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Baba's Viewpoint on Killing

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Baba's Viewpoint on Killing Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 23:06:18 +0000 Baba "Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) Purport: My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours; Nobody is alien. We all belong to one family-- Our Father is Parama Purusa. We have to move together on the path which He has shown us. Human society is one and indivisible, no fissiparous tendencies should be allowed to divide it. Baba's divine grace is with us...
Namaskar, Now, and in the past, those at the very top of the social latter get huge respect and attention while the common people are given little or no regard. This is the skewed way in which society has been moving. Thus if someone in the upper crest of society is killed, then it is a big deal and an entire chorus of bagpipes are played and countless articles are written about them etc, whereas if one of the countless masses die, it is basically a meaningless affair and hardly a word is uttered. Here Baba demonstrates how this unfortunate scene takes place in one age after another. Baba says, "In the vipra age ks'atriyas fight and die while shrewd vipra ministers receive triumphant ovations. This happens in every country where vipras play a dominant role. The names of vipra ministers are blazoned across the pages of history, but history does not record the numbers of soldiers who died on the battlefield or how many of them saw their golden dreams fade into darkness under cannon fire." "When a vipra minister dies, the newspapers write it up elaborately. Condolence meetings are held; condolence messages come in by the thousands; flags are flown at half mast; and marble statues are erected at intersections in public parks. But the press will never acknowledge the ks'atriyas whose blood enriched the ground for the harvest of victory. And actually, why should they? How can so many names be published in a newspaper anyway!" (HS-1) And verily this is the way things are going on still today: Those in the upper echelon of society like various heads of state are revered after their death with huge pomp and show, while the common people are all but forgotten as if only a measly insect was killed. This is clearly evidenced by the gunned downed Iraqi soldiers & ruthless butchered citizens in Iraq, the starving masses in Africa, and the naked children in Bangladesh etc. Indeed, in so many places people are dying needlessly by the thousands, and never will their names be remembered. Rather no one even cares. Whereas if a US diplomat were to die or if a corrupt Pakistani leader dies, then the presses, newspapers, websites, TV channels are filled with their image and in turn the whole world mourns. This is all a result of the capitalist enterprise and misguided social values where the elite are honoured, and no one else. Today, Baba wants us to change all that. He wants that we honour all people based on their inherent human value-- and not just honour a few based on their social status etc. Baba says, "A glimpse through human history reveals that nowhere have human values been truly honoured. What is worse, nobody has looked upon humanity with sympathy. Only those were respected who, by serving their self-interests, climbed onto the higher rostrum of society." (AFPS-2) Baba says, "The truth is that human beings have always and everywhere paid tribute to social values [post, power, & stature], but never, not even for a moment, has anyone respected human cardinal principles." (AFPS-2) So Baba wants that we recognise the dignity and value of all based on human cardinal principles. And we will get to that point, but unfortunately today this remains nothing but a distant hope at best.
For instance, in the last week, much has been made of the assassination of Mrs. Benasir Bhutto. The gatherings; the eulogies; the tears; the battlecries; and the vow to not let it go in vain. The people, the press, the politicians-- everyone has been talking about it, even Ananda Margiis. No doubt, a gross tragedy has occurred, but how is it that countless headlines & articles have been written in Mrs. Bhutto's honour and innumerable prayers & sermons have been uttered in her glory, when side by side unknown masses have died before her & continue to die today for the very same cause, yet they are looked upon as totally expendable-- nothing but a statistic or an afterthought. How can we forget that when Mrs. Bhutto first returned back to Pakistan, then hundreds of innocent people were killed in bombings and attacks, and yet they still they remain as mere nameless and faceless numbers. No one even knows who or how many really died in those blasts-- nor is it known what is the plight of their families-- who are no doubt still suffering today. But alas when Mrs. Bhutto was killed-- a decision many feel she made herself-- then her praises and memories are endlessly recited, and her surviving family members have the world at their feet. Whereas those unknown citizens who died just as ugly a death are already forgotten-- never to be remembered again. Such is the irony. Here in this below section, Baba warns us of this very phenomenon, wherein crooked & deceitful leaders-- as Mrs Bhutto was-- are honoured to the hilt after their demise, yet innocent victims remain lost and forgotten after their death. Baba points out that this is not just an affair of the past, but a condition of the present as well. Baba says, "All the great warmongers, the great politicians of the world, belong to this vipra gang of satanic intellect. At their command, or due to their fiery lectures or diplomatic intrigues, millions of foolish shudras have lost their lives and thousands of hot-blooded ks'atriyas have served as instruments in the slaughter." "The pages of world history reveal that all the crusades and jihads of the Middle Ages were plotted by these satanic vipras. Caught in their intrigues, the shu'dras took the beatings; and the ks'atriyas fought as religious warriors, but never thought deeply about whom they were fighting for." (HS-1) "Was it only in the Middle Ages that this happened? In today’s world also, satanic vipras, the protected agents of the capitalist vaeshyas, have led and are continuing to lead millions of people along the path of death and destruction." (HS-1) As we all know, today's democracy is nothing but the chosen tool of capitalists wherein so-called leaders like Mr Bush & Mrs. Bhutto are but the paid pawns & puppets of the capitalist enterprise. They themselves, Bush & Bhutto profit no doubt, and in so doing they are the cause of so many lives as they pursue wars and dangerous operatives for oil barons, greedy corporate executives, as well as for their own name and fame. Hence their stature rises while so many innocent people in their immediate vicinity and around the world are left to suffer and waste away. This is the unspeakable horror and tragedy occurring every day in this present era. Here again Baba explains how this hypocrisy happens. Baba says, "Evil vipras are fanning the flames of the vaeshyas’ insatiable, demonic hunger. Neither the shudra masses nor the warlike ks'atriyas are responsible for the problem of the millions of refugees in different countries, for the heart-rending cries of the mothers, wives, sons and daughters of the soldiers who died on the battlefields, for the blazing flames of communal riots, for communalism itself, provincialism, nationalism and casteism. The responsibility lies with a small group of shrewd vipras who, out of petty self-interest, have instigated the shu'dras and ks'atriyas to commit heinous acts." "The meanness and brutality of such vipras put on a ghoulish graveyard dance, seeming to make a mockery of the vipras’ intellect. In the Vipra Age the vipras drew power from this type of brutality, and through a staged display of black magic, vipras bestrode society. In the vaeshya age the vipras commit similar sins in order to shine like fancy shoes on the feet of the vaeshyas." (HS-1)
Such is the imbalance that is going on in today's world. Only those are honoured who have stepped on that backs and heads of others in order to climb to the top. Baba says, "These days, a person who possesses wealth is respected and revered whereas a person without money is a person honoured by none. The poor, whoever they may be, have to woo the rich just for the sake of earning their livelihood. Human values have become meaningless, for human beings have become the means for the rich to earn money." Baba says, "Today, those who occupy high posts are respected. Dignity is attached to post or rank." (AFPS-2) And such leaders never care for the struggles, pain, and tortures of the toiling masses who suffer at the expense of their own greed and callousness. Baba says, "They never cared to know people’s suffering. They were not concerned by the bent old man, decimated by poverty in the Himalayas, being mercilessly beaten by a royal servant for defaulting on his tax payment." (PNS-7) That is why a complete reexamination-- a complete review of our values-- needs to take place. And rather than run after hypocritical leaders due to their worldly status, everyone should be respected as being members of this human race. Baba says, "The truth is that human beings have always and everywhere paid tribute to social values [post, power, & stature], but never, not even for a moment, has anyone respected human cardinal principles." (AFPS-2) In the end, what needs to happen? By adopting a spiritual outlook where all are seen as being expressions of God, then and only then will each and every human life be properly regarded. Till that time, respect will only be given to the 'kings and queens' of society-- no one else. So it is only with a spiritual ideal in hand that we can perceive value in all human beings and grant human cardinal principles to all. Baba says, "The meeting point of the highest attainment of humanity and the blossoming of divinity is the base on which the cardinal human principles are established." (PNS-7) As Ananda Margiis, we are mostly aware about Baba's precious teaching and the better our sadhana is the better we can follow His guideline. In contrast, the general society has absolutely no understanding of this, that is why they blindly chase after tinsel-- after the superficiality of post and power. So we have a big job to do; we have to lift ourselves up to the peak of neo-humanism as well as the entire human society. Then all in this universe will be regarded a true human beings-- expressions of the Supreme.
By Baba's grace we will be successful in this great task and all will be honoured and respected. Baba says, "This Neohumanism, only this Neohumanism, can save our universe, can save human existence. So now we are to sing the song of Neohumanism. We should [forget] all our omissional and commissional errors of the past. Forget the past. Be the [vanguard of] a bright future; and the crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it." (NHNS-1) Namaskar, Karma Rasa *************************************** Contrast Baba says, "Acaryas who have a minimum of five hundred initiates and are adept in the difficult vishes'a yoga will be eligible for purodha training." (CC-1, chapter 4, point 2) Note: These days this above mandate of Baba is limited to the printed page only. Unfortunately, in practice, different parameters are there for getting Purodhaship. Now a minimum two qualifications are needed: (1) To obey Centre like a slave without any "if's & but's"-- to always be ready to blindly follow them; And (2) To collect money by hook or by crook, by right or wrong means, and give that to one's bosses. If these two criteria are present then one is qualified for Purodha training. So I hope in future Baba's teaching will again be followed. ***************************************

