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History of Malur Clash

Baba "Bandhu a'ma'r, nikat' a'ma'r, a'mi kii ga'ibo toma'r ga'n..." (P.S. 525) Purport: O' my Bandhu, O' my dearmost, You are my very close and intimate One. What song should I sing to please You. You know about my deep longing for You. O' Baba, You are my Love, You are the personification of hope, saturated in sweetness. You are my heart of hearts-- and my everything. Baba, since that very first day when You blessed me by bringing me in Your closeness under Your care since then by Your grace I have understood that You are my shelter; You are doing everything for me. Also since that very day, with Your divine touch, You have blessed me with a new life, O' my Bandhu and most intimate one. By Your causeless grace, my way of living has been transformed from a worldly existence into life divine. Since then everything has become blissful. O' my Lord, on that most blessed day You graciously caressed me with Your soft lotus hand. In that atmosphere of the blissful early morning dawn, the lotus flowers were blossoming in the pond and spreading their sweet aroma all around. Then by Your infinite grace You pulled me very close to You and graciously placed me on Your Lap and loved me; and by placing Your hand on top of my head, You bathed me with Your divine effulgence. You granted me everything. What You have done is unparalleled. Baba, You are love personified; You are my most dear; You are my everything...
Namaskar, Regarding the on-going issue surrounding the AM Polytechnic Institute at Malur, each side involved is giving their own account. But without knowing the history how can anyone really understand the current situation. Please reference this below letter to gain a background of this ongoing clash. Brotherly, Pankaj Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:01:06 +0530 To: From: Subject: News: Loot & Booty Sharing
Namaskar, Our AM schools and services projects are founded for the welfare of society and to spread the divine gospel of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. This we all know. To see any such project get misused or hijacked by selfish or group interest is a direct front against Guru. Thus Ananda Margiis across the globe should take direct and active interest in the awful financial scandal that has taken place at our AM Polytechnic College (Malur, Karnataka). At present, as we speak, the groups involved are trying to keep everything under the covers so they can continue to loot and keep their booty. For the first time, the entire story is told here within this letter. Please read carefully and act according.
All may know that we have our Ananda Marga Polytechnic College (Diploma in Engineering) in Malur, near Bengalore, Karnataka. Students get admission in this college on the basis of big capitation fees (donation in lakhs of rupees), and large monthly tuition fees. In this way this institution generates a huge amount of money, more than one million US dollars per year. That's why all groups have their greedy eyes on this college.
When the Kolkata administration divided AMPS, then they could not capture this institution because all the margiis and the entire staff at the college were against Kolkata. The Rudrananda camp had full control over the college. It should be noted that Parmehsvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda were also hardcore cadre of H group those days. But times change. When the EC group emerged under the leadership of Parmeshvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda, then the situation at this college, also changed. The in-charge of the Polytechnic College was Animesha'nanda, who is originally from Chattisgarah but he has only minimal Chattisgarhii sentiment. He changed his loyalty to Vandana'nanda + Parmeshvara'nanda. Plus margiis of those areas under the leadership of S.S. Goenka also became supporters of this group.
Because of this groupism one big tussle started in the college. The college staff divided into two groups. (#1) One group was of Animesha'nadna + Citshiva'nanda (who went there to give muscle support to Animesha'nanda) and some staffs of the college teaching section, who were supporter of EC. (#2) Other group emerged in the leadership of Arun (from Gaya, Bihar) the hostel in-charge who has been living in the college for years. He has group ties with Vishvanath (from Bihar, he lives there to save the college from outside criminals), Ravi (from Gaya), Pankaj (teaching staff from Varanasi, relative of Ravii) and other staffs of the hostel.
