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Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre

Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2012 22:13:37 -0000 (GMT)
From: Rainjana Bhat (address withheld)
Subject: Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre



Before receiving their Wt-ship, every candidate has to take an oath that they will not maintain relations with their worldly family.

"No relationship should exist with worldly family." (32 Rules for Avadhutas / Avadhutikas, point #9)

So for wts, they only have one family - the universal family. To further emphasize this, each worker is given a new name to reflect their full, 100% dedication to humanity. They are no longer bound by ties to their laokik family.


For instance, suppose there is a Didi named Ananda Bhakti, and when she was born into this world her laokik father was Ram Lakhan Chaturvedi and he named her Bhavana Devii. But the moment that Bhavana Devii took her oath to become a wt, then her Father became Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. That is the oath she has taken. No longer is her father Ram Lakhan Chaturvedi. That prior connection is gone.

Those workers who think that after taking this oath that still someone is their laokik father, mother, or brother are fake.

Similarly, those workers who depend upon their laokik family for financial or emotional support are misguided and a black spot on Ananda Marga. Internally, they should not feel any type of special link with their worldly relations, nor depend upon them in any way - nor provide support.


Proper acaryas follow the right code of conduct and by this way they set a sterling example and teach others. Fake acaryas preach to others with their mouth, but do not back up those words with their actions. Rather they go against. When junior wts see what is going on with those senior acaryas, then they (junior wts) make jokes about their (senior acaryas) hypocritical dealing. This sets the tone that one need not really follow the rules - just one should tell others to follow. This is not the right ethic to build a healthy and vibrant Wt cadre.



Unfortunately, harboring a soft corner for their laokik family is common these days amongst our wts. And the problem is growing.

The question then becomes: Who is the main culprit? And the answer is: Those workers who are key figures and hold top posts. If they set the wrong example then so many others will follow suit. That is the problem.

This type of weakness is so negative that it gains more and more momentum. It has a snow-ball effect or a cascading effect. That's to say, once it starts it just gets bigger and bigger.

It is just like if there is one small mouse hole in the side wall of a canal made of mud. Once the water starts entering that hole then that hole gets bigger and bigger until finally the entire canal or aqueduct is ruined.

Likewise, this problem started with just a few top Wts going against this code, and so much of our Ananda Marga resources are getting funneled to the laokik families of so many wts. All because those at the top started doing this.


Some naive margiis do not understand the seriousness of this matter. They justify that since the laokik parents of a certain wt are sick, and there is nobody to care for that elderly parent, then it is fine for that senior wt to care for their laokik parent(s). They wrongly think in that case the wt is doing no harm.

Such margiis themselves forget it is the duty of the greater society to give money to and care for those in need in their unit or bhukti.

Wts are committing sin by breaking their oath of dedication and instead indulging in nepotism.
We must remember that when Wts themselves do not earn money, then they are taking money from margiis and secretly directing those funds to their laokik family. This is not good - rather it is stealing. Better is if those margiis directly give money and care to the parents of those acaryas who need material support. By that way, all are following dharma. Otherwise not - and there is no justification that one can give.


As we know, when on the path of dharma there should not be any partiality or favouritism - otherwise one will meet their fate. Dronacarya indulged in favourtism by giving special teachings to his own son and by that way Dronacarya became part of the Kaoravas (negative side). The same thing happened with Karna when he played favourites with Duryodhana. Wts who maintain relations with their laokik family and send them money fall in the same lowly category: Favouritism. Those wts are also Kaoravas.

Our Wts are to look upon the entire humanity with equanimity and love - there should not be any partiality towards their laokik family. That is unjust and adharmic.


Let us not forget that there are many shining examples in our own organisation of those who followed this point beautifully.

(1) Many of those early wts were actually married before becoming a wholetimer worker. So they left their wife and children - the very people they were responsible for. So when they left to become Wt, naturally their laokik family struggled. At that time, there was great temptation to go back and help them in some way.

And indeed some fell in this way like Liilananda who returned to his former wife when she threatened to commit suicide if he did not return back. And the there was Amitavidyananda who left his wt ship to pursue a relationship and marry someone he knew from before his days as a wt.

But many of those early wts held the course and maintained dharmic conduct. They did not return back to their wife or divert monies to their laokik family. Rather they upheld the sanctity of their wt oath.