Feelings of a Margii

To: Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 5:41 AM Subject: Feelings of a Margii From: narayanpanda Baba Nam Kevalam "Toma'ke pa'bi pra'n'e pra'n'e, maner mohan bitane..." - (PS 1809) Baba, I must get You in my heart. I must get You in the remote corner of my heart where only You and I will be. I have prepared so many songs to sing for You. My life is not a waste because You have made me realize this truth: That this life is only for loving You to giving You happiness... == FEELINGS OF A MARGII == Namaskaram. It is extremely painful to express that both the parties played a very foul role in stopping DMS on 30, 31dec & 1st Jan'08 in Ananda Nagar. The enthusiasm to attend one DMS created in the minds of thousands & thousands Ananda Margiis was crushed like anything. After a group had broken away (they recognised themselves as Kalikata administration )we have been attending DMS on 30th Dec,31st Dec & 1st Jan every year. This year we are determined to attend DMS on these dates though we know the organisers are different from the previous years. On 27th when we came to know the previous organisers got court order, still we didn't cancel our train tickets because we wanted to attend one DMS this year. Just after a few hours when we came to know about the stay order,we were forced to cancel the tickets. Really we felt: 1)These saffroned coloured top bosses in all administrations have no maturity in their thoughts. Magnamity, emanicipation of mind in 360 degrees--these words are only theoretical for them. 2)These organisers are just like street fighters as we see among very ordinary people in our village & streets who quarrel for petty things like prestige, dignity, showing money power. I remember one proverb in my natural tongue,Oriya i.e. Sautun'ii pache ra'nd'a hau,ghaita' na maru (let the other wife of my husband become widow, but my husband shouldn't die). Similarly each group was determined that other group should lose, but we will conduct DMS.We know that there is no end in such court cases & in our Indian courts the final judgment sometimes may be favourable, sometimes may not be. Just a few days before DMS dates we shouldn't have gone to higher court. When in high court the case was favourable to one group of organisers, we shouldn't have gone for stay order. Immaturity of red robe dressed people we gruhii margiis are deprived of attending socio-spiritual congregation on occasion of new year. So we should think of following things: 1) Next year onwards we gruhii margiis should be the organisers with the like minded wt brothers & sisters. 2) We shouldn't listen to the sermons of so called representatives of center in the ensuing seminars. 3) No transfer of local wt dadas & didis till all the groups are united. 4) The so called unity move,minimum common programmes etc-are meaningless for such unideological groups. These are some points I propose.These may be correct or incorrect.We should think very deeply in the banner of National committee. Brotherly yours Narayan Panda

Ananda Vanii in Our Unit

To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Phoenix Chapman" Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 21:44:09 -0700 Subject: Ananda Vanii in Our Unit Baba "Ek parikrama'r halo anta..." (PS 126) Purport: By the grace of Baba, the New Year is on the horizon; it is about to come. One cycle of the seasons is complete. The days are passing; the years are flying by. Time is moving on. So many flowers have wilted and fallen to the ground; so many fruits have ripened and fallen to the earth. So many things have happened; so many events have transpired; so many life experiences have come and gone. How the year has passed. This year was enmeshed in the very marrow of my existence; it was part of who I am. The year passed with so many joys and so many sorrows, with so much laughter and so many tears, with so much song and dance, as well as with so much disappointment and heartache. So many positive and negative things have happened in my life. Alas, this year has passed to some unknown place, waning into the far-off oblivion-- now today it is gone. Those who come on this earth-- those who have taken birth-- one day pass away and go. And those who have departed from this mortal world, one day return. Everyone leaves only to come back again. Those who float in the distant blue sky, return in newer and newer forms, shapes, and ways, by Baba's grace. The New Year is on the horizon; it is about to come. One cycle of the seasons is complete, by His grace... == ANANDA VANII IN OUR UNIT == Namaskar, Here in our unit, we selected this below original Ananda Vanii given by Baba for use on this coming New Year's Day of 2008. We found this one to be quite appropriate in these times. Other units are, of course, also welcome to use this Ananda Vanii-- or any of Baba's original Ananda Vaniis. Baba says, "Human society is one and indivisible. Keeping this supreme truth ever fixed in one’s vision, one will have to think of promoting human welfare, love for humanity, human solidarity and universal fraternity, and move accordingly. Not for a single moment should one forget it nor even ignore it. Due to lack of intellect or mutual conflicts in the past, a vast number of creatures have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Let human beings not meet the same dreadful consequence." (A'nanda Va'nii, #60) Happy New Year to one and all! Namaskar, Phanindra

Thoughts for a New Year

Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2008 23:42:37 -0000 To: From: Subject: Thoughts for a New Year "Ka'che na'hi a'so kabhu, e ki toma'r bha'laba'sa'..." (PS 486) Purport: Baba, You are my dearest One. You have deeply linked Yourself with my whole existence. By Your grace my each and every thought & movement is centering around You. Baba, You are the focal point of my life. You are my Goal. Baba, I love You so much. Even then You never come close to me. You are always keeping Yourself far away and distant. Baba, what type of love is this of Yours. I have so much heart-felt feeling for You, yet You are not regularly manifesting Yourself to me. You are not even occasionally visiting me. Baba, by Your grace Your divine image immediately appears in my mind whenever I come in contact with the sweet smell of flowers. When that flower fragrance permeates the air I always feel Your presence. In that blissful moment, I always think of You. It is Your grace. Baba, whenever I feel happy, then suddenly You advent and shower Yourself in my mind and heart. Baba, by Your grace in that instance You always come close. Baba, You are the warmth of my heart-- the vitality of my being. Baba, all the hopes and aspirations of my life are revolving around You. Baba, when I am not getting You in the deep core of my heart, then I feel totally lost and restless. In that desperate situation, I just cry & cry-- weeping bitterly for hours on end. Baba, all my desires and longings depend exclusively on You. Baba, You are so gracious; You are my closest One. By Your grace You have filled my life and my whole existence with Your divine effulgence & love. Baba, You are my everything. Baba, I have only one longing: To be in Your close proximity. Please be gracious... == THOUGHTS FOR A NEW YEAR == Namaskar, As 2008 gets underway, here is one of Baba's famous guidelines for bringing in the New Year in a successful way. GAINING SUCCESS IN LIFE In this world we have so many duties and responsibilities, so many things to do. Especially being Ananda Margiis our works are countless-- endless, or so it seems. Society needs help in all the directions, in all the realms, and by Baba's grace He has given us the pathway how to proceed. So there is much to be done. But one thing for us all to remember is Baba's timeless teaching that to successfully do anything in this life it demands having a free mind-- a balanced mind. That is, the mind should be free from all complexes. Baba says, "To attain complete success in life, the fourth principle is samata'bha'va, that is, mental equipoise, mental balance. There must not be any complex in the mind -- neither superiority complex nor inferiority complex." (AV-30) COMPLEXES ARE A PSYCHIC DISEASE MENTAL EQUIPOISE IS A GREAT QUALITY Here Baba further points out the negative nature of complexes and He simultaneously directs us to keep samata'bha'va, mental balance. Baba says, "Complex of any sort - superiority or inferiority - is a psychic malady, a mental disease. You must maintain a psychic balance." (Kolkata Dec 2 '79) Thus mental balance is one central target in life. We should aim for this in all circumstances. And once we have it, & by His grace can keep it, then that is one of the best attributes a human being can have. Baba says, "Maintaining a balanced mind is one of the greatest virtues. There are no complexes in a balanced mind. One neither feels inferior nor superior to others; one never fears anybody nor ever gets perturbed. One maintains a mental balance." (AV-5) So by striving for and achieving mental balance, then so many other plus points come along with it. Then the mind will be complex-free, enabling us to generate positive relations with one and all. Because when we do not feel that we are better or worse than the next person, then it becomes easy to establish a heart-felt connection. So that is one distinct benefit. In addition, Baba tell us that when one is in a state of samata'bha'va, they will neither be fearful nor full of anxiety. They will remain in a natural state of ease and contentment-- not burdened by any negative tendencies of the mind. All these positive outcomes are a tremendous boon for human existence. LEADING A LIFE OF SEVA Without question, one of the top-most results of having a balanced mind is that then one will be able to maximally help and serve others. Because when we can feel their joys and sorrows and understand their problems then we can also present them with the solutions. In that case, by Baba's grace, they can progress. So with a balanced mind-- with samata'bha'va-- we can best lead a life of seva, i.e. helping one and all to advance. And that is the dharma of human beings: To make one's own self great and make others great also-- " lead others along the path of righteousness". WHEN SAMATA'BHA'VA IS LOST In contrast when due to lack of sadhana we are unable to attain a state of equipoise or if we lose that stance of mental balance, then that invites numerous problems for oneself and for others also. In that case we are unable to weigh the pros and cons of life and end up making poor decisions-- lowering our own position and misleading others as well. For example suppose Ram or Shyam prematurely forms an opinion about others, a conclusion which is totally wrong or off-base. Then that invariably leads to problems and harms others. In that case, in the future nobody will want to listen to Ram or Shyam's words. Then that Ram or Shyam will lose all their social prestige and respect. All these pitfalls come from lack of mental balance. That is why-- among other things-- Baba warns to stay balanced and not proceed hastily. Baba says, "Do not judge anyone to be good or bad hastily, nor express your opinion." (CC-2, 'Society' chapter, pt #41) As we can feel, Baba's specific guideline is that with a cool mind-- a balanced mind-- we should view all the things in life, otherwise countless problems will crop up. BABA'S FINAL WORD Considering all the angles, by Baba's grace it is clear that samata'bha'va is one key point for human existence because with a balanced mind we can help ourselves and help others. And that is the greatest utilisation of this human life. Hence as long as we are alive this should be our approach. Here following is Baba's dharmic mandate. Baba says, "You should remain in this world and do your duty with a balanced mind." (SS-21, 'Jaeva Dharma & Bhagavata Dharma') By Baba's grace may we all get success in this grand endeavour. Namaskar, Mahesh Note 1: HOW TO OVERCOME SUPERIORITY COMPLEX Here Baba supplies us with the special formula for keeping mental balance and not succumbing to any type of superiority complex. Baba says, "People must always bear in mind that 'Whatever I have acquired is all by the grace of Parama Purus'a. If He decides that I should not possess wealth [or any other quality etc], He will take it away at any moment He wishes.' So no one should feel pride about anything under any circumstances." (AV-16) By seeing everything as Baba's fathomless grace then we will not get puffed up with vanity and instead will be able to maintain mental balance at all times. Note 2: HOW TO OVERCOME INFERIORITY COMPLEX In His below teaching Baba teaches us how to keep mental balance and not fall into the depths of an inferiority complex. Baba says, "What about the inferiority complex, that makes you think of yourself as inferior to others? You must have noticed that the minds of those who are less educated become a bit diffident: 'We don't have much learning.' Again, those who are poor suffer from a similar diffidence. 'We are so poor, and have no one to turn to.' But what causes such diffidence? [They forget that] everyone on this earth is a child of Parama Purus'a; no one is big or small. All are related as brothers and sisters.' (DKG) By remembering we are all the beautiful expressions of that Divine Entity Parama Purusa, then no inferiority complex can creep into the mind. Then we will keep our mental balance. Note 3: BABA'S STERN WARNING FOR ALL SADHAKAS Baba says, "When samata'bha'va is lost, then one begins feeling that there is a group of people far inferior to oneself. Such a pattern is to be observed in the case of people who have come to the city from the village. They say that they don't feel like returning to the village, as the villagers are illiterate and under-developed. This feeling is very dangerous. And if such feelings creep into the mind as a result of having acquired a little intellectual knowledge, the chances of developing this complex are much greater in the realm of spirituality, when a sa'dhaka begins feeling somewhat elevated with the development of some occult powers and the feeling of a little bliss. In the second stage of spiritual practice every sa'dhaka faces this test. One must be very, very cautious, so that vanity may not develop." ('Dialogue of Shiva and Parvatii- 3') Note 4: BALANCED MIND NEEDED TO TEACH AND TO LEARN Baba says, "The third fundamental of education is that teachers and students should have a balanced mind." (PNS-18, 'Talks On Education') In His above teaching Baba guides us that mental balance is needed in order to both guide and learn from others. Note 5: A SPECIAL TIP FOR KEEPING A BALANCED MIND Baba says, "In order to have a balanced mind and to progress spiritually, human beings will have to pay attention to the qualities of the food they eat. The idea that 'I will just do my sa'dhana' and eat any food, proper or improper' will not do." (YP) Note 6: BABA'S BLESSING Baba says, "Your duty is to utilise totally and properly this physical body and mind. By thinking always of Him and talking of Him psychic elevation takes place. Go on moving towards Him. In Him alone lies Your individual good and social good. You have come with human body, human intellect. Your human life will become fruitful. By His grace you have a human body and human mind and you should also bear in mind that by His grace alone you have to move ahead in life. By His grace alone He is to be attained. You will attain Him -- certainly you will attain Him." (AV-22) *************************************************** Brave Persons Baba says, "Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all. Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the burdens f others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone has their own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others. On the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be ready to bear the burdens of others." (AV-30, p.4) ***************************************************

