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Baba's Reply to Margiis...

Date: 03 Apr 2009 22:08:13 -0000 From: "Gurucharan Yadav" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Baba's Reply to Margiis... Baba "Apa'r ananta tumi ki va' ja'ni a'mi, toma'r krpa'y mor din cale ja'y..." -2147 Purport: O' Parama Purusa, You are endless and infinite, but how can I understand this fact when I myself am not merged in that-- when I myself am not infinite and vast. O' Lord, even then my days are passing only by Your grace. Baba, by taking Your name and singing Your song, I am moving along on Your divine path according to Your desire. My existence moves on in Your flow. Baba, I love You-- by singing Your name, I laugh and cry, by Your grace. Baba, for Your work, I come onto this earth again and again. The way You want my life to proceed, I will go on making it like that, according to Your desire. The discussion of scripture, philosophy, and science-- these things do not reach up to You. They cannot get any clue about You, indeed not any trace. Always these approaches fall far short of the mark, far below Your divine stature. Baba, according to Your desire everything happens. Everything happens due to Your karuna', due to Your immense compassion. O' Parama Purusa, O' Baba, You are infinite, beginningless, and endless. And by singing Your name and chanting Your song, my whole life is passing according to Your direction...
Namaskar, All in AM know that seeing Baba physically was something very sweet and special. This wonderful experience many of us have had. However, some are spreading the idea that the height of devotion is related with seeing Baba physically. Because they have misunderstood one of Baba's replies. When in fact we all know that in countless discourses Baba guides us that devotion lies within. That sweet, close devotional proximity with Him is achieved internally. This is Baba's eternal teaching on devotion. Even then some have misunderstood the situation. This entire letter is revolving around this central theme: Baba's reply on devotion.
We know that everything Baba has given is 100% clear, consistent, and conclusive. In that way His every thought, word, and deed are perfectly in sync with His AM ideology. Unfortunately nowadays-- or since some time-- various dogmas have been spread around regarding what Baba said while He was in Jail about certain topics such as mission and devotion etc. This letter addresses one "statement" about devotion. Because like parrots a few repeat again and again that in jail Baba said 'Devotion alone can demand My physical presence'. And in their confusion they further proclaim that this is one universal teaching on devotion. When in fact it is not at all like that. Rather those telling like this are just suffering from one dogma. Here then is some of the history that will make everything perfectly clear.
In those weeks and months before going to Jail, Baba beautifully introduced His divine system of 16 Points. Now, in retrospect, we can clearly see that was His special timing. Because being the omniscient Parama Purusa and knowing that His jail period was upcoming, Baba introduced 16 Points with the intention that even during His physical absence-- i.e. Jail period-- all margiis would be able to endure and face the difficulty of Emergency. Because 16 Points gives the needed strength, vigor, and devotion to overcome all obstacles. So in that pre-Jail period around 1970 etc, Baba was living in Patna and on a regular basis He began checking up on everyone's 16 Points-- ensuring that everyone was following properly. Because Baba knew that without those special guidelines it would be impossible for sadhakas to survive the Emergency. But by following 16 Points every margii would have the devotion to withstand any and all difficulties. This was Baba's unique and secret planning. And these following Ananda Vaniis lead in that same direction. Because during the Emergency period itself Baba graciously issued these below dharmic mandates: Baba says, "Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced." (Ananda Vanii #44, 1 January 1976) Baba says, "...In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arenas of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres -- physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual -- are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points." (Ananda Vanii #45, A'nanda Pu'rn'ima' 1976) So this is one special aspect of that Jail period era, and surely that universal teaching holds true for today and eternally that by strictly adhering to 16 Points then one's standard of devotion will increase higher and higher. Unfortunately some are proclaiming that the universal teaching is, 'Devotion alone can demand My physical presence'. But here following is the story and answer to their dogmatic claim.
