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Distortion of Fact on Samadhi

Date: 25 Dec 2009 07:49:40 -0000 From: "Gurucharan Yadav" To: Subject: Distortion of Fact on Samadhi Baba "Toma'ke pa'bi pra'n'e pra'n'e, maner mohan bitane..." - (PS 1809) Baba, I must get You in my heart. I must get You in the remote corner of my heart where only You and I will be. I have prepared so many songs to sing for You. My life is not a waste because You have made me realize this truth: That this life is only for loving You to giving You happiness...
Namaskar, Certainly to write something flawless and beneficial for the society, the writer must have a good heart and a benevolent mind full of devotion. Otherwise with a timid mind that suffers from one or more complexes or dogmas, then one goes far astray from the direct, straight path. And if we open the pages of present and past history we will find countless examples where writers get affected by their local environmental situations or their own dogmatic beliefs. For example these days when the vaeshyan era is in full swing. In that case those who only have dry, literal understanding of spiritual philosophy and Baba's divine image and His teachings, then sometimes we have seen such writers also do not have courage to put forth and write about Baba's magnanimous Personality in a proper way. Rather with their timid mind, they think if 'I will write the critical truth about Baba's glorifying Personality, then common people will not believe these things and my writing will not be accepted wholeheartedly'. Sometimes they think that the common public is materialistic-minded and they will not appreciate true spiritual ideas. But when one has taken the firm goal to project Baba's ideology then they will surely write properly, whereas when such determination is absent, then such timid writers are more concerned about public opinion than to put forth Baba's ideology in untainted way. So with this fear complex or shyness, timid writers compromise. And the things they should write they do not have courage to write; and instead they dilute their writings and lose the point. In addition, such timid writers do not have the foresight or capacity to understand that in the future when their writing will be assessed by the measuring rod of ideology and Baba's divine teachings, then such writing will be worth as much as junk paper and it will be mercilessly thrown away and shredded in the dustbin of history. But that is not all, people will blame them for their distorted writing. But at the time of writing, such timid writers do not understand this cosmic truth because of their own complexes and timidity. On this vital issue Baba has given a very good guideline in our scriptures that when vanguards of the society have taken the vow to move on they do not care about censure and praise, or abuse and appreciation, or life and death. And those who are worried about such things, they are not vanguards; though they may be worshippers of dogma. So without caring all these praise, censure, abuse and appreciation, things such vanguards bravely move on the path of ideology-- without faltering steps. Please read below. "Nindantu niitinipun'a'h yadi va' stuvantu laks' dhiira'h." BABA says, "Let those well versed in ethics criticize or praise me, if they so like. The goddess of wealth may be gracious enough to stay in my house or she may go wherever she likes. Death may visit me today or decades later - it makes little difference to me. Wise people will never withdraw from the path of rectitude the path which they accept as their ideal." (NKS) Now I am coming to the point which I wanted to bring in the limelight. This point is related with our philosophical treatise-- the Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell Series.