(2) Dada Samanvayanandji was married before becoming a wt and he had 2 laokik daughters grow to a marriageable age, but he maintained his vow of wt-ship. He did not go back to help them marry, nor did his laokik relatives help. Those relatives should have helped but they did not. At that time, Dadaji could have been tempted but he stood strong. Then margiis intervened and managed the situation. So this is one very positive example.

(3) Dada Keshavanandji was also married before becoming a Wt. And his daughter suffered from polio. His ex-wife was suddenly alone and lacked money as the child was stricken with this horrible disease. Plus there was no question of getting any support from the government as India did not have any such programs. Naturally, Keshavanandji might have been tempted to send money back to them - but he did not do it. Rather, local margiis stepped forward to resolve the issue.

So these are some extremely positive examples of maintaining Wt oath while in uniform.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of respected Didi Ananda Giita.

Didi Ananda Giita has been looking after her own laokik father and keeps him in a Didi's jagrti. Specifically, Ananda Gita didi's father is K.C. Bhalla and he lives in the Ren'uka' master unit (Didis MU) in Umariya village of Raipur District. Needless to say, this sets a very poor example.

Our dedicated Wt Didis are not to have contact with their laokik family. To stop their missionary work and address worldly family matters is not at all appropriate for our Wts. If really, the laokik family is unable to care for their father then they should take help from the local unit; Didi Ananda Giita must not get involved in the life affairs of her worldly father. That runs contrary to our wt code of conduct.

When this very senior Didi Ananda Giita does like this then naturally she is extending "an open invitation" for all junior Didis to involve with their laokik families. In short, this sets a very bad example as it directly encourages others to go against Baba's stated conduct rule. And that is what is going on. Countless junior Didis are in constant communication with their laokik families - giving them money, Ananda Marga resources and giving and receiving emotional support. Didi Ananda Niitimaya is not the only one who has fallen in this way. Others doing like this include Didi Ananda Kaoshikii, Didi Ananda Prabha, Didi Ananda Vishnumaya, Didi Ananda Advaeya, and so many others.

Make no mistake - the problem is rampant. And it all started and got reinforced at the top with respected Didi Ananda Giita - the senior-most Didi on the planet.


Remember, If any Wt is tending to the needs of their worldly family then that wt is fake. This may sound harsh but that is the reality. This is a fundamental aspect of renunciation: No contact with worldly family and instead dedicate everything to serving Parama Purusa and the universal family. When a worker goes against this fundamental oath to Guru then they are no longer a genuine wt; rather they are fake.

The solution is that the greater society should directly intervene and care for the father, and Didi Ananda Giita should attend to her Wt life and not engage herself in this way with her laokik relations.

Instead, Didi should adhere to Guru's guideline and not incur sin. By indulging in sin, Didi sets an extremely bad example. That is why this entire problem has multiplied so drastically with so many Didis involving with their laokik families. Of course, not all Didis are guilty of this, but it is a growing problem.

Here the point is not that a particular family member is helpless and needs support. The main issue is that Wts must adhere to their oath - they no longer have relations with or responsibility for their laokik family. If they do like this, then donors will not feel comfortable giving to the organisation as they see money being secretly funneled to the laokik families of our acaryas - instead of going toward the allotted social service projects. After all, this is stealing. Plus, by doing this, other wts will be tempted to do the same.

All in all, the effect is absolutely disastrous - and that is what is manifesting right now. Everyone should be aware of the situation and be ready accordingly. Wts are to focus on their acarya life and not maintain relations with their worldly family.

Baba says, "These are all codes of discipline as prescribed by Bhágavata Dharma. You must follow these codes. There cannot be any concession in this respect, rather concession is dangerous." (Subhasita Samgraha - 21, Jaeva Dharma and Bhágavata Dharma)
Rainjana Bhat


"Dhara'y janam niye a'sa' toma'ri tare, shudhu toma'ri tare..."  (PS #3996)


Baba, my coming onto this earth & taking new life is only for You, oh my Lord. All my sweetness and smiles, all my song and dance, and all my love; my everything is revolving and dancing around You.

Baba, all these things are for You. The sweet smile and effulgence of the dawn, and the twinkling of the clusters of the stars in the night-- everything is for You.  

Whatever love and affection are present in the hearts of human beings, and also whatever pain and pleasure is there - everything is Your liila. All the loss and gain, disappointments and achievements - it is all Your divine liila.

Baba, You brought me into this world for You. My everything is for You. Baba, You are my everything...

