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Those Who Chase After Name & Fame

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Ramdhan "Ramdhan@Indianet..." Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:34:08 +0530 Subject: Those Who Chase After Name & Fame Baba "Maner ma'jhere base gopan kotha' shon'o, kichui luka'no ja'y na'..." (P.S. 583) Purport: Baba You are sitting in the mind. You listen to all the talks & tales and feelings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. What anyone thinks, You know. Baba, You are everywhere-- in each and every iota of this entire universe. Indeed You are so vast & You have manifested Yourself in such a grand way, that beyond You there is no existence of anything. Baba, You even listen to the very small talks of the mind; You take care of even the most meagre and ordinary matters-- just like dust particles. You cannot forget or ignore anyone, and You do not remain oblivious of anything. You take care of everyone. You love one and all. The galaxies & stars which are floating in far away distant places, even those objects are not beyond Your touch. For You everything is close by; nothing is far. And You take care of everything. The spring which has lost its beauty & the flower which has just bloomed, nothing gets forgotten. Everything has equal importance to You. You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not remain. Except You, there is nothing. Baba, You are sitting inside the mind and listening to all the feelings and longings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. Baba You are infinite; Baba, You are everywhere...
Namaskar, In His AM ideology, Baba scientifically shows what befalls those who chase after name and fame. In Brahmacakra, human beings have a special place. Before attaining a human body, one has to cross innumerable steps. Every one of us is blessed by Parama Purusa, in getting a human body. And each of us also crossed similar steps in passing through plant life, to animal life, and finally reaching human life. When people make one journey, then that part of the journey's path which they already crossed, they are acquainted with. And even if that part which they crossed was more difficult than the part which is yet to come, still people will not be so enthusiastic about ascending onto the new path. Rather they will like to remain along the old and familiar path. Two examples can be given: (1) People don't like to remove even the difficult dogma which they are used to or adapted to. With this mentality, they go on observing those difficult to follow dogmatic beliefs and rituals because in the past, they did so. (2) Human beings came from animal life. And there, in animal life only the senses were dominating. Eat, sleep, and sex. By this way, life after life they passed. So all are acquainted with those things. And they do not like to go ahead in following the path of spirituality, which they are not acquainted with. Rather they easily adapt the path of animality. So the conclusion of these two points is, that the old path is more easy in spite of having big difficulty in that path. People don't like to ascend and march ahead on a new path. Even if it is more glorious, easy, and charming. The root cause is, attachment of the previous path. And, fear about the future path. About the development of human mind and animal and plant mind, Baba is revealing the truth in Ananda Sutram. And there He says, that in the plants, creepers, and shrubs only citta ("done I") is there. And when living beings develop and progress from plant into animal life, then aham (ego/doer I) is also there. And aham is dominating in their existence. And finally in human beings, the three parts of mind are manifest: mahat, aham, and citta. So in plant life, citta was dominating. And in animal life, aham or "doer I" was strong. And in human form, i.e. in those who are new to human form -- as with animals, "doer I" or ego dominates. And when humans get more advanced, then mind gets more developed, and mahat develops. Which gives the sense of "pure I feeling". And with the effect of mahat, intuition develops. So in ordinary human beings, aham or "doer I" is stronger than mahat. And those who are developed human beings, mahat or intuition is developed. If the amount of mahat is more than the amount of aham, then that excess part will be intuition. So when intuition develops, then all great qualities come in that person. Devoid of dominance of mahat, ordinary human beings are easily controlled by their aham ("doer I"). And with the dominating effect of aham, generally human beings are involved in their name, fame, power, prestige, respect, personal glory, etc. So such type of people's standard is between elevated humans, and animals. This created world is nothing but the outcome of the divine play of Parama Purusa. So in His cosmic cycle, He made the rule as follows. Baba says, "Ya'drshii bha'vana'...-- As one thinks, so one becomes." (NKS, ed.'97, p.195) People give a lot of value of prestige, name, fame, self-glory. And they constantly engage in this. The goal of such persons is their own unit existence, not Parama Purusa. Then in that case what they want, Parama Purusa gives them. In Ananda Vacanamrtam, Baba says, "Ye yatha' mam pradyante". What people want, Lord grants them. So when Baba blessed the living beings with AM philosophy and created Ananda Margis, then all kinds of people joined. And everyone has their own psychic pabulum. So due to that some of those who joined AM, wanted name and fame. And Baba blessed them. Those WTs who wanted name and fame, this type of samskara they made for themselves. And Baba blessed them accordingly. A similar thing happened with Margis also, in their worldly life. But in the journey towards enlightenment/Anandam, one has to move far beyond the dominance of aham ("doer I) -- name, fame, self-glory. Because where the dominance of self is there, then cosmic ideation is impossible. That's why in scripture it is said, "Yahan ka'm vahan nari ram". Where there is "I" feeling or worldly thoughts, then ideation on the Supreme is not possible. So on one side, what disciples want Baba granted. Those who wanted name and fame, they got that. And on the other side, engaging in one's glory or name and fame, is detrimental for sadhana. So Baba graces also, to remove the attachment from these fetters of name, fame, and self-glory. Baba says, "Abhima'nam' sura'pa'nam'..." "An inflated ego is like drinking wine, self-aggrandizement leads one into the deepest hell, and social status is like the excrement of a pig. Give up all three of these and only sing the glories of the Lord." (AV-23, p.105) So Baba says that to engage in one's own self is not at all good-- rather it is negative. That is why Baba guides us that name, fame, such mundane glory is just like feces of the swine. So those disciples who desired, they got name and fame. And as a Guru, He has to help everyone for their spiritual development. So in due course when such persons make some progress in spirituality, then they get a blow by their self-created samskara of the past. At that moment their prestige, name, and fame pulverizes in front of their own eyes. Sadhakas have to exhaust all samskaras in this very life. They have to overcome and exhaust all negative and positive samskaras. There is fast development - very quick. Whereas in the case of non-Margis, usually the loss of respect happens only in a future life. Just like in the case of Stalin, Gandhi, and present day so-called very respected political leaders, etc. When after their demise people evaluated their work, then their reputation went from heaven to hell. During their own lifetime they had their glory. But later on after their death, people understand who they really were. But in the case of Ananda Marg, the panoramic picture is completely different. Because when people start doing sadhana, then the exhaustation of samskaras is quicker than for non-Margis. So those Dadas and Didis, those who have big name, fame, and prestige. When they move one or two steps ahead in their forward movement, then all their prestige smashes and is ground to dust. Countless examples can be given. Every one of us is aware about that. Most of those Dadas and Didis who got huge honor and respect in AMPS in the past, now in light of the current situation one can see how their prestige became one with the dust. Madhavananda in his own time, was a magnified/glorified personality. Now he is treated as a veritable demon. Similar is the case of Vishokananda, Prakashananda, Vimuktananda, Tadagatananda, Nirmalananda, Avtk Ananda Maetreyii, and so many such people who once stood in the limelight. But are now part of the blackest history. Many Dadas and Didis names can be found in old AM books, as publications secretary. Most of them now you may not find anywhere in this mortal world. Either they became defectors, or they left and started leading degenerated lives. But those days when their name got printed in Ananda Marga books as the publisher, then they were feeling very great. Because of all these reasons, sincere Ananda Margis do not give any credence to the post-holding people. Rather, they give more value and respect to those Dadas, Didis, or Margis who have ideal conduct. Because the situation in our AM is unlike the general society, where post-holders get large respect. Our tantric AM society is unique. Baba has given the scale of character with which one can measure who is who. On the basis of conduct, one should treat others in course to give respect. The concluding idea then, is that, conduct is the ideal scale. So this whole history gives a few teachings. (1) In the spiritual journey, name and fame is not a good thing. (2) Those who got name and fame, their prestige got smashed to dust in front of their eyes. (3) Those who have respect today, they should be careful. (4) Better one should not have yearning for name, fame, and respect in the Ananda Marga tantric system. Otherwise, it will yield the same fate. Namaskar, Ramdhan
Dhobiya' Pa't: This is the Sanskrt phrase used to describe the process how washermen clean and dry the clothes. First they submerge the clothes in the river water and then lift those clothes out of the water and raise them overhead, and while in this position the clothes feel as though they are flying high in the sky. And then the next moment, in order to clean them, the washerman sharply smacks those clothes down on the massive hard rocks-- whereby a loud cracking noise can be heard. And this entire process culminating in the harsh smacking of the clothes onto the rocks is known as dhobiya' pa't. Likewise when self-serving people gain huge public prestige then they feel like they are flying high in the sky; yet invariably the next moment their misdeeds get exposed and their whole public image gets smashed into the dust. In that sense their position or their fate is no different from those clothes which the washerman vigorously whips down onto the hard, unforgiving earth.
Certain Dadas/Didis names who are still visible around us on the world map have been mentioned in the below notes & referenced indirectly in this entire letter. Because such Dadas themselves have witnessed their glory reach up to the heaven only in the next moment to find it burning in the hell. And now common Margis are realizing and feeling repentence about the way they were giving honor to those Dadas. So this Baba's teaching became true: Baba says, "...People realize, "My God, what a great mistake I made! I worshipped a monkey taking it to be a god! What a great misfortune I have brought upon myself!" (LOI, ed.'87, p.84) Such Dadas were getting praised by one and all yet later it was discovered that they were the ones who actually ruined the scriptures, took away the Margis' rights, and so much other nonsense they did. And now they lost all their prestige and all their respect. This is the case with Sarvatmanandji & Pranavatmakanandaji etc.
Tadgatananda and Nirmalananda, Krsnananda, and Prajinananda were treated as great in those days, around the '70's. And they used to hold big seminar lectures, and were talking on philosophy etc. They were treated as unparalleled intellectuals. Even today you can see their names in old Seminar Notes. But now people read those names with different feeling. Because, they became defectors.
These types of examples are not one, two, or three. There are more than a hundred. But the central idea in each case is the same. That because of their domination of aham tattva - I feeling - they wanted name and fame, and they got it. Everything is changeable in this world. And in sadhakas' life, change comes quickly. So these dadas' and didis' fame turned to infamy. Their saintliness became proved as notoriousness. But by this way, society got benefit and they did too.
Sarvatmananda and Pranavatmakananda tried to push their names as being the saviours of the archives etc, and especially Pranavatmakananda wanted to bind his name with stories about Baba known as Samsmaran, but all their negative dealings got exposed how they distorted the scripture and ruined Baba's historic AM Revolution discourse by taking out the section about margii rights. All these negative deeds these Dadas did so now their name has just sunk. And the time of the hour for Rudrananada and Co is also underway. Their star is fading fast - if not already sunk.
See the following slokas in Ananda Sutram, which explain the evolution of mind as living beings progress from plants to animals to humans. Here below in sloka 1-14, Baba reveals that as rajogun'a comes to dominate over tamogun'a, the aham or sense of doer-ship, evolves out of the citta.
"1-14. Citta't gun'a'vaks'aye rajogun'apra'balye aham." (AS, ed.'96, p.12)
And then in the following sloka, Baba explains that with further evolution towards the subtle, mahat or "pure I feeling" evolves out of the aham, or "doer I".
"1-15. Su'ks'ma'bhimukhinii gatirudaye aham'tattva'nmahat." (AS, ed.'96, p.12)
Then in the following three slokas, Baba explains that in plants, citta dominates, in animals, aham or "doer I" dominates, and in highly developed beings, mahat dominates.
"1-18. Mahadaham'varjite anagrasare jiivadehe lata'gulme kevalam' cittam."
"[In undeveloped living organisms, creepers and shrubs where aham and mahat have not yet evolved, there is only citta.]"
"1-19. Mahadvarjite anagrasare jiivadehe lata'gulme cittayukta'ham."
"[In undeveloped organisms, creepers and shrubs where mahat has not yet evolved, there is aham as well as citta.]"
"1-20. Pra'grasare jiive lata'gulme ma'nus'e mahadaham' citta'ni."
"[In developed organisms, creepers and shrubs, as well as in humans, there is mahat, aham and citta.]" (AS, ed.'96, pp.13-14)
Here in the following sloka, Baba explains that when mahat or "knower I" exceeds aham or "doer I"/ego, then intuition emerges.
1-17 "Aham'tattva mahadpra'balye bodhih."
"[When the mahat is greater than the aham, the bodhi (intuition) evolves.]" "Purport: If the dimension of the mahattattva be greater than that of the aham'tattva, the surplus part of the mahat is called the bodhi [intuition]."
*************************************** Future Achievements of Prout
Baba says, "In 100,000 years, human beings will conceive of things which are beyond the conception of the human beings of today. These types of changes will occur within the social and economic jurisdiction of PROUT." (PNS-17, p. 37)

