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Why Unity Fails

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 23:02:37 -0500 To: Subject: Why Unity Fails From: CJ Phillips Baba PS Intro: This song teaches us that initially the devotee thinks that Parama Purusa has come in his close proximity due to his own long penance and deep sadhana; but later on the sadhaka realises that Parama Purusa did not come due to his own long penance and sadhana but rather because of His own divine attribution-- His causeless grace. This very idea Baba has taught us in so many discourses: That in the higher realm of spirituality sadhakas do not get anything by their own efforts. They receive everything by His divine grace. So in the higher aspects of sadhana His grace is everything. Human beings do sadhana just to please Him; but without His grace, nothing is possible. "Kato tapasya' pare, tumi esecho, dhara' diyecho..." (PS 2836) Purport: Baba, I have been waiting so long for Your auspicious arrival. Finally, after so much penance, by Your grace You have come close and allowed Yourself to be held. Baba, for so many ages You gave me hope of Your coming and You made me shed so many tears while waiting for You in longing. Baba, after countless days & nights, after such a long time, by Your grace You have kept Your promise. Baba, You have graced me by coming to me. Baba, I could not dream that You would ever come close and lift me on Your Lap. I could not imagine that one day You will bask me in Your divine effulgence. Baba, by Your sweet grace that which I could not conceive of has happened: The sweetness of divinity has descended. O' Mohan, the most charming One, by Your causeless grace You have come close and become mine and made me Yours. Baba, You always play Your divine liila. You never listen to any of my sincere pleas or any of my earnest requests. Even after hundreds and hundreds of attempts, I could not sway Your heart to come to me. Then in the end, by Your own sweet will You Yourself came, saturated with the pollen of love, and allowed me to hold You. Baba, this is nothing but Your causeless grace, I understand that this is Your karuna'-- Your infinite compassion. Baba, You are grace Personified, with Your own divine attributions You grace everyone...
Namaskar, As 2008 draws to a close, the theme in so many circles is unity, unity, unity. Political parties in the general society have been chanting unity; various groups in AMPS have also been singing the unity song, and indeed, this unity slogan is prevalent in so many spheres of life. But, it never works; their call unity is never achieved; it always fails. That is the reality.
Two smaller businesses merge to form a unified bigger enterprise. Two politicians join forces in order to unify their party. Countries join the United Nations or EU as a show of unity. Indeed there are so many examples of unity. But invariably they break apart. Because up till now in this world, "unity" has always been grounded in the selfishness of two different people or groups. So long as it is profitable for them, they remain unified, and the moment when that unity is not meeting their agenda, then they split apart. So many corporations have unified and divided; so many regions of the world have reached a temporary unity, only to again divide; and so many political alliances have been made to gain unity, only to fall apart a day or year later. Whether it be the USSR, AOL-Time-Warner, Czechoslovakia, the Catholic Church, or some political movement in your locale, time and again we see "unified entities" break apart into pieces. And the reason is always the same: The small-minded ideal of selfishness can never stand the test of time-- it can never create a true bond.
Since 1990, that same type of unity has been surfacing in AM. Whether it be in the name of one group or some new faction, various teams have been uniting. It is not at all uncommon. And they then call for others to join them. But this also never works. Because when some group or faction is the basis of unity, then that group's self-interest is the operating agenda. Certain leaders are desperately trying to gain an upper-hand on the power, and for that they start chanting, 'unity, unity, unity' in hopes of gathering people to support their selfish agenda. That is why we constantly see splits and fissures in our Marga. At first after 1990 all were united under Sarvatmananda. Then the Rudrananda group came into being. Then NIA. Then EC. Then... That is the way it goes. Because no group is operating on welfare motive so they cannot attend to all. They just focus on their own unit agenda and others will either join in or break apart based on whether that agenda meets their selfish needs. That is why there has not been any lasting unity in AM since 1990. Through it all, so many good margiis and field workers have sincere feeling in their heart to see a united AMPS based on Baba's teachings.
To date, unity has just been a fleeting thing on this earth. Baba has come to change all that. By His grace, He has given teachings on unity that are completely new and revolutionary. When Baba speaks of unity it is totally different from the way corporations, countries, groups or even other gurus speak of unity. When Baba talks of unity, He is using words like 'ideology', 'cosmic inheritance, 'common patrimony', 'universal welfare', 'cosmic brotherhood', 'service motive' etc. Never will you see or hear mundane words like 'power', 'profit', 'control', 'money', or 'popularity', be associated with Baba's ideal of unity. Yet these latter words ('power', 'profit', 'control', etc) are the driving force behind most, if not all, so-called unity movements on this earth. Because thus far, unity has always been just a euphemism for satisfying someone's selfish agenda. And that is why it always fails. So Baba's guidelines on unity are totally unique-- never before have they been put forth on this earth. For your review here are some of Baba's given teachings on unity. Baba says, For the unity of the entire humanity, the indispensable factor is spirituality. This supreme treasure teaches human beings that Parama Purus'a is the Supreme Father, Parama Prakrti [the Supreme Operative Principle] is their Supreme Mother, and the entire universe is their homeland." (AFPS-2) Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the exploited masses. So for a proper social synthesis what we require is a common philosophy of life; that is, ideological unity." (PNS-15) Baba says, "Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance, one Cosmic ideology will have to be propagated too, and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity the Cosmic Entity is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race." (TTP)
By Baba's grace only He has given the practical teachings on unity wherein groupism, dogma, and exploitation are outlawed and instead the time-tested ideals of cosmic inheritance, ideology, spirituality, and one human society are encouraged. All other types of unity based on selfish interest and the profit motive are doomed for failure. That is why to date, attempts at unity have failed again and again and again. Any groupist platform for unity will also fail. Only unity based on the spiritual teachings of AM ideology can bring lasting peace and welfare to society. Only then will we have true unity. Namaskar, Cinmay
*************************************** Who is Greatest Fool
Baba says, "How one person sings melodious songs, how another dances beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses, etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer, the dancer thinks that he is the agent, the doer, and takes the entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls the strings from behind." (NKS, 97 Edn, p.181) Note: Under the spell of avidya maya many persons think that all credit goes to them for their great deeds. The number of such persons is huge. But according to Baba's above guideline in the spiritual way of thinking they are fools. We should be careful and save ourselves from falling into this category of fools.

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