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Wrong Approach

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Wrong Approach Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 23:00:07 Baba "Tumi eso, tumi eso a'ma'r ghare..." - P.S. 3190 Purport: Baba, please grace me by coming in my abode. I go on waiting constantly for You in uninterrupted fashion after lighting the lamp of hope in my heart. Baba, You are always so gracious. by Your grace-compassion I get You in my dreams. By Your grace, I get You there. And when I wake up then I go on thinking of Your tales and talks. On my each and everything, the sketch of Your love is painted. Baba, I always remember You; even if I try to forget You still I remember You. When I yearn for You so strongly then in my heart I feel pain in longing for You. It is then that the thought comes that I should forget You-- because by that way at least it will be peaceful. But it is difficult for me; I cannot forget you. Baba, You are always residing in the deep core of my heart. The whole universe is saturated with Your divine love. You shower Your causeless grace on everyone. Baba, please come in my mental abode; You are my everything...
Note: This letter is related with an earlier posting:
Namaskar, We all want there to be peace and harmony in our Marga - all want unity. Certainly everyone wishes their local jagrti be a reflection of true unity. To ensure that our approach towards unity is headed in right direction, we should all consider the following. Please do respond with your thoughts and comments.
This letter is about a present-day issue in and around the new Faridabad jagrti, and this remembrance of being with Baba is deeply linked with this topic. Who can forget those blissful times during meetings and reportings in front of Baba when we would raise the slogan: "Moralists of the world - Unite!" This was often done - full of dharmic energy, fueled by His divine vibration. Those were indeed very inspiring and dynamic occasions. Embedded within that were two points: (1) Unity is needed, (2) not any type of unity, but the unity of moralists. Baba does not want that communists, or politicians, or capitalists should be "united". Then they will exert their nefarious ways on the common people and create untold suffering. This we have certainly seen. Nor does Baba want "unity" to be created amongst groupists. That will not bode well for our Marga as then all the groupist dogmas will be imposed and enforced. The only type of unity Baba wants is the unity of moralists. That is true unity, and not some type of negative compromise or black pact.
Unfortunately, since 1990, amongst our Marga leadership, there has been more groupism than morality. In that case, even new jagrtis become tools of factional fighting as opposed to places where ideology is preached.
To better understand that situation, let's review this hypothetical scenario. Suppose a jagrti is built with the understanding that all will be welcome to participate at all programs held in the jagrti. At first glance, it seems like a harmless and innocent approach. One might even call it open-minded. Yet because the various factions (to some or more degree) have representation in the jagrti, then when New Year's day arrives and it is time to read the Vanii, some want to read the B group Fake Ananda Vanii, some want to read the H group Fake Ananda Vanii, some want to read the EC group Fake Ananda Vanii, and some want to read one of Baba's dharmic and true Ananda Vaniis. If there are an equal number of people advocating each, they may come up with some sort of "black peace" - and all the so-called or Fake Vaniis might be read. If there is a dominance of one group, i.e. if there are more B group oriented persons etc, a fight may erupt, and those in the dominant faction may take over the scene and have their Fake Vanii read, and those interested in reading the Fake Vanii from H group may get kicked out of the jagrti entirely. Such is the very real outcome if any group interest is allowed to crop up or take root in any new or old jagrti. And such instances do indeed arise. It happens. Of course no one wants to think or admit that they themselves are groupist - everyone professes to be carrying Baba's teachings. With this in mind, people move ahead valiantly when they build a jagriti. But until all the groupist dogmas are exposed and eradicated, true unity cannot be attained. Passively accepting the existence of groups and their agendas is totally harmful. So unless one is outrightly opposing groupist dogmas, then one is enabling them. We can all ask ourselves to what degree we are doing this. Hence, Fake Ananda Vaniis must be eliminated as well as all groupist dogmas. Otherwise those groupists will continue to set our Marga ablaze with one or another dogma like: The dogma of Mahaprayan, the Fake BP Manual, scriptural distortions and so many other group-oriented dogmas. They all must be wholly eliminated. Otherwise more things will go wrong and someone like B group will take over and fulfill their prophecy of Bangalistan and only print Bengali discourses - leaving the Hindi discourses in the dustbin. That is why it is so urgent to rid our Marga of groupist dogmas. Till that time, there will always be rifts in and around our jagrtis, and real unity will not be established. Waving the saffron flag from the top of the jagrti and allowing all the various camps to bring their dogma inside is not enough to bring unity. Rather that will just invite more dogmas. And those who claim not to be groupist yet maintain relations with all the groups will be branded as triple or quadruple groupist - as they intrinsically support all factional wrongdoings. There must be strict adherence to Baba's teaching combined with the elimination of all groupist dogmas. Those with groupist tendencies must be keep at arms length-- i.e. out of reach of any jagrti. Only AM teachings can be embraced inside our walls. Till that time, no jagrti can be a representation of unity in AM.
