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More About Why They Are Fake

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 20:21:06 +0530 To: From: "Priyanath C Mittra" Subject: More About Why They Are Fake BABA PS Intro: This following song was written in the Urdu language. "Karata'ra ha'ma're, tumhare liye yaha'n a'na'..." (P.S. 4165) Purport: Baba, O' my lord, by Your grace I have come on this earth for You. Baba, whether You love me or not is Your choice, but please do not play hide and seek with me. Baba, please remain in my close proximity so I can see and feel Your always. Baba, I also want that You should love me always. Baba, You are the star of my eye-- You are the charm of my life. Baba, without You my existence is meaningless. Baba, You are the most attractive and divine Entity-- brilliant in Your divine effulgence. Baba, Your infinite love is expressed in each and everything of this world: In the flowers' fragrance, the children's smiles, the beauty of the rainbow. All the sweetness comes from You. All the beauty of the entire expressed world--including the flora and fauna-- everything expresses Your love. Baba, You have saturated this entire creation with Your grace-compassion. Your love resonates within each and every thing. The inherent beauty of every entity is the expression of Your love, the reflection of Your love. Baba, whether I like it or not, but I am residing in Your heart. I am within You. Baba, You are the nucleus of this entire creation. My everything is revolving around You. I do not know which form You are but the entire universe is within You. Baba, You are surrounding everything. You are within and without each and every created being. Baba, You are my Lord; You are my everything. And my only duty is to serve You, to please You-- and do all those things which You like. Baba, You are my ultimate Goal. Baba, my Lord, You have brought me on this earth for You-- to serve You... Note: The Urdu language originally started around Delhi when outside or overseassoldiers were not aware how to speak Hindi. But they were going to the market and speaking in their broken version of the local language. In this way they started interacting with the common people. Subsequently, the Urdu language first sprang up and it became known as the market language. So when Hindi and Arabic were mixed then this new language took shape. And since this language was spoken by a group of soldiers using a military uniform (wardi), that is why the name of the language became known as 'wardi'. Over time and due to a similarity in pronunciation, 'wardi' became 'Urdu'. This historical and linguistic guideline Baba has given in His grammar book.
Namaskar, We all know that the original and true Ananda Vaniis are golden bullets of inspiration that inspire us to move ahead, overcome all obstacles, and lead the humanity into the new crimson dawn. So Baba's Ananda Vaniis are truly unique. Even then some groupist leaders are thinking that they can create their own false versions-- and have come up with a tainted formula for doing so.
Some may be thinking that: 'Because Ananda Vaniis are small, since they are just one or two paragraphs, so therefore to make one new Ananda Vanii, just take one Baba's discourse and select one tiny paragraph out of that. And that will be an "Ananda Vanii".' A few may be thinking in this above manner. And indeed if anybody sees superficially then they will say that 'Ok, true Ananda Vaniis are generally one or sometimes two paragraphs. So the ruling group or subgroup-- whether B or H, Biharii, or non-Biharii etc-- did fine by collecting some excerpts or quotations from Baba's long discourses. So on the basis of size, their fake Ananda Vanii is ok.' This is just one misguided outlook. So some may get confused because the the length of the true Ananda Vaniis and the length of the fake Ananda Vaniis is the same. Means, the length of Baba's true Ananda Vaniis are one or two paragraphs, and in the same way from the discourse various group leaderss select one paragraphs to create their Fake Ananda Vanii. And then they stick on the name-- Ananda Vanii-- when in fact what they are sending out is just a Fake Ananda Vanii. Here the main ideas is that on the point of length or counting of words, certain quotes and true Ananda Vaniis may be similar-- in length. But length is not the only criteria to measure anything. If you start valuing anything with its length, then that will be a foolish approach.
For example, suppose, you chop the trunk of the elephant and you start calling it a horse, who can believe that? Or, you chop a little bit from the legs of the camel and then start calling it a cow. Because the camel was a high animal. This type of logic, only babies or crazy people can accept. Not anyone else. Or taking the example of a car, you remove two wheels from that car. And with the remaining two wheels you proclaim that "This car is now a motorcycle. Because it has only two wheels. As, a motorbike has also two wheels and now this car only two -- so it is now a motorcycle." All this type of reasoning is nonsense.