Those Who Love AMPS

To: From: "Blissful Tide" Subject: Those Who Love AMPS Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 23:00:45 Baba "Toma'y khunje khunje priyo, din je ket'e ja'y..." (P.S. 3982) Purport: Baba, my most adorable One, with deep longing in search of You my days are passing in vain. In the absence of getting You my whole life is gradually getting wasted. O' my dearmost, where have I not looked for You. I have wandered around and searched in the seven oceans, on the mountain peaks, as well as on the earth, and also in the caves-- in every nook and corner of this world, but alas I could not get You. Baba, day and night, secretly I also searched You in the flower garden and in various holy lands and tiirthas-- all done in hopes of getting a glance at You. Baba I searched everywhere with the hope that one day I will find You. But, in the end, all my efforts were for naught. Baba, with deep longing in my heart, I have also searched You in the galaxies, meteors, nebulae, and in the stars-- all around & everywhere. Also I searched for You in the dark, black coloured clouds on the rainy days, in the scorching heat of the summer season, as well as in the shade of the tree in springtime. Baba, I have searched for You with a deep yearning and longing in my heart; I have looked for You everywhere. Baba, by Your grace on one colourful golden dawn saturated in the effulgence & aroma of a newly blossoming flower, You advented in my heart. Your grand arrival came after a long, deep, dark, & painful night of searching for You. But in the end You graced me and advented in my mind. Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, By following Baba's example, and even by looking at the general society, we can clearly understand who really loves and cares for our AMPS. Recently, one or two people on the email were complaining about and accusing certain people why they never write about the good things going on in AMPS. Why aren't those things good deeds - school openings or mass feeding programs etc - reported about with more consistency. Why are all the defects - like groupism, scriptural distortion, money scandals, & dogmas like Mahaprayan and Fake Ananda Vanii - always pointed out. This was their chief gripe. They were accusing that those who write about the black spots in AMPS are enemies of the organisation. Using our rational minds, let's examine the situation.
Perhaps one of the more telling scenarios about love is this example with the mother and baby. If a baby is growing and developing in the right way, then that mother will not inform all the people in town each and every day about how well her baby is doing. But if her baby becomes sick or is diagnosed with a serious disease, then in an instant that mother will tell all her relatives, inform the school system, and quickly bring her baby to the hospital and tell the details of her baby's health problems to all the nurses and doctors. The mother does this not because she hates the baby, but because she has deep concern and love for the welfare of the baby. So when the baby falls into problem them immediately she brings the matter to the attention of one and all. Here the point is that when things are going well or as expected, then one does not go all around town talking about those things again and again. But when a problem comes, then those who care about correcting the problem will raise the matter with everyone. Let's take another example. If in a town, a shoe factory successfully meets its daily quota of producing 10,000 pairs of shoes, then the local newspaper will not write a story about that good news. Because that is the expectation - everyday that factory meets its quota. However, if there is an explosion in that same factory and 20 workers die, then that newspaper will immediately send a reporter to the scene and they will print a big article about that disaster and include photos as well. One cannot then blame the nespaper for only highlighting negative things. Rather that newspaper's role is to alert the townspeople about the calamity and help initiate an investigation so that another explosion will not happen in the future. These examples all denote how those people who are responsible and care about a situation, they will be the first to alert others if there is a problem. In contrast, those who do not care will keep mum. They may not even recognise that there is a problem.
Now let's see Baba's dharmic way of leading the society. In His Prout teachings, Baba points out countless defects in the society. He talks about the missteps in so many fields: Science, religion, education, politics, agriculture, and in almost every walk of life. Baba has so concerned Himself with the society's demerits that He even wrote an entire series of books titled, "A Few Problems Solved". Then there is another book titled, "Problems of the Day". At the same time so many good things have happened in our society: Excellent hospitals, good roads, a man was sent to the moon, great inventions etc. But Baba does not spend huge time in His discourses highlighting and praising all of society's achievements. Instead He has invested thousands and thousands of pages to talking about society's ills: Religious dogma, crooked politics, faulty economic programs, disease, sickness, crimes and war etc. But who can then accuse Baba of being an enemy of society. Rather He is the loving Father of all - this is His creation - and it is out of deep love and caring that He was spoken about the problems in society. By Baba pointing out the defects, gradually everyone can understand what needs to be fixed, and then society will grow in the proper way. That is Baba's dharmic method. And it is all based out out deep, deep love.
Another clear-cut example of Baba's dharmic method is dharma samiiksa. All know that Baba called thousands and thousands of people for dharma samiiksa. This was one great boon for the society. And in dharma samiiksa, Baba would apply His psychic magnifying glass to a person's weaknesses and shortcomings. He would point out a person's most serious demerits such a lying, hypocrisy, cheating, laziness etc. Often times, Baba would have never even seen that person before and then in this 8 - 10 minute interaction, Baba would harshly review that person's character. Of course that individual also had so many good qualities, yet Baba would not spend His precious time talking about those things. Instead He would strongly rebuke that person for their misdeeds. And we all know that Baba is our greatest well-wisher. Due to His grace and kindness we are all moving on the path of benevolence. Hence, no right-thinking person can accuse Baba of being unjust or negative because He has pointed out our defects. Instead, every true sadhaka recognises that out of His great love, Baba has painstakingly reviewed our conduct so we may grow in the best way possible. This all clearly shows that those who love someone or something will always be the first to point out the errors and problems.
We all know our AMPS is filled with so many good people and so many excellent projects. We know that and we expect it to be that way. Hence when something is awry - such as when power mongers & cheaters have grabbed control of the organisation - then the need of the hour is to first point out that wrong thing. Those who seek the welfare of AMPS will always do like this. Likewise, when dogmas like Mahaprayan and Fake Ananda Vaniis abound, when certain key groupists are ruining AMPS, when certain WT trainers are creating hell in TC, when those in Publications are misprinting Baba's books, and when some are intentionally distorting Baba's discourses as was done with "Ananda Marga: A Revolution", then those who care about AMPS will raise these issues with one and all. They will not keep quiet. Rather they will fill the air with reports about all those problems until those things are known to one and all. By that way the problems can be fixed - permanently. Thereafter, those well-wishers will not talk about that situation again. So here the whole point is that there are indeed so many good things going on in AMPS. But talking about those things will not help our society grow. Especially when at present there are numerous grave issues halting and undermining the progress of our Marga. In that case the order of the day is to bring those harmful defects to the fore and get them solved. For this awareness is needed. The problems need to be brought out in the open, not stay stuffed behind closed doors. Thus when anyone accuses someone of being an enemy of the Marga for pointing out the defects, we can understand that those accusations are totally baseless. Because those pointing out the defects are on that pathway to rectifying the situation in the Marga. Their heart and mind are aimed toward helping our Marga Such persons love AMPS. And most often, those accusing others of pointing out the defects are themselves the problem creators and they want others to keep quiet so that they themselves are not exposed in front of all. This is one other dynamic at play.
By Baba's grace the whole approach of neo-humanism is to look upon all with love and help them to grow by pointing out their defects. And that same approach when applied to AMPS will lead to a brilliant and shining organisation, free from dogma and exploitation. Hence those who love AMPS will always point out the problems and difficulties. That is our dharma - there is no other way. Baba says, "So then, what is Neohumanism? Humanism newly-explained and newly-sermonized is Neohumanism – the philosophy which will make people understand that they are not merely ordinary creatures. This philosophy will liberate them from all inferiority feelings and defects and make them aware of their own importance; it will inspire them to build a new world." (NH-LOI: Disc 11) Namaskar, Pradiip
****************************************** To Improve Sadhana
Baba says, "Abhya'sa is the creation of a particular continuous psychic vibration. It is the most essential factor in the spiritual sphere. The continuous endeavour to maintain the state of equilibrium of citta leads to the attainment of sama'dhi. ...Sama'dhi becomes a natural phenomenon as a result of continuous spiritual practice. Procrastination is something undesirable on the spiritual path. If ever spiritual practice is discontinued endless desirable and undesirable waves of thoughts occupy the mind. Spiritual practice should be continued uninterruptedly and with proper sincerity and veneration, otherwise sama'dhi will forever remain a theoretical subject of philosophy, never entering the periphery of practical realization. One must not adopt the psychology, 'I'm practising spirituality because my a'ca'rya (spiritual teacher) told me to'. Rather one should think, 'I want to attain spiritual realization. My a'ca'rya is merely guiding me along the path'. Only when one takes full responsibility for one's own spiritual life can one attain the peak of spiritual progress and become fully established on the solid ground of spirituality." (AMIWL-9) Note: By Baba's above significant teaching it is clear that regular and consistent practice of sadhana is a must-- that is the only way to move towards the Goal and heighten one's spiritual realisation. And side by side sadhana must be done with a sincere heart and with the right motive in mind. By Baba's grace every Ananda Margiis is involved in this grand endeavour.