When Vultures Are Happy + Other News

Subject: When Vultures Are Happy + Other News Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 20:37:34 -0000 From: "Gaurishankar Agrawal" To: AM-GLOBAL Baba
Namaskar, A vulture becomes happy when it sees that something has died. Then that vulture becomes delighted as it will feast on that corpse. Likewise, an arsonist becomes happy when he sees a monument or house up in flames. That is when that arsonist becomes most delighted. Tragically, there are some groupists who have infiltrated into our Marga and they feel happy seeing our New Year's DMS canceled. In that case, what is the difference between the vulture, arsonist, and such groupists. Here then is all the latest news about the DMS issue, AN reporting & more.
1. The police are there in the DMS Pandal area to prevent anybody from entering the pandal. So no margii can enter. 2. Initially, when the DMS was first canceled, then both groups decided to have a function without a DMS banner. B group was going to stage their gathering in the Memorial, and the Ranchi group was going to be in front of the Prout bhavan. But the Purulia administration (govt) objected. 3. So Ranchi administration is basically telling margiis to not come to AN b/c DMS will not be held. However much we may not like or like Ranchi personnel, it remains a fact that this is what they are saying & doing. 4. But B group is adopting a crooked path by telling that 'We will do something somewhere'. So now the word is out on the street that they will do small meeting of their members at the Music college area and then later announce the false news that they have held DMS, or some other tall tale. 5. Anyhow this is the main news that neither the communists, nor the CBI, nor the Russians, nor the Indira Gandhi government could stop our DMC/DMS functions in the past-- no one could. But now the groupist fight of these two camps of defectors have stopped our DMS. This is completely unheard of that DMS will not be held on New Years Day. This will be a black spot in the history. 6. And the most grotesque part is that some in my unit spoke to a few top B group teamsters and they were totally happy-- even overjoyed-- that the court gave the stay order / injunction not to have DMS. This we heard with our own ears. And quite frankly, it was horrifying how they could gloat over such a loss to our Marga and to Ananda Margiis. That is when some said that the B brigade are no better than vultures & arsonists. Verily, they are just fake sannyasis, just wearing the dress only-- nothing more. 7. In contrast, when some of us spoke to a few H group officials, they were sad about the cancellation of DMS and they told that they will file a case in Supreme Court b/c the court has violated the fundamental rights of margiis to practise their religious rights. Certainly, the H teamsters are not saints; they have created hell in various regards. But at least on this point, they are not totally rancid. No doubt we have to watch them with sharp eyes all around, but at least they did not get a sick sense of enjoyment over the loss of our DMS program. That is what we all heard.
1. In AN reporting started on 26th of Dec. The EC group reporting was held in the Children's Home and the Ranchi Administration reporting was in the ja'grti. 2. On the whole, for the EC reporting there was very low attendance with only 12 didis and 23 dadas present at the reporting in the Children's Home. For this reason the EC teamsters were shocked, dismayed, and frustrated. 3. For the Rudrananda camp, the workers were present in majority but at the same time no one should not think that wts were there b/c of their faith in Rudrananda. Rather those workers came out of their duty to follow the structural rules etc.
All didis were staying in the Berlin house. Both sides of didis were there. But the Ranchi side didis were taking food in Ja'grti. Why? Because either Ananda Giita' Didi side (EC) or the Ranchi side didis had broken the traditional mud stove (chulha). EC side didis have gas cylinders and stoves there and they are cooking their own food separately. So there are two chulha (stove) to chowka' (kitchen) in Berlin house. Neither team of didis is talking with the other or even following the basic tenet to do namaskar. Ranchi side didis who are in the majority did not go to do namaskar to Ananda Giita' didi or others. In the same way, theEC side didis did not do namaskar to Ranchi side didis. Neither camp has done this basic spiritual observance or practice.
So the poison of groupism is working all around. Until sane persons come forward this is the way things will be. There is no dearth of good people in AM, but such persons should not sit quiet waiting for some miracle to be performed. When they come forward then certainly good things will result.
As the disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, even though I see nasty things going on I am also optimistic and think that good things are going to happen. Baba says, "There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that it seems that everyone is in a deep slumber. Pessimists say this because they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they care to. Had they done so, they would certainly be optimistic, because if they had looked carefully at the symptoms of pause, they would have realized that significant preparations were being made for the subsequent phase of speed. So under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life." (AFPS-3) Namaskar, Gaurishankar

