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Who Likes this Type of Longevity + News For Wts

Date: Sun 02 May 2010 22:27:55 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: Who Likes this Type of Longevity + News For Wts Baba "Toma're ceyechi a'lo-chay'aya'..." (PS 2373) Purport: Baba, I long for You in the light and shade - in good days and bad - in the dawn as well as in the evening. I long for You always, each and every moment. Baba, I long for You in the effulgence of the earth - the beauty of creation. I have untold yearning for You in dormant love and in the depths of ideation - in my dhya'na. O' my Beloved, I want You. Baba, my Dearmost and my eternal companion, You are the great ocean of churned nectar. You are eternal. Everyone exists because of You in newer and newer rhythm, names, and forms. Because of You this cycle of creation keeps moving. Baba, please come very close and reside in my heart, grace me by dispelling the last vestige of asmita' [1]. Along the flow of my life's path - through the undulating waves of crest and troughs - the river of my citta wants Your essence of nectar. Baba in the journey of my life, in pain and pleasure, loss and gain, happiness and sorrow, my heart wants only You, O' my Dearmost... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #2373: [1] Asmita': Here below Baba gives quite an elaborate and colourful explanation of the Sanskrit term, asmita'. Drkdarshanashaktyoreka'tmateva'smita' Baba says, "As asmita' is devoid of any discrimination, people with this mental defect lose their power of discrimination. First, they think that since they are so great, there is no need for them to learn anything from others. As a result of this, their further progress comes to a halt. Secondly, the arrogant attitude of this asmita' banishes from their minds the humble psychology of the learner. They lose interest in learning anything useful; so not only in the world of knowledge, but also in the world of practicality, they become misfits in life because of their mountainous accumulated ignorance." "It is not that arrogance of this sort simply obstructs their progress. The human mind, like the human body, is dynamic. No one has come to remain here; everyone is moving -- for movement is a must. Now, the mind whose further progress is blocked will also have to move this way or that; so when one must move, but the path of progress is blocked, one is compelled to move along the path of degradation. Thus the arrogance born of this asmita' will lead people towards their downfall." (NSS, 'Shivokti-6')
Note: Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom to read the piece, "News for Wts". Namaskar, Around the globe, the average citizen is more health conscious than ever before. People are trying to eat right, exercise regularly, and engage in health supportive activities. Plus medical science continues to advance - in all kinds of ways including surgeries to replace organs. This is all a very positive development for humanity. Even then, one stark problem has multiplied. The incidence of brain related diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia is on the rise in the so-called developed world. Then there are others like multiple sclerosis etc. This then presents a seemingly puzzling perspective: People are more health conscious than ever before yet suffering more from brain related diseases. Why is that and what is the solution. Can any of our AM practices correct this situation?
Brain related diseases are some of the scariest conditions on earth. Such patients may have strong bones, good teeth, excellent mobility, but their brain has become diseased. In that case - with people living longer than ever - they may pass the final 15, 20 or even 30 years of their life in a desperate and pitiful state. It happens in two basic ways. Sometimes the brain disease may render that person as 100% incapacitated in the psychic realm. They do not know their name nor who they are. And they live like that for decades. They have a body that works but their brain is defunct. This happens with Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders. Then there is a second group of brain diseases which severely compromise the use and function of one's motor organs, in which case one quickly becomes physically incapacitated. One becomes wheelchair bound (possibly), loses control of their bowel movements, and cannot manage their life on a day-to-day basis. It is a really miserable situation. This is what happens in Parkinson's disease. In either case, brain related diseases put one in a terrible predicament and impose a huge stress on the family. Because once one gets consumed by a brain related disease like Alzheimer's etc, then one loses all kinds of psychic faculties. They became mere skeletons of who they once were. Those suffering in this way cannot recognise their own family members, perform basic tasks, nor recall how they spent their life or who they are. They become totally handicapped - a burden to their family. Indeed, they have zero control of their emotion and tempers: the patients torture their family. No one wants to end up like this. Yet it is occurring more and more: - Health conscious living is quite high in the US. People run, bike, swim, take yoga classes, and so much more yet the greatest incidence of Parkinson's is in USA. - The prevalence of Alzheimer's is expected to increase to 11.3 - 16 million cases in America by 2050 - As we speak, the incidence of dementia in the US is 368,320 per year, 30,693 per month, 7,083 per week, 1,009 per day, 42 per hour, and growing. Here the point is that despite efforts for people to live in a more healthy manner - vegan, organic foods, exercise, asanas etc - there has been an increase in brain related diseases. Then there is the aspect of non-healthy people. They are living longer due to all kinds of organ transplants (liver, kidney, heart etc) but they too are more susceptible to brain diseases. Because while the other parts of the body can be replaced, the brain cannot. Everything in this world ages: The brain also gets old and science does not have any answer. There is no such thing as a brain transplant. That would change the entire human personality. It cannot be done. The brain is linked with the mind and is associated with a certain set of samskaras. Changing the brain means changing the person. The overall perspective is that brain related diseases are quite debilitating and awful. They should be averted at all cost. Can you think of anyone who wants to live a long life wherein one the entire mid to later years are dominated by brain diseases.
