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GT Sector News

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 23:06:04 To: Subject: GT Sector News From: CJ Phillips Baba "Toma're khunjechi a'mi jina'ne, karme, darshanete..." (PS 4545) Purport Baba, You are love personified. Even then I have spent countless days searching You on the path of knowledge, on the path of action, and on the path of philosophy. While doing so my heart remained dry like the desert. I could not get any inner sweetness. But by Your grace You have given me this much sense-- You made me understand that You have deep love for me. That is why You have brought me on this earth: So that I can love You. Baba, all these days I was not searching You in the world of ideation and dhyana. I was searching You externally. But in the last, by Your fathomless grace, I have started doing sadhana and dhyana with the bond of Your love. And since then due to Your ahetuki krpa' I am intoxicated by Your divine charm...
Namaskar, We all want the well-being of our Marga. We all want to see AMPS restored to its proper place - in all of the sectors. To this end we must take shelter in Baba's special guideline. Baba says, "Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal." (A'nanda Va'nii, #13) According to Baba, when our conduct reflects AM ideology, then we will again be on the right path. Seniority, the color of one's robes, high sounding speeches, and the like have nothing to do with the establishment of our AM teachings nor the with all round health and sanctity of our Marga society. Only by following His teachings - by our conduct - can things come back into proper form.
Here is a look at the state of affairs in Georgetown Sector (i.e. South America). This sector is well-known for its many dedicated Ananda Margiis, glorious master units, spirited kiirtans, and much, much more. So it is a real tragedy to relay the following events. This report includes suggestions for how to prevent such issues in the future as well as how to solve these current problems. For instance, by making relevant WT conduct rules known to one and all, Dadas will have less scope to violate those rules. Because margiis will be watching carefully and will report wrongdoing. Secondly, if any Dada does contravene a code of conduct, then margiis in that locale must no longer recognise him as an acarya - only when his conduct is fully rectified can he again be recognised. These types of circumstantial pressure can help prevent and resolve issues - as needed. Of course, best is if all workers attend to their sadhana properly, then their minds (as actions) will not drift in lowly directions. Everyone is welcome to write in with further information and thoughts about the below events.
Before proceeding, let us remind ourselves of these following conduct rules which apply to all Wts: "One should not look at the face of the opposite sex except at the time of nursing." ('37 Workers Rules', Point #15) "A'vadhuta shall treat every woman of the world, including his ex-wife, as mother." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #11) "A'vadhuta must not remain in lonely place with any female." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #13) "A'vadhuta should not initiate any female." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #14) "During illness, remaining with a female nurse of the hospital in a room should be considered as wrongful. Either he should be with a male nurse or in the case of a female nurse, a third person should be present." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #14) By all of the above, it is quite clear that Baba has given very precise and exact guidelines related with how Wts are to conduct themselves. In particular, Baba is very, very strict how Dadas are to behave toward females. The more we as margiis are aware about the aforesaid conduct rules, the more we can be sure there codes are not violated by Dadas etc. And if a Dada does violate a rule, margiis in that area must no longer recognise him as an acarya. Now look at what is going on in GT Sector. A few Dadas are breaking so many conduct rules and in result they are falling shamelessly into innumerable sex scandals and disintegrating our Marga society. What makes matters worse is that top Dadas are covering up those misdeeds and allowing those sexual violations to be repeated again and again. All because those top Dadas receive some type of payment. That is the sad situation. To understand the extent of the problem and to apply the necessary circumstantial pressure on the wrongdoers, here following is the detailed report for your review.
