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Animal Rights & Animal Pets

Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 23:38:07 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: J. Erikkson Subject: Animal Rights & Animal Pets Baba "Nijer katha' balate gele yug ye cale ya'y..." (P.S. 2610) Purport: Baba, my whole life is getting wasted in propagating my own greatness. Since ages I have been involved in this foolish endeavour. Baba, please fill my mind with Your divine tales & by listening them my whole heart and my whole being will be satiated. In order to listen to Your divine gospel, I have remained awake since many lives-- since ages. Baba, please grace me with that very smile because by getting a flash of that my life will become successful. Baba today You have graced me and changed my heart; I will no longer waste my time in self-glorification and bragging about my unit 'I', little ego. Because now my mind is running constantly towards You. Baba, I wasted my life in self-propaganda. Now by Your grace only I want to listen to Your glory, Your sweet gospel...
Namaskar, Right now on this planet we see so much suffering-- it is pervasive throughout the globe and not limited to human beings. Animals also undergo terrible suffering, unnecessarily. We can say that cruelty to animals is rampant and, tragically, often openly accepted. This mistreatment and undue harm to animals occurs everywhere: From Hong Kong to Buenos Aires and from New York to Cape Town. That is well known. But it also has to be admitted that the mistreatment of animals is much more prevalent in the west, i.e. in those lands guided by the Semitic religions. As our Marga aims to eradicate the suffering of all beings, we should clearly identify and carefully analyse the root cause behind such animal suffering. By that way we can quickly bring about a healthy, universalistic order that ensures the welfare of not only humans, but also plants and animals.
Wherever people live and whatever land they call their home, the common inhabitants become coloured by the philosophy of that place. This happens to just about everyone. And as we shall see this is the root cause of the mistreatment of animals in our western nations. Baba says, "In this universe there are people whose thoughts, character and behaviour are similar...Characteristics inherent in a particular group get mixed with the internal thoughts and ideas of other groups within a society. This leads to the development of national characteristics. In this way an entire national psychology - its external behaviour, its social outlook, and its philosophy of life - is developed." (AFPS-6) So each and every country has a particular way of living: A certain mentality that projects a common mode of behaviour. This Baba terms as prana dharma. And this shared outlook, or prana dharma, touches the very core of the people of that land, region, or country.
So in the west, where the guiding philosophy or prana dharma is highly affected the Semitic religions-- Christian thought, Judaic beliefs, and Muslim customs, animal cruelty is at its unnatural height & unholy peak. Because the prevailing concept of all the these aforementioned religions is that all the creatures exist on this planet solely for the exclusive pleasure of human beings. In the name of their "God", they think like this. So according to these dogmatic religions, animals are for human enjoyment only and animals have no rights of their own. This is the crusty, age-old Semitic way of thinking. And indeed this defective approach has affected the preaching of so many western thinkers from St Thomas Aquinas to Descartes to Kant, and various others in between and after. None of these so-called great philosophers recognise the rights of animals-- not in the least. In turn, the common people living in those nations get deluged by an onslaught of religious and intellect thought that teaches them: "Animals are made for us"; "Animals are to be used for our human enjoyment". This is their selfish outlook. So, with this defective mentality sitting in the forefront of their mental plate, the people use and abuse animals, senselessly. This crude and defective approach has done untold harm in the past, as well as led to the rise of horrific factory farms in this present era-- factory farms that systematically and heartlessly bind & torture animals to keep up with the ongoing demand of meats, poultry, mutton, and fish for human consumption. This has been well-documented and anyone can view photos on the web of the scandalous and cold-blooded treatment of the animals in such factory farms. Even then that is not all. Side by side, in those same western countries hunting laws are instituted to ensure that there is 'enough game' so that humans can satisfy their fancy and legally go out and shoot defenseless animals. And there are numerous other examples and inhumane displays of animal mistreatment in the western world that is fed and supported by the faulty Semitic views toward animals. All because, in the west, the common people have been flooded with the religious propaganda that animals are merely a means to and end-- and that 'end' is human enjoyment. This crude mentality has shaped and molded the minds of the people. Verily, this is the mentality of the common populace including the kids. That is why children-- without even thinking-- may pull the legs off of various insects, or pour gasoline on beehives and burn them, or senselessly kill squirrels, rodents, and even cats etc. And the root cause behind it all is that selfish and dogmatic belief that all these animals have been placed on this earth solely for the crude pleasure & enjoyment of humans. So "we can do what we want to those animals-- they are made for us". This is what their religious dogma preaches. Whereas our neohumanism beautifully states that all beings are the divine expression of Parama Purusa and we humans are to act as guardians and ensure the right and proper treatment of all-- because all beings, including animals, have their God-given rights and existential value. All have the right to a healthy and happy life.
