bodies; they have nothing to compensate properly the energy they expend, and they become weak, emaciated and broken in health. On account of malnutrition and excessive hard labour, they fall victim to tuberculosis." (YT, p. 82-83)

Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 3

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 07:12:56 -0000
From: J. Erikkson
Subject: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 3


"Toma'r ka'che ca'i na' kono ma'n, ca'i na' kono yash..." (P.S. 825)


Baba, by Your grace I am not asking for any name, fame, or prestige from
You. These types of desires I do not have. By Your grace, I do not want to
plunge myself into the vanity of all those worldly things. Rather I want to
keep my mind exclusively focused upon Your lotus feet. This devotional
longing I have, by Your grace.

Baba, since the crimson rays of the dawn, You have colored my days with
the rainbow color. You have decorated everything. It is Your grace.
When evening falls, then I feel Your close proximity and Your divine
dance. I see Your liila in the form of countless stars shining in the sky.
Baba, all the time You are with me-- in all the spheres of my life. You
make everything charming and colorful.

Baba, what You have graciously done for me is enough. You have granted
me everything. By hearing the chirping of the birds, I listen to Your
songs. In this way, I feel Your blissful presence. And when the sky is
covered with clouds and by the dance of the peacock, You create beauty in
my life.

Baba, everywhere I feel Your divine grace-- Your eternal presence in
this divine liila. Baba, You are behind each and every expression of this
universe. You are in every form. Everywhere I feel Your presence. I am
never alone. In my good days and bad times, always You are with me. And in
this way everything becomes meaningful and joyful. Baba, You are so



This is in follow-up to what others have written on this critical topic. We must not allow certain factional heads to continue in their ways, lest all our AM land will be gone.

This letter contains lists of those Dada involved in selling AM land and other critical details. First however let's discuss this very important point given by Baba in His Procedural Orders.


As many are aware, by His grace Baba issued Procedural Orders that both clarify and detail how AMPS should operate. In many of these Procedural / Organisational Orders Baba has specified that AM land holdings and properties must be protected. Here are two such procedural orders:


Procedure Order of 25/1/67: Duties and Responsibilities of Secretary of Land Dept

Procedure Order of 25/1/67: Land, Building & Farm Dept

Both these Procedural Orders mandate how to protect, keep, build, utilise AMPS land.

However, there is not a single Procedural Order about the selling or destruction of AM lands. What does this tell us?

Well it is similar to how in Caryacarya Baba guides us that we are to serve animals but He does not include instructions for how to sacrifice animals. Thus it is obvious that we are not to sacrifice animals. Likewise Baba clearly instructs how to help and guide our brothers and sisters; there is no mention of killing anyone. So we know we are not to harm any person - rather we are to help and serve one and all. It is quiet clear.

Similarly, in Procedural Orders, as there is no mention about how to sell AM lands, it is quite evident that Baba does not want this done. He does not want AM lands sold. Whereas, there are a number of Procedural Orders detailing how to protect our AM lands. So that is what we should do: Safeguard organisational land holdings.
And of course on so many occasions Baba instruction us not to sell AM lands.


Here is some of the known history about the selling of AM lands. This particular case is that of the Patna Baba Quarters land.

In 1998 Mantreshvara'nanda the senior group leader of Kolkata faction, was GS of the organisation and in those days our AMPS was not openly divided into groups. They were all together under one roof. That means Rudra'nanda, Parmeshvara'nanda, Nigama'nanda, Vandana'nanda, Sarva'tma'nanda, Giita' didi, Sumita' Didi, & Dyotona' Didi were all together those days.
In that setting, the Ba'ba' quarter land in Phulwari Shariiff, Patna, Bihar, India which was just little less than one acre was sold to a Muslim butcher (meat slaughterer / businessman) for millions of rupees with the justification that Centre is in debt and needs money.

Thus this critical AM land holding was sold - unbeknown to margiis - by all these top Dadas etc. They were all involved and gave their approval.

As we all know, the group leaders of all factions in our organisation have ruined things by cutting AMPS into pieces. Groupist leaders of all groups are responsible for this heinous crime. Those who have any love for our organisation will never do this.


Groupist leaders have only one intention behind their so many actions. And that is to build their "Ra'j" - i.e. kingdom. They regard our AMPS organisation as a milking cow - Dudha'roo ga'ya - which they want to milk to the hilt for their own selfish gain. They want to make more and more personal & factional wealth by milking our organisation of all its properties.

In this regard Central workers started selling the lands and when the organisation split then all group leaders were involved full title in this business of selling of AMPS land and property. They are all stealing from the organisation. 

The groupist leaders of all factions are the same. 


Here is the common political strategy and psychology which we must all consider.

In any country where the ruling party indulges in corruption then the opposition party raises the issues of corruption not because they are against corruption themselves but because they want a share of the wealth from that corruption. They want that same power for themselves. So members of the opposition parties captialise on whatever opportunites they get to make money through corruption.

In the same way, the leaders of all groups are the same. On this critical issue of selling lands, they are all together and they have same idea. No group is against the idea or  principle of selling organisational land and property. They have all done it in the past and given the opportunity they will all do it in the future.
The main point is that no group is against the theory, idea, philosophy, or principle of selling organisational property.


Such a heinous crime in Patna was committed with the full support of Central Committee which was the compilation of all of today's groupist leaders of all factions.

Back in 1998, various margiis like Mohan TT and UPSF leader Nirainjan opposed this heinous crime of selling land of the organisational land in Patna. And then in June DMS A'nanda Nagar 1998, they tried to meet PP dada and discuss this issue with him. At that time then all of Centre ordered an attack with la'thiis and knives on such margiis.

Everyone should know that Parmeshvara'nanda was the first person who ordered volunteers to physically attacked those margiis who were opposing land sale by saying “Kill them, they are supporters of Maniisananda”. Centre captured some of those margiis (Mohan TT, Nirainjan etc) and locked them in one room to kill them. This went on for some time. These margiis were released only after the news spread to police and margiis everywhere.

We must remember that in AM killing members is not uncommon phenomenon. Who can forget that fateful day when one certain group led an offensive and killed Dada Abhipremananda in Ananda Nagar. That was cold-blooded murder.

Here the whole point is that to fulfill their groupist agenda, these top Dadas will go to the far reaches of the earth. And on this point of land selling, they are all in this together. In the past they collaborated on such land sales and in the future, they are all totally ready to sell AMPS land holdings in order to bring money into their groupist fold.

By Baba's grace we all have to be ready to stand for AM teachings. Baba has mandated in Procedural / Organisational Orders that AM land must not be sold. But groupist chieftains are not paying heed. Hence it is the duty of all to come forward and safeguard this most critical issue. By His grace, and our collective effort, success is sure.
Please write in with your thoughts and news about what is going on in your area.


Cooking Tips

Baba says, "If the vegetables get a little burnt and [you think] that 'Oh,
people can't eat this.' [Then] Quick- pour a lot of water onto them, and
add fifteen or twenty betel leaves. That will reduce the burnt effect."
(NKS, '97 Edn, p. 105)                        

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