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Baba Story About Degenerated WT

Date: 18 Jun 2010 14:52:48 -0000 From: "Priyanath C Mittra" To: Subject: Baba Story About Degenerated WT Baba Introduction to Prabhat Samgiita #3008: This song explains how Parama Purusa plays His divine game of hide and seek, or maya, with His bhaktas. Prabhat Samgiita #3008 Ma'-ya'loke- eso aja'na'pathi--k Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, A'a'----a'a' Tandra'vija-r'ita mor a'nkhite--- Kua'sha'r a'varan'- bhed kare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Tumi cha'r'a'a'r kichu ca'oa'r je na'--i A'-------------------------------------a' Tumi cha'r'a'a'r kichu ca'oa'r je na'--i Dvitiiya kono kichute tripti na'pa'--i Us'a'r uday hote prati pale ta'--i Liila'y bhola'o shata- ru'pa dhare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Kichutei bhu'libo na'a'mio liila'--y A'--------------------------------a' Kichutei bhu'libo na'a'mio liila'--y Mor man tava bha've sam'sthiti ca'-y- A'loke a'ndha're eki sure geye ja'--y Ma'ne abhima'ne eso- pra'n'a bhare--- Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Ma'-ya'loke- eso aja'na'pathi--k Jene shune bhu'l kare- mor ghare---, Purport: O' Ajana Pathik, please come into this world of maya. O' Parama Purusa, this universe is created by Your maya. Because of the influence of maya, my mind has become clouded by the as't'apa'shas [1] and sa'd'ripus [2]. My eyes too are clouded, I cannot see through the mist. Baba, at least come to my abode by accident, piercing the veil of mist in my drowsy eyes - as it seems You do not want to come on purpose. I have tried meditating on You, but it is difficult - I can't see You. Baba, please come in my eyes after removing this bondage of avidya maya. Baba, please appear in my heart. Baba, besides You, I do not long for anything else; I do not get satiated by any other thing. Baba, when my mind runs towards various worldly objects it never finds satisfaction. Everything in this world is finite yet my desires are infinite. No matter how much I get materially, I never feel satisfied. I long for more and more. Baba, only You are the ultimate shelter. Besides You everything else is moving; only You are permanent. Baba, I want only You - nothing else. Because I long only for You, that is why You play Your divine liila of hide and seek and keep Yourself covered. You put me in such a situation that I remain submerged in all kinds of worldly allurements. By expressing Yourself in countless shapes and forms, You try to delude me with the various displays of Your divine liila. You want that I should remain forgetful about You. Verily, from the dawn, from my very birth, each and every moment, You distract me with Your liila in Your innumerable ways. Baba, I try to remember You but I always forget. At any cost, I will never be sidetracked by maya. But, by Your divine love You made me understand that my mind only wants You. I want to be immersed in your flow - always. O'Lord, at any cost please come close, to my heart's content. Please come in my dhya'na, sadhana, and shravan, manan, & niddhidhyasana [3], so that each and every breath I can remember You and only You. By Your grace, my mind yearns to be ensconced in Your ideation always - all the 24hrs. In good times and bad, day or night, happiness or sorrow, always my mind only sings Your name, Your tune. In light and darkness, my mind sings only one tune - only Your ideation, Your name, Your kiirtan. At any cost, please come filling my heart - allow me to get You 100%. In getting You, I forget everything. This causeless grace I want. O' Parama Purusa please come into mental abode, please grace me... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #3008: [1] As't'a'pa'sha: Baba says, "As't'apa'sha means the eight fetters. Anyone bound by fetters will lose his capacity of movement. In the creation we find the movement of human beings is from the crude to the subtle. That is, human beings have to move towards the subtle, but by their leaning towards the eight fetters such as lajja', bhaya, and ghrn'a', they get absorbed in crude things only and their progress towards the subtle is stopped. Bhaya (fear), lajja' (shame), ghrn'a' (hatred), shaunka' (doubt), kula (high descent), shiila (complex of culture), ma'na (vanity) and jugupsa' (backbiting) are the eight fetters." (AMEP) [2] Sa'd'ripu: Baba says, "S'at' means 'six' and ripu means 'enemies'. These six faculties in human beings are termed as enemies, as they absorb the mind in crudeness and stop its march towards the subtle. The supreme rank for unit consciousness is subtle, and anything which holds it back from reaching the supreme rank, is its enemy. These six faculties are, therefore, termed as six enemies. Ka'ma (longing for earthly objects), krodha (anger), lobha (avarice), moha (blind attachment) , mada (vanity) and ma'tsarya (envy) are the six enemies." (AMEP) [3] Manan, Shravan, Nididya'snana: Here Baba explains both the special meaning and intrinsic value of these devotional practices. Baba says, "To attain Him human beings have to take recourse to shravana (constantly hearing His name), manana (constantly ideating on Him) and nididya'sana (constantly meditating on Him). The Supreme Entity is Gurha, that is, He is lying hidden in the innermost recess of the human entity. To attain Him one must penetrate deep within oneself, and for that the development of an introversial outlook is essential." (TK-3)
Namaskar, In the April 1988 ERAWS LFT reporting session in front of Baba, everyone was in a spirited mood. And as per the custom all the Lfts appeared before Baba in their saffron gown; and later when only the male Lfts remained, then we removed that upper garment for the concluding section of the reporting with Baba. This was the regular way. In that setting, Baba raised one point to an LFT who was the in-charge of one block-level school. The matter was brought that why he, the school-in-charge, had hired a teacher who had the negative habit of smoking and why was this teacher still being allowed to smoke on the school premises.
