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Health Guideline: Food In-take

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:22:19 -0000
From: Rudreshvar Deva cosmicentity@verizon...
Subject: Health Guideline: Food In-take


"Bujhi va' a'ma'r diirgha ja'minii eto dine halo bhor..." (P.S. 1216)


It is very clear and visible that the grace of the Divine Entity, the long span of my dark days have gone. The long dark night has passed. After waiting for so long, the golden dawn has finally come. This new dawn is intoxicating my entire existence with its new color, and crimson rays.

The long, terrifying and dark night, which was covering everyone since ages, has veritably vanished. That very dark night has gone, with its loud laughter and roaring noise. That time, everyone's heart was shaking in fear. But now those creatures of darkness have disappeared. Hearing the chirping of the birds, and the songs of awakened human beings at the time of dawn, then in fear and paranoia the creatures of darkness fled and vanished. Now, after a long span, golden days have come. The era of neohumanism has ultimately arrived.
No longer is the poisonous hood of the monster cobra polluting the air with its poison, and creating havoc in the atmosphere. No longer is that very cobra swallowing the lives of living creatures with its ferocious bite. By the grace of Parama Purusa, all the living beings of this entire world are dancing with happiness and adorning the new dawn. Everyone's face is glowing, in new hope and vigour. Now, after waiting so long, good days have come. Those dark days have passed, when all kinds of dogma, fissiparous tendencies, groupism, and negative theories were dominating the society.

By the grace of the Supreme, the era of neohumanism with its rainbow color, has come...



Here Baba has given us one very practical health guideline for us all to consider and indeed follow.

Baba says, "Dyspepsia originates from unbalanced food habits. Eating when one is not hungry or only half-hungry is harmful in this disease. So is eating rich food for days together, using intoxicants, eating tasty food out of greed alone, not taking rest after the meal before running off to the office, or taking a bellyful of food..." (Yogic Treatments, p.3)


1. In the life it often happens that when one feels hungry food is not ready; and when one is not hungry then one gets food to eat. This is the common problem.

This is especially the case with most of our respected Wts. Because of their busy schedule and travel routine they depend on others' or they face various inconveniences. That makes it extremely difficult to maintain a consistent routine. Because either they eat according to others' schedule whereby it becomes very challenging to take food in a timely way - at the proper time food - or due to their own itinerary and programs they cannot take time to eat. That is the tragedy why the major percentage of our dedicated Wts are suffering from one or more diseases.

Unfortunately they end up leaving this world prematurely. Or they end up passing their last days in a diseased and crippled condition, totally feeble and bed-ridden. These are the common outcomes. So we should take lesson from all this and follow Baba's teachings and guide others to do the same.


2. Some innocent persons are thinking that since they are not drinking liquor or doing drugs then it means that they are not using intoxicants. But we should remember that tea and coffee are also intoxicants. One can also become intoxicated by taking an excessive amount of sugar. Indeed, every sadhaka should exercise maximum restraint with regards to sweets.


3. To properly follow this above rule Baba has given the code that one should not take more than 4 times per day, but the general society is moving in a completely negative way. Many persons have the bad habit of snack or chewing gum all day long etc.

Earlier I thought only a few kids were involved in this dirty habit, but now it can be seen that this problem has become more pervasive - even a few of our workers are involved.

Sometimes at retreats and seminars even a few Dadas and some Didis - certainly not all - are also chewing gum or eating lots of snack foods in between meals etc. By this unhealthy habit, whereby one is producing and swallowing saliva all day long, the salivary glands become dry. And when the real need arises to digest a meal, those glands cannot secrete saliva.

That is why people suffer from various diseases. Because without saliva food cannot be properly digested and undigested food causes so many toxic effects in the body. So we should follow Baba point of maximum 4 times and four items.


4. 'Rich food' means the food which one cannot digest such as high fat, oily food-- rich in fatty oily contents. Here 'rich' does not mean costly or not. It may be that rich foods are very cheap. The point is that eating rich, oily food invites the disease of obesity & mnore. This problem is quite common in the general public and also in our vast margii family. Everyone knows that obesity is the root cause of many kinds of diseases and that nowadays it is an epidemic.


5. In this modern era when everyone is feeling a shortage of time and people are just rushing from one work to another, then they do not care to take rest after food. And that becomes the root cause of various diseases related with indigestion. The first of which is hyper-acidity. This can develop into a chronic health disorder that adversely affects one's entire existence.

Sometimes this type of problem causes serious damage when one growth or side stomach or side pocket gets created. Then food sits there and rots and people die from this.


6. When one takes rest after food then they can moderate their right nostril and ensure that it is open. But if after food they are just running to work they cannot manage to keep the right nostril open and their digestion is impaired. This is terribly detrimental to one's health.



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