After some days of tussle, finally both groups captured certain areas of the college and shifted there accordingly. The teaching department of the college came under the control of Animesha'nanda. He receives tuition fees from the students, pays the teaching staff and other college staff, and "manages" the money he gets from tuition fees and capitation fees. The other group captured the hostel. In turn, they collect hostel charges from the students, and basically deal with all monies related with the hostel and living accommodations & services etc. Animesha'nanda never had control over the hostel.
For the last 4 years, both of these two groups have been looting the money they were getting, i.e. embezzlement. They've been stuffing their pockets and personal bank accounts with the monies collected when in fact those funds are the rightful property of the AM Polytechnic College, not those greedy groupists. In short, because there was no proper administration, there has been a huge money scandal unfolding at the college. Still it is going on. Animesha'nanda, who gets millions as capitation fees and tuition fees, pays huge shares to his dons like Parmeshvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda, and also to what some margiis call the "hi profile margiis" in the name of margii meetings. In return, all Animesha'nanda does is arrange one sadhana' shivir per year -- that's all, nothing more. Thus, he personally pockets huge piles of money and tuition / capitation fees every year. This literally then is a case of millions of dollars of embezzlement that he steals from our AM Polytechnic College. The other group embezzles a sizable amount from the hostel and they were also happy with that huge amount they were saving per month. Arun is all in all of the hostel. He has been living with his family there since years. Here everyone should be clear that all money (after expenditure of hostel) was being distributed to the members of group. Money was not used for the development of college or organization. Thus, both the parities involved are cheating the AM Polytechnic college by grabbing hoards of monies for their personal and groupist desires.
Since years there has been a cold war at the college. Both groups have had their greedy eyes and insatiable appetites on each others holdings and money. Animesha'nanda and his goon Citshiva'nanda were always trying to capture the hostel while the other group was always trying to capture the teaching side of the college. Because of this fight, there has not been a proper teaching or learning environment at the college. Instead, our AM Polytechnic College has been transformed into a place of cheap sentiments, politics, crookedness, groupism and money looting.
Finally, Citshiva'nanda has started taking the hostel fees from the Chattisgarhi students. In reply the other group started taking tuition fees from the students of Bihar, Jharkhanda and UP. Then Citshiva'nanda organized Chattisgarhi students living in hostel against the hostel in-charge and his group. With the help of these students and local hired goondas, Citshiva'nanda tried to capture the hostel. Then the other group replied in the same manner. Hostel staffs, Vishvanath, Ravi and students from Bihar, Jharkhanda, UP attacked on Chattisgarhi group. After a physical fight (lathis, hockeysticks, knives, local made guns were shown) Citshiva'nanda had to leave the college. In the end, the police also came to the college to manage the unruly scene.
The hostel group then called Ranchi administration for help and the Rudrananda camp who has been keeping a greedy eye on the money, did not delay a moment. Svarupa'nanda and Dharmapra'n'a'nanda (Chennai DS) went to the college. They stayed at the college to establish a presence and control the college. The Rudrananda camp has declared Dharmapra'n'a'nanda as in-charge of the college. So Dharmapra'n'a'nanda and Ranchi supporter hero Sushil from Katihar are at the college. Nigama'nanda from Ranchi and Parmeshvara'nanda from Patna have reached Bengalore. They are involved in arm-wrestling match with each other at the bargaining table. Now situation is very tense.
