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MPD: Extinct Like Dinosaurs

Date: 06 Aug 2008 23:03:11 -0000 From: "Shivadayal Singhal" To: Subject: MPD: Extinct Like Dinosaurs Baba "Toma'y a'mi khunje gechi, kato na' yug dhare kato yug dhare..." (PS 4018) Purport: O' my Dearmost, I have searched You for ages and ages. Since time immemorial, since the dawn of my existence, I have been seeking You. Baba, I have rowed this worn out boat, jiirn' tarii [1], in this ocean of time, ka'ler sagar [2] for so many lives-- one after another. Baba, birth after birth, creeping across the expanse of saincara and pratisaincara, I have been slowly moving towards You. And now today I remain involved in my lethargic meditation, still trying to reach to Your lotus feet. Baba, I have been searching You in all the directions: Left and right, front and back, up and down, far away and close by, in each and every nook and corner of this vast creation-- everywhere. Baba, I have also looked for You in the scenic panorama of forms throughout this expressed universe. Baba, I have looked so many places in search of You. O' Prabhu, no matter where I looked You could not be seen. You did not give me any hint as to where You were residing. Nor did You ever tell me Your divine tales or share Your blissful stories indicating Your whereabouts. Baba, I never heard anything from You. Even then, with my heartfelt longing I go on calling You-- just to please You and have You. Baba, by Your grace You have made me understand that You reside in my heart eternally... NOTES ABOUT PS #4018: [1] Jiirn' Tarii: (literally meaning 'worn-out boat'). This term indicates how the sadhaka's existence is like a worn-out boat. For ions and ions, in various forms, the sadhaka has been moving slowly towards Parama Purusa. In the past they existed as fire, ice, and wind only later to turn into wood, stone and water, and still later to transform into undeveloped and developed animals-- all the while moving slowly towards Him. Until finally they achieved human life. But even then the journey has been slow in their worn-out boat. Because even after getting initiation into path of sadhana the aspirant is just lazily attending to his meditation practice-- inching his way towards Parama Purusa. So the sadhaka is not at all pointed in his approach. That is why he is described as jiirn' tarii (worn-out boat) in the above song. [2] Ka'ler Sagar: (literally meaning 'ocean of time'). Since one's initial birth there is a vast yet measurable distance between the aspirant and their Goal. That distance which spans countless lifetimes is known as the ocean of time. That expanse is what the sadhaka must cross to reach their goal. And by slowly revolving around the Cosmic Nucleus one advances on their journey. From inanimate to animate, and from plant to animal and from animal to human being, the sadhaka has been crossing that ocean of time. And there is sure to come a day when invariably that sadhaka will traverse that entire ocean of time and become one with their cherished Goal-- Parama Purusa.
Namaskar, Nowadays hardly anyone is falling into the trap of Mahaprayan dogma. Because we all feel that Baba is eternally along with us-- residing in our hearts. This is the way of each and every Ananda Margii and indeed this is the way of devotion. So by His infinite cosmic grace all are moving along on His blissful path, keeping Him in our heart. In this era of crude materialism He has blessed us with the divine gift of spirituality: The feeling that He is always along with us. Still-- with their selfish agenda-- some top group B leaders are still trying to impose their Mahaprayan dogma. Altogether it is a losing battle. Step by step it is becoming obsolete; now they have only 1 or 2 unfortunate followers, no more than that. Of course the Rudrananda faction has their own dogmatic ploys but Sarvatmananda and his B team are the proud fathers of the dogmatic Mahaprayan program. This is their brain-child. Because in truth this so-called Mahaprayan does not have any logical legs to stand upon. It is just the creation of one very dogmatic type of so-called leader who did like this in order to make people more attached to his so-called holy land of Tiljala. And he tried to limit Baba to one land, or one place or even one building in Bengal. So from top to bottom everyone is seeing this dogma of Mahaprayan Divas (MPD) for what it is-- A Dogma. In their negative, disjointed approach of following the dogma of Mahaprayan, a few persons give the logic that when Baba has taken human form, then that means that He also has gone away. Like this a few certain persons talk. However, by Baba's divine grace we have hundreds of discourses where He has beautifully described and praised the divine advent of Mahasambhuti. This is commonly discussed in countless numbers of Baba's talks. And never has Baba told or given any significance of His going away. Because, how can He say 'going away' when in true sense He does not go? Every Margii knows that BABA has taken one special human form as Mahasambhuti. By that way-- by His grace-- we have come in contact with Him. And that form of Mahasambhuti is the form of Guru. And that form still continues to have a deeply significant role in our day to day life, each and every moment. Because for us, for Ananda Margiis, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is our Guru. And in the life we feel His grace. And in order to have a link with His devotees and teach His philosophy, Baba created His physical form. And when He has felt there is no longer any need to continue to maintain the physical form, then He just maintains His internal link with us through His ota yoga & He is eternally residing along with us. So He is the Divine Eternal Entity who is ever-present in our mind and heart-- eternally showering the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. So His divine advent is just His special grace and we should not compare Him with the likes of an ordinary mortal human being. The form of Mahasambhuti should not be compared with an ordinary human body. Those who are doing like this have missed the boat of spirituality-- just they are sunk in their own dogma. For all these reasons, we cannot accept that that form is gone. Because we see Him in that divine form always. We relate our entire existence with Him with the help of that very form. And with that form we visualize Him in our mind-- taking help of His photo. In that way we do dhyana and sadhana of that form. So the form of Mahasambhuti is very significant for all of us. And that form remains the source of all inspiration. And by the help of that very form, doing dhyana of that very form, one day by His grace we will become one with Him. If we see in the treasure of Prabhat Samgiita, there are hundreds of songs in which Baba talks about His presence. But He never writes any song about His leaving the body of mahasambhuti. Any