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Who Can Become PP

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 23:39:52 -0000
From: Manomohan Sanyal  
Subject: Who Can Become PP 


"Maner kon'e samgopane ke go tumi base ekela'..." (P.S. 3529) 

Purport: O' divine Entity, by secretly sitting alone in the remote corner of my mind, You are vibrating my mind and heart-- my whole existence-- in divine ecstasy. Please tell me who are You. Neither do You share the feelings of Your heart with me so I do not know what is Your desire. And when I ask You what You want, then You tell that You do not want anything. Just with Your charming smile You are showering sweet nectar like a garland of pearls. 

O' Supreme Personality, please tell me, are You alone? Have You no companion? Are You searching for someone? Is that the reason why You are always wandering around this entire universe in all the ten directions-- because You are searching for some companionship. Is that why You are busy enjoying Your divine liila in this bottomless and endless, mobile and immobile world-- i.e. in Your entire creation. O' Divine Entity, of all the bhavas You are Mahabhava. You are the quintessence of all thoughts and ideations-- the ultimate Goal of all the samadhis. 

O' Supreme One You are complete unto Yourself and infinite. You do not have any shortage or dearth of anything; You have everything. You control the unit as well as the vast-- everything. You go on creating Your liila in hundreds of ways and flows. Your grandeur is infinite & endless. O' divine One, who is most charming and attractive, please grace me by revealing Your identity. You have captivated me by Your causeless grace and by the infinite bond of Your divine love... 

(Note: This letter contains a never before printed section of Baba's original discourse; and the audio file of that passage is now on the AM-GLOBAL blog.)

 Our Marga is in a time of transition; the post of Purodha Pramukha is now vacant. The question arises then, 'Who can become PP?'. For this answer, we need not look any further than two of Baba's famous teachings about being a post holder.
(1) Aged people who are no longer fit or healthy enough to carry out the duties of that position must not be given the post of PP. That means if someone is sick or debilitated and already has one foot in the grave, then they must not be allowed to become PP. That is Baba's first mandate.

For more about this mandate, reference:

(The audio file where Baba Himself is giving this above teaching has been on the AM-GLOBAL blog since Feb 2008. It is the last audio file in the left side column of the blog.)
(2) Those who hanker after the post with lustful eyes also must not be given the post. That means those greedy vultures who are now looking to swoop in and snag the chair of PP are also not worthy. Baba says such persons are suffering from a psychic disease and they must not be allowed to become PP. That is Baba's second mandate.

(The audio file where Baba Himself is giving this above teaching has just now been placed on the AM-GLOBAL blog. It is the first audio file in the left side column of the blog.)


Hence Baba has given two distinct mandates that dictate who is worthy of getting the post. And we should abide by these teachings in determining the next PP.

The first guideline-- that aged persons should not cling to the post-- has already been discussed in detail on this network at the above link so just a quick review will be done in this letter.

The second guideline has not been reviewed before publicly, as certain publishers eliminated that teaching from Baba's book (AV-1, Disc #34). That teaching, from His discourse 'Lord of all Lords', is presented in detail-- word for word-- in this letter. And as mentioned, the audio file has now been placed on the blog.


In this first mandate-- given 12 June 1979 (Kolkata)-- Baba emphasizes that those aged, elderly persons must not cling onto the post when they are unable to carry out the responsibilities. If one is sick, or senile, or unable to manage, then they should give up the post, and their position should be handed down to a younger, more fit person. This applies even to the post of Purodha Pramukha, which is a life-long position; that person should give up the post if they are not well and unable to do their job. Without going into detail, we have all witnessed the horrors of what happens when this is not done.

Because just see, Baba's system is perfect. Baba has given full authority and power to the one holding the post of PP, just like Supreme Court justices have in certain countries. In both cases, the position is lifelong; thus so long as one is healthy they can do a lot for the society. They need not leave their job.

But one should not blindly think that, 'Even when I am incapacitated I will remain in the post'. Rather the duty and respect of the post should be maintained. That means if one can no longer adequately fulfill the responsibility of that post, then they should step down. That is what Supreme Court justices do in the greater society, and that is what the Purodha Pramukha must do in our AM society. Otherwise we will have one feeble person-- who is controlled & manipulated by others-- holding the post of PP. That should not be allowed to happen (again).

