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EC Inside Story: Post is the Goal

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: UPDATED: EC Inside Story: Post is the Goal Date: Wed 13 May 2009 12:48:04 Baba "Ma'nus' yeno ma'nus'er tare sab kichu kare ya'y..." (P.S. 2192) Purport: Great persons-- proper human beings-- do everything in their life for the upliftment of other human beings. In their mind they also never forget that animals, birds, and plants also belong in their vast family. For such sadhakas, no one is alien because in their heart they understand that each and every being wants to survive. Why do human beings remain crying, feeling isolated in their own suffering after losing their path in the Cimmerian darkness. Our love and care will bring everyone close to us; nobody will be left behind-- crying and suffering in frustration. On this auspicious crimson occasion we will save everyone and provide them shelter from the burning flame of illiteracy, starvation, and all kinds of troubles. Elevated human beings come on this earth to serve everyone, all humanity plus the birds, animals, plants, flora and fauna, & animate and inanimate objects-- the entire creation...
Namaskar, In follow-up to the recent letter,
about why we should not be sympathetic towards EC's move to separate from AMPS, here is further proof that EC WTs are in it for the post, not for the welfare of our Marga. At the same time, no one should think that this is in defense of the current crooked administration, led by Rudranana nor a political stunt by Sarvatmananda and Co. As the above letter noted, we must remain vigilant that to set things right in our AM society, we should expose the current groupist problems, highlight ideology, and fix the main structure, not break away.
As we know that EC Dadas like Parmeshwara'nanda, Vandana'nanda, Citkrsna'nanda, Tiirtha'nanda have announced their so-called agenda that they want the unity of the AMPS. That’s why they call their group "Unity Group". Like parrots, these Dadas repeat again and again that "they are working for unity." This is their ongoing yet empty slogan. You might have heard them chirping like this. However, as more and more news surfaces about how EC is making their own new ta'ttvikas and a’ca’ryas (see detailed news below), then it just becomes more and more clear that unity is not a serious issue nor the main theme for EC. Rather for EC leaders, the term "unity" is just their empty slogan to befool margiis. But nowadays, the mass of margiis are no longer swayed by this false chant of unity. Many may remember how Mrs. Indira Gandhi was using the slogan "Gariibii Hatao" (remove poverty) in order to get the support and votes of the people - yet all the while, behind the scenes, she was secretly making plans to support those capitalists. In the same way, EC uses the slogan of "Bring Unity", but EC is doing all sorts of things which are against the unity of our Marga. Instead EC is visibly creating dissension and disunity in order to grab the power. Their hidden agenda is something else (i.e. post & power), and that threatens our unity.
As many will recall, EC Dadas were always bootlickers of Sarvatmananda. They supported all sorts of anti-ideological deeds of Sarvatma’nanda & crew. But when they realized that they can get more cream without Sarvatma’nanda then they collaborated with Rudrananda & Nigamananda and applied all sorts of cheap diplomacy to snatch the power from Sarvatmanada. When Sarvatmananda broke the organisation, divided it, & established his own administration, then EC Dadas were hoping that they would get extreme power in the organisation. But this is a universal fact: An unholy alliance never lasts long. Just as their alliance with Sarvatmananda did not last long same was the case with EC's alliance with Rudrananda. To get more share in the Raj, EC & and the RN gang fought together. And then EC started a movement against RN. From October 2004 to 2006, EC Dadas were telling that they wanted Ranchi Administration without Rudrananada & Nigamananada. This was their announced agenda. But when they realised that Rudrananda / Nigamananda had a strong grip over Ranchi Administration & it was impossible to kick them out, then those same EC Dadas changed their strategy and shook hands with Sarva’tma’nanda in the name of unity. But history has proved, B group just viewed those EC Dadas as slaves, not equals. So EC cannot find respect or power anywhere - neither in Rudrananda's camp nor with the Kolkata faction. That is why everyone is just saying that EC is like dhobii ka kutta' (washerman's dog). Just as that dog is stupid and lowly and is frustrated wherever it goes, same is the case with EC. They are eternal losers and are always getting stepped on & disrespected wherever they go.
From 2006 to Oct 2007, EC was talking about the unity of the organisation. But ultimately, EC created their own separate structure with a Central committee, GS, President etc. Senior margiis were not surprised by EC's tactics as it is well known that these EC Dadas are just in it for the power, nothing else. A few simple margiis were shocked as they supported this group in the name of unity. When EC leaders saw that margiis began opposing the formation of a new separate structure, then margiis were told by those Dadas that the new structure was "just for legal purposes." But by then it was clear to senior margiis that desire of these EC Dadas was to be in Central Committee. Such Dadas were in it solely for the post, and lust for power is always one of the main barriers for creating unity. Thus the separate structure of EC jeopardized the unity effort which all good margiis wanted in the organisation. Because EC chieftains knew that margiis would not be pleased with their agenda, that is why from the get-go those EC Dadas were hiding their actual agenda of forming new parallel organisation. But all along that plan was going on inside EC meetings.
Finally now EC has clearly shown that they are anti Carya’carya and Ba’ba’s system. They have not an iota of respect for our marga’s system. Now they have gone totally overboard and against fundamentals of unity. EC has played another dirty and dangerous game to break the organisational system. It seems they want to paralyze and destroy Ba’ba’s given system and invite more and more disunity. What are they doing? EC Dadas have started making their own new ta’ttvikas and a’ca’rya’s. By this way, they are trying, hoping and thinking to attract margiis. But good margiis are not going for it. Actually Ananda Seva (So-called guru Nirmegha's fake organisation) did the same paltry trick. They were walking around town handing out acaryaships on a stick in hopes of getting more followers. Today, EC is doing the same. In neither case are good margiis duped.