So long as groupist agendas are allowed to be put on the table, then there will be strife in our Marga and no matter how beautiful the jagrti, there will be chaos, clash, and group struggle - and true unity will be nowhere in sight. All margiis want to establish and follow Baba's ideals, but all it takes is a few groupist Dadas to spoil the project of opening a new jagrti. One group may like to run a school out of the jagrti in order to raise money. Then when the other group sees that school, they may want some of those funds because they feel that place is also their jagrti. A fight ensues and one group ends up locking the other group out of the ground floor of the jagrti. This is the unfortunate way things develop when there is even an ounce of groupism in the neighborhood. Such groupist agendas abound in the form of court cases, money, rigging BP elections, and so many ways. And because each group wants to capture the power, they always hover and swarm around the various jagrtis, especially around new jagrtis like the beautiful new building created in Faridabad, where the margiis have worked so hard to create a shining, new center. So it would be a real shame to see such things occur there.
Tragically this is the way it happens in jagrtis and AM buildings all over the globe. As soon as groupist dogmas creep their way inside, jagrtis become battlefields of factional agendas and not breeding grounds of dharma. Here it is not that building or having a jagrti is the problem. The main issue is allowing groupists inside the jagrti. That must not happen. Because they will enter with their dirty dogmas and lust for power and create dissension. Such infighting is notorious in the Prout Bhavan Delhi where two factions fought for control of the building, tried to evict the other camp, split the Prout Bhavan in two (EC on the third floor & Ranchi down below), and finally members of the various groups involved were arrested by the police. This is the way groupism rears its head in our AM jagrtis and compounds. The above case is not an isolated incident. From Denver (USA) to Jabalpur (India) and in countless places in between, group clash is dividing and ruining our jagrtis. But again, constructing a jagrti is quite a good a idea. Only one should be strict not to allow any groupists inside. Indeed, just one year ago, in Faridabad itself, during a RAWA event, when one EC Dada was requested to garland Baba's photo, then a group of Dadas from the Ranchi camp marched out in protest. Specifically, when Citkrsnanandaji was invited to present the mala and spoke a few words into the mic, then the Faridabad BP was planning to invite Sudevanandji to light the “diip”— but when Sudevanandji and his cohorts saw that Citkrsnanandji had been invited to come to the mala etc, they were enraged. Those Dadas all stood up, and marched out of the hall. And in that way, the war of groupism was ablaze in Faridabad itself. Irregardless of the fact that the margiis there are very dynamic and active and do not profess to support any particular camp. So despite the best of intentions, building a jagrti and allowing all the groups on board will not bring unity. Unity can only result when all the groupist dogmas are left by the wayside and AM ideals embraced. The solution is to build the jagrti and keep the factional leaders and their cronies outside.
