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Kiirtan and Gandharva Loka

Date: 05 Aug 2012 21:02:47 -0000
From: "bhakti supreme" vishvashanti@eclipsico...>
Subject: Kiirtan and Gandharva Loka


"Tava preran'a'y puspit holo shus'ka marur yato taru..." (PS 702)


Baba, You are the most magnificent One. By Your divine grace, all the trees & vegetation in the dry, dusty maru (desert) have started to bloom and flower. By Your unfathomable grace, the fragrant flower blossoms have transformed the dead and lifeless desert into a golden, colorful, and charming paradise - overflowing with sweetness and full of life. Baba, You can do anything and everything. 

Baba, You have done the impossible. That which I could never imagine happening, and that which even today is difficult for me to believe happening, that impossible feat You have done. You have made my broken heart new again - full of love for You. With Your divine compassion, You have filled my heart with devotion and propelled me forward on the path of sadhana. Baba, it is only Your grace.

Baba, You are unparalleled. You are the embodiment of everything & You go everywhere. On the one side You are stationary; yet, at the same time, You move very, very fast. Baba, with the madhu meru (mountain of sweetness), You stir and vibrate the jyotisamudra (effulgent ocean). Baba, You have flooded the spiritual realm with the love and attraction for You. 

Baba, by Your grace everything has changed; my sleeping, sunken heart has become full of devotion. Baba, I love You. Your grace is everything...



Baba says, "The following describes how and to what degree human beings are aware about their own unit consciousness (Shiva'tma). As well as how they come in contact with their shiva'tma."

"For example, it is just like when one looks in the mirror then one does not see their real self, but rather a reflection of that. Or it is similar to when one awakens from a deep sleep then they can recall only part of their dream, and some aspects of their dream they cannot remember. Or perhaps, more precisely, they can only remember a reflection of their dream - not the dream itself."

"In contrast, there are other occasions where one looks at their own reflection in the water and they can clearly see their reflected image. But still that is not one's entire being. It remains but a reflection. Just like if one sees a reflection of a mango in the water then that is just a reflection and not the real mango."

"In reality only we come in contact with our unit consciousness when we sing kiirtan and some bliss comes. Then we come in contact with our shiva'tma."

"So in the spiritual field one comes in contact with their own unit consciousness after singing spiritually vibrated music like kiirtan or bhajans. For this reason, such type of devotional chanting or singing is highly essential in the life of a sadhaka. And when one comes in momentary contact with their own unit consciousness while singing kiirtan this is known as Ghandharva loka. One can only feel the bliss of kiirtan when their mind reaches into Ghandharva loka." (Shabda Cayanika - part 26)

We should all pay heed to Baba's guideline and be vigilant to sing and dance kiirtan regularly.


Re: Nigamanandji's Tomb #2: Boon

Subject: Re: Nigamanandji's Tomb #2: Boon
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 07:55:10
From: "ramesh" rr.dharma@proto-et....



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter of this series; a link to the first letter is appended below. - Eds)


"Yes, this is true. Dada Acintanandji constructed a tomb / shrine for Ac Nigamanandji in Ananda Nagar. It is quite large and there is nothing else like it throughout all of Ananda Nagar.

The dimensions of Nigamanandji's tomb are: 12 ft long, by 10 feet wide, by 4 ft high. Thus it is a big tomb. Suffice to say that it is large enough that at least ten people can lie down and sleep on this tomb.

I too have seen how various Wts are going to this tomb to get Nigamanandji's blessing. They go there for sadhana and even sleep there thinking they will receive special boons from Nigamananda Dada. Those with more news about this should come forward."



The dogma has already started whereby some Dadas go to the tomb for sadhana and ask Nigamanandji to grace them. They think that Nigmanandji can grant them some boon or take away their samskaras. That is why they go there for sadhana and request his blessing.

And when they complete their sadhana, they even go to sleep on this tomb. Perhaps they think that by this way they will get extra grace.

This is the unfortunate tomb worship dogma that is settling into our Marga these days. This type of thing runs totally contrary to the pure spiritual values which Baba has given. Such is the degradation that is taking place before our very eyes.

We should be vigilant to nip this in the bud.


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