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Only for Misguided Devotees #2

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 20:46:03 -0000
From: "Jagadiish  Dev" @jagadiish.cakra...
Subject: Only for Misguided Devotees #2



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. The first letter in this series was posted under a different title: "Philosophy of The Ignorant?". A link to this first letter is appended to the bottom of this letter.)

"In our Ananda Marga, there are some margiis who say that, "I am not a follower of any group, I visit every group, attend their programs, and support them psychically and economically. I am not groupist, rather I am a neo-humanist. Such people who attend the rituals and dogmas of all the groups think that therefore they are not in any group."

Unfortunately, this is the type of thing we see with certain margiis in our area as well. For instance:

(a) There is one person and he/she claims to be a friend of all factional workers, attends some of their meetings, participates in some of their gatherings, gives time generously to all groups, and supports them all financially. All these things she / he does. Top of all, she / he has great affinity and deep emotional attachment for one particular group. This group they hold particularly dear. Always this person justifies the wrongs of that group - no matter the circumstances.

(b) Then there is another person who attends the dogmatic mahaprayan functions and then goes directly to Rudrananda's camp to live with them. Finally, they visit Ananda Giita. Always they make this circuit.

(c) Then there is another person who is always carrying out the agenda of this or that group, depending upon which group they were with last.

Amazingly, they all claim that they are not part of any group. If you try to convince them otherwise, they flat out reject your claims and sidetrack the conversation entirely. There seems to be no way to manage this. We try gentle words of praise and pointed examination. Still no success.

Can anyone possibly shed light on how to deal with or cure such types of persons.


When I was talking about this with someone they came up with this following analogy. (Note: The analogy was told using "I", but that "I" just means anyone who does like this, so do not take it personally.)

On some days I go to east-Asian restaurants and eat insects and bugs.

On other days I go to McDonald's and eat beef.

Other days, I visit friends and eat pork.

On occasion, I dine at the Hare Krsna restaurant.

Hence, I am a vegetarian.

The above outlook is laughable. The person's way of living has nothing to do with vegetarianism, yet somehow in their mind they view themselves as being vegetarian. Quite remarkable.

Is this not similar to those who are wedded or attached to various groups yet claim to be neo-humanists??




By the way, according to Baba's philosophy of neo-humanism, the following is the central idea of what it means to be a neo-humanism. (Note: For more detail please reference the text, The Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humansim.

A neo-humanist sees the whole creation as the universal expression of Parama Purusa; such neo-humanists are not shackled by any small-mindedness like caste, creed, colour, religion, or gender etc, nor do they fall prey to any narrow sentiments like geo-sentiment, socio-sentiment, or any other divisive approach like groupism or factionalism.

Remember, following various groups does not mean one is a neo-humanist. Just as drinking water from various dirty ponds does not mean drinking pure water.

Likewise, following the dogma of all the religions does not mean being above all religious dogmas and adhering to the code of universalism. Following one religion is bad and following all is worse - not better.

Drinking water from one dirty drain is bad and drinking water from all the dirty drains is worse. Similarly, following one group is bad and following all the groups is worse.

Some confused persons think that since they follow all the groups then they are neo-humanists. Accordingly, if one follows all current groups in Ananda Marga like H, B, EC, & Giita group etc, as well as all the sects of Hinduism, all the hundreds of factions of Christianity, and the innumerable divisions of Islam, then they must be a super-neohumanist. Some misguided person may think like that.

Following one bad thing is bad, and following many bad things is worse. The ideal of neo-humanism means not following any narrow-sentiments - it does not mean following all those narrow-sentiments. That is what Baba says in His book, The Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humansim.



"On Friday, I go and pray at the mosque with the Muslims. I grow my beard, eat halal meat, and perform 5 times namaz (prayer). I strictly follow all Islamic rituals and dogmas. On that day I only raise the slogan: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. On Fridays, during Ramadhan, I fast during the day and feast at night.

On Saturday, I walk to synagogue with all the Jews and adhere to their dress code. I follow a Kosher lifestyle and adopt all Judaic rituals and dogmas. On that day, the torah is everything for me.

On Sunday, I attend church with the Christians, and refrain from any and all alcohol. I also maintain all Christian rituals and dogmas. On that day, I think only about Lord Jesus Christ.

On Monday, I go to the Sikh temple. I tie my hair on top of my head and carry a sword. I eat jhatka' - i.e. goat killed in a swift manner - and follow all Sikh rituals and dogmas. That day I only repeat the name of Guru Nanak.

On Tuesday, I attend the Hindu temple to honor the monkey god Hanuman. I wear a shawl that says "Ra'm Na'ma'" and chant the holy mantra Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram. I follow all Hindu rituals and dogmas. And on that day, only I worship Ram.

On Wednesday, I go to the Buddhist monastery and wear their robes and follow their customs. I chant: Buddham sharanam gaccha'mi. I strictly adhere to all Buddhist rituals and dogmas.

On Thursday, I practice prayer at the Jain temple. I walk there with a broom to ensure I do not step on any organisms. And I do not eat any root vegetables or tomatoes - I follow all the rituals and dogmas of the Jain religion. On that day, I only seek the blessing of Lord Mahaviira Jain.

In this way I pass the week. I do not consider myself a part of any one particular religion. Rather, I remain a friend of them all and follow all their rituals and dogmas. That is why I am a neo-humanist."



"Srs't'idha'ra' dha'y toma'ri karun'a'y, liila' racana'y tumi advitiiya..." (PS 3600)


O' my Baba, this flow of creation is moving ahead by Your divine karuna. Baba, because of You, everything is created, nourished, and withdrawn back to its origin. This entire cycle of creation is nothing but Your divine grace on everyone. Baba, in the creation of Your divine liila, You Yourself are unparalleled; You have no comparison. Baba You are Alaks'yaca'rii [1], Cittabiharii [2], Sarvadukhaharii [3], O' my dearest and most intimate One.

Baba, there are many similarities between us - between You and I - even though I am 'unit' and You are 'Cosmic'. Baba, in Your divine vibration with the most charming aroma of candan [4] permeating all around, & with Your beautiful Presence, my atoms & molecule, my entire existence has started dancing in bliss.

Baba, You are so gracious, we are so close; there is no difference between You and I. My existence is depending solely on You. Because You are, that is why I am. O' Divine Entity, if You would not have been, then I would have floated away somewhere into the vast oblivion.

Baba, You are the nucleus of this divine creation. Because of You, everything is existing and dancing around You in bliss. Baba, You have no equal...


[1] Alaks'yaca'rii: This is one of the names of Parama Purusa and it literally means the Entity who always moves invisibly - secretly - around the entire universe. Here following Baba explains why He moves around secretly:

Baba says, "He [Parama Purusa] can never be fully discovered; He has concealed most of Himself. If He were to express Himself fully, He would face many difficulties in carrying out His work and thus the collective interest of humanity would suffer. In the interest of human society, He will have to keep Himself secret." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 7, p. 30)

[2] Cittabiharii: This denotes one of the beautiful attributes of Parama Purusa whereby He lives in each and every unit mind, ensconced in His eternal bliss. In this divine & playful stance of His, Parama Purusa is called: Cittabiharii.

[3] Sarvdukhaharii: This name of Parama Purusa represents His great compassion wherein He takes away & removes all the sufferings and pains from each and every being of this entire creation. In that fashion, His presence works as a balm of bliss. That is why Parama Purusa is often called: Sarvadukhaharii, (Sarva= all; dukha= sorrow; Harii= He who takes).

[4] Candan: sandalwood.

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