Call of the Day

Date: Mon 27 Apr 2009 22:17:41 -0700 To: From: Matt Ornbecker Subject: Call of the Day Baba "Anek shun'iya' anek bhaviya', toma'kei bha'lobesechi..." (PS 1041) Purport: Baba, Your tales are infinite. From the mouths of devotees I have heard endless heart-touching stories how You have showered Your boundless love and grace. Baba, as soon as I heard all those things about You, I began to contemplate about Your grandeur and glory, over and over again. By that way I realised that You are inseparably linked with my heart, mind, and my entire existence. Baba, I have fallen in love with You; I can't live without You. You are my most intimate One. Baba, in order to find You I have searched in each and every town and village, by the rivers and the oceans, in the hills and the valleys, in the mountains and the caves. I have searched You in the sky and earth-- everywhere. Baba, by Your grace I have discovered that You are that priceless jewel sitting in my heart. Baba, I do not have any explanation why I have fallen in love with You. All I can say is that it is solely Your grace. Love knows no logic or reasoning. All I can tell is that You graciously pulled me towards You and by that way I have fallen in love with You. It is Your grace. O' my Dearmost, I do not love You in order to get mukti. I love You because You have tenderly brought me close to You. Even then I am not an A-grade sadhaka. I do sadhana and by that way receive Your bliss. I think that is the reason why I love You. Baba, I love You to get a'nanda. This is the aim of my life: To love You so that I may be bathed in Your bliss. This truth I understand. O Lord, I do not have parabhakti-- highest devotion. But keeping in mind that parabhakti is the greatest quality, I will go on doing Your work and serving You according to whatever strength I have. I will expend every ounce of energy to satisfy You. Baba, by Your grace, I understand that, 'I should love You to give You bliss-- not for my own bliss'. This is the culmination of all I have learned, by Your grace. Baba, by Your grace I have fallen in love with You. My sole desire is to serve You and please You...
Namaskar, Right now the whole globe is in a socio-economico-politico quandary. Leadership is changing from one party to another, from one front to another-- yet still there are no answers in sight for the common people. So we must put forth our call of the day: The word and slogans of Prout. Because-- as will be outlined below-- only Prout has the logical response to solve the world's present ills. Only our call is the call of the day. All other so-called alternatives are mere dogmas.
Frustration is running high as the capitalistic tool of democracy is failing time and again to bring relief to the people. Money is being stuffed into the corporate vaults and the people have not what they need. So they put in for a change of political leadership, but no good results come. This is the story in dozens and dozens of countries. That is why this is the best time to put forth the name of Prout. None should think that our Marga is marred in groupism and therefore we should not wave the Prout flag. Rather it is our moral duty to aid the society by giving the name and rational of Prout. Capitalism is creeping to its ugly end-- and there is no alternative in sight. Communism is dead and gone; Islam & Christianity are known dogmas; and the newly revamped socialism of Chavez is nothing but a freshly-painted communist platform. So literally people have nowhere to turn to find relief. That is why one party after another, one capitalist regime is rising to power after another-- all because the people want change but they do not know any other place to look than by changing from one capitalist leader to the next. But ultimately this capitalism is running out of gas, both literally and figuratively
It is just like in India in 1976 when Jayprakash Narayan swarmed to power with his cry of Sampoorna Kranthi (total revolution). He ousted the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But ultimately he was all talk and no action. And in a short time he was out of office and back on the streets-- and all the youths who followed him were in a state of desperation and angst. And the irony of all is that Mrs. Indira Gandhi reclaimed the power. The same dismal scene is taking the world by storm right now. One misguided leader comes to power-- one after another-- with none of them having the answer to the ills of capitalism. Rather they are the agents of capitalism and in the guise or ushering in change, they are protecting the status quo. Indeed it is only Prout that has the answer.
Others give false claims to having the solution to capitalism but their ways are totally unsatisfactory. For example, the Muslims will say that just keep all the women locked inside the house and make them wear a burka from head to toe. But who can think this will be the answer to capitalism. Then there is the Christian church that wants to give up scientific thought in the face of creationism and adopt all the canons of the church. This also is nothing but a misfiring. Finally, Mr Chavez puts forth his daydream of socialism which is nothing but communism going to a masquerade party. So none of these things are going to work-- and beyond that there is nothing. Yet all the while capitalism is on its last legs so something will have to take its place.
So something needs to come forward and fill the gap; and that something is Prout. And here is the logic we can use. In this world there is abundant wealth-- there is plenty for all. And the wealth & property of the world belong to all. Everyone is the son and daughter of Parama Purusa, Cosmic Consciousness; all are part of the whole. Nobody has the right to hoard. Creating disparities is not good. Diversity, not disparity, is the law of nature. Amongst this diverse human population, everyone belongs; all have their rightful place. Let us grant access to the resources of the world to all, so that all may not only survive but thrive. This type of basic idea is enough to give people a taste of Prout. And indeed this is a consistent theme in Baba's main treatises on bringing forth a new socio-economico-politico order as outlined in Problems of the Day, Discourses on Prout, & Talks on Prout. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a [Supreme Consciousness] is my Father, Parama' Prakrti [Supreme Operative Principle] is my Mother, and the universe is my homeland. We are all citizens of this universe...everything is the common patrimony of all, and the Father of all is Brahma. All living beings can enjoy their rightful share of this property, like members of a joint family...As members of a joint family, human beings should safeguard this common property in a befitting manner and utilize it properly. They should also make proper arrangements so that everyone can enjoy it with equal rights, ensuring that all have the minimum requirements of life to enable them to live in a healthy body with a sound mind." (POD #1) So we should echo Baba's wides in each and every hallway and meadow on this earth. And side by side we should tell the people, what is needed is economic democracy, not political democracy. Baba says, "The days of political democracy are numbered. PROUT demands economic democracy, not political democracy. To make democracy successful, economic power must be vested in the hands of the common people and the minimum requirements of life must be guaranteed to all. This is the only way to ensure the economic liberation of the people. PROUT’S slogan is: 'To end exploitation we demand economic democracy, not political democracy'." (PNS-21) This is our platform and by the above teachings and logic, we can rationally convince the general populace that Prout is the way to go. Until this is done, the miseries of this world shall remain.
So in each and every station we must spread the word and teachings of Prout. We should use pamphlets, blogs, books, discussion forums, neighborly meetings, email, web-sites, town halls, cartoons, films, skits, and so many other avenues that are out there. All the while none should fall prey to the inferiority complex of shyness etc. Then nothing can get done. 100 years ago those propagating the teachings of yoga were not shy; and now look how popular yoga has become. But if nobody had talked about it, yoga would have fallen by the wayside. Likewise, 100 years ago, women had almost no rights on this earth. They could not vote or work or do anything in society. And if anyone said they should, then it was just a big joke--nobody believe it. But now there are women leaders all around the globe-- and more will come in future. All because some had the courage to come forward with new ideas. Similarly today, some may laugh when we say that this entire universe is the property of Parama Purusa and that we have all come from Him etc. People may think this is an outlandish idea. But in a few short decades or even sooner, all will embrace this spiritual idea as it is the only way to build a world-based human family. And the early pioneers of Prout will be lauded up to eternity. So courage and confidence are needed to put forth new ideas; so we should ideate on Baba, let His strength charge our bones and mind, and without a second to lose we should propagate the ideals of Prout. None should be timid in this regard.
By Baba's grace we should put forth our call to the people-- all our brothers and sisters of this universe...
Morality is the demand of the day 'Prout' the cry of the suffering humanity. Wise you be, may not or may, If sincere, success a certainty. Fee Fy Fo Fum. Expel the demons from physical stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum. Expel the exploiters from economic stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum Expel the brutes from psychic stratum. Fee Fy Fo Fum Expel the parasites from spiritual stratum. Human body is to serve one and all, Human mind to attend Cosmic Call, Human spirit at the alter Supreme, Surrender and be Supreme.
Namaskar, Mahendra
This materialism of capitalism is leading everyone into the dungeon of hell-- all are getting degenerated. The exploiters give way to greed and heartlessness and just indulge in their own vices as they squeeze the life-force out of the masses. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, the common people either resort to crime or focus exclusively on getting the minimum requirements and have not time or energy to do anything else. And on the top, suspicion and mistrust are at an all-time high as each and every day brings forth new security measures to protect the divide between the haves and the have-nots, rich and poor, and privileged and suffering.
*********************************************** Look How Even the Deaf can Hear, by Dhyana Baba says, "A deaf man sincerely wants to hear what the Sadguru is saying, the positive microvita radiated through these two mudra's are sure to help him-- they will certainly help him." (Questions & Answers on Microvita, Answer #17) ***********************************************