Devil's Dance: I or No One

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:48:03 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: Devil's Dance: I or No One Baba "Aja'na' Pathik eseche..." - P.S. 4490 Purport: The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik [1] has come. He has filled this mortal world with the love of flowers and fruits. For Him no one is distant, no one is alien, everyone is His own-- close and intimate. By His grace, He has wiped away all the tears and removed the suffering of everyone. Baba has come riding on the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with one and all through His ota and prota yoga. He is pulling everyone with His divine attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. Today Baba has come. The whole world is inundated with His love-- His grace.... NOTES FOR PS #4490: [1] Aja'na' Pathik: Aja'na' means 'unknown' and Pathik means 'divine traveler'. This is the word by word, literal translation. But the inner sense is that Parama Purusa is always moving throughout this vast cosmos and by His special grace He is constantly present with everyone all the time. He is in the Cosmic Nucleus yet at the same time through His ota and prota yoga He is everywhere-- carefully watching & lovingly guiding everyone. This unique aspect of His grand Personality is treated as Aja'na' Pathik. Because He is constantly traveling yet present everywhere. He is in the nucleus as well as throughout this entire expressed universe. As the Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa Baba moves and moves and moves. Thus in their devotional approach devotees feel that wherever they go then the Divine Aja'na' Pathik will always be there to shower His blessing. By His grace, devotees can always get His intimate company & companionship. With this devotional link, by His grace sadhakas understand that Parama Purusa is present everywhere, yet side by side He travels on and on throughout this entire cosmos. Thus He is Aja'na' Pathik. Overall the name Aja'na' Pathik has one special and unique meaning that goes far beyond its literal translation. And in our hearts we A'nanda Ma'rgiis know and feel that Baba is that Aja'na' Pathik. Indeed in His discourses, in Dharma Samiiksa, and in reporting, in DMC, and in numerous ways Baba has revealed this very fact that He is ever-present and always along with us. Hence He is always moving and wherever we go then He will also be there. Parama Purusa has infinite attributions and one of them is this special quality where He always remains along with us wherever we are in this vast universe. In this way He is known as -- Aja'na' Pathik. == DEVIL'S DANCE: I OR NO ONE == Namaskar, In the last 24hrs, the news broke how there will not be a New Year's DMS this year. All because one of the groups secured a last-minute injunction to have it stopped. That group was going to be holding a New Year's DMS, but when they found out they would not be allowed, then they made sure no one could hold a DMS. In their minds it was either 'I or no one!'. That is their devilish dance. This is all the result of an extremely low and crude mentality. And this is not out of character or an isolated incident for this particular group. This faction has a long history of such antics-- of 'I or no one behavior'. In the past, when they were not in control of Ananda Nagar they raided AN and destroyed countless plants and papaya trees and created mayhem all around. Then on a separate occasion they launched a reckless attack in Ananda Nagar and murdered Ac Abhipremananda Avt. This is all part of this team's ugly history. 'I WILL CONTROL AM OR DESTROY IT' So B group's very recent ploy and subterfuge to eradicate our New Year's DMS program is part of their on-going ways where they think 'I will control Ananda Marga or it should be destroyed'. Hence theirs represents an extremely low mentality. It is the height of selfishness and mean-mindedness. Their crude mindset is: 'Either I will milch this cow, or I will send it to the slaughterhouse-- no one else will get that milk.' They are like the devilish disciple who cannot do sadhana or surrender to their preceptor, so they break the leg and cut off the feet of their own guru to ensure that no one else can lay prostrate to their master. Or they are like one grown son who murders his own mother because he found out that his brother ate the bread which his mother baked. And to ensure that does not happen again, he kills their mother. This is Sarvatmananda's & Co despicable and lowly mentality. It is totally devoid of any welfare motive, devoid of caring for our AM community, devoid of feeling for Baba's mission and teachings, indeed it is devoid of anything sentient and noble and is instead full of hatred, selfishness, and malice. Don't get me wrong, I am no supporter or worhipper of the gang-leader Rudrananda nor the EC wimps. I have no sympathy for those factions. Only I want to say that B group's recent dastardly maneuver to eradicate our New Year's DMS program is part of a long-string of misguided and self-centered antics that have harmed our AM family. SPECIAL OCCASION OF NEW YEAR'S DMS All know that the New Year's DMS / DMC is special time in our Marga: It is a time for spiritual renewal and recharge; it is a time when margiis come from near and far to see one another; it is a time when new AM marriages are planned and performed; it is a time when babies are named; it is a time for margiis to meet and review the year as well as discuss the future; it is a time for acaryas to give lesson reviews and organise for the coming year; it is a time to plan our Prout operatives; it is a time to plan and review all our service projects; it is a time to sing and dance as one human family; verily, it is a time for so many important things in our Marga. It is a time when Baba always brought our AM family together to rejoice and recharge for the New Year. NO FEELING FOR OUR AM FAMILY But B group blatantly stepped and spit on all of that and they meanly and selfishly insisted that if 'I cannot hold DMS on New Year's then no one will'. This is their crude mentality. That is why so many say that the B team does not have an iota of feeling for our AM family. Only they think, 'Either I will milch that cow, or it will be slaughtered-- no one else will get that milk'. B group sees DMS as nothing but their groupist party and if they group cannot be garlanded on stage then to hell with the entire program-- irregardless of what loss, pain, and disappointment this is for the margiis. And indeed for this year, already the margiis from South India have begun their long and arduous journey to attend this year's program. But does B group care about that. Again I do not support any group, but Sarvatmananda's recent ploy is totally disgusting and once again shows he has not an inkling of well-being for our Marga. THE MANY HEINOUS FIRSTS OF B GROUP B group was the first to tear down margii rights; the first to destroy the BP manual; the first to expel innocent people from the Marga; the first to distort Baba's scripture; the first to murder one of our own avadhutas; the first to wipe out the ACB system; the first to create Fake Ananda Vaniis; the first to break away when they could not get the top posts; and now they are the first to annihilate our New Year's DMS program. Clearly by their actions, both past and present, their goal is not the establishment of Baba's Ananda Marga mission; rather their only desire is groupist control and power. That is what makes B group tick, that is their life-force-- nothing more. IF I CANNOT HAVE ANANDA NAGAR FOR MY OWN RULE, THEN LET IT BE DESTROYED That is why if they do not get rulership of AM, then they are willing to destroy each and every aspect of Ananda Marga. In the past when they lost control of Ananda Nagar, they unleashed their young brahmacariis on a search and destroy mission: Digging up our tree plantations and literally ruining whatever they could get their hands on. This is the history. Just like it is the history that when they could not control some of the buildings in Ananda Nagar then they unleashed a heinous attack where they bloodied, beat, and ultimately murdered our dedicated acaryas. Such is their demonic history and the devilish plans of Sarvatmananda. And by seeing their heinous display, any rational margii can only conclude that B group thinks, 'Either I will control AM or I will destroy it!' JUST DEMONS IN HUMAN FORM Once again we must reflect on Baba's warning to beware of those demons in human form. Baba says, "But those who are demons in human structure are all in categorical forms. Although these structures, these frameworks, look like human beings, they are exceptionally clever and cunning. By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation." (NH-LOI, Disc: 10) Thus for the sake of their own selfish power certain groupists and factional heads indulge in so many heinous activities and destroy Guru's teachings, then we can understand what type of creatures they really are. And here below Baba furthermore tells that the day will always come when the world will come to know the truth about such demons-- such groupists who are trying to destroy our Marga. Baba says, "Those demons in human form do not think that after their demise a real evaluation of their ideals and actions will take place." (NH-LOI, Disc: 10) Thus in the end, the truth will invariably be known and those power hungry demons will be forever branded as the veritable enemies of humanity. Such is the fate of those clan leaders who do anything and everything for their own post and power and never show an ounce of repentance for their hellish ways on this earth. WHOM TO RELY ON & HOW TO MOVE AHEAD At this point, it is quite clear that no one should place their faith in any group thinking that xyz faction will repair our Marga. Groupism in any form will continue to ruin our Marga. Our AM can only be restored to glory by those who are dedicated to Baba's ideals-- not by those who only care about post and power. So it is those margiis, acaryas, wts who truly believe in serving Guru who can bring well-being to our Marga. No one else. The first and foremost thing then is to bring Baba's teachings into the limelight. That means rebuilding His true BP system, removing the distortions from AM scriptures, and implementing Baba's ideals in each and every facet of AM life. In this process, naturally our true leaders will show themselves and we will once again have proper stewardship of our Marga. BABA'S BLESSING By Baba's divine grace, our Marga will soon be rid of all groupism and become that great ship of dharma that has true moralists at the helm. Baba says, "You are to purify society by purging it of sin. It is more than an obligation, it is your bounden duty. You must do this or total destruction is inevitable. To take leadership in society you must be established in Yama and Niyama in just such a strict way." (AV-31) Namaskar, Ramendu *************************************************** Remedy Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19) ***************************************************

