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Baba's Way: No Compromise...

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Baba's Way: No Compromise... Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 23:18:26 Baba Intro to PS: In this song the devotee is directly communicating with Parama Purusa and recounting his own devotional tales. Note: In tropical countries, in the summer season most of the flowers dry up due to the extreme hot wind. Some few selected flowers are available in that season. So this song tells about those summer flowers. "Griis'ma'vaka'she se yadi a'se.." (PS 110) Purport: If Baba comes in my summer parched heart, then I will offer Him various kinds of flowers in abundance, I will offer Him my summer season flowers-- whatever the sweetest ones I have in my heart. If Baba comes with His rhythmic rosy feet into my mental garden that is decorated with the crimson sky and full of jasmine and magnolia trees, then in full prostration with my outstretched hands I shall offer flowers at His lotus feet. In the blissful morning and evening hours when the sea breeze blows then the cuckoo of my mind calls Him with longing. In the flower grove of my heart, on the branches of the kimshuka trees my internal papiya bird calls out to Him-- while nearly the entire flow of devotional river in my heart has run dry. Because of the scorching summer heat the sharica indica flowers of my mental grove have fallen and withered away. So my heart requests Baba to shower His divine grace and come. My mind, which is filled with longing, deeply desires for His arrival to change everything into the luscious blossoms of spring. Because of the extreme summer heat the silk cotton trees are just laden with seeds. On the grapevine, bunches of grapes hang low for You. And in the arbor of the Madhavii flowers of my heart, swarms of black bees are humming around the blossoms. In this summer atmosphere of my heart, if by showering His grace He comes then whatever are the best things of my heart I will offer at His lotus feet...
Namaskar, When Baba was in jail then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent a representative to convey the following message to Baba. On behalf of Mrs. Gandhi, the messenger said, 'The Government of India & Ananda Marga can peacefully coexist, so long as there is no Prout'. This was the essence of the message from Mrs Gandhi's camp: For Baba to forgo His Prout philosophy. In reply, Revered Baba told, 'My ideology is more important than my life...I prefer to remain in jail than compromise on my ideology.' By Baba's divine example, we are to understand that standing up for our ideological principles is the greatest thing in life. This is quite evident by the fact that Baba refused to let go of His Prout philosophy on that very day, or indeed ever. And, not just then, in innumerbale places and in countless ways, Baba guides us that we are never to sacrifice or compromise on our AM ideals. Thus when certain factional heads have ruined margii rights, made a fake BP manual, distorted Baba's scripture, torn down the BP system etc, then we must not compromise with such culprits by creating a plan to co-exist with them. Rather first they must accept their wrongdoing and sin, express repentance, and mend their ways. Because Baba's overarching directive is to hold firm to ideology-- no matter what.
Along these same lines, another well-known incident occurred when Baba was in jail & undertaking His protest fast. At that time, various political leaders of India came to Baba in a very respectful way and pleaded for Him to stop His fast. Those political leaders expressed that (a) the long fast was having a very detrimental effect on His body, (b) and it was difficult to maintain such a fast, and (c) that His life is very important. Those well-wishers then reasoned that best will be for Baba to discontinue His fast. This was their well-intentioned plea. But once again, on this very point Baba replied that His fast was for ideological reasons-- not for the wellness of His physical existence. And for that reason, He must continue the fast. So, Baba's response and action again shows that following one's ideological principles is first and foremost in life. On no account should one compromise or give up one's philosophical tenets-- i.e. AM teachings. Hence, once again, when certain lustful groupists have destroyed Baba's AM Revolution discourse about margii rights, made their own Fake Ananda Vaniis, broken the ACB system, and pushed margiis to the fringes when Baba has given margiis a rightful place, then we must not co-habitate with such derelicts who rampantly go against Baba's system. First those guilty groupists must accept their misdeeds, beg apology, and correct their wrongdoing etc.