Those new to the western world or visiting for the first time may naively think that animals have a high place in western society. Because in places like the US, dog owners spare no expense for their pets. There are animal hospitals which primarily treat dogs, plus there are doggie saloons, doggie spas, dog groomers, doggie retreats, doggie vacations, doggie massages, and even doggie yoga classes where pet owners bring their dogs to class and do asanas with their cherished pets. So there are thousands of ways to pamper your pet-- and it all costs a pretty penny, i.e. lots of money. Seeing all this one may think that dogs and all animals are revered and given high-status in the west. But that is just a bunch of nonsense. The prevailing 'pet' psychology in the west all falls in their selfish & hypocritical perspective-- that is all. Those pet owner derive selfish pleasure from their doggie pets and praise themselves for the grand way in which they care for their dogs, yet every night their dinner plate is filled with the remnants of slaughtered animals that suffered in misery before being sentenced to some painful and deceitful death. And those same pet owners sport leather shoes & mink coats that only further testify to the fact that they feel they can do anything and everything with animals-- because those "animals are made for us". So says their Christine doctrine and so says their conscience. And their selfish & hypocritical behaviour perfectly reflects this very idea. It should also be included that those very same pet owners have started innumerable capitalist ventures that exploit animals to the bone in order to maximize profits. Hence, by seeing the conditions of 'pets', no one should hastily conclude that those in the US people are very kind and sweet to animals. It is not at all like that.
Some might then say, 'Well what about all those animal rights groups and eco-groups in the US-- doesn't that show that they care for animal welfare'. And the quick and pointed reply is that many of those conservation groups still subscribe to eating meat etc, and with regards to the eco-oriented animals rights organisations, they also have their limited agendas such as wanting to secure their home on this earth and for that they got involved in environmental problems caused by a meat-based diet. Thereby those people can continue to live on the planet and enjoy, whether it be rock-n-roll music or other pseudo-culture trends. So theirs is not a wholly benevolent or conscious approach. Rather it is inherently tainted with some other motive-- whether they realise it or not. And for those who few who may be internally sincere in their desire to help animals, unfortunately they are not spiritually awakened enough to understand that those animals are expressions of Parama Purusa and that we are to serve Him by helping those animals. So none of those groups are on par with AM and in 99% of the cases they have a side-by agenda in mind. Yet they are all our brothers and sisters and it is our bounden to guide them as best we can. And to guide them properly, neither should we be in awe of their work nor should we despise them as people. Rather ours should be a balanced approach where we recognise their shortcomings so that we may best help them to advance. Here the main idea is that the overall perspective of such advocacy organisations is not one of seva. So although such groups may seemingly be doing good work-- they are not "one" with our Marga. Because only our neo-humanistic philosophy imbibes the belief that all are the expression of Parama Purusa we have come to this world to serve others-- including plants and animals-- and watch for their welfare. No eco or animal rights group has this God-centered, neo-humanistic ideal in mind.
So in the nutshell that is the picture of animal mistreatment in the west and it is all fueled by the selfish, dogmatic outlook of the Semitic religions which states, "Animals are made for us".