Baba's Special, Eternal Teaching

Date: 26 Dec 2007 23:17:09 -0000 From: "Bhavanath Rajpal" To: Subject: Baba's Special, Eternal Teaching Baba "Tumi utta'l sindhute na'co, utta'l sindhute na'co..." (1182) Purport: Baba, You are expressing Yourself as the dance of the high tide of the roaring ocean. You have taken the form of the ocean waves. O' my dearmost Baba, in this condition it is impossible to hold You. It is very difficult to get close to You. Baba, now everybody wants You; but You are not easy to get. People run quickly towards You with the desire to get You. But, shaken with the fear, they return back because Your vibration is ferocious and rough like the high tide of the turbulent ocean. Baba, only when You really want to be held can it be done-- otherwise not. O' my Lord, when I was searching You externally in this material world then I was studying the shastras, and I was listening to discourses given by various scholars, and I was running from one holy land to another. Any place where people claimed You were, there I went-- externally searching for You. But by all these methods I could not get You in my heart; I could not realise You as my own-- as my very close. Baba, in the end by Your grace You have made me understand that You are hiding in the inner recesses of my heart in a very sweet and intimate way. By Your grace You have taught me that only by searching You within could I make You my own. In this way You have blessed me. O' my dearmost Parama Purusa Baba, You are ever-gracious... Note about PS: In the above song, through the symbolism of the 'high tide', Baba is expressing that at the time of Dharma Samiiksa, or Personal Contact, or in reporting, then many people-- margiis and Wts-- wanted to go close to Him. But at the same time they thought that it is too dangerous because Baba is scolding and abusing everyone too much. So with that fear and anxiety many persons did not want to be in His close physical proximity. So that is one sense of the meaning of 'high tide'. And of course now every Ananda Margii understands that the only way to have Baba in a close and intimate way is through meditation, in one's dhya'na. == BABA'S SPECIAL, ETERNAL TEACHING == Namaskar, As the New Year is upon us, we should once again remind ourselves of the unique import and sterling nature of Baba's divine messages: A'nanda Va'nii. Below are two special aspects of Baba's sacred vaniis. Also included in this e-mail is some news about the current DMS gathering in Ananda Nagar. Here following then are some reflections about Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis. Please also write your thoughts and opinions. #1. ANANDA VANIIS ARE OF ETERNAL VALUE As Ananda Margiis, we know that Baba has always utilized each and every day to bestow upon us innumerable new teachings and countless special guidelines. Often that has come in the form of a discourse or Prabhat Samgiita or field walk etc. In that way each and every discourse or Prabhat Samgiita song is dated and marked where it has been given. Of course, though, every bhakta clearly understands that the given discourse or Prabhat Samgiita song has eternal and permanent value. No one thinks that the discourse was only useful on that particular day when it was given and that thereafter it has no relevance. None think in this manner. Rather we all consider that the discourse which Baba has given is a universal teaching that transcends time, space, and person-- and that the attached date is for record purposes only. In that way all Baba's divine teachings can be organised in chronological fashion yet retain their own original integrity timeless quality . Hence the matter is straightforward & clear. Unfortunately, though, Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis are not getting treated in that same dharmic fashion. Because although Ananda Vaniis are eternal in nature and universal in application, some persons are limiting the relevance of a given Ananda Vanii to a particular date and year. They think that every Ananda Vanii is of January 1 of such-&-such year or of Ananda Purnima of such-and-such year and that now it is outdated. This is their misguided outlook. So in that way Baba's divine and timeless Ananda Vaniis are not getting their duly deserved eternal status. Yet just as Ananda Sutram is of a universal and timeless value, same is that case with our Ananda Vaniis. They can be referred to and studied again and again just like various sutras, but this is not being done. Means Ananda Vaniis are not respected as being an eternal guidelines; rather some off the mark people wrongly consider Ananda Vaniis to be limited to a particular time and place. Yet just as the sutras of Ananda Sutram are treated as key points of AM philosophy, in the same way all the inspirational guidelines which Baba has given as Ananda Vaniis deserve that same sanctified status. But instead they are often treated as or reduced to something temporary or passing. As if the Vanii of 1st January 1961 no longer applies to today's world and that that Vanii itself is just a point of history-- nothing more. When true devotees know that all Baba's Ananda Vaniis are eternal guidelines, applicable to numerous situations. So that injustice has been done to our Ananda Vaniis. Overall then we must work to restore the proper sanctity and reverence of Ananda Vanii. Nobody tries to relegate Prabhat Samgiita or Baba's discourses to a specific place or person or date-- thinking that they are antiquated. Similarly we cannot blame that Baba's original Ananda Vaniis have gotten old like one outdated crusty newspaper. But some are doing like that-- so that should be corrected. #2. ANANDA VANIIS HAVE PURPORTS All along it was has been the standard practice for Baba's discourses to be translated into as many languages as possible-- but never was further explanation given about a particular discourse by Baba Himself. Classes may have been offered later on by this or that acarya, but Baba never would deliver a discourse and then directly afterwards give further explanation about that very discourse. This was not done. Reason being that His discourses are already explanatory in nature and contain numerous stories, analogies, and descriptions in order to make the matter perfectly clear and understandable. In contrast, with His Ananda Vaniis the case is totally different. They are pointed, distilled teachings given in concentrated form-- hence they demand further elaboration and explanation. For this reason Baba Himself was delivering purports for His Ananda Vaniis during DMC itself. As many are aware, Baba's Ananda Vaniis are only a few lines in length and Baba Himself would write it down in His own handwriting. And then that very Vanii was read aloud at DMC in all the languages. Directly afterwards Baba Himself would give a line by line explanation of the Ananda Vanii. This would happen for half-an-hour or more. So you can imagine how much He used to say. So He Himself would give the initial explanation and thereafter others were invited to speak and share their understanding of the Vanii-- and during that period Baba would often interject in order to lovingly guide the Margii speaker. But always the system was that first the Vaniis would be read in the various languages; second Baba would provide His own explanation or purport; and then others were also called up to comment and say something. This was the regular pattern. All done in this fashion because Baba's Ananda Vaniis are so dense and intensely concise. Altogether His Ananda Vaniis are similar to the Samgacchadhvam mantra, Guru Puja, etc in that a discourse is needed to provide the meaning of the mantra. Likewise Baba was giving extended purports of His Ananda Vaniis to provide further insight about their meaning. So by this way we can understand that Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis are very concentrated and very pointed. Treating them as ordinary discourses is not at alll appropriate since Baba used to give explanations or purports for those very Ananda Vaniis Overall Baba's Ananda Vaniis are similar to the case of Prabhat Samgiita and Ananda Sutram in that Baba has given purports for each of these three genres. Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are about inspiration and moving ahead whereas Prabhat Samgiita comes within the scope of aesthetic & supra-aesthetic science and Ananda Sutram is our philosophical treatise. But all three are similar in that they all fall in the same unique category-- as they all demand further explanation such that Baba Himself has given purports for all these three teachings. In contrast this quality or concentrated approach is not there in the quotes of His regular discourses. Hence when groupist leaders take a few lines from one of the standard discourses and falsely present that as an Ananda Vanii then that is terribly degrading. Rather that is nothing but a Fake Ananda Vanii. And those doing this are culprits since they are degrading the real status of Baba's true Ananda Vanii. Finally when the Author (BABA) has given a title of a particular discourse then by altering the title and by bringing in quotes from regular style discourses but calling it as an Ananda Vanii. This is all non-sense as one cannot give a quote as Ananda Vanii. Because Ananda Vanii's are in a totally different league. Plus call them as Ananda Vaniis is against Baba's system-- and against Baba's desire. CONCLUSION Baba is Parama Purusa and all He has given is apta vakya-- eternal truth, so why should some things be discarded or marked as being outdated or be replaced by something entirely Fake. Rather we should celebrate the dharmic quality and everlasting value of Baba's original Ananda Vanii. BABA'S BLESSING Baba says, "If you think that you are the child of Parama Purusa and have come to this world to accomplish the job assigned by Parama Purusa, that you are never alone and that you are a small baby always sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa, why should you be afraid of anything? There is no reason to be afraid of anything." (PNS-7, p.63) Namaskar, Bhavanath NOTE 1: A CALL FOR PURPORTS OF ANANDA VANIIS All know that Baba has given purports for Ananda Sutram & Prabhat Samgiita-- as those purports have made it into book form. But nowadays the purports of Ananda Vaniis are not at all being recognised. Some got recorded and some not. But none are being recognised or referred to. When surely many years worth of Baba's purports of Ananda Vaniis were recorded and heard by one and all in the DMC pandal itself. So these explanations should be accepted as discourses. A call then must be put forth to recover and print those pristine purports which Baba has given for Ananda Vaniis. NOTE 2: DMS NEWS Both groups are fighting tooth and nail to gain legitimacy from the courts that their group alone should be the only ones to host DMS on Dec 30, 31, & Jan 1. In that way they are using up large sums of margii's & wts hard-earned money in order to cover all those exorbitant lawyer fees etc for their groupist court battle. Because now both are claiming that is their date is the commemoration of the first DMS. Like this their bickering and group clash is going on. Altogether it is no different from those dogmatic Hindu priests argue over which day is ekadashii or which day is Ram or Lord Krsna's birthday. Until they end up following two separate dates and then just end up quarreling about that. So now both H and B are dogmatic and both have lost the feeling of neo-humanism. Indeed they never stand up for maintaining the integrity of Baba's teaching and discourses etc, but for their groupist interest they have a lot of energy to expend. So now all kinds of infighting, court cases, and hair-splitting arguments are going on. All for their own selfish agenda. But gradually everything will be ok because Baba has already established dharma and it is a guarantee that all negative forces will be rooted out from the face of the earth. Because 'Dharma raksati raksitah'-- Dharma protects those following dharma. So true dharmikas cannot be harmed but fake people will be rooted out & exposed. In that way Baba's divine grace is working. ************************************************* Rising Up "Ghuma'ye theko na' a'r ja'g tvra' a'rt ma'navata' d'a'k diye ja'y..." O' brothers and sisters, let us no longer remain in slumber. We should get up without delay. The crying humanity is calling us; the people are in desperate need of our help, support, & service. We have to give the proper response by waving the flag of neo-humanism and thus usher in the new dawn-- whereby humanity is united. Taking Baba's divine Name, we have to remove their cry and suffering by forming one human society. Let us not delay-- the situation is urgent... (PS 4872) *************************************************

News About Third Front (EC)

