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This Is The Time To Think About This Story

From: "Girish Deva"
Subject: This Is The Time To Think About This Story
Date: Mon 10 Sep 2012 20:33:41 +0530



The story starts here, which I received.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

I was with Baba in Delhi those days. Once He blessed me with the special opportunity to go in His room and personally see Him, to serve Him. Then Baba graciously started recounting many aspects of Lord Krishna's life. In particular, He the whole incident of how Lord Krishna left His physical body. When describing Lord Krishna's last breath, Baba told that a poisonous arrow pierced Lord Krishna's foot and that was the end...

By listening to this long story, I was feeling pained and concerned.

Then Baba asked me, "Why are you feeling disturbed and upset? You know, I also have to leave My physical body and you people must not become unhappy."

Hearing this, I could not refrain myself. As Baba was speaking, I just put my hand over His mouth, and I requested Him not to say such things: "I don't want to hear You talk about when You are going to leave Your physical body. Please do not speak like this."

Then Baba started smiling and gently took my hand away from His mouth. Then in a very sweet and loving manner He gently said,  "Don't worry my boy, first, stop crying and I will tell you something."

When I stopped crying Baba began speaking, "All the rules of nature are made by Parama Purusa and under that rule, one day I too will have to leave this physical body. That day will come when I have finished the work I have decided to do with this physical body. When Lord Krishna wanted to make the Great India, the Mahabharata, He used the the Pandavas as His medium. And when His work was finished, with His own desire, He left His physical body. You all are my mini-Babas. When you become capable of executing My samkalpa, then I will automatically understand that you can fulfill My work. In that case, what will be the use of My physical body? When the work of this physical body is finished then I will leave My physical body, yet I will remain always with you in your heart."


Baba then said, "I only took this physical body to practically teach and establish My ideology. If Parama Purusa so desires He can do anything and everything. But when He has created this physical world He also made the rules to control this physical world. Prakrti is directing everything. So this physical body also has to follow the natural laws that Parama Purusa Himself created. Otherwise how will nature carry out its duty properly?"

"Parama Purusa has given certain rules and authority to nature, for the operative principle to follow. So He is also obeying those rules when He comes in physical form. If Lord Krishna had so desired, dharma would have been established even without the complete destruction of the Kaoravas; but, it would not have been effective or inspiring display. Actually, Lord Krishna wanted to teach people that they should come forward to save dharma. That is the lesson He put forth."

After Baba concluded His talk, I was again crying and I put my hand over His mouth and requested Him, "Baba, please do not say such painful things. Hearing all this has made me cry; so do not say such things.  If you so desire, You may leave Your physical body, but promise me that You will not go before me. You must not leave me."

Listening to my plea, Baba assured me, "Just know this. I was with you, I am with you, and I will ever remain with you. You people are to be the medium of My ideology; the world will know Me by your actions."

Before leaving the room, I asked Baba if He would answer some questions.

On this point, Baba warmly smiled and said, "Whatever you want, you can ask without any fear."



I (Parasattananda) asked Baba, "Why is it that people do not celebrate the death day of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna yet people celebrate the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna?"

When I asked Baba this question, He expressed His sentient anger (see note 1) and scolded md in a loud voice, "Does Parama Purusa ever die? He is an eternal entity, He never dies."

When I saw the expression on His face, I started trembling and sweating. I felt very repentant for asking such a question.

Then Baba said, "Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva came as Mahasambhuti for doing great work. To establish dharma, They came in physical form and when dharma was established, They left their physical body. I too have come on this earth to establish dharma and when I am satisfied then I will leave this physical body. Remember this, I will remain always with you.

"Lord Krishna did this same thing. With His desire, He left His physical body when His work was finished. Because He is Parama Purusa and eternally present all the time, then how one can celebrate His death day. He is Omni-Present. He is Parama Purusa. So there is no question of celebrating the death day of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna."