When EC has now started to make their own separate cadres of ta’ttvikas and a’ca’ryas, it is clear that they are completely against unity and also hypocritical. Because on the one side they talk about unity and on the other side they formed their own separate structure and are now creating new ta’ttvikas and a’ca’rya’s without following the Carya’carya system. Rather they are destroying that very system. Baba says, "The Central Ta'ttvika Board, Central A'ca'rya Board, or Central Purodha' Board will issue certificates to the persons concerned." (CC_1, "Ta’ttvika, A’ca’rya, Purodhas and Concerned Boards") Here Ba’ba’ is telling that the Ta’ttvika Board will make ta’ttvikas and A’ca’rya board will make a’ca’ryas. But now EC has made their own ta’ttvikas and a’caryas, which completely discredits Carya’carya. It is also clear that EC has no intention of respecting Carya’carya rather they are against Carya’carya and Ba’ba’s system. Why did they do this? Because EC is hungry for the power and to get power they need people to control. If they dangle the golden carrot of acaryaships and tattvikaships then they hope to get some people whom they can control and boss around. That is their entire plan.
EC has organized training classes in Delhi and Puri (Orrisa) to create fake ta’ttvikas and a’ca’ryas. Jyotipraka’sha’nanda and Kishan Sood are in charge of the classes there. Thus far, eight persons were been made so-called a’ca’ryas and seventeen persons have been made so-called ta’ttvikas. So in total 25 persons took title of a’ca’rya and ta’ttvikas from EC thereby going against Carya’carya and Ba’ba’s system. Here the main blame is on those EC Dadas. Because those margiis who participated are innocent in all of this. Mostly, their interest was to grow as sadhakas and serve Baba's mission. Theirs was not a groupist power play. Rather it was those EC WT leaders who cunningly created this program in order to create their own cadres to control. Hence the following 25 persons are mostly simple, well-intentioned and sincerely interested in 16 points and spreading the ideals of AM. The eight fake a’ca’ryas are: 1) Devanistha’ of NY, 2) Vivek of NY, 3) Dhya’nesh of NY, 4) H.L.Brokar of Raipur, 5) Krsna’candra of Sambalpur, 6) Shankar Pradhan of Bargarh 7)Attarsingh of Shimla, 8) Dr. Prabha’ Sood of Patna, who is wife of the trainer of this anti Carya’carya thing Kishan Sood. The 17 Fake Ta’ttvikas are: 1) Anant K. Bhatt of Benglore, 2) Ganesh Bhatt of Sirsi, 3) Hema’ Bhatt of Sirsi, 4) Rampal of Bengalore, 5) G.mallaiya of AP, 6) Man Bahadoor Rana Bhatt of Nepal, 7) Mahendra Shrestha of Nepal, 8) Ramdeo Shreshta of Nepal, 9) Kanhu Caran Behura of Orrisa, 10) Dr. Prashanta Panigrahii of Orrissa, 11) Sharat Chandra Parida of Kendrapad, 12) Subodh Dev of Durga, 13) Kailash Chandra Sarangi of Puri, 14) Yogeshvari of Raipur, 15) Shankar Lal Agrawwal of Orisa, 16) Ganesh Lal of Jharkhand, 17) Shubhendu prabhu of Mumbai.
Ba’ba’ says, "The unity of A’nanda margiis should not be allowed to be jeopardised for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk to your life." (CC-2) But it is proved that all three groups - EC Dadas, Rudra’nanda, Nigama’nanda and Sarva’tma’nanda and crew - have taken the oath to destroy unity of the organisation. Now is the time that we margiis should come forward to protect unity of our organisation. We should not get trapped by the lollipops and tall talks of these groupists. Rather we should work to bring unity in our organization, by hook or by crook. We should be careful of all power mongers, disunity creators, organisation breakers, Carya’carya destroyers, in the form of gangs like RN gang, EC, and Kolkata factions.
By Baba's grace, He has given us all eyes to see who has come into AM to get their own power and who has come to do something for the great cause. By His grace soon the WT groupist leaders will be changed or ousted and proper dharmikas will bring our Marga back onto the right path. Ba’ba’ says, "Human beings have to be alert against those who are demons in human form, those who possess immense psychic power and yet behave like demons, causing harm to humanity. Collective efforts have to be made to protect humanity from thse demons." (AFPS-3, p.2) Namaskar, Shantatma
Recently, there was a meeting organised in Patna, Bihar on Sunday the 3rd of May 2009 in a hall of a hotel in Hindustan Times Building, Frazeer Road in Patna. EC Dadas and 4 dadas from Kolkata side were present in that meeting. The meeting was called to discuss their "agenda of unity". That’s why many margiis came to attend the meeting, but the entire discussion was focused on only one point: Making one separate PP. Actually the Ranchi group PP has been banned by the courts but the court case will linger for years and thoes EC Dadas and Kolkata people do not want to wait for a long time, so they want to have their own separate PP. Actually these two groups don’t want to fight for unity or for a united PP. They just want to have their own private PP, like Rudra’nanda has private PP Vishvadeva’nanda. The name of of Kinshuk Ranjan Sarkar was announced as a possible private PP of Kolkata group. It should be clear to all that the making of new PP will be the final step towards disunity of the organization. After the making of a new, separate PP, then only the complete distruction of either group will be the solution for unity. Even then by Baba's grace things will soon be alright in the organisation. Many, many good margiis are in AMPS and there are only a few rotten groupists. So while we should be aware about what such groupist demons are doing, at the same time we should have full confidence and faith that soon true unity and ideology will be prevalent in our Marga.
******************************************** - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows -- the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p. 10)

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