The situation with regards to the treatment of animals in India is comparatively better. No doubt there are some pitfalls, but at the same time it has to be recognised that those early rishis of 15,000 years ago preached the spiritual ideal that are all the expressions of Parama Purusa. And this pure premise has filtered down to the Indian masses for generation after generation. Baba says, "The thoughts and ideals of India are quite different from the other countries in the East. Since ancient times, India has been adhering to her distinct pra'n'a dharma. Regarding life and the world, the Indian people are certainly spiritually inclined. They look upon each and every thought and deed as part of their spiritual practice." (AFPS-6) And it is with this prana dharma firmly in mind that so many proper practices have been implemented in life such as a purely sattvik diet as well as a long standing belief that animals have a right to live on this earth. They have this inherent right. And when things went overboard and the Aryans came from outside and started doing huge animals sacrifices and turning the rivers into pools of blood, then great souls like Buddha and Mahaviira Jain echoed the words of those rishis of old and came forward and opposed those cruel sacrifices. Here the point is not that our Marga should emulate the Indian standard. We have our neo-humanistic standard to follow and using that as a guideline it has to be recognised that the moral and ethical treatment in India is far higher than in those Semitic oriented countries like the US that are dominated by the crude belief that "animals are made for us-- for human enjoyment." This wasteland of an idea was never present in the Indian mentality. And one great proof of this is that one of the names of Lord Shiva is 'Pashupati'-- i.e. that Shiva is not just the God of humans but of animals also. It is not just that Shiva taught sadhana to animalistic humans-- that is not the only reason why He is called Pashupati; also He cared very sweetly for animals and, being the Mahasambhuti, He preached this ideal as well. And since long in India it has been known that through the law of karma, humans evolved out of animal life, which helps one recognise the value of animal life. This is commonly understood within the Indian philosophical tradition. Here the point is not to glorify the Indian outlook. It has its defects and has been certainly by infiltrated by the Aryans, Muslims, Britishers, and Christians etc. But at the same time we should recognise that those early Himilayan rishis who preached Samgacchadhvam, the yoga ideal, and other great teachings were also well aware that humans are to watch for the welfare of animals. And this message filtered down to the masses. And still today, the common people in India will readily say, 'What right do I have to hurt those animals, they are the expression of God'. How far they follow this cent per cent in their life may vary-- but this idea is commonly in the mind. And that is a heck of a step higher than the typical American mentality, where one thinks, "Animals are made for us-- for my enjoyment". So comparatively speaking, India's treatment and regard for animals is higher than the west has ever known.
But in this ever-changing world, it is quite apparent that now the unfortunate turn of events is going on where India has begun rushing headlong after crude western ways. More and more they are slipping into the capitalistic trap whereby animals are nothing but a means to and end. On the plus side, however, more and more westerners are trying to leave materialism and are harbouring a strong desire to fashion their life after age-old eastern truths. This switchover is going on. However, the tables have not turned yet-- not completely anyway. So comparatively speaking India's view towards animals more closely resembles the gold-bar standard of AM neo-humanism.
In AM, our vision and perspective towards animals is pure and unblemished. Baba has given all the ideal teachings and has pointed out the prevailing dogmas. Baba says, "Hindus worship cows as something holy, apparently because they give us milk. But if cows are revered as mothers for giving us milk, shouldn't buffaloes be given a similar status? Actually, buffaloes give more milk than cows. Unfortunately, the blind religious followers refuse to listed to logic as their religious sentiment for cows has taken root deep in their minds. People are fed these ideas since childhood, so later on it becomes impossible for them to discard them." (AFPS-2) So our ideal is neither western, nor eastern-- neither American, nor Indian. Our ideal is the neo-humanistic vision which Baba has given. That alone can save the fate of animals on this earth.
With Baba's grand teaching of neo-humanism, then surely the future of animals is bright and animal cruelty will be reduced, nay eradicated. Baba says, "All molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, positrons and neutrons are the veritable expressions of the same Supreme Consciousness. Those who remember this reality, who keep this realization ever alive in their hearts, are said to have attained perfection in life. They are the real devotees, the real bhaktas. When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe - I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe." (NH-LOI, Disc: 1) So in Baba's divine teachings of neo-humanism, we are to immerse our mind in His cosmic flow and realise the interconnectedness of all-- that all are but expressions of Him. Fueled by the fire of this neo-humanistic ideal, then naturally one will act as a benevolent guardian-- serving one and all and watching for everyone's welfare, be they human, animal, plant, brick, or stone.
By Baba's grace we will personify His teachings and spread the message of animal welfare to all-- thereby eliminating, once and for all, the crude Semitic belief that "Animals are made for us-- for human selfish enjoyment". Baba says, "The human race must attain glory by giving due recognition and justice to all." (HS-1) Namaskar, Jayanta
The religions have a big effect on the mentality of the people. And in the traditional Indian outlook, various animals like Hanuman are highly regarded as being deities or mounts to the attainment of Brahmahood. And the obvious plus point of such religious beliefs is that they have helped infuse a certain respect towards the animal kingdom among the followers of that faith. Because the people thereby truly believed that animals are not just lowly creatures for human consumption, but rather expressions of divinity etc. Whereas in the crude Semitic faiths, this type of high regard for animals never takes expression, rather it is totally absent.
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