Now we have to investigate why - despite all these antics and commotion - both camps are keeping quiet about all this. Because we have to remember that whenever any member of the Rudrananda camp / H group enters even a small ashram operated by EC or intrudes on any small and useless issue, then the EC personnel colour the whole internet and make it a big issue. All their e-mailers become active. They become totally vocal. So it is very surprising that on this big issue about the AM Polytechnic College, where Rudrananda camp is storming and capturing the college and where a nasty physical fight has occurred, the entire EC team is keeping mum. Why? They are not telling a single word. Why? Animesha'nanda is telling that he will solve the problems and he does not need help of any margii. Why? Is it not a point of intrigue? When H group kicked out Parmehsvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda and others then EC went to all margiis and begged for help and still they are crying for help. But in the case of this Malur Polytechnic College issue, why is it that they do not want margiis to interfere? Why is the EC leadership of Parmeshvara'nanda going to sit with Nigma'nanda directly to solve the problem? Is it not strange and out of character? The answer of all these question is: To keep all the money they have looted and keep the scandal secret. For this single reason, neither group wants to highlight the situation. If margiis are alerted and come forward and look into the matter then all will know that for the last many years millions of dollars money have been looted and embezzled from our AM Polytechnic College by these very groupists. EC does not want to to reveal this multi-million dollar scandal and the Rudrananda camp wants either full control of the college or a maximum share in the looted amount. Hence both group leaders are in contact to solve this problem secretly on a give-and-take basis at the bargaining table. They prefer to make a black pact and keep their millions as opposed to letting the margiis know what hell has happened. That's why Animesha'nadna is telling margiis not to come forward and EC supporters & e-mailers are keeping mum.
When our AM Polytechnic College is being ravaged by groupists and when all the projects of AM are meant to be in the service of Gurudev and humanity - not in the hands of greedy groups - then we should be alert, ready to take action and apply pressure. In that case it is the duty of all Ananda Margiis to unitedly rise up and correct the situation. This much we owe our Beloved Baba. We must not sit idle thinking others will do. It is our personal responsibility to stand up and act. As margiis we should not wait for an invitation from any group. Responsible margiis, those who are not puppets of any group, should come forward and critically look into the matter. The account books should be audited by independent auditors and the ongoing looting and money scandal should be stopped. All monies earned by the Polytechnic College in Malur should be used for the development of the college, not sucked up by groupist tycoons for their personal gain.
Now that the news is out, we should be swift to take action. Sitting idle amounts to sin according to Baba - a sin of omission. Baba says, "Those who shirk duties and responsibilities do commit a great harm to society. It is this lack of dutifulness in our country [India] today that has caused great retardation in different spheres of life. It has also caused spiritual degeneration. One should perform good actions regularly, should do sa'dhana' properly – these are the dos which everyone is expected to perform. Those who do not pay heed to these responsibilities do indulge in pratyava'ya. Pa'taka is the collective name of pa'pa and pratyava'ya." (AV-23) Thus we should not remain still a moment longer while such groupists pillage and destroy our Polytechnic College in Malur.
By Baba's grace He has empowered us with the ability to take action and change the course of events - turning bad situations into positive ones. In this way, we must rally round and save our Polytechnic College from the clutches of these groupist forces. Baba says, "The very import of the history of human welfare is the history of struggle and strife. Even the sweet gospels of peace could not be preached in an environment of peace and composure. Devils did not allow the apostle of peace to work peacefully – that is why I say that peace is the outcome of fight. "This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone – it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility implies the humiliation of the human race..." (A'nanda Va'nii #45) Namaskar, Manjit
**************************************** Dangerous Yoga
Baba says, "Suppose, one is a great Yogii but if there is no love for his goal, then those suspended propensities will finally be converted into crude matter. That is, the subtle human existence becomes like iron; it becomes like wood; it becomes like sand. What a deterioration! What a downfall! This particular type of yoga where a yogii does not bear love for the Supreme Entity is called 'Hatha Yoga' in Samskrta. It is dangerous for human elevation." (AV-2, p.18) Note: Nowadays, especially in European countries, in the name of teaching yoga certain pseudo-yoga-businessmen are busy selling their useless and dirty things to the common public by opening various yoga and meditation centres. But in those places citing the God's name is untouchable. And not only that but they teach all kinds of fake lessons such as misguided pranayama and self-invented asanas etc. But when the Goal is not Parama Purusa then that ultimately brings terrible degeneration. Neither is the unassuming public aware nor are these culprits aware what hell they are bringing upon innocent people. It is our duty as far as possible to warn everyone for their welfare.

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