When this has become such a horrifying and tragic outcome that is only growing, what is it that we can do to help both ourselves and society. And the answer is: Ananda Marga dances. Baba has given dances that will prevent brain ailments for the whole humanity. Baba has re-introduced the tandava dance and created kaoshikii. Both serve the brain. Baba says, "Ta'n'd'ava – which was not invented by me, but by Sada'shiva some seven thousand years ago – is an all-corporal exercise, an exercise for the entire body, including the brain. (There are intellectual exercises for the brain, but hardly any physical exercise. In fact, ta'n'd'ava is the only physical exercise for the brain.) And among all dances it is the best. But it is not for women." (AV-6) Baba says, "I invented kaos'ikii on September 6th [1978]. This dance is both an exercise, and a medicine for twenty-two diseases. It is a sort of panacea for almost all female diseases, and for many male diseases in younger boys. It is a medicine for most liver diseases. It assures safe deliveries for women, and also checks the advent of old age. It is a medicine." (AV-6) By practicing tandava and kaoshikii, one can minimize the aging of the brain and increase its stamina and vitality. That means even if humans are living longer, the brain will maintain its integrity and proper functioning for one's entire life. That is the big boon these dances offer. One will be saved from the nasty effects of brain related diseases. Here Baba explains more how tandava keeps one mentally sharp. Baba says, "Now, all dances do not equally exercise all glands, and there are some glands which are not at all influenced by dances. In the absence of the proper exercise of those glands, people lose many capacities at an early age – especially the capacities of deep thinking and of sustained recollection – and there is no process for restoring them. Considering all this, Shiva invented a unique and perfect dance: ta'n'd'ava." (NSS) As Baba says, once those mental faculties are lost, "there is no process for restoring them". Thus the dances of Ananda Marga serve a special function. Here below Baba discuss the all-around benefits of kaoshikii and He furthermore describes how the dance helps the brain by vibrating the mind in the psycho-spiritual plane. Baba says, "It is found that human beings are sometimes affected by various diseases; and frequently they are faced with various difficulties with respect to their sa'dhana'. These impediments many or may not be major. For instance, small diseases like liver trouble may cause problems from time to time, and to remove these types of hindrances, I invented the kaoshikii dance on the 6th of September 1978. This dance serves as an antidote to twenty-two types of diseases. All these are primarily meant to first of all vibrate the ectoplasmic stuff (citta'nu) which in turn is concentrated at a certain point touching the point of the soul, where Parama Purus'a resides." (AFPS-3) From top to bottom, our AM dances are a great panacea and a special practice for preventing brain diseases. By doing these dances daily, one will have an acute capacity to think and remember throughout their entire life. These days many in the general public are practicing yoga to benefit their health, but only those who know and practices these dances can truly exercise the brain, thereby preserving its health. We should propagate these dances to the maximum and save people from the dreadful defects and debility of brain diseases.