How to Prevent People from Leaving Their Sadhana

Date: 26 Apr 2009 23:08:55 -0000 From: "Anil Vijayan" To: Subject: How to Prevent People from Leaving Their Sadhana Baba "A'mi toma'y ja'ni, e katha' vilate pa'ribo na', na', na', na'..." - P.S. 609 Purport: Baba, this thing I cannot claim-- that I know You, that I recognise You. No, no, no, this I cannot say. Even when known, even then You always remain unknown. On the viina, You always play the unknown tune in my heart. You are always hidden, even then You are my everything. Baba, keeping Yourself secret, You go on attracting me with the melody of Your flute. In this vast creation You have expressed Yourself in different forms and colours. But You are only the One with infinite forms. Baba, You alone are Divine...
Namaskar, Our AM is the path of tantra where by Baba's unfathomable grace the sadhaka has the opportunity to attain liberation in this life itself. Indeed this is the guarantee. So really we are blessed. Because human desires are infinite and as this infinite desire gets channelised toward the spiritual realm, one will get tantric diiksa, exhaust all their samskaras, and reach unto Parama Purusa, At the same time, we should know about the underlying philosophy and science behind it all. By this way we can better anticipate and understand how and why our lives transform as we speedily move towards the Cosmic nucleus, towards Baba. And perhaps most importantly, by this way we will be able to support and guide new and old margiis on the path when they invariably undergo the accelerated ripening of samskaras in their movement towards the Goal.
The other day in our unit, a number of margiis were telling stories about their sweet journey since coming onto the path of sadhana. Some talked about their devotional experiences; and some shared the Baba dreams they had. There were many things told; but, certainly one theme common among all was the remarkable difficulties & great changes we all have faced when since embarking on the path of sadhana-- due to the ripening and burning of our samskaras. Here below is one such account.
One brother recounted how when he first started doing sadhana then suddenly boils formed on his rear. In his life he had never had boils before, so this was a big surprise for him. They were so tender and sensitive that it was too painful to sit down and do sadhana. And when he told his acarya about this, his acarya directed him that no matter what he must continue with his sadhana. So that margii adjusted and began doing sadhana from a lying position. It was not long thereafter when boils began to form on the back of his legs and in the middle of his back as well. The margii was thinking that this was unbearable and again he went to his acarya and told that it was too difficult to forge ahead with meditation. But his acarya would not relent and instead told that, 'This is a good sign-- you are cleaning and purifying your body and burning samskaras. At any and all cost you must continue with your sadhana.' Not knowing what else to do, the margii started doing sadhana from a prone position, lying face down on his stomach. But then again trouble found him out as almost instantaneously boils began to appear on his belly, thighs, and torso. When he approached his acarya this time he was totally ready to give up his sadhana and quite entirely, but his acarya outrightly told him that, 'Great things are happening, you are getting purified to pursue the path of AM-- all those negative samskaras are oozing out. So keep going.' With renewed vigour, that margii continued his sadhana and by Baba's grace despite having painful boils all over his body, his sadhana improved and, amazingly, within a week all the boils totally disappeared-- leaving as quickly they came. And in the 25 years since, he has not had a single boil and to this day he remains a committed sadhaka and fully dedicated member of our Marga.
So in the above account, the newly initiated margii was well-coached by his acarya, and by that way he courageously adhered to the path. Because the whole point here is that as soon as one takes initiation and gets diiksa', then the annihilation of samskaras begins in an accelerated fashion. And this continues throughout the course of one's life. Baba says, "When a spiritual aspirant moves from the most negative point towards the ultimate positivity, what happens? His accumulated sam'ska'ras start to become exhausted. That is, all his sam'ska'ras start to wane." (AV-25) So as soon as one starts sadhana up until the time they attain liberation, one will invariably undergo the speedy exhaustion of samskaras. And here below Baba specifically reveals how the term diiksa' into AM sadhana means the burning of their old samskaras. Baba says, "For this “waning of sins” the Sanskrit word is pa'pa'ks'ayam. The initial letter of ks'ayam [waning] is ks'a. So the dii of diipanii [which means ray of light that shows the path] together with the ks'a of ks'ayam becomes diiks'a. And with the addition of the feminine suffix t'a, the word becomes diiks'a'." (AV-25) Here it should also be noted that in the above term-- pa'pa'ks'ayam-- the prefix pa'pa does not mean sinful deeds, but rather it refers to the collection of both good and bad samskaras. Because any samskara-- either good or bad-- is a chain or form of bondage that will keep one from reaching the Goal. So our AM tantrika diiksa' means the imminent burning of all samskaras-- both good and bad ones-- so one can move quickly ahead and reach their cherished Goal, i.e. becoming one with Baba.
Unfortunately, as we all know, so many come onto the path of AM and immediately their life undergoes radical change-- things start happening more quickly than they can seemingly manage. All sorts of things, which they did not expect to happen, start occurring at an accelerated rate. They may lose their job or have their car stolen or so many things might happen. And rather than think they are getting purified and progressing, they become worried or scared end up leaving their sadhana and the Marga, thinking that it has brought them too many difficulties. Certainly, we all know so many cases like this. Plus there are an equal number of cases where sadhakas undergo the burning of good samskaras and due to their success in the mundane world they lose sight of the real Goal and leave their sadhana. Infatuated with worldly riches or a Mercedes Benz or with professional successes, they mistakenly think that such wealth and prestige will give them lasting happiness and they fail to pursue the path of sadhana. So in both the cases it happens. In the case of good samskaras, people lose their sadhana due to their great happiness with their worldly life; and in the case of bad samskaras, people lose their sadhana due to their sorrows of living in this relative world.
But it does not have to be like that. It does not have to be that we lose so many sadhakas from the path of AM. If we are vigilant and educate new and old margiis-- including our wts-- about the way of the path of sadhana, then our attrition rate will be much less. Then far fewer wts will leave and we will be able to retain more and more initiated margiis. This can all happen as we educate everyone about how samskaras are bound to be exhausted very quickly while on the path of sadhana and that through it all we must not be sidetracked-- either due to our worldly happiness or mundane sorrows. Just we have to ensure to keep our mind focused on the Goal. In that case everyone will be sure to maintain their sadhana-- regardless of what may be happening in their life, regardless of the way their samskaras get exhausted. So here the point is that we must be vigilant to coach new and senior margiis alike about all the inevitable and great changes that are going to occur while on the path of sadhana. Speedily they will get cleansed and purified and our job is to support and guide them through this process. By that way they will not lose sight of the Goal and not drift away from their sadhana.
Let us then take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we Ananda Margiis are to be on the path of sadhana-- because only sadhana can bring lasting peace. After all, every human being-- whether margii or non-margii-- has infinite desires; and only through satiating that infinite longing can one get true happiness. Hence mundane, finite things like worldly riches etc can never bring lasting happiness or peace. The chief difference is then that non-margiis remain oblivious of this truth and they go on chasing after crude allurements with the mistaken idea that this will bring them happiness; whereas, Ananda Margiis ensconce the mind in sadhana and exhaust all samskaras. By that way we are blessed to truly experience that infinite bliss that gives permanent satiation to our infinite desires and leads one to a stance of perfect peace. Baba says, "Fill your heart with love of the Infinite, and your soul will be transformed into the Supreme Soul. No worldly happiness is limitless. Dedicate yourself completely to the blissful ocean of the Supreme Soul. Then alone will you realize what happiness really is. This path to attain happiness, this sa'dhana' of self-surrender I call absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure self within you. Then alone will your sa'dhana' be justified. The constant thought of your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your original source, and this is the ultimate aim of sa'dhana'. The Soul is by nature characteristically pure. The mind gets tied to sam'ska'ras (potential reactions) due to its actions, and that is why the unit becomes the slave of life and death. When all the sam'ska'ras are destroyed through spiritual sa'dhana' and mental purification, one goes beyond life and death to the eternal region of immortality, where there is no difference between the soul and His Supreme Soul." (SS-2) So the accelerated exhaustion of samskaras and progress in sadhana go hand in hand and by that way we are able to reach the Goal, by His grace alone. Thus none should fall by the wayside and become frustrated or intoxicated by the burning of their bad or good samskaras. These samskaras must find expression-- and very quickly-- because that is the only way to reach liberation in this very life. So our only duty, our only aim is to keep the mind fixed on Him by holding onto our sadhana. Only then we will experience infinite anandam or bliss.
By Baba's grace, our path of AM is complete. With Baba as our Tantric Guru, He has given us the best path to move ahead wherein when we get our AM diiksa, and by His grace we are given the light or lamp-- diipani-- to race ahead across the ocean of maya by exhausting all our samskaras and reach the Goal-- reach unto His divine lap, in this very life itself.
Diipajina'nam yato dadya't kurya't pa'paks'ayam' tatah; Tasma'tdiiks'eti sa' prokta' sarvatantrasya sammata
Baba says, "Now what is diipanii? Everything lies coverted within the self. The Supreme Entity is also within your “I” feeling. [He] is with you, but you do not know Him. That is, the Supreme Entity is with you, but You cannot see Him. You cannot realize Him. Why? Because you are covered by, you are surrounded by, ma'ya', the cimmerian darkness of ma'ya'. This diiks'a', Tantrikii diiks'a', is just like a torch. And by focusing the torch, you see your route through the darkness. That is why the first sub-phase is diipanii – diipanii means 'showing the torchlight'...Diiks'a' gives the aspirant the route, the way, or rather the path, of bliss. It shows the path of bliss. And to show the path of bliss, light is required; and that light is also supplied by diiks'a'. This light is diipanii." (AV-6) Namaskar, Anil
As soon as one gets tantric diiksa' and starts doing sadhana and leading our AM way of life, then their wheel starts moving quickly. Lifetimes of old samskaras become ripe and ultimately get exhausted. By that way one becomes free of so many fetters and they are able to advance ahead very, very rapidly. Then His grace becomes ever resplendent in their life and they able to reach their ultimate abode upon His divine lap. This is the sweet destiny of every Ananda Margii. Because in this lifetime every Ananda Margii will have to reach their Goal. That is why their speed is so great. And that is why in the life of margiis the cycle of happiness and sorrow rotates quickly, because only by exhausting all these good and bad samskaras can one reach their ultimate abode. So our movement is very fast by His grace. Because in this very life we are going to get Him. In contrast, the road for non-margiis is totally different. Rather than racing towards the Cosmic Nucleus in a straight line, they move slowly, slowly around the periphery. The ripening of their samskaras occurs in a very gradual way such that one can hardly see any movement in their life. What they are when they were born is not much different from how they are when they die. Their progress is negligible, if any at all. Because when one one does not have a Tantric Guru and when one does not have sadhana, then they have no path of movement to race ahead. So they live their life shackled by old samskaras and their rate of change is very minute. Hence, they will have to undergo life after life-- thousands and millions of lives. Their journey will be extremely slow and mostly uneventful. Whereas in our Marga, due to Baba's grace, we are racing ahead towards Him with great speed-- in which case all the fetters rapidly fall away as one after another samskara gets annihilated. Such is the great transformation that takes place within the life of every Ananda Margii. And that is why amidst the various obstacles and difficulties & joys and pleasures, those moving on the path of AM will reach their cherished goal in one life. One is sure to reach Baba's lap & get Him.
Here below Baba beautifully explains how those on the path of sadhana reach unto the Supreme Goal of life and attain Him. Baba says, "Now how to get liberation from these bondages? It’s possible only when the reactive momenta get exhausted, and this is possible only through sa'dhana'. When one walks in the sphere of actional bondages one’s movement is from subtle to crude. The sa'dhana' for liberation from bondages is a movement from crude to subtle. The 'saincara' process is a movement from the supreme positivity to the supreme negativity, a flow from fundamental negativity to fundamental positivity. But, what is this movement for? This movement is for the exhaustion of actional bondages. It is movement from darkness to light and truth. One has to march towards truth."
Satyameva jayate na'nrtam satyenah pantha' vitato devaya'na.
"This is the sa'dhana' of liberation and this is not possible without Diiks'a'. If one walks in darkness one needs a torch otherwise one will fall down in a ditch. Similarly one walking on the path of sa'dhana' needs this torch, otherwise however strong one may be, downfall will be inevitable. The Sanskrit synonym for the word torch is diipaka or diipanii. The first letter of diipaka is dii and the first letter of the word ks'a'ya is ks'a. Thus comes the masculine word diiks'a. In feminine it is diiks'a'. Diiks'a' is essential for the exhaustion of actional momenta. This is the sa'dhana' of liberation. To learn is the sa'dhana' of knowledge. To walk on the path, i.e., to do regular practices is the sa'dhana' of action. Last but not the least is devotion – the culminating point of moks'a sa'dhana'. " (SS-19)
*************************************** Like New Born Baby and Mother
Baba says, "It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way, nature provides sufficient resources like food and other essential requirements for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these resources in a proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed on nature. These problems have been artificially created by the folly of human beings." (PNS-13, p.45)

