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Re: Worshipers of Status Quo & Dogma

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 15:27:38 To: From: "Pavitra" pwKlauss@springnet... Subject: Re: Worshipers of Status Quo & Dogma Baba
Namaskar, This is in follow-up to my earlier letter on this topic about the upcoming global meeting in Alibag near Mumbai, Nov 18, 19, 20:
When people or communities are forced to co-exist within unjust social conditions then that only creates tension and riots in the society. In the USA, before the civil rights movement was born, blacks and whites were both "free" to live in the society. But the crooked laws and social attitudes towards blacks made for an ugly scene. And same occurred when Gandhiji inadvertently labeled a whole stratum of society as untouchables, when he donned the name, Hairjan. So these are clear-cut cases where due to groupist sentiments, society could not grow in a peaceful manner. Similarly, if the upcoming peace meeting in Alibag refuses to do away with the rivaling groupist sects but rather honors their separate identities, wherein each have their own laws and rules, then that will only deepen the rut of social discord in our Marga.
Groupism itself is a dogma; but that is not the only dogma that the Alibag peace meeting is enabling by openly supporting groupism. Let us not forget that the groupist factions have: 1) Created the dogma of Mahaprayan; 2) Ruined the Bhukti Pradhan system; 3) Failed to allow any margiis to become purodhas, whereas Baba was making family margiis into Purdhas, e.g. Dasarathji & Ragunathji; 4) Distorted so many of Baba's discourses; 5) Torn down the ACB system 6) Erected dogmatic tiirthas and memorials; 7) Expelled so many innocent wts and margiis; 8) Murdered our own Dadas; 9) Victimised countless margiis; 10) Done so many other unholy and unjust things. So by upholding the dogma of groupism, as the Alibag conference is doing, they are enabling so many other dogmas to infest our Marga.
There is nothing wrong with having a global conference in Alibag; there is everything wrong with having a global conference in Alibag that aims to preserve the status quo by protecting the existence of the various groupist factions. Let the Alibag meeting instead focus on wiping out the current dogmas going on in our Marga. Instead of proclaiming that, "No group criticism will be permitted", instead the meeting should uphold the ideals of universalism. In the past, Gandhiji failed to bring peace to India by not raising an anti-exploitation sentiment. Baba has clearly detailed this fault in His discourses, 'To The Patriots' & 'Dangers of Communalism'. Today we should not fall into the same trap as Gandhi did. We should raise a movement against groupist exploitation and the existing dogmas in AM. That should be the focus of the Alibag conference. Baba says, "The leaders should, therefore, rectify the errors of the past and vigorously launch a fresh anti-exploitation campaign." (TTP) By rallying around the idea of wiping out all injustices, dogmas, and exploitation, then surely our Marga will grow strong. That is the way to revolutionise our Marga. To protect the current groupist regimes is merely to maintain the status quo of factional exploitation and groupist conflicts. May the organisers of the Alibag conference reconsider their agenda, lest their desire for peace go in vain, lest they not be accomplices in creating more dogmas in our Marga. Namaskar, Pavitra

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