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Thief Inside the House

Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:51:19 +0530 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Pandit_Sudhakar" Subject: Thief Inside the House Baba "Ma'nus' saba'i a'pan..." (PS #1090) Purport: All human beings are my own. We are all part of the same human family. Nobody is alien. All our heart's are threaded together and saturated with His divine love. We all have a common goal; our goal is to please Parama Purusa-- to please Baba by serving one and all. Indeed, all human beings are my own; all are my brothers and sisters. Marching together in unison, in one rhythm we are dancing together. And with one heart we are singing His song. We are calling Parama Purusa with pointed minds, all together. Everyone is mine, no one is alien. All our heart's are threaded together and saturated with His divine love...
Namaskar, When Guru has specially given something in a particular manner or method and then certain people in AM attempt to swap out the main ingredient and instead insert something else, is that not like having a 'thief inside the house'.
We all know Baba has graciously come on this earth to spread His sublime ideals amongst the whole humanity. His goal is to put forth teachings that will allow and enable all human beings to grow and prosper and live peacefully together. In short, during His advent, we can say that His main emphasis was to put forth AM ideology. And for that to happen, He needed to ensure that what He spoke and what He told told was properly understood by the people. Because His directions, guidelines, and instructions are AM ideology-- nothing else.
For this reason from the very outset, from the get-go, Baba spoke in ways most conducive for us to understand His divine ideals. Accordingly, He began educating us about the Sanskrit language. Because Sanskrit contains many of the words, phrases, and concepts needed to teach the ideals of AM. So Baba used Sanskrit as a definitive base for propagating His ideals. Furthermore, to ensure that the Sanskrit words were properly understood, He clarified and expounded upon their meaning and usage. This He has done in countless discourses; this anyone can verify. Thus teaching Sanskrit became part and parcel of spreading His mission.
Indeed Baba has used Sanskrit in so many unique ways in our AM. He has put the Roman Sanskrit alphabet in the beginning of every AM book; He has made the system for giving everyone Sanskrit names; He has given all our mantras in Sanskrit; and He carefully explained the meaning of Sanskrit words-- like bhakti, dharma, tantra, mantra, Ista-- in His various discourses. Plus there are so many other examples how Baba has used Sanskrit to put forth His AM ideology. All done so that everyone could understand the various teachings which He wished to convey to the humanity. Thus from 1955 up through 1990, Baba taught us more and more about Sanskrit so that we could develop a better understanding of His sublime ideals of-- because other languages did not have words to express what He wanted to say.
That is why early on Baba explained about the importance of language in discourses like 'Expression and Symbolisation'. And that is why in countless discourses in Ananda Vacanamrtam and Sabhasita Samgraha Baba explains the meaning, derivation, and application of so many Sanskrit words. Indeed such a large number of His discourses begin in this very manner. And then later on, when a strong foundation of understanding Sanskrit had already been established, then Baba spoke in greater detail about Sanskrit and its special relation with all the other languages around the globe. Thus in His books Varna Vijiana, Varna Vicitra, and Shabda Cayanika, Baba is further explaining the essence of the Sanskrit and its link with all the major & minor languages spoken on this earth, from French to Hebrew to Spanish to Urdu, and from Latin to Greek to Hindi to Swahili, and from Tagalo to Bengali to Angika to Chinese, and from Korean to Japanese to Portuguese to English etc. Baba says, "In Ma'gadhii Pra'krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar'ii, Na'gpurii, etc., there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in the genitive case." (VV, chapter 10) And again, all of this was done for the greater goal of not highlighting any particular language per se, but so that Baba could clearly put forth His AM ideals in a way which was most comprehensible to us.