Here is yet another example for us all to consider. In 1970, when the defectors like Madhavananda, Vishokananda, and Prakashananda, went against Ista-- betrayed Guru, then some simple people in AM, who had sentimental friendships with those defectors, wanted to keep everyone together. Those simple people asked Baba for the defectors to be allowed to remain in AM even though they went blatantly against the very foundational tenets of AM. So in their naïveté, those simple people wanted to overlook the ideological blunders of those defectors-- and have everyone co-exist once again. This is what they asked from Baba. However, we all know that Baba took a very firm stand-- an ideological stand-- on this issue, and the rest is history. Those defectors strayed far, far away and never returned and our AM rose to the height of glory. Here then again, Baba demonstrates through His own Personal example that when it comes to ideology, there must not be any compromise. Rather one is to stand tall on all ideological matters. Thus in the present day situation, how can we forgive those who have altered Baba's teachings, thrown away His original BP manual, and done so many heinous crimes which go against AM ideology. Then how can we simply forgive such scoundrels and let them remain in AM. We cannot-- not until they have purged themselves of such sin and wholly mended their ways. Because in so many ways Baba has guided us to never compromise on ideological matters-- never. Baba says, "Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology." (A'nanda Va'nii #14)
So in His own life and in His teachings Baba's guideline is to always live by the high ideals of AM-- the essence must never be compromised. And this following passage from Baba's discourse leads in this same direction. This below paragraph has been paraphrased from AV-26 pg 34. It is based on the original Hindi and if anyone has this book and can post the original Hindi section, then that will be very helpful. Here then is the essence of Baba's message from that portion of His discourse where Baba is pointedly explaining that there must not be any pact made with those who are opposed to our principles. 'Remember one can have a temporary cease-fire with the black forces, but there cannot be a you know what is cease-fire? For example, two battling parties may decide that this is no fighting at night but then the fight will resume in morning. So in a temporary cease-fire the fight has not been stopped permanently; it will continue after a short period of pause. So this is what is known as a temporary cease-fire. In contrast, what is a pact? When a pact is made then a compromise of values is done and each side accepts certain conditions and sacrifices their own ideological platform...Remember, at any cost there will never be a pact with the black forces, i.e. the negative forces. Only there can be a ceasefire from time to time. And that cease-fire will be done with the sole intention to increase your own strength. For example, suppose you are alone and the dark forces surrounding you are ten in number. Then for a time being one can make a cease fire with those black forces; but, then tomorrow you will have to collect 20 fighters to join your cause and then start your offensive against those black forces. That is the use of a temporary cease-fire. Virtuous people must remember, that one can never make a pact with the sinful forces.' (Paraphrased from AV-26, p.34, Hindi Edn) Hence in clear-cut language in His above teaching, Baba directs us that we must never sacrifice our ideals by making a pact with sinful agents-- those who go against the welfare of humanity. On this point, Baba maintains that we must live by our ideals. And in the practical sphere, our Ananda Marga has never made a pact or bowed down to communists, capitalists, or any type of crooked leadership etc. No matter what the circumstances, always we are to abide by our AM ideals. That is Baba's directive and that is what sincere margiis do.
Unfortunately, at present, a few persons are calling out that we should sacrifice AM values and ideological principles in order to "keep our AM together". That is to say, some confused persons are begging that we should overlook ideological wrongdoings like scriptural distortions and BP rights, and all come in the camp of one particular group or co-habitate with those groupists under one roof. This is the inane approach of a few people. But really, this is nothing more than their delirium. Telling like this has no sense. Rather it is 100% rubbish. Because they are demanding that we forgo our ideological principles for the sake of some group pact etc. Yet, Baba never wants us to do such mistakes: Under no conditions are we to compromise on the point ideology.
If this absurd way is valid and really we should make a pact with unideological groupists, then Baba would have invited all kinds of communists, capitalists, and dogmatic religious fanatics to bring their dogma into AM. But Baba did not do like this. Rather first such persons must leave their dogma and then enter the house of AM-- not vice versa. Because for Baba, ideology is supreme and He wants that we also follow this way of life: Never compromising on ideology. That means not compromising with groupists who have ruined margii rights, invented the weapon of expulsion, victimised innocent margiis, and distorted Baba's scripture. Until such factional manipulators wholly change their ways, we cannot live with such persons. That is Baba's decree.
So any person who does not understand the fact that ideology is everything in life, then such a person is really just a baby in AM-- irregardless of his worldly age. If such perrsons want to make a pact with unideological groupists, then in the true sense they are nothing more than a tiny child since they know nothing at all about AM. And as soon as possible they should be carted off to the nearest AM primary school in order to learn the ABC's of Ananda Marga. That is what they need. That is their medicine.
By Baba's grace our Ista and Adarsha are the most important things in life. And that is what our svastik flag represents. And that is our victory in life-- not the victory of dogma. Baba says, "O' human beings, be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the path of revolution. Your path is not the path of extra caution and scheduled movement. You are the traveller of a rugged path. You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind." (SS-1) Baba says, "We should always respect our ideology if we are to become true human beings. The ideologist is a man who always acts according to his ideology. If by following the ideology, the older people become unhappy or condemn me, I will not care. If by following an ideology I die and die again, let it be. I will not care. I will stick to my ideology." (23 November 1971 DMC, Purnea) Namaskar, Ramanuj
No need to write these persons names here, but some are thinking since some of them are of 'high stature' then we should accept their foolish words, but it is not like that.
Yuktiyuktamupa'deyam' vacanam' ba'laka'dapi; Anyam'trn'avat tya'jyamapyayuktam Padmajanmanah.
Baba says, "If even a young boy says something logical, it should be accepted, and if the Supreme Creator Brahma' says something illogical, it should be rejected as rubbish." (YP) Thus when such any perons is making a crazy demand that we should compromise on ideology and make a pact with the groupists and live under one roof with them despite the fact that they have ruined Baba's scripture etc, then regardless of their so-called social stature their irrational and silly proposal should be rejected as rubbish and thrown in the trash. That is Baba's guideline.
******************************************** Origin of Few Musical Instruments
Baba says, "Our tabla is a metamorphosed form of this mrdaunga. Some people believe that the tabla came from Persia but this is not the case; the tabla originated in this country. From Persia we have gotten the sitar and the gazal. Although the viin' originated in this country and has been here since the time of Shiva, we have gotten its descendant, the violin, from Italy." (SC-2, p.128)

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