Date: Tue 25 Dec 2007 22:15:22 To: Subject: News About Third Front From: Jiivendra Baba "Toma'r madhur ha'si niye eseche..." (P.S. 328) Purport: Baba, Your sweet smile has such a strong attraction that it has attracted everything of this created world close to You. Everyone is rushing towards You. Your sweet smile has incomparable charm. It has filled nectar in everything-- from the throbbing sensation of the heart up to the existence of each and every entity of this created world. Everything You have filled with Your divine nectar. Baba, please come with the rhythm and melody of song and dance. You have filled all the sweet memories with Your divine nectar. Everything is so beautiful. Baba please come in my Guru cakra in dhyana with Your sweet, attractive, & charming form. Your love saturated eyes have filled my heart with full content. Baba, Your sweet, attractive, & charming form has attracted everything close to You... == NEWS ABOUT THIRD FRONT (EC) == Namaskar, This letter recounts some of the recent politicking in AM and reveals the current plight of the EC faction. 1. As you know Ranchi administration announced CC election in September of this year. 2. Artprema'nanda on behalf and help of Vandana'nanda of EC motioned to Purulia session court for 'stay' of election by telling that Ranchi administration has no right to hold an election. He also mentioned that voter list was incorrect. They (EC) then submitted list of 59 purodhas including Kolkata side 19 purodhas. 3. After listening all arguments, the court gave the decision that Shraddha'nandajii and Dhruva'nandajii can't expell or take any further action against any worker. Plus the court dismissed the request of A'rtaprema'nanda to not hold the election. The court told the Ranchi administration to make one electroal management board (EMB) and hold the election and call all purodhas. 4. Vandana'nanda group knew that if there will be election then they will be out of post and CC, and they will be road-brand man not post-holder which they can never want. That's why they moved to Kolkata high court to give stay order about election of CC. But high court told that if there will be not election then there will not be any committee, in which case the organisation will not be able to function. And the high court agreed with session court of Purulia. 5. After this, Rudrananda and Co made on EMB and called 37 purodhas and held election on 3rd of Nov in Ranchi and elected 27 persons in CC. RN did not call Kolkata side purodhas, and some other purodhas of Parmeshvara'nanda side. B/c according to Rudrananda their purodhaship was seized by Purodha Pramukh (including one member of PB Dhruva'nandajii). Rudrananda is telling that how can Parmeshvara'nanda tell that Kolkata side persons are still purodha b/c Cida'nanda and Parmeshvara'nanda himself were PB members and secretary who expelled Kolkata side persons and seized their purodhaship. 6. On 8th of Nov in Purulia, Parmeshvara'nanda group called meeting of purohdhas and elected 15 member for CC. Pls. note that the court had not told parmeshvara'nada group to call any meeting or hold election. Court had given order to Ranchi administration for it. 7. But when Parmeshvara'nanda etc saw that they were out of CC and out of Post then just they hold election and made their own CC. This is a WHITE LIE that court had told them to hold any election. 8. After Diwali vacation Rudrananda went to Purulia court and submitted their CC list and election details according to court order. 9. Then two members of third front CC-- Rupa'tiita'nanda and Dhisuddha'nanda-- went to court and prayed to become an additional party in this case and submited their CC list . According to law if anybody wants to tell something to the court about any particular case they can become an additional party. This is very common thing. Purulia court gave permission to 3rd front to become additional party in the case and tell their side. 10. Just court has given this common facility and 3rd front is befooling to margiis and general workers by telling that court has approved their CC. 11. Actually in January first week Kolkata group will also submit their 46 memberd CC and pray to make them aditional party. And surely court will do that on 9th of Jan. then case will go on for years, at least 3 to 4 years. 12. But 3rd front / EC is making it a big deal about their "approval'. This is complete hyprocrisy and they are just betraying and befooling margiis and workers. So it is just their crooked psychology. 13. It looks that finally 3rd front is going to lose everything from head to tail. Now 3rd front people are frustrated. Giita' Didi is telling now to junior didis that she (Giita' didi ) is not understanding what to do so juniors should decide themselves. Now here is more news that is related with the upcoming DMS. 14. Every year the Purulia district provides security for DMS and both sides-- Kolkata and Ranchi-- pay for it. After June DMS, Ranchi administration went to Kolkata high court to protest this billing system. Now that case is pending. That's why Purulia DM did not give permission to Ranchi administration for DMS and they gave permission to Kolkata administration. To fight this decision Ranchi administration has gone to Kolkata high court. There was argument on 24th December and decision will come on 27th December. 15. See what 3rd front /EC did. The 3rd front did not go to Purulia SDO or DM for permission of DMS. They directly went to Purulia Court on 24th and asked for DMS permission. The Purulia Court told that this is duty of the Purulia executive administration-- not the judiciary-- and the Purulia court threw out EC's request. See the foolishness of the 3rd front. Same day on 24th when their lawyer was bringing their DMS case in Purulia court, then on the same day one of their other lawyers was in the High court also putting his nose between the Kolkata and Ranchi DMS date case. According to the law, you cant go in two courts for one case on the same day. And the High court mercilessly rejected the 3rd front and yelled at them, 'Who are they to come here, they are not 'Samgha'! 16. This is the pitiful condition of 3rd front. Today we asked some top Kolkata Dadas if they are going to hold DMS with 3rd front ? They told that everyone of all the groups & all the workers & all the margiis are invited, and any body can get gate pass pay fees and come inside. Then some persons asked if they (Kolkata) is going to share the dais with the 3rd front like they did in Patna DS. Then those top Kolkata Dadas told that in Patna it was DS not DMS. In DMS there is no question of sharing anything. If 3rd front / EC has to come they should come as general workers. They are not going to get the chair. Only Sarveshvara'nanda jii will be the representative on stage and he will give pravacan. 17. All in all it looks like the 3rd front will become like a football that will get kicked around mercilessly by the Ranchi and Kolkata Administrations. The 3rd front has only one power that is money. Karuna'nanda, Citkrsna'nanda, and Vandana'nanda are MSAP people who have billions. And they believe that Money Solves All Problems. TSo they just get all their pra'na from money$$$. This is the state of their existence. BABA'S BLESSING By Baba's grace as we follow His divine teachings of strict morality and dharma we will annihilate all groupism and create that sweet, new world very soon. Baba says, "Just be a moralist - move along the path of spirituality...Be a machine in the hands of Parama Purus'a and help him in creating a more beautiful world and a beautiful human society." (AV-12) Namaskar, Jiivendra ***************************************** Link Between Service and Sadhana Baba says, "When you reach the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness, your mental waves will come in contact with His mental waves. Then you will understand what is to be done, and what will be the destiny of humanity in the near and distant future. Because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants." (SS-16 (H), p. 10-11) Note: Without good sadhana rendering social service is impossible. *****************************************