What we see happening today in our Marga is following a precedent set long ago. If a building alone were enough to create unity, then Hinduism itself would be a united religion, with no sects or squabbles. Hindus have long been involved in creating ornate temples. Even if the land was dry and the region destitute, Hindu followers and priests would build extravagant temples. But such temples could not bring unity within the religion. Because those Hindu priests just watered down Lord Krishna's teachings. So they had lots of beautiful buildings but no dharmic teaching. Nor could the Hindus build unity with another religion. For years, if not centuries, there has been struggle and fight over whether Hindus or Muslims should have control over the Ram temple in Ayodhya'. This fight and argument goes on day after day, year after year. These are the types of lengthy feuds that occur between the dogmatic religions. And indeed Baba warns that unity can never be achieved by combining the various dogmatic religions. Baba says, "How far is the unification of all religions possible?" "Ans.: – To seek infinite bliss is the only dharma of humanity. Humanity has but one dharma. Thus, the question of the unification of religions does not arise. The apparent dissimilarity between various religions arising due to differences in their ritualistic practices is not a spiritual difference. Whenever rituals dominate and efforts to attain bliss are feeble, whatever that may be, it is not spirituality." (TK-1, 'Q & A #49') Similarly, the unification of groupist factions is also an impossibility. That is why many are fearing that the wonderful, new Fardibad jagrti will just turn into the next Ayodhya', just the subject of ongoing clash between different groups - each seeking control. Whether in Faridabad jagrti or anywhere on this earth, we will only have unity in AM when all the groupist dogmas are strongly rejected and put to rest. The moment anyone enters carrying the least bit of groupism, trouble will follow. So when anyone is building a jagrti then they should be strict to ensure only dharmikas are allowed inside. To proclaim 'I am not groupist' will not work, if you then allow all the groups inside. Then you will be an accomplice to all their misdeeds. So decalaring I am not groupist and then making truces with all the factions is actuall the equivalent of being a 4 or 5-time group member. One then becomes party to all the groups. Because not opposing groupist dogmas means to be party to those crimes. Those in Faridabad did a great job of constructing a fabulous jagrti. Now their only duty is to keep all the groups out - including EC, which it seems they have an inclination towards.
By Baba's grace everyone will learn the lesson. No one should think, "I am not groupist per se and I accept all the groups in my backyard or jagrti." This approach will create so much infighting in our Marga. Unity will remain nothing but a far off dream. Only by embracing his teachings and rejecting all groupist dogmas will unity shine in our Marga. Baba says, "To establish unity, the society will have to select an ideology which remains unassailed by any spatial, temporal or personal differences. That is why only Cosmic ideology will have to be adopted as the polestar of life." (POD #37) Namaskar, Ramanuj
**************************************** Proper Care Needed
Baba says, "Pregnant women and female animals may work half of what they usually do at other times; but under no circumstances should they be allowed to do strenuous work, as it may lead to premature delivery or stillbirth." (SC-20) Note: Those who are forcing or allowing expecting mothers to do such things may be developed materially but are not at all developed on humanitarian grounds-- with regards to understanding others' problems. That is why nearly everywhere in the western world, in all offices up to the last stage of pregnancy women are working as they did in when they were in 100% fit and healthy condition. That is why nowadays the most affected on this point are females in western countries. In result serious damage to the babies happens. One can easily imagine that when mothers do not get resting time before giving birth, then how will that same mother provide love and affection to new born infants. Because in one week or so they will again join their career jobs. This is a very sad state so I invite everyone's attention to this as this is related with the future of the people in those affected areas. And indirectly the whole globe is seriously affected. Because without proper love, their children's development is severely hampered-- their full psychic growth and the growth of their brain is severely hampered because of this problem. Baba talks about this indepthly in His book, Namah Shivaya Shantaya. Likewise in many third world countries like Indian, the people do not care about female animals on this same problem. And not just animals but very poor mothers in third world countries are also suffering from the same problem of being overworked in the late stage of pregnancy.

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