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We Can Help

From: Mirabai Constance To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: We Can Help Date: Fri 18 Apr 2008 23:39:02 -0000 Baba 'Prabha'ter ravi bale ghuma'ye theko na' a'ra...' - P.S. 4703 Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace, the sun of the new dawn is giving the message: 'O human beings don't remain asleep in slumber anymore. You have a huge amount of work to do. A whole mountain's worth of work is in front of you t. Don't day-dream anymore; remove your lethargy. O' human beings, open your eyes and look toward the crying world at least once. Since ages & ages you have been sleeping in darkness. The whole night you were dreaming. Now do not sleep anymore-- this is not the time for lethargy and sleep. Get up. Serve those who are getting tortured and crying by removing their heavy load of pain and suffering. Look, the crimson dawn is spreading divine effulgence, everything is shining. The bright and glorious day is not far anymore. It is fast approaching. The day is coming when people will be liberated from all sorts of bondages, there will not be any pain or torture or exploitation. Everyone will enjoy blissful life. On the peak of the mountain birds are chirping and spreading this divine message. O' humans beings, the crimson dawn is knocking at your door, march ahead toward your cherished goal...
Namaskar, What if it were your son, or your spouse, or your father, or your aunt, or your friend, or your colleague, who was the unfortunate victim of one or more of the following: * A young man returns to the US from war-torn Iraq and suffers continually from recurring fears and phobias from his time spent there. The soldier's mind is full of painful memories: Seeing the loss of his friends and witnessing the needless deaths of countless civilians. Upon return, he suffers from insomnia, panic-attacks, depression, and extreme nervousness. * A middle-aged woman awakens at night stricken by fearful recollections of her childhood. * A businessman suffers from extreme jealousy to a manic degree whenever his faithful & dutiful wife interacts with any male person, for whatever reason. * A teenager who excels in both academics and athletics succumbs every few weeks to severe panic attacks wherein he feels totally lost and helpless such that he is unable to speak or even move. * A grandma is deathly afraid of walking out the front door of her house after dark because she thinks that ghosts will get her. * A person, living in their own home with their caring family members, feels lonely and despairs that no one loves them. They think that everyone is plotting against them. Tragically, all of these types of scenarios & more happen each and every day to innocent & kind people all over the world. Even worse, there is a remedy, but that treatment is not known to medical practitioners or psycho-therapists, regardless of the country. In all of the above cases, what is it that should be done? What is the solution? Unfortunately, what should be done-- i.e. what AM ideology offers-- is not at all what is being practiced by today's professionals, not anywhere. Hence, these treatable syndromes (manias, phobias, & psychic diseases etc) turn into life-long debilitating problems that spread into all aspects of their lives. So we should all become acutely familiar with Baba's analysis of and solution for these problems and help people around the globe become free from these psychic ailments.
At present, throughout this ultra-modern society, the psychic diseases and disorders as described above are commonplace, if not rampant, particularly in the west where extreme materialism is the norm. But it is not only confined to the west. In many so-called developing nations and sparsely populated areas, people suffer also-- either from unfounded fears of the unknown or in so many other ways. Often times it is we women who suffer most. And all along, the proper treatment of such psychic diseases is totally unknown to doctors and therepists. Time and again, these medical professionals try to cure psychic diseases using medications that affect the brain's chemical balance, when in fact that is not at all what is needed. Rather that creates more harm. Or in group therapy sessions, the victims and patients of similar types of syndromes meet to discuss their problems-- reviewing them again and again which only serves to remind them of their own suffering. Our duty then is to bring Baba's ideas to the fore, because it is only by His prescribed guidelines that such psychic diseases can be cured.
There are two fundamental reasons why wrong or poor treatment is given in the case of these psychic diseases. 1) Medical practitioners prescribe medicine for the organ of the brain when it is the mind that is suffering, not the brain. In that case a person comes to the doctor with a problem and is prescribed powerful drugs that make the patient totally dull-witted and solemn etc. And then when the patient awakens from his stupor-- days or weeks later, he again suffers from the very same problem, and again that potent drug is prescribed. So the process is a never-ending downward spiral. Obviously it does not work to solve the problem. 2) Therapists direct the patient again and again to the illness, thereby reinforcing the existence of the problem in the patient's own mind. For example, a patient might be encouraged to discuss their fear in detail, mapping out every aspect of the event. And then other patients may comment or share what they suffered. In that way, hundreds of hours of so-called therapy will pass. Until finally, a person's mind is totally sunk and engrossed in their own problem. Thus, as Baba points out, these are not the proper ways to address psychic diseases and illnesses.