In the last Baba with strong voice asked me, "When I (Baba) leave My physical body will you people try to celebrate My death day?"

Listening the commanding voice of Baba I was scared and replied slowly, "No, Baba."

After that Baba was very gently, and He told me "It is getting late - go and take rest."

And after I did sastaunga pranam, I quickly left His room and took a deep breath. Immediately I started pondering how Baba expressed His sentient anger over my question. The idea was coming in my mind again and again how Baba mounted His fury with His sentient anger.

Because of that still I remember the whole episode and know that His so-called mahaprayan must not be celebrated. That is why in my personal life I have never participated in that programme. How I can participate and disobey His command and make Him unhappy.

Since a long I have been telling this story to all who I see on different occasions. That is why since the beginning I have strongly opposed this so-called mahaprayan gathering.


Here I am quoting some Baba's direct lines which are highly significant.

Baba says, "Guru rus'te na kaschan...."

'The meaning of the whole sloka is that when Guru is unhappy then nobody in this universe can save the person.'

That is why it is also said,

"Mantra mulam..."
'Guru's words are mantra...'

This is the same reason that happened that Sarvatmananandji disobeyed Baba on this above said story and look what is going on with his fate.

Note: This story is translated from Dada Parasattanandaji's book 'Manavrata ka Sunahala Bhavishya', which means "The Golden Future of Humanity".

Dada Parasattanandji is posted in India most of the time. These days postings and transfers are so common in our Marga but as far as my awareness in the recent past Dadaji was posted in Bihar. He is a very respected and good Dada and he is WT since 1967.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .



The Propounder of Ananda Marga, Baba - Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji is the embodiment of dharma. One of the characteristics of a dharmika is akrodha or non-anger. Baba perfectly embodies this quality. Those close to Baba understood that He never became angry. Only He would feign anger or show as if He was angry in order to teach and impress upon others the severity of a particular situation. By this way He would express sentient anger. So never can one truly say that Baba was ever furious or mad etc. Just He would display anger externally in order to lovingly guide His devotees.


"Toma'ke bha'lo beseschi a'mi he aja'na', keno ja'ni na'..." (PS 1710)


O' Divine Entity, the scriptures say You are unknown, vast, infinite, and unfathomable. O' my Lord, I have deep love for You. But why I love You, that I do not know. 

Baba, although You are infinite and unfathomable, You have graced me by coming in my dreams, and becoming my most intimate One. O' my Lord, You are beyond the conception of mind, yet You have showered Your grace by coming in the world of my ideation - in my dhya'na. By Your grace, I can see You in my meditation. Baba, during my sadhana I received You in my dhyana - that vibrated my entire existence. It charged each and every pore of my being. Baba, besides You, I do not love anyone; I do not feel that anyone is mine. Only You are mine.

Baba, even though You are very close, You remain far. Now please grace me by satisfying my one and only desire: Be my most intimate One - always. Baba, You have saturated Yourself in the blood of my veins and arteries - in each and every iota of my existence. Baba, You are in my mind: Taking Your divine seat on my mental lotus. O' my dearmost, You are dancing in the warmth and love of my heart.

Baba, You are my heart of hearts, Baba I love You...

Re: So-Called Mahaprayan Came From Islam #2

Subject: Re: So-Called Mahaprayan Came From Islam
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 16:38:11 +0200
From: Amrit Lalloo



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the initial letter on this topic has been pasted below. - Eds)

Namaskar All.

This "so called Mahaprayan" sounded the death knell for Parama Purusa: a declaration that the Guru is gone.

It also signaled the demise of Ananda Marga from the world stage. The pronouncement of "mahaprayan" was the starting point which heralded in this dark, shameful chapter.

Ananda Marga on the top is a mess. The big wigs have declared, "Baba is not watching us anymore; he is gone. Now we are free to create dogmas - thiirthas, tombs, narrow sentiments etc."

No right - thinking Margii should participate in such hypocricy.



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