Story: Sing for Baba Not for Yourself

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 23:29:48 +0530 To: From: "Priyanath C Mittra" Subject: Story: Sing for Baba Not for Yourself Baba "A'mi bhule gechi sei dine ks'an' yabe toma're dekechi anupam..." (PS 1147) Purport: O' my most Dear, O' my beloved One, You are anupam. I have forgotten the time and day when I saw You, but the sweet memory and the vibration of Your love is still resonating in my mind. Even now when I think about You, that nectar of love is ever-present. Indeed that very loving vibration and sound is emanating from and floating in the vast, blue sky. That divine love permeates my whole existence and overpowers my entire being. Baba, the love which You showered on the beings of this dusty earth, that love and sweet aroma resides eternally in the mind. And the song of Prabhat Samgiita which You have taught to the world, that tune devotees have started to sing about You. And in that way You have come within the realm of the gunas. Baba, Your greatness, Your beauty, Your sweetness can be expressed through those songs because You have revealed Yourself through the world of Prabhat Samgiita. And by that way You became asuci, O' my most pure Eternal Entity. Baba, O' my Beloved, I forgot that very special moment when You blessed me with Your sweet love. But when I think about You that love becomes alive and my whole being gets vibrated; it saturates my heart. Baba You are so gracious-- Your love is unforgettable...
Namaskar, I remember being in Jaipur DMC in 1984. Those days our Marga was growing fast - there was excitement in the air and the whole atmosphere was devotionally charged. When Baba would magnificently come onto the dais then thousands and thousands of Ananda Margiis - Wts and family people alike - were raising the Jai slogan. The sound was thundering and echoed all around. Those days our Marga was a true force. Everyone was linked with Baba. Everyone was there because of Him. It was all so beautiful. When I close my eyes then my mind easily floats in the blissful direction and automatically I feel renewed. I can feel His sweet touch, by His grace. At that DMC, something else happened that I will never forget.
During the Jaipur DMC program (1984), Dada Deva'tmananda was leading the kiirtan. This was not unusual. Many times this Dada has had this duty. He was also one of the small selection of Dadas who would rehearse and sing new Prabhat Samgiita in Baba's room along with other Dadas like Mantreshvarananda & Cetanananda etc. Baba would compose a song call them to quickly record it so it would not get lost. Anyway, at the DMC, Devatmanandaji was leading everyone in kiirtan, but he was doing something different. Dadaji was using a famous Bollywood tune for the kiirtan and just adding the words Baba Nam Kevalam. But the whole melody and vibration of the tune was famous for being from the Indian film industry. Needless to say, Dada's singing did not last long that time.
Those days, Baba would also graciously sit and remain on His dais during the singing of kiirtan in DMC. Around 1990, Baba would leave the dais during kiirtan due to His poor physical health, but being the Parama Purusa His Cosmic Mind was hearing and orchestrating the whole scene. Back to our Jaipur DMC story: It was 1984 and Baba was sitting on the dais, when He heard Devatmananda singing kiirtan according to some filmy, Bollywood tune. Immediately Baba stopped the kiirtan. Then, with His sentient anger we all saw Baba harshly rebuke and scold that Dada for leading and singing kiirtan in the tune of a filmy song. Baba loudly expressed His dissatisfaction in front of one and all. Everyone heard it. The kiirtan stopped entirely and Baba was rebuking this Dada for his misdeed. Of course this is all His liila - always Baba is loving, just He feigns anger in order to demonstrate that this is a matter we should take seriously. Then Baba changed His mood and gently guided us that kiirtan should be sung according the tunes and melodies, i.e. raga & raganiis - used in Prabhat Samgiita. At that time, Prabhat Samgiita was still relatively new but already Baba had composed hundreds of songs and there were plenty of charming melodies to choose from.
From that moment on, Devatmanandaji heeded Baba's call on this point of kiirtan. Throughout the rest of that 1984 DMC tour - in Daltonganj, Kota, & Varanasi - Dadaji always sung kiirtan using Prabhat Samgiita melodies. Actually, what he would do was begin the kiirtan with the same tune of the Prabhat Samgiita that was just sung. So whatever Prabhat Samgiita was performed in DMC, that same tune was used for the first kiirtan. And then Dadaji would lead the kiirtan using other melodies of Prabhat Samgiita. By Baba's grace, everyone was enjoying this new system and we were all dancing in His bliss. And now, since Baba has given us countless ragas and raganiis - tunes and melodies - in His vast Prabhat Samgiita collection, we can all sing kiirtan according to those tunes which are most appealing and moving for us. That is also the beauty. That will keep our kiirtan practice sentient and vibrated.
Singing kiirtan according to the tune of Prabhat Samgiita is not just a rule for rule's sake. It is not just an empty order or senseless command. We all know Baba's directions are filled with deeper meaning and our welfare. So in this case also, there is a whole science of mind involved. And many may already be aware about this. For instance, suppose someone saw some crude pop-culture film last month or even 20 years ago. Then if that person starts singing kiirtan according to the main theme song of that movie, then that person's mind will be totally involved in the movie itself, not Baba. Their lips will be singing kiirtan but their entire mental plate will be submerged in the crude vibration of that movie. That is the way it works. We all know that it the nature of mind is to run hither and thither - from this place to that place. And if during kiirtan the mind is given a strong reminder about some famous movie, then it will easily run in that direction. And the whole import of kiirtan will be lost. In contrast, if during kiirtan one is singing use the melody of Prabhat Samgiita, then even if the mind gets distracted from the kiirtan and gets lured toward the meaning of the Prabhat Samgiita song, still the mind will be Baba-centered. It will still be involved in a spiritual ideal. Whereas if the mind runs in the direction of a filmy song during kiirtan, then all kinds of crude image of females, guns, killing, kissing, or money will flash on one's mental plate. As that is the common theme of these Hollywood / Bollywood movies. So we should be strict. The whole import of kiirtan is to sing for Baba and keep the mind linked with Him. Our kiirtan is not for selfish pleasures or thinking about worldly allurements. In that case, dragging filmy songs into our kiirtan mandal is totally against the sanctity of our kiirtan practice.
Using a filmy song for kiirtan is just like replacing sandalwood incense with marijuana smoke or the smell of alcohol. Instead of having the fragrant smell of sandalwood all around, the crude smell of drugs and alcohol will be spreading all over and the mind will get negatively affected. Similarly, when we pollute our sentient kiirtan environment with the crudity of filmy songs, then the mind will be adversely affected.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us with all kinds of teachings and practices to goad our mind towards eternal bliss. Thus we should all pay heed to Baba's warning and not use filmy songs with kiirtan and instead sing kiirtan using the sweet melodies and tunes of Prabhat Samgiita. Baba says, "Memory should be of the actual experience of the mind in the course of meditation (sa'dhana'), the bliss that you enjoyed during kiirtan (spiritual chanting) memory should be like this. That is, never should it be centred around yourself [or other crude ideations like pop movies]. In that case there won't be any waste of time and energy." (Thoughts of Shrii PR Sarkar) Namaskar, Priyanath