Re: GS Financial Scam #8

Subject: Re: GS Financial Scam #8
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 00:11:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nagaraja Rao


== RE: SCAM OF GS ==

~ Part 8 ~

Namaskar all :

When money for AMPS is deposited in someone's private account that money becomes pat of that owners account. In this case her [Lady Pratima's] personal account . If you want one rupee from that account she needs to sign and withdraw for AMPS purpose.

As for buying couple luxury homes also in her name only, that has the same problem. The deed of the house will be in her name alone. When and if she wants to sell them, then only can the transaction can take place. AMPS has no control at all.

I wonder if she is paying taxes earned on the interest to Indian government. It's sheer ignorance and pure stupidity to think she is a saint who will do GS's bidding at any given time. What if  if GS should become mentally disabled or die? Then what?  Think it over!!!

Baba Nam Kevalam.

Nagaraja Rao, USA

On 09/07/2012 09:17 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
From: "Rudra Nath Pandey"
Subject: Re: GS Financial Scam #7
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2012 19:52:15


== RE: SCAM OF GS ==
~ Part 7 ~

(Note: This is the seventh letter in this series. Please find links to the six earlier letters below. - Eds


"GS Dada directed all the money he borrowed from workers and margiis (i.e. the 25  – 30 lakhs rupees) to his lady friend’s personal bank. The name of the lady is Pratima (35 yrs of age) and her bank branch is in Patratu of Ramgarh district in the state of Jharkhand. All the money that GS borrowed was deposited in that account...So the new point in this letter in particular is that GS routed all the money he borrowed to Sis Pratima's account in in Patratu of Ramgarh district in the state of Jharkhand. If others know more about this, please do share."
(posted 8/2/1/12)

Yes, that is 100% true.

GS Citsvarupanandji Dada directed all the money he borrowed from workers and margiis (i.e. the 25  – 30 lakhs rupees) to his lady friend’s personal bank. And he has not paid back that money.

(Note: To get an idea of how much 30 lakhs rupees is, in terms of purchasing capacity, a general laborer in India would have to work more than 82 years straight without taking a single day off in order to earn 30 lakhs rupees.)

Indeed there was doubt and concern by wts and margiis about why their money was going to a lady's personal account and not to an organisationally sanctioned bank account. But GS smoothed it over by his response - see cited portion below.

As for the details of Lady Pratima's bank account - here they are:

The name of the lady is Pratima (35 yrs of age) and her bank branch is in Patratu of Ramgarh district in the state of Jharkhand. All the money that GS borrowed was deposited in that account.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: #32179063276

So that is where all the money was deposited that GS Dada borrowed from margiis and Wts. The big question that remains is what really happened to all that money. Did he lose it as he claims or was the money spent in court cases, or does he still have most or all of it. That is the only portion of this incident that is not 100% confirmed.

The lesson learned seems to be that all money lent to Dadas for business and investment purposes should be directed to an account that is wholly transparent and accessible by responsible wts and senior margiis. Sending money to a lady friend of GS Dada is sketchy - and now we are all paying the price for that.

In keep with past letters on this topic. Here are the names of others who lost money in this scandal.

- Satyadevananda RS 20,000, Bombay
- Rajshekarananda, RS 20,000

All in all this is an unfortunate tale - I do not see any plus points in any direction. There was misplaced trust, financial loss, unaccountability, and deception.

As others have posted already, we should bear in mind Baba's divine teachings and strict guidelines on tapah and black money.

Rudra Nath Pandey



Here is how it happened:

When GS borrowed the money from workers and margiis he told them to send all money to Lady Pratima's bank account.

GS Citsvarupanandji assured everyone, "It will be safe there; she is a simple lady."

Naturally, workers and margiis found this to be a curious thing. They questioned, "Why direct the money there, why not in the GS or Central bank account of AMPS?"

GS replied, "No, that is not a safe place. This lady Pratima is trusted. She will not give the money to others. What I say she will do. I have full trust on Pratima. She will not disobey me. So do not worry about that."

Workers again questioned, "But her mind may change when she receives all the money - she may give money to her family members."

Citsvarupanandji cleared the air, "No, she is a most trusted person; she obeys me more than anybody."

Then GS Citsvarupanandji began to explain, "With the money that I borrow from you, I will be able to secure the 25 crore donation from overseas. Then I will purchase 3 luxurious flats in Jamalpur (very close to the Baba Quarters) and that rent will be an investment for future expenditure related with the organisation. Of course, during DMS and other functions, we will use those flats, but they will be purchased in the name of Pratima."

That was then.
(posted 8/2/1/12)

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