All senior Margiis are aware of, or most probably they even attended those special demonstrations given by BABA which were usually held in 1969-70, and also in many cases earlier in Jamalpur, and some special cases up to 1990 here and there. And certain discourses on the teaching of samadhi have appeared in the book Ananda Marga Philosophy Nutshell (part 5) that is related with the samadhi demonstrations of 1969 in Ranchi. And by reading that anyone will be misled. The question is, how they will be misled. And the answer is simple. If anybody will read the chapter "Ra'ga'nuga' and Ra'ga'tmika' Sama'dhi", then on page 324 one demonstration has been narrated that such and such person got a certain samadhi . But the divine factual truth has been taken out. Because the way it is written it looks like the sadhaka got samadhi due to his own efforts. Whereas, we all know that Baba has graciously granted samadhi to aspirants in all the cases. There was no greatness involved of the person who was the receiver of samadhi. Or the receiver himself did not acquire samadhi by dint of his own efforts in sadhana. But in the Ananda Marga Philosophy Nutshell book it is printed in such a way that it gives the false notion that those sadhakas got samadhi by their own sadhana. As if Baba does not have any role in granting those samadhis. So again, here lies the serious distortion of fact: Because the undisputed truth is that only by the divine grace of Baba did all those individuals get samadhi. But not only that, those individuals were not qualified by any means. They were not very elevated souls and nor were they especially divine. Rather the majority of them left AM and jumped into oblivion in some material pursuit. From this one can easily deduce that those demonstrations were given by Baba for the purpose of giving teaching to the society. They were not directed towards or based on one's individual elevation, merit, or their devotional standard. Because as is commonly known, many examples are there when even after getting nirvakalpa samadhi those persons who had those demonstrations left Ananda Marga entirely. And many of them were not believing in Baba also. Because in 1971 when Baba went to jail some of those very samadhi-holders were propagating to general Margiis that "Look, now Baba has lost his power". So this was the standard of those obtainers of samadhi. From this one can easily understand that these samadhi demonstrations were given by Baba with the explicit purpose to teach the society that samadhi is something which is something real. It exists; it is not something utopian. Samadhi can be achieved if the mind is high or if by His grace it is made to become high. Because so long as the mind is high one will realize such divine truths; and when mind is low then they will again came back to their own state. Because these persons had negative samskaras, so Baba granted them samadhi for a very short, transitory period. That is why it worked for maybe few minutes / hours / days-- that is all. And after that they became as usual. Means they returned to their normal, regular state of mind. It is just like on the drama stage if one character is using the dress of a king then that character is the king for few hours or few minutes. After that when the drama is over then he is his usual self, beggar. Similar thing happens in that demonstration of sadhana, the main role was of Baba no one else. He selected x, y, z crude persons and with His direct grace He elevated them for a few hours / minutes and HE granted them samadhi and showed the demonstrations. Because all this was solely for the sake of the demonstration. So thereafter those individuals remained as usual after samadhi, loaded with their own animalistic samskaras. Nothing special. The central idea is that the whole credit goes to Baba-- not to certain x, y, z, individuals. But unfortunately that part has been discarded from our Ananda Marga Philosophy book. The question is why Baba opted to give demonstration on samadhi. What was the need. When Mahasambhuti Sadguru propounds any philosophy then He gives both a well-knit, logical, philosophical side and the practical side as well. Even then some of the things need certain types of demonstration, because without that ordinary disciples will not be able to believe such things in their heart. That those things, like samadhi, really exist. In their low and confused state of mind they think that this may be dogma. For example if Baba would not have given those demonstrations of all those different samadhis, then many of us would not have believed that samadhi exists and that it can be achieved. Because spiritual things are so subtle that they go beyond the comprehension in which case crude minds don't like to accept those things. No doubt, usually the devotional mind accepts everything by the virtue of devotion to Baba. They think that what Baba says is perfect. But number of such persons is very low. So then these demonstrations were needed to teach one and all that samadhi is existing, that it is not some far off utopian ideal. That is why in 1969 Baba completed this part of the spiritual philosophy by giving various demonstrations. But the fact is that it has been discarded; it did not come in writing. So how can we tolerate this unjust thing. Because, as we know, the main cause of getting samadhi is completely His causeless grace. That is how aspirants receive samadhi. It may be this type of samadhi or that type of samadhi or even the top one-- nirvakalpa samadhi. When our philosophy teaches us that without the grace of Parama Purusa one cannot get all those things then why this very basic truth has been discarded from our writings, i.e. Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell. And instead falsehood has been done. Now, still there are hundreds of senior margiis around the globe who can bear witness to the fact that these samadhis were only done by Baba-- means HE graced them to happen. Senior Margiis watched on countless occasions when Baba took His stick and touched different parts of those sadhakas and the HE recited various mantras directly or indirectly, or what way HE desired. And the end result was that all those x, y, z persons got samadhi. All these facts are known today. But we should not forget that tomorrow, that means after 100 years, then most of the persons who were witness to those demonstrations will no longer be present with us as a witness*. Then these wrong narrations of demonstrations from Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell will be treated as final truth. And people will not believe that Baba was directly behind all these samadhis. And up to future infinity whole society will be deprived from this cosmic truth that Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji Himself gave such demonstration, and that this was the way which He has played His divine liila. Those who do not have proper devotion may think this is one ordinary matter. But those who have devotion can easily think that the distortion of truth in any respect is detrimental and harmful. But on this higher-most spiritual teaching, then how can we accept this distortion as something proper. So these improper narrations about samadhi which are printed in Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell should be fixed without any delay. Means the beautiful way in which Baba graced His ordinary x, y, z disciples and gave them samadhi from ordinary to upper most type of samadhi. In proper devotional way that should be written. Otherwise it is harmful and misleading for today; and, tomorrow it will be more even detrimental because then it will be impossible to correct it. Baba says, "Hence in the realm of dharma, the only true guide and controller, motivating force and protector of the people, is an excellent and comprehensive ideology which provides definite clear-cut and bold directions for all aspects of human life-- from one's personal daily routine to one's social activities and collective motivation, to the spiritual inspiration which brings one closer to God. A scripture which does not fulfill these conditions is not worthy of being called a scripture at all...Thus the Scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS, '85, p. 166) Namaskar, Gurucharan Note 1: Baba's teaches us that when the mind is suffering from complexes and / or from a basic lack of devotion, then with that inferiority complex and shyness people lose the courage to say, write, or act in a proper manner. In this regard, especially new sadhakas feel shy do to sadhana in presence of others. But of course, others who have a similarly weak mind also suffer in this way. BABA says, "Those reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies, feel shy or ashamed at the inchoate [beginning] stage to sit in divine meditation in the presence of others. In other words, he gets evidently overwhelmed more or less by the influence of avidya' maya and he thinks, 'People may perhaps think or say, I being an ultra-modern boy, am emulating the pre-historic mode of worship. Like this, there are many who may perhaps try to conceal their godliness or devotional intent from the eyes of the people." (SS part 3) Note 2: Here is the critical section from the Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell Book part 5 where the description of the samadhi demonstration fails to recognize the grace of Guru and instead in a misguided manner portrays the wrong impression that the sadhaka got samadhi due to his own effort. So see how this was portrayed in such a misleading manner. "On May 10, 1969 at Ranchi jagrti, a sadhaka attained ra'gatmika' samadhi. He sat in dhya'na'sana and with his mind concentrated on each cakra, and began to do dhya'na on the supreme object of ideation. He realized that each of his cakras is being controlled by his Ista. Not only that he also felt that his Ista is perceptibly present in his blood, nerves, indriyas etc. He began to take deep breaths. After remaining in that state he started to roll on the ground." (APH-5, p. 324) Unfortunately the above is not an isolated incident-- throughout the book it is like that. In 'Bha'va Samadhi' chapter (page 327) and 'Dharmamegha Sama'dhi' chapter (p. 329), the narration of demonstrations is done in a similarly poor manner. If you unable to find these references or if you do not have the book then please write me. * We know those good devotees who are with us today may not be with us in 10, 20, 40, or 100 years into the future. So with full heart and energy, we should move ahead at the earliest and ensure that those descriptions of Baba's demonstrations are recorded properly. For such a great and important work that is so intimately related with Baba's legacy, we must not delay. Baba says, "I have learnt that whenever you wish to perform a noble deed, do it immediately. Do today whatever you propose to do tomorrow. "Shubhasya shiighram ashubhasya ka'laharan'am"'.
Sadguru BABA says, "The Sam'skrta language is of Indian character, of Indian origin...The hinterland of Sam'skrta was the entire Southeast Asia, the entire North India, the entire Southwest India..." (PNS-17, p. 63)

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