Then in the due course of that memorable reporting session Baba revealed in front of all that the school-in charge, i.e. the LFT, was suffering from some misguided sentimental attachment for that teacher whom he had hired. More than this Baba did not say at that moment. Just Baba told that it was due to this weakness that the Lft had employed that teacher at his school. Even though the Lft was fully aware that it is wrong to employ one smoker as the teacher in our AM schools. Then in dramatic fashion Baba step by step uncovered the entire history and secrets. Such that by the end of the reporting session, all these following points came to the surface. First Baba revealed that the teacher who smoked was previously an acarya, an avadhuta specifically. But then unfortunately that avadhuta got terribly degenerated due to his own poor choices and actions. And he started involving in all sorts of negative things. He was involved in one scandal after another. Even then the possibility was there to rectify himself. But ultimately this worker sealed his own fate by leaving his avadhutaship and WT-ship. Thus he broke his oaths, and in a very short period he stopped following 16 points and took on all sorts of disgusting habits like smoking etc. Baba disclosed these facts in front of all. Even then there is more to the story... Because Baba furthermore told that this ex-Wt got involved with a non-margii female and ultimately he got married after so many nonsense affairs. This is the black history of that ex-WT. Not surprisingly then in that degenerated condition this ex-avadhuta could not get any job either and he was having serious financial problems. So then one day--even though he had this crude smoking habit and was still engaging in all sorts of anti-social behaviors-- that degenerated ex-avadhuta shamelessly knocked on the door of our AM school in hopes of getting employed as a school teacher. Now here comes the intriguing part...
That ex-avadhuta went to that particular school in search of a job because in those days of old when he was still wearing an avadhuta uniform, then he was the one who initiated the AM school-in-charge, i.e the LFT. So this ex-avadhuta was the acarya of the that LFT. And by relying on that outdated link, he cunningly got himself the position of teacher. How? By taking advantage of the old, sentimental feelings of that LFT whom he had initiated years earlier. That is how this whole negative scenario happened. Because after all, right or wrong, the Lft still felt indebted to that degenerated avadhuta since he had received his initiation from him. Means in his own mind, the confused Lft was still holding a lot of respect for that ex-WT. He felt some allegiance for him. And with his limited understanding that LFT reasoned that: Good or bad, whatever his conduct may be, still he is my acarya. This was the way that Lft school-in-charge was thinking; and with that sentimental attachment he hired that degenerated ex-WT as a school teacher. Baba revealed all this in that ERAWS LFT reporting session. Then Baba definitively told there was only one single cause behind this entire negative affair. Baba explained that all this happened because the LFT was wrongly thinking that this degenerated avadhuta was still his acarya. At that point, by getting Baba's important guideline, we all understood how the whole situation went sour. On the one hand the degenerated avadhuta knew he could get success by capitalising on the Lft's sentimental attachment for him. And on the other hand, in his naivete, innocence, and blind attachment, the Lft school-in-charge was living under the delusion that this ex-wt was his acarya. So he was holding a lot of respect for the ex-avadhuta and was still doing pranam to him etc. But by Baba's way of explaining and dealing, we understood how the school-in-charge was off the mark.
The overall point was that we should not think that those degenerated persons who left their WT ships are still the acaryas of those persons whom they initiated. No one should think like this. Because those degenerated ex-Wts have nothing to do with being acarya. And in that very reporting session, BABA Himself told, "A'ca'ran'a't pa'thayati yah sah a'ca'ryah", meaning : one who teaches through one's own conduct is an acarya. Like this we understood that an acarya is one who lives by an ideal code of conduct and who has not broken their acarya oaths by leaving their WT ship. So those persons who left their WT-ship etc and all their practices and got wrapped up in all sorts of negative dealings, they are not anybody's acarya anymore. This was one the main thing we all learned in that reporting session.
