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In Memory of PP Dada

From: "Manindra Singh" To: Date: 23 Oct 2008 23:41:16 -0000 Subject: In Memory of PP Dada Baba PS Intro: In this following song the devotee is lying at Baba's lotus feet, ensconced in a'nanda (bliss). And in that deeply devotional atmosphere, the sadhaka is desperately calling to all jiivas to also come close to Baba, the Parama Purusa incarnate, and have His darshan and get His blessing. "Ba'n'sga'rii bahiye ja'y, saha's nayane ca'y Goloker hari a'ji gokule liila' raca'y..." (P.S. 3658) Purport: Today, the Hari of the divine world has manifested His liila in the land of devotees. With His sweet grace He is moving all around playing His divine flute-- showering His charming smile and gracious eyes upon all. With reddish lips, He is beckoning each and everyone. He is telling: 'Come close, come to Me-- quickly, as soon as possible, come running, so we can be together up to eternity'. Today that Hari of the divine world is showering bliss on everyone. We are so graced. Everyone is His kith and kin; all are His own; nobody is alien. No one is far; everyone is close. All are His most intimate ones. By His grace everyone gets Him in their thinking, japa, and meditation. Everyone resides in His mind; everyone has a place in His heart. By His causeless grace, now the river of devotion is flowing at high current. His divine rasa is dancing, overflowing, & splashing in ecstasy. With His fathomless grace the garland of waves is swaying to and fro. All are ensconced in His bliss. For crushing the dus't'a (demonic people) and for saving & nurturing the virtuous & dharmic people and for destroying the nefarious and deadly demons, He comes again and again on this earth with the rumble, twang, and beating of His kettle drum. There is no one else on this earth who has such infinite and countless qualities. That Hari of the divine world is the abode of all heavenly attributions. Come one, come all. The Lord of the universe has come today with gracious splendour, and He is showering His divine liila upon all devotees. He is most loving and ever-gracious...
== IN MEMORY OF PURODHA PRAMUKHA DADA == Please be sure to read the addendum to this letter:
Namaskar, In the wake of PP Dada's recent passing, we are all forced to think how our innocent Dada Shraddhananda met such a fateful downfall. Indeed, it was under his supposed leadership, that our entire organisation crumbled to pieces. PP Dada was a rubber stamp for so many groupist decisions, shenanigans, and power plays. We must ask, 'How on earth did such a thing happen?'.
The main problem with PP Dada began when he got convinced by one infamous & notorious group leader that, 'You (PP Dada) are on par with God'. That factional head coaxed PP into believing this falsehood, until finally PP's every demeanor became a false show of being the Lord. Of course, with our Ista mantra, we all meditate on being God, yet in our daily life we must be cognizant of the fact that we are jiivatman and have much work to do and many improvements to make. We cannot just think, 'I am God and therefore I am totally divine in each and every regard'. That will not work. But due to the prompting of one group leader who for his own power wanted to make PP into a veritable deity, and because of the susceptibility of his (PP's) own ego, PP Dada really began to think and feel, 'I am God and therefore I am totally divine in each and every regard'. Proof being: (1) PP stopped raising the Jai slogan, rather he thought all margiis were raising the Jai slogan for him. (2) PP stopped properly participating in dharmacakra and instead would sit on his own seat etc. (3) PP stopped singing Prabhat Samgiita; rather he would listen as if the margiis were singing for him. (4) PP stopped signing kiirtan entirely, instead he thought all were singing his glory. (5) PP stopped communicating with margiis and Dadas in a brotherly way. Instead he sat in his own palace / room 24hrs, as if he was some Himilayan Guru. (6) PP stopped eating, drinking, and talking with acaryas and margiis. (7) PP began writing and publishing his own silly songs as if they were divine compositions. (8) Etc, etc, etc In so many ways, PP just removed himself from the devotional, social, and spiritual practices of Ananda Marga and begain thinking of himself as being above all that. Because he got duped into thinking that he was a veritable god. Sarvatmananda beautifully convinced him of this falsehood.
However, in the kingdom of Parama Purusa, excessive arrogance and false vanity are never tolerated. Rather one must meet their fate. And that is exactly what happened with PP Dada.
In his desire to enhance his prestige, PP took on the role of playing God. He thought all would honor him and that life would be wonderful. And in a superficial way, this happened for a little while. But nothing false lasts forever. History now bears testimony that so many wrongs, injustices, distortions, fights, punishment postings, expulsions etc happened with PP's own signature. Indeed, what started out as an seemingly innocent and harmless desire for prestige turned into a tragic, if not disreputable end. This tumultuous period from 1990 to 2008 will be analysed again and again by margiis, Dadas, Didis, committee members, social thinkers, and historians, and all those interested will come to the same conclusion: PP was blinded by his post and was kidnapped by groupist leaders. In that case, PP's desire for enhanced prestige will lead to his name being dragged around in the mud-- permanently so. PP Dada's record will stand as the premier negative example of how not to occupy a post. Time and again in future, if anyone acts like a monkey in their posting, then they will be reprimanded with the statement, 'Oh look, this silly fellow is just like the first PP'. So that is the irony: Instead of embellishing his name, PP's name has tragically fallen in the opposite direction. He was not a malevolent man per se, but his lust for name and fame- i.e. his egoistic desire to be worshiped as as god-- led to his downfall.
For the sake of our organisation and for the sake of the welfare of the one occupying the PP post, we should take every recourse imaginable to ensure that the next PP does not fall into the same trap. The next PP must act and behave like an Ananda Margii, not falsely imitate Guru. And we must not allow the next PP to become like a sponge or spineless being in the hands of power hungry group leaders. Finally, we must not let ourselves slip into the false notion that the next PP is some type of savior or deity etc. Some margiis thought that about the first PP and look where that led us. If we pay heed to all of the above, then by Baba's grace then the next PP will not repeat all the horrors of the first PP. And our Marga will have opportunity to flourish.
By His grace we all want our AMPS to become great once again, but that can never happen if we have a second PP like the first one. Baba says, "Workers should have dignity of the labor, and not dignity of the post..." (Point #33 of '37 Worker's Rules') Namaskar, Manindra
******************************************** Unique Quality of Human Beings
Baba says, "The human mind has two functions--thinking and memorizing. The more the thinking capacity increases the more the power of memory develops. The nerve cells also change, leading to a corresponding change in the nerve fibres. These changes create a stir and a revolution in the world of thought." (PNS-8, p.17)

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