According to Baba, we must remember that psychic diseases are different from brain diseases in that there is nothing physically wrong with the patient. Rather, a negative thought, faulty idea, or painful vision gets projected again and again onto one's mental plate and that creates horror and terror in the mind of the individual. Specifically, it is the repeated appearance of a negative idea in the objectivated mind-- one's object of thinking-- that leads to all the problems. For instance, if a mother again and again recalls the day when her baby girl drowned in the swimming pool, then when that image comes into her mind that is her objectivated mind. And when this happens in an uncontrolled manner, i.e. if that negative image can come anytime without any reason, then that is a psychic disease. And now here Baba discusses this in greater detail. Baba says, "Various psychic diseases may arise if there is any defect in the process of the objectivization of mind. Remember that psychic disease and brain disease are not the same thing; they are quite different. Brain disease occurs due to some disorder in a part of the brain, or due to a congenital defect, or perhaps due to hereditary causes which hamper the proper formation of the brain. Mental disease is different. It arises due to a disorder in the objectivated mind, in the first stage in the process of subjectivization. Many people who, while creating thoughts in their objectivated minds, repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania." (APH-5) So it is, that all psychic diseases-- from manias to phobias to mental disorders-- are rooted in one's own way of thinking, in one's own thought process. That is Baba's pointed directive. In that case, the only way to rid the patient of the problem, i.e. the only way to cure the patient fully, is to counteract that negative thought pattern. That is Baba's given solution. Unfortunately, the nature of these psychic diseases is neither known nor properly treated throughout the globe and in that state, millions suffer unnecessarily, day in and day out, from psychic problems-- causing great pain to themselves and their families. Yet, from day 1 they could have been cured.
Baba's prescribed remedy is very methodical and strikes at the very root of the problem. First and foremost one is to do sadhana and try to undo those old negative thought patterns by introducing positive ways of thinking. So if someone feels that nobody loves them then we should goad their mind to think that they are loved by all-- and have that idea reinforced in their daily life. And they should sing kiirtan and sit for a few minutes of sadhana regularly throughout the day. If the person is already an Ananda Margii then they must sit for all their lessons twice daily. In another case. if one is suffering from recurring visions or nightmares, they should be wholly immersed in a new and dynamic environment that will help wash away those old memories. In brief, their old way of thinking must be replaced by something entirely new and positive. That is the only way to cure one of psychic diseases. Their objectivated mind must take one a new colour-- a new way of thinking. And this must be done in a concerted manner. And of course, sadhana should be encouraged. Ultimately, as the patient gains more and more mental balance then they should be encouraged to do more and more spiritual practices as it is kiirtan and sadhana that will ultimately cleanse, purify, and recharge the mind. Baba says, "Most psychic diseases, if not all, grow out of the defective control over the objectivated mind. If one is alert, any trouble can be avoided. Those who regularly practise iishvara pran'idha'na or dhya'na (meditation) can remain free from these diseases, as their minds will remain in a balanced state. One of the numerous benefits of sa'dhana' is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease and encourages the natural growth of the mind." (APH-5) Here the whole idea is that when mind is fillled with Cosmic ideation then there is no scope for those old negative memories to get expressed. All in all this is a large-scale and serious topic that needs to be addressed in all parts of the globe. Because psychic diseases are present everywhere and are only cropping up more and more.
By Baba's grace, He has given us the perfect remedy for curing humanity from untold angst and torment. We should understand the problem and offer the solution-- gently and carefully guiding patients and normal citizens alike onto the path of sadhana. Namaskar, Mirabai
While psychic diseases are numerous in number, here Baba describes about certain psychic diseases in greater detail so we can understand how they work. Again, the recurring theme is the thoughts that a person harbors in their mental plate, in their objectivated mind. Baba says, "Another case in point is hydrophobia. Suppose a dog has bitten a person and the person has become terribly frightened. Their objectivated mind sees only the images of dogs, dogs on all sides. This is called hydrophobia. Therefore, humans should have full control over their objectivated minds to avert serious psychic problems." (APH-5) Baba says, "Moreover, because of problems in the objectivated mind, people suffer from various psychic complexes. For example, there are those who are inclined to think that no one, neither their friends and relatives nor even their domestic animals, cares to think of them. They unnecessarily think that everyone deliberately avoids them, dislikes them, or ignores them, and therefore they become disappointed, dejected, and dispirited. Life loses all its charm and attraction for them, and they may even commit suicide. This type of mania is called melancholia." (APH-5)
******************************************** How Meaningful
Baba says, "A jiiva is manifested out of Paramashiva as a jiiva in human body-- or rather, simultaneously in the Cosmic Body and in a human body. Each and every microcosmic structure is like a universe. Hence the yoga of scriptures say, Traelokye ya'ni bhu'ta'ni ta'ni dehatah-- 'Whatever exists in the universe exists in your small structure as well." (DKG, p.19)

Why Unnaturalness

Date: Thu 17 Apr 2008 23:23:16 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Why Unnaturalness From: "Ishvara" Baba "Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) Purport: My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours. Nobody is other. We all belong to one family. Our father is Parama Purusa; we have to move together on the path of His teachings. Human society is one and indivisible, let no fissiparous tendencies be allowed to destroy this. Baba's grace is with us....