Side by side during Baba's period in Jail, so many margiis visited Baba. And Baba graciously gave countless guidelines to all those who came. Very often directing people in their personal lives and answering their various questions about how to proceed ahead. All through His incarceration this was going on. But over the course of this entire period there was one question above all that was asked again and again. And that question was, 'Baba, when will You be coming out?'. After all, each and every Ananda Margii was intensely curious about this. And that question was asked with even greater frequency after the devilish Emergency period was lifted. Because when the Emergency came to an end, then so many of our dedicated Dadas were automatically released from their various jail cells, but Baba's case was still pending and He had not yet been released. So naturally everyone was eagerly asking Baba when He would finally come out. This was the question of the day. And many times Baba would lovingly and reassuringly smile in response. And other times being fully aware of their sincerity and eagerness, Baba would sweetly reply, 'Devotion alone can demand my physical presence' and at the same time He would always add, 'I am always with you'. Because, after all, it was Baba's planning that He would come out. So the sense of His reply was for everyone to be firm in 16 pts, increase their devotion, and soon enough I will come out. With our devotional minds we can understand that this was the inner spirit of Baba's reply-- or something similar to that. But some missed the point entirely and to this day they continue repeating His statement: 'Devotion alone can demand My physical presence'-- proclaiming this to be a universal teaching. When in reality this was just Baba's sweet and psychological reply to those who were inquiring about His release from prison. So Baba's reply is totally situational, and not at all one of the universal teachings which can be found in our devotional scriptures.
It is just like if Baba tells one margii a particular recommendation about diet or asanas, then we cannot say that Baba's reply to that margii is also appropriate for everyone. Because Baba's reply is specifically related with that brother's own personal situation, such as liver problems or skin disease. In that condition, if that margii goes around telling everyone that they should also follow the guideline which he received, then that is nothing but his dogmatic and wrong understanding. Likewise those who think that the above noted reply about devotion and physical presence is part of our transcendental AM spiritual philosophy are way off the mark. Because that special reply which Baba gave from inside His cell was just related to that particular circumstance when He was in jail-- when He had foreknowledge that soon He would be coming out. Hence that statement cannot be considered as one of His eternal guidelines. Especially since, as a philosophical-spiritual tenet, such a proclamation runs counter to His divine teachings. But as a psychological reply to a few concerned margiis it was perfect.
Here Baba beautifully describes how internal devotion & sadhana are the key ingredients for attaining Him. So physical sense experience (empirical knowledge) is not enough. One will have to look within. Baba says, "It is wrong to think that Parama Purus'a is realizable by man through empirical knowledge...To attain Brahma you shall have to do sa'dhana' or spiritual meditation. You should make Him the only goal of your life. For this you require integrity, devotion and singular and earnest love for Him. He is not attainable without reverence and unflagging and unflinching devotion. When the devotional depth will come, love, too, will be out-brimming with high sentiments - will be full and over-flowing... In that state alone will come your final realization of the Supreme Consciousness." (SS-3) Namaskar, Gurucharan
Each and every Ananda Margii knows in their heart that devotion is not only related with physicality. Because we feel & have experienced that our special devotional connection with Baba is also something internal and not just based on physical means. And here is further proof of that: So many communist spies and CBI agents were planted here and there and physically watching Baba intently during DMC's and while He was on Field Walks etc. But such communists and CBI agents did not have an iota of devotion in them. Rather they were totally against and not understanding anything about Baba's divine advent. So even though they physically were watching, they could not get the real nectar. Even Jyoti Basu-- the crooked communist leader of West Bengal-- lived side by side in the same city for years, but he could not get one tiny inkling of devotion. And here is more about this same point of devotion and physical life. Even PA Dada and various Central Workers had to do sadhana even though they were around Baba 24hrs a day. Never did Baba say to them that since they were in His physical proximity then therefore they did not have to do sadhana. This was never Baba's instruction. Instead even if one Dada was working all morning with Baba then before lunch that Dada must go off somewhere and do sadhana. It was not that one could skip sadhana and eat just because he had been physically close that morning. It was not like that; rather the rule always was, 'No sadhana, no meal'. So sadhana always had to be done regardless of the degree of one's physical proximity. We can say then that devotion is such a unique force that is not limited to the physical sphere. Rather we know-- and in numerous discourses Baba guides us-- that the secret to the higher stages of devotion is dhya'na; and that dhya'na is the only way to attain those divine devotional realisations and samadhis etc.
******************************************** Hankering for Praise
Baba says, "Those who work with the motivation that they will attain intellectual victory are slaves to words of praise. They can never become great people. It is bad to be a slave to worldly words of praise. The sounds raised by jackals and those raised in praise of some intellectuals are similar. Hence remaining engrossed in [the path of intellectuality, i.e. vada, vitanda and jalpa] will lead to nothing...So those who waste their time in vada, jalpa and vitanda are fools. They are C-grade fools." (AV-5)

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