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Easy To Understand When Story is Ripe

Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 06:22:43 -0700
From: Reynolds_HT
Subject: Easy To Understand When Story is Ripe



Baba's following teaching is highly indicative of what today's tyrants are going through. As we watch one leader after another topple in the Middle East, it is very easy to apply Baba's mandate - as these events are unfolding before our very eyes.


                         Na antalikkhe na samuddamajjhe
                         Na pabbatanam vivaram pavissa
                         Na vijjati so jagatippadeso
                         Yatthatthitam nappasaheyya maccu.

Baba says, "Suppose a person commits a wrong by accepting a bribe. While receiving the bribe he thinks that no one is watching, but that is impossible. A third entity is watching everything. No one can do anything secretly in this universe. But the bribe-taker thinks the opposite because avidyá shakti has placed a veil between him and the Supreme Being. This is a very dangerous situation. It is just like a hare being chased by a hunter: the hare sits down and covers its eyes with its ears and, thinks, “I cannot see anything, so the hunter cannot see anything either. Hence he won’t be able to kill me.” This is a deadly mistake! Wherever one commits a wrong, be it in the depths of the ocean or in a high mountain cave, one cannot escape the consequences: one will certainly be detected one day or another." (Subhasita Samgraha - 18)

In His above teaching Baba guides us that no deed goes unseen in this universe. Some people mistakenly think that they can commit wrongful crimes and atrocities and keep those ills hidden. But, as Baba says, that is impossible. Parama Purusa sees everything. One will have to face the consequences - there is no way out, nowhere to hide. For every misdeed, there is a corresponding consequence. It is inevitable; there is no escape. That is Baba's explicit warning.

                                CHAIN OF EVENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST

Now today in the Middle East we see a rapid fire chain of events taking place. Rulers who have been in the seat of power for decades and decades are being yanked from their throne. The very public, which those ruthless despots exploited to the bone, is rising up and forcing these leaders out. For years and years such rulers thought their position was impregnable. They felt they could commit any crime they wanted to bolster their own prestige and power and that no harm could befall them. Now we see how wrong their calculation was. As Baba describes in His above teaching, such leaders were like that hare (i.e. rabbit) - just wallowing in their ignorance - totally unaware of the impending danger.

Here are but a few case examples which we have all witnessed within the last month.

Ben Ali ruled Tunisia for 24 years in a regime riddled with corruption, rampant exploitation, and countless injustices. He ruled as if nothing and no one could touch him - that he was beyond. He stole billions of dollars from the state and acted as if his stature was unchallengeable. Then, as we have all witnessed, in a short instant of time, the common people revolted. A swift uprising buoyed by the youths sealed Ben Ali's fate. Those youths rebelled against the horrible economic conditions and untold ills. After 24 years of despotic rule, Ben Ali's regime was torn down to the ground. A man who once was at the height of power was forced to flee for his life, and now he is in exile and lies in a coma - totally debilitated.

Likewise, in Egypt, Mubarak thought of himself as beyond all rebuke. He stole everything from the people, and poured billions into his personal bank account while the average Egyptian scratched for survival on a $2 a day budget. Mubarak had his hand in everything and he and his exploitative machine ruled Egypt with an iron fist for 30 years. Then, as we all saw, on the heels of Tunisia's uprising, the Egyptian people poured into Tahrir square and called for his resignation. Their protests swelled, tensions mounted, and ultimately, within a few weeks, their demands were met. Mubarak's rule, once seen as invincible, was torn down. He met his fate and now sits in seclusion awaiting judgment- his assets frozen and banned from all travel. The tables have turned and he too must face the consequences of his torturous rule.

Then of course there is the imminent fall of Momar Gaddafi in Libya. As we speak, a violent clash is taking place. Gaddafi tried to strong arm the people to accept his rule, but alas times have changed. His misdeeds have caught up with him. And now he is isolated - submerged in his own delusions. In the next day or so we will witness the end of his heinous 42 year rule. The day he never dreamed of is before him. He too will find no escape from his misdeeds. His end is very near.

What these three tryants all have in common is that in the not-too-distant past they thought their rule would last forever. They never thought that they would have to face the consequences. With their sky-kissing arrogance, they thought they could cheat, kill, suppress, and exploit the people without facing any backlash. But now their time has come. There is not escape. That is Baba's stated teaching.

And not just these three, but all those despots steeped in sin will meet a similar fate. This chain of events will continue onward. That is the natural law. There is nowhere to hide in this universe. One must undergo the consequences of their misdeeds, sooner or later. That is the universal truth - that is Baba's teaching.

                                      PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCE

While the events in the Middle East are quite dramatic, and depict how even the most powerful tyrant is bound to face the reactions of their criminal activities. Baba's teaching is not limited to such despots alone.

In each and every place, big or small, wherever people reside there are some who misuse their power. Blinded by ego they think, "nothing can harm me, I may do as I please." In that way they cheat and harm others. It may be between husband and wife, boss and employee, neighbor to neighbor, group to group, or whomever. Wherever one person or group grabs the upper hand then they generally fall under the false notion that they are unbeatable.

But in all such circumstances, they will one day meet their fate and undergo the consequences of their misdeeds. There is nowhere to run or hide. Everyone must be accountable to their each and every action. That is divine law.

So none should think that only crooked and crude leaders like Mubarak and Gaddafi are subject to this principle. No one should think, "This does not apply to me."

As Baba guides us, this rule applies universally for everyone. Where there is sin - where there is injustice - where there is corruption etc, there will be consequences to follow. The funny thing is that one's ego does not allow them to think that they too will meet their fate.

All should be alert and know that there is no place to hide - all one's actions are seen by Parama Purusa.

                                              BABA'S TEACHING

By Baba's grace, we should all live by the tenets of yama and niyama and inspire others to do that same. In that way we can march forward onto the path of spirituality and leave behind the trappings of egoistic exploitation. Then our reactions will just be sweet and blissful.

We should be cent-per-cent vigilant that our actions are just. Then we will never be forced to suffer the consequences. When, cent per cent of the time we can remember that Parama Purusa is watching us - and that there is no place to hide - then we will save ourselves from all kinds of troubles and hardship. Then we will be strict in 16 Points, inspired by His loving countenance, and lead a dharmic life.

Baba says, "In an attempt to escape from one’s sins and misdeeds you may retire to the Himalayas from Kanpur, but you cannot go beyond that. So the question arises, where will you escape to? Suppose you commit some wrong, and to escape the evil outcome of those misdeeds and avoid punishment you try to hide yourself in the sky or in an unknown place or at the bottom of the sea or in a mountain cave. But can you really hide yourself anywhere? In fact in this universe there is not an inch of space where one can conceal oneself." (Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 11)


Note 1:                       HERE AGAIN IS BABA'S TEACHING

Baba says, "Nothing is hidden from Him. Humans cannot conceal anything they do from Him. If you say to somebody, “Don’t tell anyone about this,” Parama Puruśa hears you saying privately not to tell anyone. Therefore it is said that He has a separate face for each unit being, with which He sees everyone. Na antariikśe na samudramajjhe – “Neither in the sky, nor in the ocean,” nor in a cave, can you hide yourself. Nowhere in the Cosmos can you hide from Him." (Subhasita Samgraha - 21)

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