Misunderstanding of Who is Devotee

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 21:34:48 -0000 To: From: Chatterjee_K Subject: Misunderstanding of Who is Devotee Baba "Tumi tamisra' ma'jhe u's'a', tumi shoka'ashrute sa'ntvana'..." (PS 4619) Purport: Baba, in the deep cimmerian darkness, You are the smiling dawn. Baba, in the tears of sorrow, You are the controlling Entity. Baba, You always grace me by removing all my sorrows and agonies. Baba, in what way can I be useful for Your work. Why are You not telling me how I can be useful in Your work. Please tell me. Baba, You have given me abundant grace; my whole existence is filled with the sweetness of flowers and honey. In my mental sky-- in my world-- You are the incomparable moon. You are my Polestar. My mind is clear now-- there is no question of duality; I have no other desires. My whole existence is revolving around You. O' Baba, You are so charming and so gracious-- Your divine touch is like the soothing spring breeze, refreshing and cool. Baba You have brought me on this divine path and taught me sadhana. Baba You have given me everything. You are my Goal. Baba, in Your thundering voice, You told me that, 'you are not alone. I (Baba) am with you through My ota-prota yoga. I am always with you. Can't you hear the sound of the wheels of My running chariot. Don't You hear its call. Always I am along with you.' Baba, You are the divine Entity. And You always grace me in all the conditions-- whenever it is needed. And You are always giving me the assurance that I am not alone. That You are constantly along with me...
Namaskar, In each and every era, society is ruled by one or another dominating group that indulges in suppressing and exploiting all the other sectors of the population. In such an atmosphere, everyone falls prey to the unjust ways of the ruling group. This is the tragic trend and proven history. Likewise, throughout the ages there have been strong, courageous people who have risen up to oppose the wrongdoings of the ruling class. Yet, time and again these brave bhaktas were tossed aside and labeled as trouble-makers by the so-called leaders of the day. And instead, fake type of meek people were touted as 'great saints' or 'seers' or 'devotees' by the leaders of that era-- all because these spineless goody-goody type of saints were keeping mum about injustices and just raising the banner of the dominant group. By this scenario, a totally wrong conception, or utter misconception, was created about who is devotee and who is not.
For example, in the 20th century itself, various "sages" were brought to the fore and presented as being great devotees and top spiritualists when in reality such people were just tools or agents of the ruling elite. Immediately the case of Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind as well as numerous Christian and Catholic priests, nuns, bishops, and even popes. Of course Baba Himself has exposed these pseudo-saints such as Gandhi etc, but within the general society Gandhi and one particular nun of the 20th century are often hailed as true saviours and God-realised souls. Yet the reality is that Gandhi et al were so attached with their reputation & prestige and so fearful of the rulers of the day that they were scared to speak out against capitalist & political exploitation. By this way, what it means to be saintly in the real sense, and what is the true quality of a devotee gets totally misconstrued by the common people.
In unambiguous, distinct language Baba has totally cleared up any and all misconceptions about who is a true devotee and graciously given firm guidelines as to who are the real bhaktas. Here below Baba pointedly reveals how true devotees will act.
'Samuaunmasrnito sava'nto mamatva'tishaya'nktah'.
Baba says, "Those who have Iishvaraprema - inner love for God - remove the pebbles and stones from their path, making it smooth, neat and clean. Non-indulgence in duplicity, hypocrisy and other base mental propensities is the first sign of Iishvaraprema. Say things clearly: 'No, I am unable to do it. I shall not support you'. Talk straight. Do not say things like, 'It's good to see you again. Yes, of course I shall think it over'. Say immediately, 'No, I won't support you. Your actions are not proper. You are not following dharma. You are immoral, unideological and inhuman. Why should I support a person like you? You won't get any support from me, you can be sure of that'. But do not say, 'Come back tomorrow or the day after to give me a chance to think it over.' Close the chapter without delay. Do not linger. To do this, what do you need? You need a little courage, that is all. Every devotee possesses enough courage. Those who pursue the path of bhakti automatically acquire such courage-- they are not timid." (AV-7, p.8) By Baba's above animated explanation anyone can easily understand that devotees are brave souls ever-ready to step forward and uphold the call of dharma. And in this below teaching, Baba again clearly tells us that devotees will always take a strong step against wrongdoing and exploitation. Baba says, "By observing people's conduct one will easily notice those who are absorbed in divine love...Those who have attained Iishvaraprema can never and will never exploit others. They will raise their voice against all sorts of tyranny, injustice, and exploitation. Those who do not possess that kind of honest courage to oppose all wrongs are nothing but fakes-- they are never genuine [devotees]." (AV-7, p.12)
By Baba's afore-cited guidelines, it is perfectly clear who is a devotee and who is not. So no one should get confused or tricked into thinking that a spine-less and meek type of person is a devotee. Those who keep mum in the face of injustice cannot be hailed as a true devotee. Rather they are a fake-- hiding behind their own clown-like behaviour & superficial smile. Such duplicitous souls should never be trusted.
Baba shows us that: Guided by their neo-humanistic love, devotees feel that all are part and parcel of their singular human family. So when bhaktas see crooked leaders exploiting and hurting the common people, then immediately those devotees will spring into action and oppose that wrongdoing. This is the intrinsic quality of every devotee. And furthermore Baba's mandate is that as those bhaktas are ever ensconced in the grand ideation of Parama Purusa, they will always get more and more strength and courage to maintain their dharmic campaign. Indeed, by His grace through their sadhana they will get more and more energy to fight injustice-- knocking down those exploiters, simultaneously opening the eyes of the common people and clearing their vision. And in the end bringing welfare to all by His grace. By such qualities of courage & valour devotees are easily recognisable. This is Baba's eternal teaching.
By Baba's infinite grace and compassion may we all become great bhaktas and wipe away all injustices from this earth and usher in that brilliant pure era of peace and vitality. Baba says, "Those who can dedicate their all to the thought of the Great and the inspiration of the Supreme are verily the most heroic. Indeed, they are the virtuous, and they alone are capable of taking human history from darkness to light." (A'nanda Va'nii, #22) Namaskar, Kalicharan
Since 1990, in our AMPS there has also been confusion as to who is a devotee. So this situation or misconception is not totally limited to the general society alone. This distressing scenario has entered into our AM family as well. Where sometimes people mistakenly think that those who are quiet and walk around with half-closed eyes are the great devotees of our AM family. When in the end we find that such so-called saintly souls spend their days getting kicked around by the various groupist forces-- all because they are mentally weak or scared to lose their post or both. Certainly there is no need to mention such names here as everyday things are becoming more and more apparent. Actually, now as a collective we are developing an understanding of who is who; step by step that inner feeling is coming. And by sharpening our mind and paying heed to Baba's various guidelines, we will develop more and more in this regard-- thus enabling our AM society to grow in a proper way.
Here Baba again clearly differentiates between fake devotees or goody-goodies and the real dharmikas or bhaktas. Baba says, "We cannot call people 'good' if they cannot lead people of all walks of life towards welfare. We can call them 'goody-goodies' but not good people. Those who are truly good people will move bravely forward and provide inspiration and strength to those mute masses to fight against all kinds of obstacles, and give a clarion call to them to march ahead." (May 17, 1982) Baba says, "The characteristic of good people is to fight against injustice, to firmly adhere to truth and righteousness, to protect the helpless and fight against all evil persons. Those who are merely simple and are of a meek and goody-goody nature are not good people." (AFPS, pt 5, pg 28)
In these following passages, Baba exposes the weak and faulty character of various fake devotees like Gandhi who led the people astray. And not just Gandhi, there are many cheats who fall in this lowly category. So we should crystalise our own understanding and never get befooled by such fake saints in the future. Baba says, "During the struggle for independence, a great blunder was committed by Mahatma Gandhi. In order to show his innocence, he said that he would not support the communal award, but nor would he vote against it. That is, indirectly he supported it. What happened to the country after this was due to the himalayan blunder committed by Mahatma Gandhi. At that time he should have said, 'No. I do not support the communal award'. He did not say this because his party workers and party leaders were eager to become ministers, so they pressed him for provincial autonomy. But Mahatma Gandhi neither supported it nor opposed it. He committed a great blunder. What has happened in the country after this is the result of what Mahatma Gandhi did. At that time he should have said that we can neither split the country nor disintegrate it. As a result of the communal award, the country was trifurcated into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This was the result of the blunder of Mahatma Gandhi, and he did it under the pressure of his party leaders." (PNS-18, 'The Dangers of Communalism') Here below Baba again points out how fake saints like Gandhi are just the tools of the ruling class. Baba says, "The post-independence period can be divided into three main phases -- the Nehru era, the Gandhi era and the Janata government. All these eras came within the jurisdiction of the Vaeshya Era or capitalist rule, and they all had one thing in common-- they had a soft state policy towards the capitalists." (PE)
*************************************************** Spiritual Progress in Future Humans & Animals
Baba says, "The human beings of that future age will be very sensitive...The functional jurisdiction of the brain will also increase. Similarly, many animals will become more sensitive and their vocabulary will increase. With intellectual development vocabulary increases, and the number of words in a language also increases. The functional jurisdiction of the brain of animals will increase too. With the help of spiritual practices, the human beings of the future will increase the functional jurisdiction of their brains with accelerating speed." (PNS-17, p.36)