Obviously then, if one is already aged and debilitated, then they should not be granted the post of Purodha Pramukha. That is Baba's first mandate. And we should adhere to this guideline when selecting the next PP. Instead, that aged person should be encouraged to engage in Brahma sadhana and serve the society according to their current capacity, while a more stout and capable person takes over the post of Purodha Pramukha.

Baba's second mandate is that if one is lustful and greedily seeking the post, then that means they are suffering from a psychic disease and they must not be given the job. Without mentioning any names, currently there are three vultures in AM who are lustfully eying the chair of PP. With their greed, they are fixated on becoming PP, in order to satisfy their egoistic desire. And here, in clear-cut language, Baba's mandate is that such persons are diseased and must not be given the post.

Baba says, 'To get the post, to become controller, even aged people quarrel like children. 'I want to become prime minister, I want to become prime minister.' It is the childish play of elderly people. What is all this. Yes, these are all mental diseases; yes, yes these are all mental diseases.' (MGD, 'Lord of All Lords', Patna, paraphrased from the original Hindi.) And here below is the original Hindi, from Baba's morning general darshan in Patna.

The audio file of Baba's voice is now on our AM-GLOBAL blog. "Yahii pad lekar Iishvar banane ke liye, burhe log, bar'e bujurga log bhii a'pas men bacabana' karte hein; ki ham pradhan-mantrii banenge to ye karengen, ki ham pradhan mantrii banenge to ye karengen." [Laughter by margiis] "Bur'hon kii bacabana' hae. Yah sab kya' ji?" "Ha'n man ka' rog hai. Sab ha'n man ka' rog hai."

And here again is the English equivalent of the above Hindi. Baba says, 'To get the post, to become controller, even aged people quarrel like children. 'I want to become prime minister, I want to become prime minister. It is the childish play of elderly people. What is all this. Yes, these are all mental diseases; yes, yes these are all mental diseases.'

Needless to say, those greedy leaders from the various factional camps who are hoping to capture the post of PP must not be allowed to grab the chair. Such persons are suffering from a psychic disease and we must not allow our AM society to come within their lustful grip. That will not bode will for our Marga.

Which exact person should become PP, that is not for me to say. We should all think and reflect and discuss the matter. But one thing is sure, both of Baba's above mandates about who can hold the post should be followed. Failure to adhere to Baba's above mandates will lead to a horrible spell in our Marga. Past is past; I do not want to comment on the late PP Dada's performance. We all know what happened with Dada Shraddhanandaji. Now is the time to look towards the immediate future with clarity and precision. We must strictly adhere to Baba's above guidelines and not allow any feeble or greedy person to hold the post of Purodha Pramukha.

Baba says, "Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated." (PNS-21)


For everyone's knowledge, the passage about lust for post from the discourse, 'Lord of All Lords', has been cunningly removed from the printed version. The discourse has been printed in Ananda Vacanamrtam part 1 as discourse #34, 'Lord of All Lords', but the passage about 'lust for post being a psychic disease' has been removed. It is not printed in the book. Who can say for sure, but it certainly appears that certain cunning persons did not want Baba's words to see the light of day. They did not want the margii public to know that Baba condemned and ridiculed those greedy people who fight for the chair. They did not want people to know that Baba says that such lustful persons suffer from a psychic disease. Hence that passage was removed from the book. Otherwise what can be the reason why the passage does not appear in print. So if you open the discourse, 'Lord of All Lords', i.e. discourse #34 from AV-1, then you will not find Baba's above passage in the book, even though it is part and parcel of that discourse.

Health Guideline: Sleeping Related "Do not sleep on a soft bed."
(CC-3, Chap 6, Pt #4)
Note: This above point that Baba is describing has deep meaning. Some ignorant people however who are unaware about health and hygiene get swayed by pseudo-culture and they use a spring-loaded bed with thick mattresses. But that is very detrimental for the various joints, muscles, & organs of the body and it creates an ill-effect on the body systems such as digestive disorders & diseases. Mostly because of hunchback syndrome and because the stomach is pressed. Keeping this view, including many more benefits, Baba has graciously introduced this above rule. Everyone should follow this and then they will realise the deeper aspect of its value. Amongst conscious people it is commonly known that soft beds lead to the onset of many diseases including incurable backaches and joint pain. So one should be aware. One should not fall in the trap of momentary pleasure and invite more dangerous diseases.

Note 2: Revealing the spiritual sigificnace of this point, Baba guides us that those who are using a hard bed in day to day life, their body becomes more and more capable for intense psycho-spiritual practice. Such sincere sadhakas keep away from using a pillow also.

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