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Baba Story: Formation of VSS / Vishva Shanti Sena'

Date: 20 Jul 2009 08:23:36 -0000 From: "Gurucharan Yadav" To: Subject: Baba Story: Formation of VSS / Vishva Shanti Sena' Baba "Sumukhe a'siya' da'nr'a'o prabhu tumi, Nayan bhariya' dekhibo toma'y..." - PS 309 Purport: Baba, by prostrating at Your lotus feet I request You to please come and stand beside me. I want to gaze upon You to my heart's content. Please come in the flower garden of the deep core of my heart where the flowers of various colours have blossomed and the cool, soft, fragrant breeze is blowing mildly. In that fragrant and beautiful atmosphere please grace me by coming. Baba please make my mind exalted; make it vast like the blue void. Purify it with the fragrance of the sandalwood and make it glittering like the galaxies. Baba, please come with soft foot steps in this atmosphere of the soft, cool, fragrant breeze. Please come with the sound of silence-- the vibration of the flute. Please come in the mind. By Your grace my mind is waiting and longing for You and is filled with the attraction and longing of spring season. It is dancing in bliss with the melody and songs of Prabhat Samgiita. Please grace me by coming with Your most attractive, beautiful, charming smile and the sound of silence. All this will bring the bliss of satiation and will fill my heart with spiritual intoxication, by Your grace. Baba please grace me by coming in my heart...
Namaskar, In the beginning when Baba formed Ananda Marga in 1955, then there was no VSS and Baba used to address the various DMC programs and regular general darshan programs etc, and deal with various Margiis. But one thing was getting more problematic. Namely that when Baba used to address different programs like DMC or GD, that time as usual He would create a divine vibration all around. This very thing all the margiis saw up to 1990. And with that divine vibration, everyone was feeling charmed and attracted. Many persons were pulled close to Him. Indeed everyone was feeling so much attraction and they wanted to go physically close to Him. Under the discipline they were only going up to a certain close place. That is why we have seen even up to 1990 that nearby the dais or His seat, there was much more of a crowd than in any other section up to the last row. Those who watch video cassettes can see even today this situation. So You can imagine that those days when there was no VSS how the situation was. It was very difficult for Baba to manage and keep everyone at a distance. During some occasions it happened that people came so close and they not only touched but they grabbed Baba's feet. And on other occasions with that divine attraction, some margiis lifted Baba and started dancing. This they did unwittingly in the deep spell of attraction. But after all this was a big problem for Baba. So to control the situation He formed VSS.
Everyone might have seen that when Baba used to pass by then many margiis would try to jump or lunge to touch His feet. This regularly happened all the time up to 1990 at airports, different reception programs, going out and coming in from fieldwalk, and during types of various programs. But because VSS was alert they were able to manage the situation-- though with great difficulty they were keeping margiis distant. It was tug of war between VSS and Margiis. Margiis were wanting to jump close toward BABA and VSS was pushing them away. So one can imagine when there was no VSS what would have been the situation.
Actually, once Baba told me personally about this attraction theory. HE told that in this entire universe, Parama Purusa is the most attractive; He is the nucleus of all the charm. And those who think about and love HIM, according to their degree of love towards Parama Purusa they themselves inherit that attribution or charm. In which case other people naturally get attracted towards them. Anyone may have seen that around devotees other people feel natural attraction and they like to go close. So the formula is very simple and convincing. Those who have love for Baba, their existence becomes reflected with the charm. And this charm, it has nothing to do with educational qualification, social status (post etc or color of the cloth), or money situation. Rather this charm depends exclusively upon the degree of love that they have for Baba. So good devoted margiis, their existence is more charming than others. This one can see in their area or anywhere. Baba explained more that by this way one can have the idea that how far the next person or any margii is pure or impure in their thoughts, longing, and ideation. That is if their existence is sweet, then they have more love for Baba. So because Baba is the nucleus of all the charms that is why He is most attractive, unparalleled. And thinking and loving Him, ordinary human beings become extraordinary.
It is well known that Baba is the Supreme Commander of VSS, the World Peace Militia. That is why in the beginning of its formation Baba used to come to the parade ground to inspect and do flag hosting. On such occasions one special high chair was arranged where He used to sit, for flag hosting. That is why the salute giving, one traditional way is there: 'Salute to the Divine Father...Salute'.
Unfortunately the late PP Shraddhanand Dadaji was receiving the slogan 'Salute to the Divine Father...Salute'. When he received he was smiling with folded hands. Some say that because of this he got degenerated. And he brought down AMPS from shining gold to... Here is one other point to be added, that Shraddhananda Dadaji has made the system in his regular day to day life that two times daily he receives this 'Salute to the Divine Father...Salute', and each time he receives this smiling with folded hands. The salute is given by the bunch of VSS volunteers. Any present or future PP who follows in this way will also certainly face the consequences.
When VSS was created then after some time, Baba was passing by and visited to Acarya Ram Bahadur Singh's residence in Barahi, Bihar on 27 Dec 1959. Ram Bahadurji had taken the duty of managing VSS so Baba visited him on various occasions to communicate different points, oversee some works, and to give His blessings. And on this particular occasion of 27 December 1959 in Ram Bahadurji's house Baba gave one very special blessing which is called as 'Voice of BABA'. In that very house Baba has given:
- VOICE OF BABA - As a soldier you must not search for worldly pleasure or comfort. Be ready for all sorts of sufferings. Let suffering be your asset. Suffering will help you in establishing the Sadvipra ra'j. You must not argue - You must think twice - You should "do" or "die". I don't want to see the face of a defeated son in flesh and blood. Yours affectionately "Baba" Barahi 27-12-59
Namaskar, Gurucharan
In VSS camp the 'Voice of BABA' is used in the evening parade. It is the concluding blessing of the program and everyone present at the camp has to repeat it when it is called out.
The Meaning of Vishva Shanti Sena':
Vishva = World; Shanti = Peace; Sena' = Militia or Army
So the English meaning is World Peace Militia. And the name 'Volunteers for Social Service' was introduced for those who would be horrified by the name Vishva Shanti Sena', World Peace Militia.
Those days VSS had multiple types of work: (a) Giving security to Baba. Although Baba was always joking about the VSS alertness about giving security to Him. Many stories are there that I will write later on or please write. (b) To give security to Margiis on different programs in various ways. (c) To serve the society at large by relief etc. (d) Maintain law and order and bring peace around the globe, etc.
This attraction theory is very simple. When a flower blossoms then naturally people get attracted and like to go close. So around the flowers up to what distance that fragrance goes people get attracted. So in natural way flower has attraction and people get attracted. But nobody gets attracted towards dry leaf as they get feeling toward the flower. And they like to go close. SO the idea is that where or on which thing human beings get attracted they like to go close to that. So when devotees see Baba they naturally feel attracted and in that attraction they like to go close. They feel attracted and that was the problem those days because there was the absence of VSS. People were going close to Baba and trying to grab Him.
Lord BABA says, "This Parama Purus'a is the ultimate goal of existence, and only to attain Him have human beings come onto this earth. If they fail to do so, then they do not deserve to be called human beings. Hence life devoid of dharma is worse than animal life." (SS-11, p.88)

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