However Baba revealed one other very special point in that reporting session. He told that for those persons whose acarya got degenerated and left, then they should think that Guru is their acarya. Means those cases where an acarya has left the mission, then for his initiates Guru will take on the role of acarya for those sadhakas. Thus for them, Baba will act both as Guru and Acarya. So that was one special benefit or outcome in all of this.
At the end of the LFT reporting session, Baba also gave the immediate order that the degenerated ex-avadhuta who was smoking & holding the position of teacher, it was ordered that he should be removed from his job immediately. Means that degenerated ex-WT was no longer allowed to work at the school. And not only that, this ex-WT should be taken away from the school premises as quickly as possible. Because such a degenerated person has no right to teach in our AM schools. All this Baba told in fiery voice.
By this entire reporting session with Baba, many points became clear. The main one being that undue respect and importance should not be given to degenerated ex-Wts. None should think that these persons are still something great or that they are still dedicated ones. Because in fact they are not anybody's acarya. Indeed Baba made this point crystal clear that day in the reporting session. Since then most people understand that no one should foolishly hold those degenerated ex-Wts in high regard. Unfortunately around our Marga there still seems to be widespread confusion about all this. So step by step we should ensure that everyone gets clear on this point.
With devotion to Baba and understanding who is who and what is what, we are sure to build that new social order. That is Baba's blessing. Baba says, "The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky." (PNS-7, p.9) Namaskar, Priyanath
Throughout some recently published AM materials certain degenerated acaryas have gotten top billing and been presented as still being something great because for one or another reason the margii author etc has failed to inform the readers that "such & such -ananda" is no longer in uniform and instead is sunk in various crude activities. One name that comes up time and again in this regard is the old Vimalananda. Not the current Vimalananda but the one previous who came flying through NY sector in those early days and initiated many persons before ultimately getting stuck up in so many negative affairs and leaving his acaryaship. But still when certain old margiis recount stories from the early days then with full blown glory they talk about the greatness of that Vimalananda-- when in reality that Vimalananda is no more, just one faded figure of the history. This type of thing has occurred on multiple pages of the book 'I am Yours' written by NY sector margiis. So that is one instance of confusion. And this occurs with various persons such as the old Vishokananda who became a traitor to Baba etc. And there are others… Then in another common case, some former Wts arrive with their female partner & offspring or with their "special someone" at various AM retreats and functions. And on some occasions our present acaryas start giving undue respect and importance to this fallen person. True enough in all cases it is not like that-- especially if that ex-WT was imbalanced as an acarya. But in other cases when those ex-Wts were deemed as someone great when they were acarya and when after they left their acaryaship then to satisfy their little ego they got one Ph.D. degree, then it is commonly seen that these fallen souls are heralded as some type of saviour. And they are presented as some prize-winning speaker or realised intellectual etc at the retreat. When the truth is they are just one sorry fellow who broke their oath to Baba, usually got 'caught' in some unseemly act, and in general could not manage Sixteen Points etc. But we see in many cases that even after all this, some fallen ex-Wts stride around the campus with their new found initials-- Ph.D.-- and pretend that they are leading personalities. And others in their confusion or in attachment to the past think of that former WT as some sadvripra etc. However that is not true. But unfortunately even some WTs and margiis blow the bugle of that ex-WT, claiming that he is still something fantastic. So this is their misperception and best will be if those fallen Wts themselves come to the retreats with folded hands and just act as someone fortunate to be allowed to attend. Or even better if they explain to one and all that their example is not ideal, rather something lowly. How far such ex-Wts are ready to do this is another matter but certainly strutting around the retreat grounds as if they are some high-born Brahmin is just their delusion and hypocritical way. Nor should their names appear in golden letters on the retreat flier as if we are all blessed to hear them speak. On this point we should all be clear and be firm on Baba's dharmic policy. Lastly, while there are a few names that can be pointed out about all this, in general most know who they are so just presenting the overall scene is sufficient in this instance.
Living acarya life in true sense is the great work; to live a life of 100% service to Guru and to the humanity. And if one cannot follow this then they should humbly accept their fate and not start touting themselves as a genius in some other type of mundane field since they got a shiny, new Ph.D. or fancy job title. These types of mundane achievements pale in comparison to living acarya life and in most circumstances fallen Wts get these titles in order to cover their bruised egos.
In this entire topic, the term 'degenerated' has two meanings. First for those who leave their WT ships, and second about those still in uniform yet indulge in negative behaviors. Both cases are degenerated and in neither instance should one be glorified or thought of as acarya. Those following groupism etc also come in this second category of degeneration.
This following example of Baba gives this direction: That we should give first priority to honoring those whom nobody gives honor.
Baba says, "To those who think for all... Who offer others seats of honour and respect... Who venerate others, instead of waiting to be venerated-- To them I dedicate this book with humble esteem, and deepest salutations."
(NH-LOI, Dedication) ****************************************

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