New Slave Culture in WWD

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:38:51 -0400 To: From: Maya Devii Subject: New Slave Culture in WWD Baba "Tumi a'ma'r a'tma' maner a'dha'r priyo sarva'dha'r..." P.S. 4588 Purport: Baba, You are my soul; You are the base of my mind. O' my dearmost, You are the base of everything. Everything is depending upon You; everything is revolving around You. In life, in death, in both these things You are existing all the time. In my life You are everything and after my death also You are everything. Baba, You are the sun of the day, and the moon of the night. Baba You are the stars, nebulae, & galaxies-- You are everything. Days and nights come and go by Your order. Baba, You are the controller of everything. The first time I experienced Your divine effulgence in my life, then I lost myself completely. Baba, with Your divine effulgence please remove all my samskaras, all my negativity, and make my life successful. Baba You are my Soul of souls, Heart of hearts-- You are my everything. I surrender myself completely unto You...
Namaskar, A disturbing situation has developed in our Marga, and in particular within WWD. Top Didis and strong-arm Didis are moving around with huge retinues and using new and lower posted Didis as their servants, even slaves. Below are explicit details as to how this is transpiring as well as solutions for how to move ahead and solve this critical issue. We all want our Marga society to be restored to its dharmic manner, so when a whole section of workers, i.e. certain Didis, are being reduced to mere slaves of the so-called elite, then this demands our immediate attention. Exploitation and dharma cannot co-exist. Tragically, at present, exploitation has grabbed the upper hand, especially with regards to our Didis.
To understand the situation within WWD, it is important to see how exploitation takes root, in general. Baba guides us that there is one common ingredient - nay requirement - in order to exploit any individual or people. And what is the ingredient: Impose an inferiority complex. Baba says, "A subjugated people suffer from an inferiority complex towards the sovereign elite, the ruling class. When India was a dependent colony, many Indians used to describe the members of the ruling community as God’s children, obviously due to their deep-rooted inferiority complex. Most of them wondered: “Will India ever see the light of freedom? When will we ever win the struggle against the ruling class?” This shows that the entire indigenous community was a victim of inferiority complex." (AFPS-7) Just as the indigenous people of India were made to feel inferior, same is the case with so many peoples of the world. Blacks in South Africa and in the USA were not allowed to sit on buses or use white bathrooms. And countless other restrictions were imposed. This had a severe effect on their mind and blacks were made to feel inferior - and thus became prime candidates of exploitation. In such a state, they could not progress. Baba says, "Suppose a very dark-complexioned boy is called a “nigger” by his classmates and even his teachers. This certainly depresses him and blocks the expression of his capabilities. He thinks, “I am inferior. I am downtrodden. I am ugly.” Similarly, those who are born into so-called low-caste families are criticized for being of low birth. People say derogatorily, “Ha! What sort of education can such low-caste people expect?” As a result, their minds contract and their progress is thwarted." (AV-7) So this imposition of an inferiority complex is rampant. It goes side by side with exploitation. This inferiority complex can be imposed on the point of wealth, race, caste, language, gender, or one so many other factors. As long as one person or people feel that they are not up to the standard of others, then they are prime candidates for exploitation.
In our WWD, the inferiority complex is based on post. If one has a high post they are respected and if one has a low post, they are made to feel unworthy. There is huge intimidation factor involved. So what exactly is going on? Certain Didis with top posts like Didi A'nanda Dyotona (Global MU), Didi A'nanda Nitimaya (Global Med Care), and Didi A'nanda Prabha' are moving with huge retinues. That means they go everywhere with huge pomp and show - with a big caravan of Didis who fearfully attend to their every need and wish,and obey their every beckon and call. Seeing this, new and lower posted Didis feel that Ananda Dyotona Co are very important and far above them. In this way, more and more regular Didis are pulled into the current of exploitation by these big three Didis. When in fact these three Didis (A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha') just use their retinue and status to push down others, not for any noble work. To this end these top Didis have created a gang where they rule by force and fear. They use lower posted Didis as washerwoman and for all kinds of menial and degrading things. Lower posted Didis are forced to wash all their under garments and that is just the beginning. They are forced cook, clean, carry, salute, and cower in front of these top Didis. Because should they not become the slaves of these top-posted Didis, then A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' will physically abuse them. That is why all the field Didis refer to A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' as, Osama Bin Laden and Al Jawaharii, as the two biggest terrorist of Al Qaeda. And about Dyotona', all know that she is the grand master exploiter of WWD. So the lower posted Didis are getting abused and treated as menial servants. And this is happening in all the groups. In B group, Didis are not even allowed to talk. In H group they are allowed to talk, but Dadas will not listen and the top Didis will abuse them later in private, or in public. Only in EC such things are not happening. Because EC people have not clout. They have no structure, no one to supervise, and no one to rule. They are dreaming of the golden day when they will get their own team of slaves. Just like paupers dream of the day when they will have a huge corporation and can exploit their own laborers. So in Ranchi, things are just terrible as these big three Didis are bullying everyone into submission.
Basically, there are two groups in WWD of Ranchi administration. One is led by this trio of Ananda Dyotana, Ananda Nitimaya' and Ananda Prabha'. These Didis are followers of Nigama'nanda. This is the goonda group in WWD. They believe in muscle power. They verbally and physically accost junior Didis. Members of this group are mostly from our Children Homes. Means those Didis whose mother tongue is Bengali and Orriya and were living in our children Home are the members of this exploitative group. Other Orriya workers who came from houses are either members or supporters of Giita' Didi group. This Ananda Dyotana Didi group is very harsh with other Didis. Actually Didis who were living in children home easily become member of this group but those who came from regular families have a big problem. Of course, over the years, so many good & righteous persons have emerged from our AM Childrens' Homes - just a small minority have not turned out properly. And it is those who are ruling WWD these days with an iron fist.
Didis A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' function literally as gang leaders. Because in gangs, people follow the leaders out of fear - not out of love and respect. Those junior gang members are aware of what hell their leaders are capable of, so they follow them out of fear. Same is the case with junior workers in WWD. They have witnessed first-hand how poisonous and cruel the top Didis are. So they follow them and act as their servants because they know how horrible those top Didis can be. It is all based purely on intimidation. That is why it is like one gang. In contrast, sadhus and dharmikas lead by their pious conduct so people follow them out of love and respect - not out of fear. But in WWD, fear is the order of the day and in that way so many Didis are suffering silently. Perhaps the cultural seed behind this is that in India there is a long history of having servants and lower caste people do work for the elite. This is part and parcel of the hierarchy in traditional Indian society. It is part of life. Thus when so many Indian Didis grew up seeing this in daily life, then they may feel that what is happening to them it is not so unusual. This is one theory. When in truth, Baba does not want anyone to be exploited on this earth - let alone anyone exploited in WWD. I do hope I am wrong about my analysis as to why these Didis have almost accepted their plight in WWD. I hope I am wrong because the need is for them to rise up and crush their exploiters. And again this is happening in all the groups. And in the near future all the details about the hell going on in B group WWD will also be exposed.
With regards to the Ranchi side, these cruel Didis - A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' - have no proper conduct of their own. Just they have their post, power, and brawn. So when they see any Didi with proper conduct who is sincerely interested in following Sixteen points and spiritual practices like sadhana and Prabhat Samgiita, then they will seek out and destroy that Didi. They make life miserable for her. This is their awful approach. They are just like dogmatic Hindu sannyasis who drink and smoke but still demand that others do sastuanga pranam to them. Likewise these ruling Didi want the same thing. They want blind respect based on their post and indoctrinate new and young wts into worshiping them because of their high post. So the whole situation is a mess and so many of our Didis are really suffering at the hands of these exploiters.
As we all know, Baba teaches us to lead with love. That is the proper way to control and guide junior workers etc and in that way one will always be fair & dharmic. Whereas if one controls others by imposing an inferiority complex, then they can rampantly exploit their juniors. So the true way to establish control and eliminate indiscipline is by establishing AM principles. Then people will follow out of inspiration, reverence and love, and they will want to emulate all you do. That is the way to create true discipline according to Baba. Baba says to see one's conduct not their post. But none of this is going on in our WWD, nor in the whole of AMPS. Instead groupists and gang-like Didis are ruling by torturing and pushing others down.
Here Baba warns us of one for the grave problems if this is allowed to continue. Baba says, "If they [junior workers] constantly feel such uneasiness, their pra'n'a shakta or vital energy will be disturbed. Consequently their vital force will be weakened. In such circumstance a sort of psychological crisis will occur in the collective mental body as well as in the individual mind. This will result in the emergence of inferiority complexes which will cause debility in the human mind. Those people [who are] suppressed lose their moral courage, initiative and power to protest. Ultimately a defeatist psychology develops in them, and as a group such people face the prospect of total annihilation." (PNS-13) TO make our WT cadre and or Marga proper, we must infuse the spirit of fight and determination within those exploited Didis and convince them they have a right to rise up and live without being abused and tortured. Side by side, huge pressure must be exerted on those ruling Didis such that they will stop their crude ways.
By Baba's grace, we are on the cusp of wiping out all such exploitation and will soon restore integrity to WWD and all of our Marga. Such ruling Didis will no longer be able to destroy the lives of other Didis. Baba says, "A human being has but one task: to remove that which is harmful or detrimental in society. As you march along your path of movement you should oppose those people who work against the collective interest; you should raise the slogan, 'Human exploitation – No more, no more!'". (PNS-8) Namaskar, Maya Devii
Here is more information about these ruling Didis. A) Didi Ananda Dyotana' is Global MU and Children Home Secretary. Many say that she goes overseas with photos and other details of children home boys and girls and collects huge money by getting wealthy donors to sponsor our homes. But then Dyotona Didi pockets and eats all the money. Our children's homes do not get a penny. No account it takes of the sponsorships, rather she keeps it all as her personal money. Many many times she goes overseas for this "work". B) Didi A'nanda Nitimaya' is Global Medical, food and Care Secretary. She is the person who is the most vile and merciless. She takes money in RDS etc and if some Didis have no money then she does not give them food. This is a serious problem these days. That is why going to RDS is like being in a torture camp. Simple Didis are made to starve and undergo terrible treatment at their own RDS in Ananda Nagar. C) Didi A'nanda Prabha' is the laukik sisiter of Nitimaya' and she has one very dark affair that she tries to keeping hidden but everyone knows about it. Without any hesitation or warning, this Didi slaps and abuses junior Didis.
All in all there many things going on in AMPS where top acaryas are infusing an inferiority complex on junior workers. Such tricks have run rampant since 1990 in order to turn AM into one dogma and allow crooked workers to control fully. They do not want anyone, especially their juniors, to question the conduct of priests. For proof of this just look at what happened in TC. They are not sitting on equal seats with their trainees - not during meals or during dharmacakra. Whether at the Didis training Center in Bangalore with Ananda Madhu Dyotona where she was sitting on the head of her trainees or in Varanasi where Ragamayananda exploits his trainees to the bone without teaching them one ounce about dharma. By this way, trainees grow into junior workers who are ready to be expoited without question. There are many other things to say on this most sad and tragic topic. In the next letter more will be written.
***************************************** Limitations of the English Language
Baba says, "In Sanskrit the term Mantra means Manana't talrayet yastu sah mantra parikiirttiah-- 'Manan means 'inner suggestion', 'repetition within'. And Tarayet yastu - 'after this manan, when that entity liberates you from all metaphysical, all psychic and suprapsychic and also from all spiritual bondages, then it is known as mantra: Manana't ta'rayet yastu sa mantrah parikiirtitah." "Whereas the English term incantation just means 'repeating something again and again'. That is incantation. So incantation does not lead to liberation. Whereas the repetition of mantra leads to liberation. So incantation and mantra are not the same thing." "There is no proper English word for the Sanskrit word mantra, but we use the word 'incantation' for mantra but it is not the proper word for the Sanskrit word mantra." (Morning General Darshan, 14 Nov 78, Silchar, W.B.) Note: If one repeats, 'Tom, Dick, and Harry', 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' again and again, then that very repetition is an incantation. But repeating 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' will not lead to liberation. So that is the essential difference between incantation and mantra. Because the repetition of mantra leads to liberation.