Namaskar, As we all know, Baba has given the guideline, 'naturalness in life'. That is why in AM we do not espouse the ways of homosexuality. Because, sexual relations are for purposes of procreation, not for the mere base expression of the lower vrittis. In that case there can be no logical support for homosexual or lesbian behaviour. Of course, that does not mean gay people should be banished or purged from our society; rather our approach is to lovingly rectify their anti-social conduct. Then, once reformed, they will be able to play a leading role or hold any post, appropriate to their skill level & knowledge etc. So we do not condone any sort of discrimination against homosexuals. Now here comes the essence of this letter.
One or two persons have raised in the past that as some animals have the tendency towards homosexual behaviour, therefore homosexuality is part of the natural world. Hence, homosexuality is in tune with naturalness in life and should be supported by AM. That is what one or two persons are claiming.
Firstly, there is no documented scientific proof that homosexual is part of the natural order of animal life. Nonetheless there are documented cases of homosexual acts among animals. And this may occur for two basic reasons.
First, when human beings manipulate or interfere with the animal habitat and living conditions, then there is the possibility for deviation in animal behaviour to occur. For instance, human manipulation has devastated the unique ways that salmon lay their eggs, as fewer and fewer salmon are swimming upstream since the creation of man-made dams etc. Plus in the factory farms, chickens are deceived into laying huge numbers of eggs because of the gross interference in their normal living patterns, such as by keeping the lights on for 22hrs in a day. Likewise, due to human manipulation in zoos etc, animals may deviate from their normal behaviour and indulge in homosexual acts etc.
Second, it is seen that on occasion some animals do act in unnatural ways. For instance, some animals that do not normally attack their offspring may eat their young; and some animals may invite harm unto themselves by licking all the fur off of their body etc. Thus at times, animals indulge in 'unexplainable' or 'unnatural behaviours'. At times, animal homosexuality may fall in this category as well. In that case, just as no sane person will try to justify killing human babies by this witnessing animal behaviour, one should not try and justify human homosexuality by it either.
The clear-cut example is that in 99.9% of the cases, animals follow their natural living pattern of heterosexual relations-- and that only done during their short mating season. And in those few known observations of deviation, then humans should not appeal to those cases as a justification for immoral or unnatural human conduct. All in all this is short conversation about what should be an open and shut case. It is quite clear that homosexuality is not part of our AM way of life. However, when some persons have their own agenda, then they can argue for anything-- whether it be justifying the distortion of Baba's books, the destruction of the BP system, or human homosexuality. And that is why they will say that since homosexuality has been seen in the animal kingdom, then it should be accepted in human life as well. But again, ours is the path of naturalness-- that is what Baba advocates and that is what we should follow. And the natural way of family planning and society building amongst humans is through heterosexual relations-- where maximum control & restraint is exercised. Baba says, "So as regards the question of restraint and lack of restraint, the more one practises restraint, the greater will be his or her well-being." (CC-3) And in those rare cases of human homosexuality, then with love and affection, it is our duty to steer away from their ways through sadhana and 16 Points. Then they will be cured of their deviance and brought into the proper flow.
By Baba's grace He has given us all the proper methods for building a healthy human society. In Caryacarya He has clearly discussed the natural ways of society building and human family life. All the instructions and directives have been given. And nowhere does He advocate or condone human homosexuality, just as nowhere will one find any unnatural way of living supported by our AM ideology. So we should be caring-- as well as strict-- to ensure all humans develop properly and follow Baba's rule of naturalness in life. Baba says, "That which impairs the naturalness of the life of individuals and society is the sa'dhana' of the dead. It is not the sa'dhana' of the living because the seeds of injustice, immorality and destruction dwell in unnatural life only. The wise and the well-wishers of society therefore, never support unnaturalness in life." (AV #10) Namaskar, Ishvara
*********************************************************** METHOD OF PADMASANA
Baba says, "Padma'sana is the posture of sitting with the right ankle over the left thigh and the left ankle over the right thigh, the tongue pushing the teeth out. In padma'sana alone, the vision can be fixed on the trikuti-- the middle point between the eyebrows. Just as the lotus blossoms forth in water, so also in this posture the mind tends to evolve. That is why this posture is termed padma'sana (padma - lotus, a'sana - posture). This is the best a'sana for meditation." (Tattvik Diipika', pt 5)

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