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Date: Mon 24 Dec 2007 22:49:36 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Publications Icons From: "Ishvara" Baba "Toma'ke buddhibale balo ke va' pa're, Buddhi toma'r krpa'y sabe labe..." (P.S. 1028) Purport: Baba, no one can get You by the strength of their intellect. In the past I wasted so much time depending on my little brain. I was foolishly thinking that by my intellect I will get everything. Though I tried hard, I failed desperately. At every step I came to understand my ignorance and stupidity. That You cannot be found within the periphery of intellect. Baba, in the past I adopted the path of hypocrisy and tried to hide my weakness through my tall talks. In that way I ploughed the way for my degeneration. Baba, by Your grace, today samvit (awareness) has come. This much You graciously made me understand-- that without Your causeless grace nothing can happen. And with Your causeless grace the impossible becomes possible. Baba, I am humbly surrendering my everything at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, Everyone in Ananda Marga wants Baba's discourses to be transcribed, printed, and preserved in the best way possible: 'As they were originally given by Him'. This is everyone's dream and desire. Unfortunately, right now the Tiljala arm is going about this in a faulty manner-- deliberately so. Their continued goal is to put Bengali on top by wrongly transcribing & translating all His discourses from the so-called original Bangla, and by incorrectly asserting that the Shabda Cayanika series is about Bengali grammar etc. This is their own stated agenda and the devious plan of Sarvatmananda. To uphold this, specifically, a certain duo of Tiljala adherents-- i.e. two publications icons-- openly touts the greatness of these misguided efforts, and, side by side, attempts to shut the mouth of any margii who comes forward to oppose this tainted plan of the Tiljala Publications team.
Without any doubt, the real job of any Publications department is to maintain the integrity, authenticity, and originality of Baba's given discourses. The best way to do this, of course, is to recognise and respect the original language which Baba has used to deliver the discourse. That means if Baba has given a discourse in a particular language-- such as English, Tamil, Icelandic, Telgu, or Oriya etc-- then that particular discourse should be transcribed in that very language itself, perfectly capturing Baba's each word and every expression. Plus, any ensuing translation of that discourse should be done directly from that original language-- using that original transcription. This is the rational, reasonable, and logical way to proceed in doing publications work: Maintaining the integrity and originality of Baba's divine expression-- not altering anything in order to push the agenda of a particular language group etc.
However the Tiljala Publications camp is straying far, far from this ideal. Right now, they brag about their 24-person team-- led by Sarvatmananda-- that is fervently working to translate anything and everything from the so-called original Bengali, when in fact so many of those discourses were given by Baba in other languages. This wrong approach they are doing right now as we speak. Proof being that in one of their latest Publications-- Ananda Vacanamrtam parts 9 & 10-- multiple discourses were given in Hindi, yet the order was given to make a 'Bangla original' and use that as the master document for all translations. Yet this is an entirely erroneous way to proceed. If a discourse was given in Hindi then why translate it into Bangla and then re-translate it into Hindi before printing it in Hindi. By this way, so many of Baba's original words are lost and forgotten. But this is what they have done and are doing. And this wrongful approach by the Tiljala Publications team is going on with all the languages that Baba has used in His original discourses. Yet side by side this 24-member staff of Tiljala publications is bragging night and day about what great work they are doing. That is why rational margiis are saying that these Tiljala publications attempts are just like making rasagolla from cow dung. Meaning: Even a sweet dessert like rasagolla will be inedible and disgusting if smelly or foul ingredients are used. Likewise making a divine book of Baba's will be ruined and destroyed if those involved are using the wrong language as the original. Yet that is what this 24 person team is doing, proudly so.
And on the top-- two of these members, Kirit Dave of California (USA) & Tarak Ghista of Kentucky (USA)-- are jumping up and down exclaiming what a great job they themselves are doing. Indeed these are our 'Publications Icons'. Even they have gone so far as to proclaim themselves as such. When in fact, they are just involved in the sinful misdeed of executing Saratmananda's crooked agenda of placing Bangla on top, irregardless of the original language. That is why these two teamsters-- Kirit & Tarak-- will just go down in history as the pitiful members of this sinful brigade. No doubt Sarvatmananda is the real demon and foe of publications; he is the brain-child of this sinful plan of placing Bangla on top. In turn, Kirit and Tarak became looped into this net of sin-- not because they want to do wrong-- but because they are anxious to get post and be prodded by one group leader. And for that perk, they have become blinded by their desire for name and fame. That is why they are unable to do the job of publications properly. They are happy with their wrong way as it has put their name and face 'on the map'. Such is their blindness. And even worse, if anyone rightly comes forward to point out the defect of their ways, then this icon duo-- Kirit and Tarak-- jump out from their hole and scratch and claw like anything because they feel their prestige at stake. Due to their blindness they do not care what is right or wrong-- just they are addicted to their faulty way. And in this manner they just perpetuate their sinful dealings in the Tiljala publications office. It is a negative and nasty downward spiral, leading to one wrong publication after another.
In the notes after the signing of this letter we will cite and respond to various other erroneous proclamations they make. Because really this icon duo of Kirit and Tarak have been totally brainwashed and duped. They think they are doing doing great and praise themselves as being Olympians, but the basic essence of what they are doing in their cheesy publications department is inherently flawed and diseased. That is why we just pity them: Because they got duped into using their valuable time and energy in carrying out the sinful agenda of Sarvatmananda. All because they are blinded by post & prestige, name & fame. In that case one can have only pity on them.
Once again, let it be known that the overarching goal of this letter and the main endeavour of publishing Baba's books is to maintain the originality, authenticity, and integrity of Baba's divine discourses. And that means preserving Baba's divine expression in its truest form by using whatever language He has used. And by all means, if Baba has delivered a discourse in Bangla then it most certainly should be transcribed in that language and that transcription should be used as the original for all translations. Likewise, if Baba has used Sanskrit, English, Bhojpuri, French, German, Latin, Pharsi, or any other language, then that original language should be used as the original. This is the only way to maintain the integrity of Baba's discourses. In a phrase, Baba's discourses should be kept "as is". To do anything else-- to do any 'doctoring' of His discourses-- such as swapping Bangla as the original language is deliberate sin. And such perpetrators should be pointed out & abused until they mend their horrific and arrogant ways. They have no right to intentionally stain and selfishly alter the original discourses of Mahasambhuti. But that is what the Tiljala regime is doing and they are aided and defended by their two great icons, Kiritji and Tarakji.
By Baba's grace, our Marga will perfectly succeed in keeping the originality of Baba's words and expression, thereby preserving His divine teachings forever and ever for the entire humanity. That is His explicit wish. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS: Disc 14) Namaskar, Ishvara P.S. In these below notes we will further look at Kirit's & Tarak's expression to evaluate their ways.
In Brother Kiritji's below line he is proclaiming that he himself is not a groupist: "I [Kirit Dave] do not belong to any of the AM organizations [i.e. groups], and I prefer to serve His mission and work regardless of the organization types." This is what brother Kirit wrote. Yet this above statement is comparable to someone proclaiming he is a vegan when every night he sits down to a big dinner of roasted pig meat. Because Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who gives him his each and every order and finances his work. And Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who rewards him with all sorts of ribbons and medals. And Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who bestows upon him all kinds of postings and titles. In short, Kirit's entire effort in the realm of publications is slanted to the B group agenda and is done to please his boss, then is it not totally inane and ridiculous for Kiritji to proclaim that he is not part of any factional regime-- when he himself has a designated post given to him by one factional kingpin, Sarvatmananda. That is why people are saying that Kiritji's claim of not being a groupist is as ludicrous as one pig-eater claiming to be a vegan. Both things are preposterous.
Day in and day out Tarakji likes to argue and defend how Shabda Cayanika is about Bengali grammar. Tarak wrote: "If one is rational, one will clearly see that Shabda Cayanika, Varna Vijinana, etc deal with Bangla grammar." So Tarakji likes to make this proclamation. But it is unfortunate he could not understand Guru's teachings. In Shabda Cayanika Baba is focusing upon Sanskrit grammar. Yet because, Sankrit is the mother of all languages, He invariably talks about nearly every language of the world from Pharsi to English to French to Tagalo to Korean to Japanese etc. Countless languages are discussed. Yet the topic and starting point is Sanskrit. That is why no one can correctly claim that the book is about Japanese grammar or Bengali grammar. That is one foolish idea. But the Tiljala Publications department printed on the back cover of all the Shabda Cayanika books that: "Ostensibly, Shabda Cayanika is a series devoted to the linguistics and philology of the Bengali language." So this is nothing but their erroneous and arrogant claim and it is unfortunate they have tainted Baba's book in this way. In Shabda Cayanika, Baba uses Sanskrit grammar as a baseline to touch so many languages. But it is only the Tiljala camp that had the audacity to say that the book is about their language. And because Tiljala gives Tarakji his food and bread, he is totally blinded by their way of thinking. That is why he becomes so easily unnerved and cries out again and again that the Shabda Cayanika book is about Bengali. It is a shame and a pity that he cannot grasp Guru's greater idea. Such are the ill effects of groupism. Because beyond that, Tarakji is a bright fellow but due to his penchant for the Tiljala regime he cannot understand the essence of Shabda Cayanika.
Here Kirit tries to say that the Tiljala faction is not responsible for the false proclamation on the back of the Shabda Cayanika book. Kiritji wrote: "The passage you quote (about SC being Bengali word discusison), was not written by Sarvatmananda ji, but by a person of Non Indian origin from the West. I am certain he had no personal interest in unduly crediting Bengali language." Unfortunately, what Kiritji fails to understand is that Sarvatmanadna is the main King of Tilajal and the head of the Publications Dept. And as the publisher he is giving the order and final approval for each and every aspect of those publications. It is not that Sarvatmananda is suffering from dementia like PP Dada. Sarvatmananda is not just some rubber stamp like PP. Rather Sarvatmananda is a conniving leader who gets his work done by others. Proof being, that at this very moment Sarvatmananda is materialising his plan through Kiritji. Yet when Kiritji cannot recognise this about himself then how can he be expected to realise it with others-- he cannot. Main point here is that Sarvatmananda is actively behind all such publications.
Although there are countless false and hypocritical statements to be analysed by these two publications icons-- how many are we going to address here. Just perhaps one more thing will be said that this duo of Kiritji & Tarakji are like gang members who boldly jump up to defend their gang boss when he is attacked. In that case all logic, rationality, and reason is shot to the wind, and they fight tooth and nail to defend their boss. That is what gang-bangers do and sadly that is what Kiritji and Tararji are doing. This is their knee-jerk reaction when they see their factional chief come under fire, irregardless if those points are justified or not. All in all K & T are like two dogs sitting at the feet of Sarvatmananda-- licking his feet, totally unaware about how much harm he is doing. Just due to their blindness & ignorance, K & T are betraying Guru. Verily these publications icons are a slur in name of Ananda Marga. Because as much as we just want to have pity on them, in the end it has to be said they are deviants going against Guru's word and the path of dharma.
**************************************** Process of Channlisation
Baba says, "If people have a healthy body and mind their glandular system will remain balanced and they can easily channelise their physical energy into psychic and spiritual activities. This process of channelisation is the only way to check the mental flow towards crude propensities." (AFPS-9, p. 35)

Many PP's

From: "Seshagiri Das" Subject: Three PP's Date: Sun 23 Dec 2007 23:47:54 +0000 To: Baba

 == THREE PP'S ==

 Namaskar, All the various groups are opportunists and in it for their own power-- and their own power alone. This we can all see. That is why it probably comes as no surprise that in the near future our Marga may be faced with the prospect of having many PP's-- one for all the groups. Things have been moving this way for a while but these latest developments outlined below further indicate that this is a strong possibility. That is why it is just their lip-service when the various groups talk about unity etc. They have no intention of creating unity-- nor are they able to do so when they are busily licking their chops in hopes of getting more power. So whenever any of the groups talk about unity, one should understand that this is their befooling tactic-- nothing more. Here then is some of the latest news flying around. 


 1. As you know that Didi Ananda Giita' is now in third front CC-- i.e. she is on the EC team's Central Committee. Before that, she was CWWS, but Ranchi administration has kicked her out of the post. 
 2. For the last 2 months meetings have been going on. Nigma'nanda was adamant about making Didi Ananda Dyotana' as CWWS. But Rudra'nanda was insisting on having Didi Ananda Abhisambuddha' as the CWWS.

 3. Now some people are suspecting that it is not end of the conflict but rather it is the start. They say that in the near future one more division within the Ranchi administration is going to occur between Rudra'nanda and Nigama'nanda. 

 4. Because Nigma'nanda is not just a friend of Didi Ananda Dyotana. Rather they are sentimentally attached and deeply involved with one another. And this feeling is enough to fuel Nigama'nanda's departure from Rudra'nanda's castle-- thereby creating another split in the Ranchi empire NEWS ABOUT THE UPCOMING DMS 1. SDO Purulia has given permission to Kokata group to hold DMS on 30-31-1st January DMS. DM Purulia has approved it. Purulia court has also approved it. 2. Now Rudra'nanda camp has gone to the High court and decision will be made tomorrow about it. 3. Now the Kolkata group is making their Pandal etc. 4. Both sides are ready and organising for a physical fight.

