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Baba is Not One, But Three

From: "Shantatma Deva"
Subject: Baba is Not One, But Three
Date: Mon 18 Apr 2011 08:27:55


                         == BABA IS NOT ONE, BUT THREE ==

These days one negative trend has started. Some are going to the jagrti thinking that there are three Babas. They do sastuanga pranam separately to each one and ask for boons.

                                 WHERE ARE THOSE THREE BABAS

First they go to the dharmacakra hall and see Baba #1 and do sastuanga pranam to the Baba who resides only on the puja table.

Then they go to the pot of holy ashes and see Baba #2 who resides only in those ashes and do sastuanga pranam and ask for some worldly blessing from that #2 Baba.

Later on they go to Baba #3 who resides only in Baba's room and do sastuanga pranam to that Baba.

This is the way that some people think:
(a) They feel there is one Baba who resides permanently in the DC hall, so one must go to the puja table in the DC hall and do sastaunga pranam to Baba #1. 
(b) And then there is the Baba who resides inside the pot of holy ashes. This Baba never comes out from that pot so one must go very close to that pot and offer their sastaunga pranam to Baba #2.
(c) Finally they think there is another Baba in the bedroom who never comes out. He remains there always. So one must go to the bedroom / Baba's room and pay salutations to Baba #3.

This is way one can pay respect to all three Babas. Otherwise they feel it is not complete.

So if someone does not get the opportunity to see one of the Baba's because the room is locked etc, then they are saddened. They feel that one Baba remains unaddressed and they will be unhappy.

                           DOGMA OF HINDUISM IS GROWING IN AM:

                        EACH BABA GRANTS DIFFERENT BOONS

So the polytheistic, multi-god phenomena which is a widespread dogma of Hinduism is now creeping into AM.

Such worshipers do not have any discomfort with what is happening, rather they appreciate that Baba is three now. They think one must please and salute each Baba to get His grace.

In the next phase they will delineate which Baba offers which boon. For instance:
(a) The Baba #1 who resides in DC hall grants the power of intellect.
(b) The Baba #2 who resides in the ashes grants the boon of worldly wealth and money. (c) The Baba #3 who resides in Baba's room / bedroom grants good health + the solutions to all other problems.

In that way, pilgrims choose and select which Baba they will worship depending upon which problem is most acute in their life. Accordingly, they will go and visit the corresponding Baba: Baba #1, Baba #2, or Baba #3.

This type of bizarre outcome is unfolding and now our duty is to save the situation.

Tragically, this is the way the dogma of a polytheistic, multi-god approach has come into AM. This type of dogma is getting propagated.

                                   GIVES MORE POWER TO TOP WTS                                                
Those dogmatic in-charges and avadhutas appreciate this 3-Baba dogma because by this way their own importance is enhanced. Since those Dadas control the jagrtis and have the lock and key to the various rooms etc, their status has been raised. In order to see all three Babas, margiis have to please such Dadas by offering gifts, respect etc.

In so many places in India and in overseas countries this dogma is becoming more popular in our Ananda Marga. Indeed this is most unfortunate; it is a shame.

                                        GOOD SADHAKAS ATTACKED

There is a growing backlash that sadhakas face as well. Wherever this dogma has taken root, then good sadhakas who do not appreciate this 3-Baba dogma get blamed and labeled as crude and devotion-less. That is another unfortunate outcome.

In that case, in order to keep their prestige and because of mounting fear & social pressure, everyone wants to salute Baba #1, #2, & #3 - whether they like it or not. This is the way things are going.

                                               BABA'S GUIDELINE

To understand how harmful all this is for one's spiritual progress, we have to consider Baba's below teaching. In the following quote, Baba is guiding us that God is one. Wherever you are He resides in your heart He never leaves you.