Surely this approach will be a foolish approach if anybody does the above. Just like, in the motorbike, only two wheels is not its sole characteristic. Similarly in the true Ananda Vanii, its length is not its only criteria. It has many more things, which we never find in those Fake Ananda Vaniis which are mere selections from a bigger discourse. That is why Baba designated the true Ananda Vanii as something unique-- as "Ananda Vanii". So, this is unparalleled.
It is known that when Sarvatmanandaji was initially struggling to find out some formula to create his fake Ananda Vaniis, then he finally devised his plan & he called a CC meeting in order to generate group support. And during the CC meeting they were all were thinking of a solution to continue the tradition of Ananda Vanii. After long discussion, then one great idea was put forth by one of Sarvatmanandji's trusted pawns. He told, "Don't worry. Here is a unique idea to create fake Ananda Vaniis. Because the length of Ananda Vanii is small, one or two paragraphs. So take Baba's discourse. Select one or two paragraphs. And the length of this new paragraph is the same as that of real Ananda Vaniis. And then just call this new para as 'Ananda Vanii'." Listening this, all the CC Purodhas clapped and accepted this idea. And since then, this selection of a few paragraphs from Baba's discourses and passing to margiis as a new Ananda Vanii of "Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji" of every year, is coming. And H group has adopted this same model of Fake Ananda Vaniis. So now multiple fake Ananda Vaniis are being presented each time. This is the ongoing drama by such group and sub-group leaders.
Of course now after critical analysis margiis are realizing that (A) Ananda Vaniis and (B) certain quotes of the discourses, are two different things, not one. In other words we can say, the current formula to produce fake Ananda Vaniis is similar to these above noted animal examples. Take some discourse and select one or two paragraphs and put the title "Ananda Vanii" and date it '1st January, such-and-such year'. And - "Here it is, ready. New Ananda Vanii". How easy it is. But those who are rational margiis and WTs, they understand that taking some paragraphs of Baba's discourse is just one quote. Neither it is a full discourse, nor is it as pointed and conclusive as a true Ananda Vanii. So at any cost, Baba's quote cannot be called as "Baba's Ananda Vanii". And they cannot be collected together with the "Ananda Vanii Samgraha" book.
Altogether we have 74 true Ananda Vaniis. If we allow to go on adding every year two quotes, two new fake Ananda Vaniis, then in the next millennium the total of fake Ananda Vaniis will be more than two thousand. And the true Ananda Vaniis already will remain only 74 in one book. So we have to think. Carrying dogma is not good. Ultimately it will be thrown out by future Ananda Margiis. Because Baba says, "Dogma no more no more". Here following is this divine teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. If we follow this, then no problem will remain as a problem on our path of forward movement. Baba says, "There are many good people in the society-- noble people engaged in noble deeds-- who are not ready to fight against wrongs and injustices. This sort of passive benevolence does not really promote the cause of human progress in the world." (AVM 8, p.51) Namaskar, Priyanath Note 1: We cannot create another Supreme Command from a few paragraphs of His discourses. In the same way, we do not have the right to create some fake Ananda Vaniis. Note 2: True Ananda Vaniis are unparalleled, full of spirit, and they give the clarion call of marching song and victory. So that is the greatness of Ananda Vanii. Note 3: In the real Ananda Vaniis of Baba, He is inspiring strong fighting tendency. To overcome injustice and exploitation in the society. But the so-called Ananda Vaniis since 1991 never deal on this societal point. Note 4: We must be alert. We should take it seriously that in the name of Ananda Vanii, certain groupist factions are trying to mislead margiis. To avert and fix the situation of this current Ananda Vanii problem, we have to depend on the real original treasure of true Ananda Vaniis. Such true Ananda Vaniis are the eternal source of our inspiration.
**************************************** Crow & OWl Relation
Baba says, "The etymological meaning of ka'ka'ri is "owl". Owls cannot see during the day. If a crow spies an owl during the day it will peck at it. Fearful of crows, the owl hides itself in the dark crevices of trees during the day. Crows cannot see at night, so if an owl sees a crow at night it attacks it. But since crows have more strength in their beaks than owls they save themselves somehow. Thus, it is seen that it is the crow's young that are generally killed by owls. If an owl is not overly hungry it will not eat crow-meat. Since the crow's meat is bad-tasting, no bird will eat it apart from the vulture. It is said that the crow eats any kind of meat, but it also will not eat crow-meat...." (SC-3, p.235)

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