 5. It looks that 3rd front (EC team) will have their DMS with alliance with the Kolkata group. 6. As you know that 3rd front had elected their CC on 8th of Nov in Purulia. After Diwali vacation, they went to court and now the court has heard them and accepted their petition of CC and referred them to the main case no. 122/07. So now 3rd front has also CC and now they can make their own CEC. They can work as organisation until the case 122/07 is disposed of. THREE PP'S Given all of the above, it seems quite likely that in near future there may be three PP's-- at a minimum. Rudrananda from the Ranchi side; Parmeshvarananda from the EC faction; and from the Bangla team, it is debatable who they will pick. Then of course, there is word that the Ranchi team will also soon split. So the whole scene is a hotbed of activity; it is like one live volcano that is rumbling on a daily basis. Who knows when it will erupt and spew out its lava. GOOD WTS AND MARGIIS SHOULD COME FORWARD Now the only response left is that good wts and margiis should come forward. The only reason that groupism has reared its ugly head and taken hold of everything is because up till now the moralists have been in a minority and disunited. But if good workers come forward then more and more moralists can rally around them. And in that situation, we can bring our Marga out of this ugly, groupist era. By Baba's grace, success is sure. Namaskar, Seshagiri

Why Boring Sadhana

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 23:48:24 From: Dharmaviira Subject: Why Boring Sadhana To: Baba "Ka'j kare yete esechi dhara'te, kuruks'etra ei dhara'..." (PS 1307) Purport: O' Lord, by Your grace, I have come in this world to do work and serve You; this world is kuruks'etra [1]. O' my dearmost, with Your divine compassion I have come here to engage in positive work and serve the humanity. Remaining idle and inert, and wasting time in lethargy is not the flow of life. This is not how human beings should live. O' Prabhu, by Your divine grace You have blessed me with the energy and motivation to involve in work-- to do something for the great cause of dharma. O' Lord Krsna, everything You have done with Your cakra [2] and Your bow and arrow. Everyone is aware about Your epic adventures. That immortal tale and everlasting story remains flowing in everyone's memory-- in everyone's mental plate. O' Prabhu, everyone is moving forward by Your divine pull; there is no scope for anyone to pause or stop. No one can lag behind; all are moving ahead. O' Lord Krsna, that divine story of the Mahabharat led by You Yourself which took place on Kuruksetra is filled with song and has been beautifully written by the great sage, Dvaepa'yan [3]. O' my Lord, by Your grace I have come on this earth to serve You and work for the welfare of all.. NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #1307: [1] Kuruks'etra: Everyone knows that the meaning of dharmaks'etra is one's human body whereas kuruks'etra has two meanings. The first meaning of Kuruks'etra is that area of land near Delhi in the state of Haryana where the Mahabharta battle was fought around 3500 years ago. And the second meaning of Kuruks'etra refers to the grand idea that everyone has come into this world to so some work-- because this world is known as kuruks'etra. Here following is Baba's special explanation. Baba says, "The real name of this world is kuruks'etra, because it is always telling you Kuru, kuru, kuru - 'Go on working and working and working. Don't sit idle. Don't let your existence fall under a curse due to your indolence. Move towards success through your works.' So the real name of that ks'etra [field] which constantly advises you in this way is kuruks'etra. Kuruks´etra thus stands for the manifested world around us, the sam'sa'ra, where you exist in your physical body, dharmaks'etra." (DKG) Indeed Baba has graciously given so many discourses on the meaning of Kuruks'etra and by listening to His Prabhat Samgiita people can refresh their mind of the real meaning of Kuruks'etra. Here the overarching idea is that all the various aspects of Baba's expansive AM ideology are present in seed form in His collection of Prabhat Samgiita. Baba has written His Prabhat Samgiita very indirectly and those with a pointed mind understand how each song links with in-depth explanations which He has given in His AM philosophical discourses. [2] Cakra: This term has a variety of meanings and in this song Baba is referring to one of the weapons of Lord Krsna. Because during the Mahabharat battle, there were times when Lord Krsna unveiled His divine cakra. Here below Baba Himself describes the historic scene in the Mahabharat where the people thought Lord Krsna covered the sun with His cakra so that Arjuna could fufill his great vow of slaying the immoral Jayadrath. Baba says, "You know what happened at the time of Jayadratha's death. Arjuna, as per his vow, was supposed to go to the funeral pyre immediately after sunset in order to keep his promise. Suddenly people observed that the sun was no longer in the sky and that it had become dark all around. Everyone thought that the sun had already set. Those who were devotees, not philosophers, commented that Lord Krs'n'a had covered the sun with His Sudarshana Cakra...and people thought that the sun had gone down. Soon Arjuna was able to keep his promise and kill Jayadratha. " (NKS, Disc: 24) [3] Dvaepa'yan: This is another name for the great poet Vedavyasa Deva who recorded the Mahabharat in written form. Baba says, "Krs'n'advaepa'yan'a Vya'sa is renowned as Vedavya'sa for having divided the Vedas into three main portions (Rk, Yajuh, and Atharva)...He was born in a fisherman's family (Kaevarta [a fishing caste]) on a blackish island that rose out of the waters of the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna at Prayag, and for this reason the people gave him the name Krs'n'advaepa'yan'a. This Krs'n'advaepa'yan'a or Vedavya'sa was the composer of the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata was composed long, long, long after the Vedas, but nonetheless it is undoubtedly more than three thousand years old." (SC-2, Disc: 11) Final Note: Baba composed the above Prabhat Samgiita #1307 on 29 Feb 1984 when He Himself was touring through Kuruks'etra, thus giving credence to the idea that indeed the historical account of the Mahabharat is itiha'sa. == WHY BORING SADHANA == Namaskar, Every sadhaka is aware that the repetition of our ista manta is based on the divine idea that the individual mind of the unit being can become one with the vast ocean of that Cosmic mind. So our mantra japa has tremendous meaning and is part and parcel of our spiritual cult. Here and there however, some lose sight of the greater meaning of their ista mantra and instead get stuck up in a literal meaning. This below story where one of our esteemed acaryas was doing a lesson review with one margii follows this pattern. STORY: 'THE SMILING SADHAKA' At dharmacakra, one acarya told this following story about his own experience when doing a lesson review with on youth. One time a margii university student approached this acaryaji and requested him to do a lesson review. As that is one of the chief duties of our wts, the acarya wholeheartedly attended to this request. So the acarya reviewed various aspects of that sadhaka's meditation, including his ista mantra. And everything seemed fine so then they both sad down for sadhana, sitting a short distance from one another. After some time, the acarya opened his eyes and looked over at the young sadhaka to see how everything was going. And he noticed that the student was broadly smiling while doing sadhana. Gently the acarya walked over to inquire about the student's meditation. And the acarya said, 'I noticed that you are smiling in your sadhana, are you repeating your ista mantra'. Then the student very sincerely told, 'Yes I am repeating my ista mantra, and I am smiling because that is the meaning of the mantra'. Then the acaryaji requested, 'Tell me what mantra you are repeating'. Then in quick fashion the student told his mantra. And the fast way in which he spoke it, the mantra sounded just like the Hindi word for smiling. Then the student very sincerely told, 'So I am just doing what the mantra says to do-- that is why I am smiling in my meditation'. And then at that point acaryaji understood exactly what the student's problem was. Instead of understanding that the devotional meaning of the mantra is related with the divine idea of calling out to Parama Purusa, instead of that the boy was just taking the mantra too literally. And in his innocence the student was repeating the mantra and literally taking it to be one Hindi word meaning 'smiling'. So he could not link up with the proper ideation of the mantra. Instead with this overly literal meaning, the boy was just following what the mantra said to do. That is why he was smiling doing sadhana. At that point the acarayaji gently guided the youth in the proper direction. He told, 'Do not think of the mantra in such a literal way that it just turns into one common Hindi word meaning smiling. Literally repeating the mantra in that parrot-like fashion will not work. Rather when you do your sadhana then when you inhale repeat the first syllable of the mantra and think about yourself. And then when you exhale with full devotional feeling repeat the second syllable of the mantra and ideate on merging into Parama Purusa. This of ideation must be followed when repeating your mantra-- this is the of proper ideation. And when sincerely following this approach then your sadhana will be successful.' Thereafter, when the youth returned to his meditation he properly followed this approach and his sadhana naturally flowed in a deeply devotional rhythm-- as he repeated his mantra and linked with Parama Purusa each and every breath. BABA'S SPECIAL EXPLANATION In His unique discourse, 'The Stance of Salvation and How to Attain It', Baba guides us about what can happen when one takes the meaning of their mantra too literally. On page 84 of SS-18 (1992 Edn), Baba explains how one sadhaka was repeating the mantra 'Rama'. The first syllable was 'Ra' and the second was 'Ma'. But the meditator was thinking too literally about each of the syllables. So instead of ideating on the divine concept of merging in the vastness of Parama Purusa, i.e. Rama, instead of that the sadhaka just became bored with the literal sound of each syllable of their mantra-- Ra & ma. In that boredom, the sadhaka could not keep their mind fixed on the syllables of the mantra. So when repeating 'Ra', the sadhaka was thinking about 'ma' and when repeating 'ma' he was thinking about 'ra'. In that way the sadhaka totally reversed the entire mantra. And instead of thinking about the divine idea of 'Rama', the sadhaka reversed the syllables and was literally repeating 'mara'-- which means death. This all happened because the sadhaka took the process of repeating the mantra too literally. And in that way the mind could not sustain any psychic or devotional flow. Just it got stuck in the literal repetition of each of the syllables. WHAT SHOULD BE OUR APPROACH We should not allow such things to happen to us in our meditation. Sometimes we see in sadhana shivir programs that some sadhakas get bored or start falling asleep in their meditation. Sometimes this happens at our various AMPS functions. In most of these cases, the sadhaka is unable to link up with the expansive idea of their mantra. Rather than getting bored and literally repeating each syllable of the mantra, we should just repeat the mantra with the full thought of Parama Purusa in our mental plate. It is just like when one baby repeats 'mama'. The whole time the baby is yearning for its mother. It is not thinking of the literal meaning of 'ma' on the first syllable and then the literal meaning of 'ma' on the second syllable. This is not the way the baby's mind is working-- not in that literal fashion. Rather with wholehearted love and yearning the baby is ensconced in the idea of mother and crying out 'mama...mama...mama'. And by that way the baby gets its mother. Similarly, in our sadhana we should devotionally ensconce the mind in Parama Purusa and use the mantra as a means to call out to Him. This is our devotional approach in sadhana-- thus permanently ending the problem of boredom in sadhana. This is Baba's divine teaching. BABA'S BLESSING By Baba's divine grace and by ideating on Him when we do our mantra japa, then one will reach that pinnacled point. Baba says, "Be established in Parama Purusa...come in contact with the universal flow of divine nectar...for a sa'dhaka, the most valuable thing is his ista mantra. With the help of the ista mantra and his personal incantation, a sa'dhaka will attain enlightenment." (SS-18, p.95) Namaksar, Dharmaviira

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