Baba says, "The second type of viveka paiṋcaka is dvaetádvaeta viveka. Through dvaetádvaeta viveka one gains the capacity to analyse whether the eternal entity is one or more than one and come to a conclusion accordingly (dvaeta means dualistic and advaeta means non-dualistic). There cannot remain any svagata, svajátiiya and vijátiiya differentiation in the entity which is beyond time, space and person. So it is not possible for the Eternal Entity to be more than one. Various beliefs about the so-called gods – that one god defeated another in battle, but was later harmed enormously by his adversary’s wrathful vengeance; that a certain god spreads or cures a certain disease; and that another god distributes wealth or learning – are contrary to Dvaetádvaeta Viveka. In spiritual practice nityánitya viveka is not enough, Dvaetádvaeta viveka is also necessary. For success in spiritual practice both nityánitya viveka and dvaetádvaeta viveka are indispensable. They enable people to realize that all the objects bound by time, space and individuality are transient while the Entity beyond the periphery of time, space and individuality is permanent; It is one without a second." (Ananda Marga Ideology Way of Life - 7)

Clearly then, in our AM spiritual approach, God is one. That is Baba's distinct teaching. So this 3-Baba ritual is a clear-cut contravention of our AM ideals. Baba is one.

                                               BABA'S BLESSING

As bhaktas we must never forget Baba's divine teaching that He resides in guha, core of the mind.

Baba says, "One has to search for Him in one’s guhá. Guhá has a couple of meanings – “cave”, and the “I”. Here the second meaning applies. One has to search for Him in one’s “I”. The one who is inside your “I” is you yourself. Search for your self – you will find Him. As long as the [real] you is there, the Lord is also there." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-23)

Thus, that singular divine Entity resides in the inner recesses of one's own mind. That is Baba's divine teaching. Parama Purusa resides within. Baba is within the mind.

So the three-Baba dogma that is unfolding today is nothing but a black spot on the pure spirituality of Ananda Marga. We must oppose this dogma and uphold Baba's divine stance: That He resides in your mind.


Note 1:                          SHORTCUT WAY IS EASIER

Generally human beings like such types of shortcuts that is why this 3-Baba dogma is growing. Sixteen Points is hard to follow and yama and niyama is also difficult. This 3-Baba dogma makes it "easier" to get Baba since He is divided into three. It is encouraged by our priests.


Valuing a place for its historical significance is totally different from going there and paying salutations and thinking that God is limited to that spot. When we visit the Taj Mahal we go for historical reasons not for any other reason. We do not think that Baba is stuck inside the Taj Mahal etc. The proof being that we do not bring garlands and do sastaunga pranam to Him there and ask for boons. Likewise when visiting the jagrti we should not think that Baba is limited or confined to the DC hall, a pot of ashes, or Baba's room etc. Baba resides in the mind. One can pay their salutations to Baba anywhere and everywhere because Baba resides within. There should not be any confusion about this.

                                       PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Ogo prabhu tava la'gi ga'ntha' ma'la' shuka'ye ja'y..." (P.S. 1935)


Baba, Oh my Prabhu, the garland which I prepared for You is gradually getting dry and wilted. Day by day my longing for You is increasing. My waiting for You has been in vain. Neither did You come, nor did You accept my garland. These days even the red sun is unpleasant for me - and it was very blissful for me in earlier times. But now it's brilliance is no longer shining for me. Passing the days in longing for You, my heart is restless. Everything is unpleasant for me these days. Even the gentle sweet breeze is no longer alluring  for me. Due to my mind's restless state, my mental darkness has become more deep and more dense. Indeed in my mind, the blackness which was present increased. Day and night is passing this way, in Your longing. Baba, I do not mind if I cannot hold You. Also I do not mind if You do not look towards me with Your sweet, loving smile. One thing You can do though - since I am very low, please grace me. By Your ahetuki krpa, come close to me. Baba, in Your absence, everything in my life has lost its charm. My existence has become totally dry. Time is passing like this. Baba, please grace me and give me Your darshan...

Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

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