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Really Publication's Saviour?

Date: 16 Apr 2008 22:34:56 -0000 From: "Amriteshwar Verma" To: Subject: Really Publication's Saviour? Baba "Phuler ha'site chile, manoma'jhe a'ji ele..." (P.S. 1898) Purport: Baba, You came in my mind today and You were smiling like a magnificent flower blossom. You know that I love You even then why do You remain distant. Baba, I do not call anyone other than You. In my mind, nothing else has the place; You are my Goal. You are my everything. And I do not think about anything else besides You. In spite of all these things why do You remain forgetful about my existence. Baba, I understand this heart-breaking and difficult liila of Yours. You take my mind and play Your painful game of hide and seek. Sometimes You make me laugh; and sometimes You make me dance; and sometimes You make me float in the tears. Baba, after a long time You have graced me and come in my mind today...
Namaskar, It has been wrongly propagated in the 'Publisher's Note' of various post 1990 editions of Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha that Pranavatmakanand himself has been instrumental in recovering several hundred lost discourses in the form of audio cassettes, mostly from the pre-Emergency / Martial Law period. And it is further wrongly propagated that all the new books of Baba's discourses printed after the so-called Mahaprayan have been the result of this grand recovery done by Pranavatmakanand. Like this the story goes. But the reality is that these misguided 'Publisher's Notes' have been devised by certain groupist leaders to give one false viewpoint of the scene. Hence it should be understood by one and all that the story about these Pravachan cassettes which have been "recovered" by Pranavatmakanand is a complete distortion of the fact. The reality is that Baba's cassettes came primarily from one source: From devoted Margiis all around India who were keeping cassettes in very proper condition.
Because margiis have a lot of devotion for Baba, so they were keeping Baba's cassettes more carefully than their own existence. We have to remember that there was huge terror and torment during the Martial Law / Emergency period of 1975. Cowardly persons might have thrown away those cassettes out of the fear of police and arrest. But courageous devotees secretly safeguarded and protected those cassettes. And that was no small job. Because those days in those turbulent times if one cassette would have been found in any margiis' house, they would have been sentenced to jail. That was the situation of the declared Emergency during the Indira regime / Martial law period in India. Here it should be understood that all those cassettes which were collected from margiis' houses were all in very good condition. And mostly what Ananda Marg books we are getting the last several years since 1990 are the gift of those devoted margiis. Those who took trouble to secretly record and keep those discourses. Those devotees never cared about being branded as "indisciplined". Because the recording of Baba's cassettes by margiis was never allowed. So margiis took risk, and recorded. And with great risk, they cared for those cassettes. Yet after 1990, will full sincerity and faith, in their innocence they obediently handed those cassettes over to Pranavatmakanand. Because Pranavatmakanand was the head of the smuggling team and he was giving huge money to B group kingpin Sarvatmanand. Due to this he became the right hand man of Sarvatmanand. And on that very ground Sarvatmanand gave Pranavatmakanand the prestigious job of getting those missing discourse cassettes from margiis. Of course any WT could have done this-- it did not take any skill. Already the margiis had not all the work. But this golden chance was not given to just anyone. Rather one had to be an insider. Thus Pranavatmakanand was the hand-picked choice of Sarvatmanandji. And in that way Pranavatmakanand tried to soak up all the glory for saving those cassettes. But it is not the credit of Pranavatmakanand, rather all along it was the margiis who did that work and saved those cassettes. However in the actual 'Publisher's Note' it is written as if Pranavatmakanand was the hero of the day. And there was no mention about what the margiis did; their names were not placed anywhere. No credit has been given to them. Just Pranavatmakanand sucked up all that glory for himself-- and he got that put in print. When in fact all margiis know the common truth. Namely that there is no such proof that Pranavatmakanand collected one single cassette during Emergency; he himself has made zero contribution from that time. Whereas many margiis did everything. Thus it is so surprising-- indeed shocking-- that margiis never got any credit of this holy task. In the entire publication which was the work of archive, the whole eulogy in the Publisher's Note is given to Dada Pranavatmakanand as if he fetched Baba's cassettes from a deep, dark cavern. Or, as if he bravely took them out from the demon's mouth, at the risk of his life. When in fact with grace and dignity margiis placed those treasured cassettes on his very lap. And in turn Pranavatmakanand seized the opportunity to highlight his "grand recovery" of those cassettes. And like that during Pranavatmakanand's and Sarvatmanand's "raj", they glorified Pranavatmakanand's image in so many scriptures: Ananda Vacanamrtam, Subhasita Samgraha, and so on and so on-- because whatever he could do to publicize his name as vanguard, that he did. So what nonsense this is.