devotee can think that Baba does not like to propagate this idea of leaving. Because if we think that He left, it means we are comparing that magnanimous personality as an ordinary human being. What right have we to think, that He has left? For those who do not understand or believe the greatness of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and do not believe that He is Taraka Brahma, in that situation if they think that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji passed away on 21st October 1990, then by seeing this we feel pity on them. Because they could not receive the grace of Lord. So they are ignorant. And-- not only that-- but they are contradicting themselves by saying like that. Because on the one side they are celebrating His presence by doing Guru Sakash, Dhyana, Japa, Guru Puja, raising the Jai slogan, etc, and the next moment they are chanting the dogma of MPD and telling that He is gone. The top of all idea is that devotees and God cannot keep distant from one another. Without the other they will die. So neither God can leave devotees and devotees cannot leave God. Then how He can go. He cannot. By His divine grace Mahasambhuti Baba lives in the devotee's heart. If those following Mahaprayan really think that their Lord is just one ordinary mortal then that is different thing but our relation is not ordinary one. His presence is beyond time, space, and person. In this life and in future and always and up till eternity He is remaining along with us. Then how He can go. Those who believe that Taraka Brahma has advented, by that way they think that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma. Then surely He is not one human being. In contrast when they start thinking about October 21 (Mahaprayan), then they quickly want to forget their faith and the feeling that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma. In place of that, they start thinking and viewing Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji as just one ordinary human being. So this is that stagnancy of the Mahaprayan dogma. And those few people who are stuck in this dogma live a life of contradiction. Because on the one hand they sometimes comfort themselves by thinking that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma. And that He will help them solve their problems etc. Some moments they are thinking in this proper and positive direction. Then in order to clutch onto their Mahaprayan dogma, the next moment they start thinking that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is an ordinary mortal. If they will think in all the cases that Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma, then and then alone their eyes will open and they will see and understand their mistake and they will realise that He is not gone that that Baba is there inside the heart-- inside the mind. And that He remains all the time in Vrindaban, of the devotees mind-Guru Cakra. Baba says, "Vrnda'vanam parityajya pa'damekam na gaccha'mi..." (PS 4425)
"I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is the Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with the devotees."
So Baba is residing in everyone's heart-- that is where He remains.
"Dura't sudure tadiha'ntike ca..."
Baba says, "Only the one who looks into the inner most recesses of oneself can realise the Supreme Entity.... the bhaktas or devotees say, 'He is near, so near that the distance is immeasurable.' Those who have eyes to see, see that Parama Purus'a is in the core of their hearts; He is within the very existence of each and every entity, so there is no necessity of moving about in search of Him. He resides within the very "I- feeling" of everyone." (AMIWL) Namaskar, Shivadayal Note 1: Those who try to limit the Supreme Entity are wallowing in...
"Vya'pitvm ca...dine"
"The Entity which is all-pervading who is established in the grandeur of being the Witnessing Entity of everyone, about that divine Entity if I say about Him that on this place He ate butter and on this place He took bath, telling all these tales if I bind that all-pervading Entity to one particular land, country, or place, by propagating the greatness of this holy land or that holy land, if by this I ruin His all-pervasiveness then that is not a virtuous deed, but rather sin." (AVM-11, p. 30)
This entire dogmatic affair of Mahaprayan is nothing but the brainchild of negative groupist leader Sarvatmanandji. It is just His crude ploy for power. And now nearly everyone is understanding the negativity of Sarvatmanandji's approach.
The current administration for their own reasons has their eyes set of deleting the Mahaprayan chapter from the fake appendix of Caryacarya part 1. Means in October '90, Sarvatmanandji rallied people with threats and money to put this crude appendix into Baba's divine publication. So they did like that. But now other groupists like Rudranandji and company realise that this was just another one of Sarvatmananda's crude swindles for power. That is why they are now rejecting Mahaprayan and motioning to remove it from the book. And margiis with their devotional heart are also thinking that the dogmatic appendix of Mahaprayan should be removed. That is why it is clear that the day of this fake Mahaprayan dogma are extremely limited. Any moment this crude MPD function will be totally obsolete like the dinosaurs.
******************************************** True Even Today
Baba says, "This predominantly racial conflict among the different hill clans was raging fiercely during the period of Lord Shiva. Shiva worked hard to cultivate a perfect friendship among the three warring groups. He knew that in the absence of such a friendship, the future of humanity was dark. Just as Krs´n´a wanted to unite all the people of the then India and create a Maha´bha´rata [Great India], similarly, Shiva wanted to unite the three warring groups. He thought that his lofty spiritual cult and ideology and his unique school of medicine would not be properly conveyed to future generations if the people continued their racial battles." (AV-7, p.54-55) Note: The groupist chaos that Baba is describing above still holds true today in this modern era. Tragically now due to the group fight, so many dharmic works have been left behind-- undone. And instead all the groups have engaged all their engines in this group fight-- thereby misusing and abusing the potential of so many wts. Also most margiis are not being utislied for dharmic work beause of this factional clash. The whole affair is criminal. Society needs our help and our AMPS is riddled with selfish group conflict like the days of old. Thus Baba's above messge rings true still today. Now the main thing is that unity is needed. So our duty is to realise the gravity of the situation and fix this problem once and for all. When done our AMPS will be able to do great things on this earth.

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