Firm Determination A Must

Date: 22 Apr 2009 23:08:17 -0000 From: "Manoj" To: Subject: Firm Determination A Must Baba "Arupe chile tumi rupe esecho, dhara'ke a'loke bhaviyecho..." (PS 2665) Purport: Baba, You were formless in Your unexpressed stance of Nirguna Brahma but now by Your infinite grace You have come in form as the Taraka Brahma [1]. Baba, You are so gracious. You have filled this earth with Your divine effulgence and fathomless grace. Baba, with Your boundless compassion You have saturated this world with Your divine nectar. O' Lord, You are the most Loving Entity in this vast universe. I do pranam to You again and again. I surrender completely at Your lotus feet. Baba, in whichever direction I look on this earth, I only see Your magnificent Self in this expressed world. Baba, besides You nothing else exists; except You, I do not see anything. You are reflecting Yourself in each and every entity-- animate & inanimate. Baba this world is filled with Your divine presence. O' my dearmost, You are expressing Yourself with such overflowing bliss in each and every molecule and atom of this creation and in the transcendental realms also. Everything is filled with Your grace-- both the expressed and unexpressed worlds. Nobody is alone; nothing has been forgotten. All are under Your loving shelter. Baba, although You are present throughout this created universe, even then in Bhavatiita [2] also, only You are there. Baba, by Your grace You fill both the manifested and unmanifested worlds with Your divine bliss. Baba, You are the Goal of everyone. Without You, nobody has any future. Those who do not realise this think they are everything. But ultimately because You are the Goal of life their extreme arrogance gets pulverised. Their vanity is just wallowing at Your feet with the hope that You are going to forgive them and shower Your infinite grace and save them from total destruction because You are eternally established in karuna'. Baba, You are so gracious; You have come and showered everything in Your bliss... NOTES TO PRABHAT SAMGIITA #2665: [1] Ta'raka Brahma: Some naive persons think that Taraka Brahma is gone. But that is not true. Because the dhyan Baba has taught us is the ideation on Taraka Brahma. And Baba Himself has said that to know Him and have Him, one must get Him in dhyana. That is why even central workers who were surrounding Baba 24hrs day were also forced to close their eyes and do sadhana each and every day. Because the real connection with Taraka Brahma occurs within. That is why we can say that the presence of Taraka Brahma lives on and on for devotees. Because it is in that form that He is present in dhyana. And indeed that is the only way to realise Him. And that dhyan did not change after 1990-- it is the same meditation. In that case which devotee can truly say that Taraka Brahma is gone-- no one. Because by His grace each and every day we communicate with Him in dhyana in His divine form as the Taraka Brahma. All in all, this is a vast discussion and there numerous angles to discuss but the overarching idea is that for devotees, the divine Presence of Taraka Brahma goes on and on as Baba remains ever-present in their mental plate in that form. Baba says, "Ta'raka Brahma is not a figure of philosophy-- it is a creation of devotional sentiment." (Idea & Ideology) [2] Bhavatiita: In His stance of bhavatiita, Parama Purusa is beyond all physical manifestations and beyond all thought conceptions. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a, the Supreme Reality, is beyond all speech and thought: He is beyond the reach of the vocal cord. So He is bha'va'tiita ["beyond bha'va"]...The more one thinks of His infinite qualities, the more one becomes speechless, the more deeply one becomes absorbed in Him. However He is viewed, He is seen to be the newest of the new-- constantly new. That is why He has been described as bha'va'tiita abhinava ["beyond bha'va, ever-new"]." (NSS, Disc:19)
Namaskar, As Ananda Margiis, sadhana is such an essential element of our lives. Here following is one well-known, yet tremendously important point, that it is worth bringing to the fore again.
As we all have seen, each and every aspirant is trying to move towards that Cosmic Hub-- towards that Supreme Goal, towards Parama Purusa. But by His grace only those who have firm determination-- i.e. samkalpa-- can get real success and reach higher stages of realisation in their march towards Him. Only they can reach unto Him, thus attaining the Goal. That is Baba's teaching. Hence samkalpa, or firm determination, is one key point for success in spiritual life. So we should know the true meaning of samkalpa. Baba says, "What is sam'kalpa? When the mind is firmly associated with its object in a relationship of iron-determination it is called sam'kalpa." (AMIWL-9) And here again Baba highlights the importance of samkalpa. Baba says, "'Sa'mkalpa' means 'firm determination'. 'I must do it. I must be successful in my mission. I must adhere to the principles of my life. This firm determination is [a] requisite factor." (AV-12) Hence Baba's directive is that we should apply this feeling of samkalpa in our spiritual practices-- in our sadhana.
Unfortunately what happens all to often is that sadhana just becomes something mechanical or just gets delayed right up until the neck of the hour when one is ready to eat. In that case sadhana is just one 'hoop' we have to jump through in order have some food. Means sadhana is not done exclusively for reasons of spiritual attainment but merely as a token exercise in order to take one's meal. We have all seen such things at retreats or seminars where the whole idea is that 'Let us do sadhana and then take food', or more specifically 'Let us do sadhana so that we can eat'. In that case sadhana is nothing more than a ticket or coupon to gain entry into the dining hall. Altogether this is just one lower type of attitude and by following such an approach one can never reach up to the higher realms or get that real sweetness in meditation. That is what Baba is teaching us. So type of thing-- doing sadhana in order to eat-- we have all seen and as far as possible this should be avoided.
As we know, for proper devotional sadhana, Baba's guideline is that we must allot ourselves sufficient time to delve into our practices. In particular, sadhana itself should take priority. And in each sitting we should take the firm resolve that we must move one step closer towards our cherished Goal, Baba. With this ideal in our heart and mind, we can request unto Him: 'Baba please grace me; I want to reach up to You. Please take me onto Your divine lap'. And indeed in so many Prabhat Samgiita Baba guides us that this should be our approach. So by His grace with this feeling of surrender and motivation we should begin our sadhana practice. Here again is Baba's divine teaching. Baba says, "'Sa'mkalpa' means 'firm determination'. 'I must do it. I must be successful in my mission. I must adhere to the principles of my life. This firm determination is [a] requisite factor." (AV-12) Thus when we do sadhana, we must first lay prostrate to Him in sastaunga pranam and take that firm determination to get success in our sadhana. And then again when doing our shuddhis and when repeating our mantra our mind should be resolute and fixed on the Goal. If however, we just do sadhana in order to take food so that we can go to our mundane job etc, then we will never get success. Our tantric approach must be: 'Baba, You are my Goal; I have to get You; I will get You; I must get You.' With this type of samkalpa or firm determination we will surely get His grace and advance towards our Goal-- Baba.
Here Baba gives us one excellent example of true samkalpa. Baba says, "When Lord Buddha first sat in contemplation, his goal was not fixed. There was doubt and confusion in his mind. He was not certain of what he wanted. And so, whatever he wanted, he was not certain of getting it. But later, when Buddha sat in contemplation, he took a complete sam'kalpa. He fixed his goal and made a firm determination to achieve it. He resolved that he would not get up from his contemplation until he attained spiritual realisation, even if his body perished. Then he succeeded in attaining his goal." (AV-1) As Baba shows us above, Buddha's resolve was 'Do or Die' and in that case He attained that highest level of enlightenment. So the degree to which one takes a deep samkalpa, accordingly they will achieve the result. Those who get true enlightenment by Baba's grace, they must take a very strong vow. But the main idea is that taking a samkalpa is necessary for spiritual attainment. And the more one's resolve, the greater the heights they will reach. So with each and every percent of firm determination that we are able to apply in our sadhana, then by His grace to that degree we will reach new heights in our meditation and our sadhana will become something meaningful-- a truly devotional and spiritual practice in our lives.
By Baba's grace when we take a samkalpa then He guarantees that He will help us-- bless us-- to achieve that Supreme stance. Baba says, "I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further that one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future, for infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine favour. And you are all sa'dhakas. You will certainly attain that supreme stance and enjoy that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it, my sons and my daughters." (AV-23, p.76) Namaskar, Manoj
****************************************** Relations with Others
Baba says, "Bear in mind that you have a duty towards-- indeed, you owe a debt to-- every creature of this Universe, but towards you, no one has any duty; from others, nothing is due." (CC-II, 'Sadhana Section, pt #3) Note: In the various dogmatic religions this idea is taught God has created this whole universe solely for the enjoyment of human beings. That is why religious followers kill animals and exploit downtrodden people up to the bone without any qualms. Motivated by this dogmatic teaching, selfish people's mind works in that way. Such lowly people think that, 'Others have the duty to take care of my situation and their own situation as well. And they should not bother me about their own problems'. This is the way such selfish persons think. And if due to some reason that same lowly person helps others then that selfish person thinks that in the near future they should full return plus interest for their so-called service. Thus there is no question of true duty and service; these ideals have no place in their mind. Because of all this present day society's condition is unfavourable-- bleak. All around the west these things are quite common as well as in the big metropolitan cities of the east. The same problem is there also. But Baba's teaching leads in a different direction. In His above mandate from Caryacarya, Baba is very beautifully guiding us that our duty is to serve everybody-- without any expectation of anything in return.

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