Of course, like everything else in yoga, we can only get the benefits of AM dances by practicing them. Knowing or reading about them is not enough. Both kaoshikii and tandava are meant to be done twice daily, vigorously. That means not just 30 seconds but rather multiple rounds of several minutes each. The heart should be pumping strong. Kaoshikii can be done for as long as 15 or even 20 minutes non-stop. Baba Himself created dance competitions so we would learn to practice for longer periods. Then we can get the benefit. If one just does the dances lazily just to say they did it, then they will not get the benefit and they will not be protected from those horrifying brain diseases. Here is one special tip about the practice of tandava. Baba says, "As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are assimilated by the body. That is why in ta'n'd'ava there is much jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground for a fairly long period of time." (NSS)
Remember, human life is getting longer and longer. All kinds of operations can be performed to save the skin, lungs, heart, ankles, thyroid, liver, pancreas, appendix, teeth, tongue, hips, knees, eyes, nose etc. The public spends huge money and resources on both cosmetic and involuntary surgeries. The longer they live the more surgeries are needed. But one thing is sure: There is no surgery to replace the brain. Replacing the brain means changing the human persona entirely. The only way to exercise and strengthen the brain is through our AM dances. No one should be lazy or remiss in this regard. Life should not only be long, but it should be healthy with a strong body and a sound mind. Who wants to live a long life wherein they lose all their psychic and / or physical faculties due to complications with the brain. Nobody. We should all be vigilant to practice our dances and encourage others to do the same.
By Baba's grace, He has given all the teachings and dances for a healthy, long, and successful life. We should be ever active in practicing and propagating them. Namaskar, Ramendu
Baba says, "Hands placed at 90° indicate the strength of the arms of the dancer. Ta'n'd'ava expresses the spirit of strength and vigour. They are straight, meaning thereby that they are ready to fight death. One hand, holding a skull or fire or a snake, represents death, while the other hand is holding a dagger, represent the spirit to fight death." (May 22 1979, Hannover) Baba says, "Kaos'ikii: The two hands when upraised and folded together represent, “Now I am trying to establish a link with Parama Purus'a.” Both hands bending to the right indicate, “I know the right way to request You.” The bending of the body should be at a 45° angular projection. The leftward movement represents, “I know how to fulfill Your demands.” The movement of bending in front suggests complete surrender. The backward bending represents, “I am ready to face all troubles that may come,” The last ta', ta' represents, “O Lord, I repeat Your rhythm.” "(May 22 1979, Hannover)
These days a maximum number of workers have ATM cards and bank accounts. Many seniors are involved in planing about their financial future and they encourage junior workers to also keep ATM cards, i.e. black money. Then there are some workers who are attending college / university instead of helping society. That is the news in a nutshell. Here is more about it. When people first become Wts they are quite idealistic and their intentions are pure. But very quickly they get negative training from their elders. They see senior Dadas keeping hoards of black money and personal houses for their personal retirement. In that case, those young workers get enticed and that negative endeavor of gathering black money spreads. This is the terribly unfortunate trend. More and more are keeping black money (i.e. unaccounted funds). And they do not inform anyone how much they have. Just they stockpile their private back accounts. Then when we see Wts getting degrees from colleges and universities we know they are preparing a cushion for old age or getting ready to do work on the side right now. They do not do pracar but instead work in a call center or computer software firm. Some crude people will think, "What is wrong, this is alright, everyone in society does like this." The response is, "You do not touch the feet of your non-margii neighbors but do offer respect to your to our acaryas because they are dedicated to AM ideals and neo-humanism. Plus they follow WT conduct rules and sacrifice their lives for the betterment of society. That is why we pay our respects. So if any worker does not follow the acarya conduct rules, keeps black money, and / or finds employment in some mundane company, or joins a college or university, then what is special about their existence - rather it is hypocrisy. Just as the like general public expects their leaders to prove themselves and follow certain codes, in the same way we Ananda Margiis want our Wt post holders to follow a certain code of discipline. The code of conduct as given by Guru. Those involved in keeping black money are hypocrites and they create the situation where good wts get looked at suspiciously. If any Wt starts thinking about money their mind is degenerated and they will lose the inspiration to do pracar. It means they have forgotten the essence of being a Wt. They take their shelter under money, not Baba. In that case how can they help others. Theirs is the path of self-destruction. They should be forced to mend their ways or get exposed so others understand what is their true color. Why do such workers keep money hidden, i.e. black money? Because they know that if margiis come to know that they (the worker) has more money than margiis, then those workers will not get more donations. They will not be able to increase their acct. They have money but always ask for more. They live in hypocrisy and that ruins their sadhana and straight-thinking. Instead they become crooked, selfish, greedy and degenerated - and ultimately they leave. Such workers are nothing but a burden to AM and a disgrace of what it means to be an acarya. They should be prepared to face the consequences as prakrti will not tolerate such duplicity from our dedicated workers.

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