Unfortunately, some have understand all this entirely, and in order to highlight their own language, they propagandise day and night how Baba is highlighting the importance of Bengali. For example, in each and every AM book, Baba has designated a particular page for delineating the Roman Sanskrit alphabet. But if you open the Bengali version of those same books certain Bengali Dadas named that very page as the Bengali alphabet, 'Bangla Varna Mala'. Such is an example of their thievery. Baba has given something and they have switched it for something else. It is just like putting one's own personal sign on the front of someone else's business. It is unethical, illegal, and totally duplicitous. Verily the Sanskrit alphabet is closely related with so many Indo Aryan languages, but no other language community took away Baba's title of Sanskrit alphabet and put their own language name at the top of the alphabet page in AM books. Only certain top Bengali Dadas committed such thievery and distortion. And they did not stop there, they are also trying to proclaim the series of books like Shabda Cayanika & Varna Vijiana as being dedicated to the study of Bengali. When in reality Baba has given those series discourses to explain Sanskrit and its link with other languages so that others may best understand that teachings of Ananda Marga. But this fact those Bengali Dadas & their agents do not like to understand. Instead, day and night they engage in their silly agenda of the Bangalisation of the holy house of our Ananda Marga.
True disciples have no other aim in life than to highlight Guru's teachings. That is the goal-- not the Hindi-isation, Angli-cisation, Sino-isation, Spanish-isation, or any so-called isation of Ananda Marga. Only our goal is to propagate the Ananda Marga which Guru has given. This is our sole reason for coming on this earth. Tragically, some have some other agenda, some other ulterior motive. And even worse, some of these people are living right here in Ananda Marga and they are trying for the Bangalisation of AM. And this we must not allow. Only we should propagate the true Ananda Marga which Baba has given. That means highlighting His teachings and not some narrow-minded agenda.
Please excuse me as this topic is very long and there are innumerable points to convey. So to best respect the recent poll which shows that letters addressed to this network should be shorter in length, I am closing my letter here. In follow-up I may write again soon, yet also request other of our margii brothers and sisters to address this important topic. Here is a glimpse of what is to come: * Sanskrit does not have its own script, so when some books like Shabda Cayanika were first noted down in Bengali, then some top Dadas capitalised on this and tried to twist the whole topic as being about the Bengali language. Such is their style of thievery when in fact Sanskrit has been written in so many Indian languages from Tamil to Kannada to Hindi etc, but no one else tried to say that what Baba spoke was exclusively about their language. No one else had such audacity. * Baba's emphasis on language holds universal appeal as He is propagating AM ideology, thus He wants for all the languages of the world to be expanded to best convey human thought and understanding. This He has encouraged in so many discourses and talks like, 'Expression and Symbolisation'. * Baba's teaching of Sanskrit grew from the teaching of prefixes and suffixes to a full linguistic, historical, social, and cultural survey of Sanskrit and how it relates to today's world based humanity-- all so that everyone could best understand His sublime ideals of Ananda Marga. * And so many more points are coming.
By Baba's grace our special endeavour is to propagate what He spoke in its original form and not any other side agenda like the Bangalisation of AM. Because the very words which Guru spoke are mantra for us and that alone can lead the humanity into the golden era. Baba says, "Finally one must remember, Mantramu'lam' Gururva'kyam." (AV-6) Namaskar Sudhakar
Here below in this below section from chapter 10 of Varna Vijiana, Baba is explaining about the formation of so many languages, because in this series of books Baba is again and again showing that since Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, then naturally any complete discussion of Sanskrit will involve numerous other languages as well. Baba says, "In Ma'gadhii Pra'krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar'ii, Na'gpurii, etc., there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in the genitive case." (VV, chapter 10) This proves how Baba is talking about all the languages and indeed in this book there are so many reference to Hebrew, Latin, French, Japanese, English, and so many other languages.
In the past a few who work for the Tiljala Publications team have written letters about how Shabda Cayanika is about Bangla, and their letters will be addressed in full. Detailed replies will be given on this public forum. Here in this introductory letter to this vast topic, a general overview was needed as to way Baba was teaching us Sanskrit. And, as we all know, the answer is to best put forth His AM ideology. That was the main point to be conveyed in this above letter.
********************************************* Fate of Groupists
Baba says, "Those who have not got any subtle ideology or goal are sure to become one with the crude world, one with the physical world, one with the world of atoms and electrons. What a dangerous situation! They will lose their identities and become one with the dust of the earth." (SS, pt 18, p. 1-2)

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