This case of ruining the publishers note and misleading others is not an uncommon affair. This usually happens when various political leaders come in power. Then they misuse the power and exploit the situation in their own favour and own party interest. This happens always and one classic example is a of a few years back when Lalu Yadav was the chief minister of Bihar. Then when his party was ruling that time he paid some puppet writers to eulogize him and write some glorified concocted tales about him. And the book name was, "Glory of Lalu". And they did that and created some songs as well and all this nonsense got pasted into government primary school books-- that Lalu Yadav is one great hero. So the people were feeling suffocated because in truth Lalu Yadav is such a corrupt and hopeless person. Someone who embezzled millions worth of public money. Everybody knows the reality is that he is facing the charge of stealing 20,000 million (20 trillion) Rupees from the public. Because he cheated a huge percentage of the entire treasury of Bihar Government. And now he is in jail. So this is one classic example of how when people are in high posts then they misuse their allotted power. In a similar way when Indira Gandhi was in power then she had some spoons or some puppets glorify her. And in their official meetings they were chanting, 'Indira is India and India is Indira'. Means they were chanting the kiirtan of Indira, yet she was such a demonic person who did nefarious activities. Even she created one falsifying history and glorified herself up to the stars and stuffed all those rotten lies into one time capsule and buried that in old Fort in Delhi. In that way she was dreaming that in the future people will find it and read all the golden histories about her kingdom and how she was so grand. So the praised herself as a demi-god and at the same time pushed down others. But in a very short time she met her demise and the time capsule was dug up and exposed. So this is another example how demonic people paint the history in order to make themselves immortal. But in doing their selfish antics the exact opposite happened.
And that has also happened in this case. And that is why margiis were so disgusted and suffocated by the dealings of Pranavatmakanand etc, because such those groupist scoundrels started misusing their power, curtailing margii rights, distorting the Bhukti Pradhan manual, and manipulating the publisher's note, and so many other nasty things they did. So this all happened because a few opportunistic persons took advantage of the situation and painted everything in their own selfish color. And they wanted to become immortal in the history forever. But the strong hand of time wipes away the nastiness of their cruel dealings. And that boomerangs. Otherwise they were building themselves up as the eternal heroes of the world, but Baba's wish and the movement of dharma was in a different direction. So Sarvatmanandji and Pranavatmakanand could not get success-- rather they got exposed.
Any sane person or those who get opportunity should refrain from doing like this because neither dharma can pardon such rascals nor can the society. Just they will be wiped away from the history and treated as a demon. So now wrong information has been placed in the Publishers Note of our Ananda Vacanamrtam, Subhasita Samgraha books. And they projected the matter as if Pranavatmakanand is the vanguard who retrieved Baba's precious cassette away from demons mouth. Like this, in his whole period he has always tried to capitalize on the same fake propaganda. Indeed such "crafty people" will not miss any chance to take advantage. But ultimately they always get exposed. That is the history and that is what has happened this time as well.
Here following is Baba's divine blessing that in the face of wrongdoings, righteousness always prevails. Baba says, "O' human beings, don't get scared, light is sure to come after darkness." (AV-1, p. 51) Namaskar, Amriteshwar
The following books from the Subhasita Samgraha series and from the Ananda Vacanamrtam series contain that misguided section in the Publisher's Note which wrongly gives credit to Pranavatmakanand for "recovering" Baba's discourses when in fact it credit should go to all those Margiis who safeguarded Baba's discourse cassettes during the Martial Law era / Emergency period in India. So the following are those books which contain the wrong description in the Publisher's Note. Besides, these below titles there may be other books published since 1990 that also contain this same false praise about Pranavatmakanand. After seeing the below list you can compare with your own library editions. SUBHASITA SAMGRAHA (Hindi): Part 4 (2001 Edn.); part 5 ('01); part 6 ('01) part 22 ('96); part 23 ('96); part 25 ('00). ANANDA VACANAMRTAM (Hindi): Part 19 (1994 Edn.); 24 ('94); 25 ('94); 26 ('95); 27 ('96); 28 ('96); 29 ('96); 32 ('97). ANANDA VACANAMRTAM (Bengali): Part- 24 (1994 Edn.). ANANDA VACANAMRTAM (English): Parts- 23 (1994 Edn.); 31 ('97); 34 ('00).
In the Publisher's Note of the above listed AM books, Pranavatmakanand's name appears as if he is one golden god from the heaven. As if due to his will all this happened and these books got published. Because in the Publisher's Note itself his glory is written: "We particularly wish to thank A'ca'rya Pran'ava'tmaka'nanda Avadhu'ta, the Incharge of Archive Section..." And like that it goes on to tell what great deeds he did by saving & rescuing all the materials. So what nonsense and arrogant and false dealings this all is. Such a manipulated Publisher's Note is just the work of a few power hungry villains. Note 3: If Rudranand and others continue to disregard and ignore the errors in our AM Publications which Sarvatmanand and Pranavatmakanand did, then surely such so-called leaders will also meet a same dark fate, as they are not the well-wishers of AM.
******************************************** Genuine Devotees
Baba says, "By observing people's conduct one will easily notice those who are absorbed in divine love...They will raise their voice against all sorts of tyranny, injustice, and exploitation. Those who do not possess that kind of honest courage to oppose all wrongs are nothing but fakes-- they are never genuine [devotees]." (AV-7, p.12)

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