1) Unfortunately, our Didis are suffering a lot in GT sector due to Dada's misbehaviour and misconduct. Dadas are doing whatever they like and pushing Didis aside. 2) Dadas are taking margiis sisters into their control for their own selfish ends. To start, they are giving initiations, Samskrt names, LFT training, and "ideological" training to all sisters. They are even giving SPT training to margii sisters, which is allowed to only Acharyas or LFT. 2a) After "training" these sisters, such Dadas take written agreements from sisters to work with them. This agreement or contract is for two or three years. Innocent margii sisters are compelled by Dadas to sign such contractual agreements. In this way, so many females are living in Dadas projects and "working" along with Dadas. In addition, no Didi is allowed to work with those sisters as they are "Dada's LFT." 3) For this reason, the Didis have little support. Without help of LFTs, their projects are suffering terribly and falling into disarray. To counteract this, various Didis tried to talk to Dadas so that those Dadas would not use sisters as their LFTs. But Dadas were not ready to listen and instead they start threatening Didi's and even kicking those Didis out of the sector. 3a) In response, some Didis organised a LFT training for margii sisters. But certain Dadas called a meeting with sisters and brainwashed them against the Didis. Under the guidance of SS GT, Dada Siddeshananda, a National Committee meeting was called against SWWS, Didi Ananda Hitaesana. Didiji was called suddenly and they all verbally accosted her and threatened her to stop giving Lft training. SWWS Didi tried to make them understand that she is doing this only because this is her moral duty to do the work of WWD. As we all know, Baba has given this department specifically for women. And Didiji explained the WT and acarya rules given by Guru, i.e. that Dadas are not to work closely with sisters. But it was too late. Already Dadas had brainwashed so many innocent margii sisters and already forced them to sign contracts to work with them. The Dadas used their money and charisma to lure those unsuspecting sisters and by this way, a few margii sisters started saying, "I love Dada Agraboddhananda, I love Dada Ramashreyananda, I want to do training with them." Now see where all this is going.
4) Most of the Dadas involved in the above have been working in GT sector for 20 or 22 years. All the above is being done under the guidance & blessing of SS GT, Dada Siddeshananda. Dadaji has been in this sector for 19 years and he is is allowing all Dadas to do these unideological misdeeds
5) We can prevent the below scandals by paying heed to Baba's conduct rules and forcing Dadas to follow them. 5a) A Dada in Columbia - Dada Divyapremananda - has been involved in physical (i.e. sexual) relations with many margii and non-margii sisters. And he threatens and verbally assaults any Didi or margii who tries to point out his actions. It got so bad that at one point it was even reported about on the TV news. This was an absolute disgrace for our Marga. How did this happen? All those sisters came to know about one another and their relation with Dada Divyapremananda. They then got reacted with Dada and disclosed everything to the news media etc. Even then, in his tyrant ways, Dada Divyapremananda has illegally taken over the jagrti in Barranquilla and started a lawsuit against local margiis. Dadaji is seeking punitive damages for so-called defamation, when in truth he was grossly involved in all those sexual crimes. This Dada has gone so far as to impose rules not allowing any other Dada to come to his area, for fear that such a Dada will preach the code of dharma and oust him. Dada Divyapremananda only allows his close allies like Japamantrananda / Ganadevananda to move in Colombia. But these two Dadas are no saints either. 5b) Dada Japamantrananda had physical relations with many sisters in Columbia. But because he is a spoon / disciple of SS GT Dada Siddhesananda, he got a new posting in Malta, which is a good place without even having to go for retraining. GT SS put Japamantrananda's lokik brother - Dada Ganadevananda - in his posting. Japamantrananda insisted on this because by this way Ganadevananda can cover up for his misdeeds. And that is what is happening. Gandevananda is not allowing the truth to come out. He is ruling the roost in Bogata with an iron fist. 5c) At the Cordoba MU, one Filipino Dada - i.e. Dada Anghananda - had relation with so many girls. 5d) SES Dada Ramashrayananda was caught trying to have relations with a teenage sister and still he is giving diiksha to sisters. Specifically he had a relation with one 19 Year old girl from Oran Argentina and in the name of training he gives "personal counseling" to sisters. He revises their lessons and explains to them how to have physical relations with their husband. Plus he talks about their menstrual problems. Everyone knows about this but nobody says anything because he is a disciple of Dadas Rudranandaji and Nigmanandaji. 5e) Dada Agrabodhananda, well known to every one NY sector and GT, is infamous for having much lust for sisters. Even sisters get jealous and mistreat each other. Dada Agrabodhananda has started new Universal mantra in the place of BABA NAM KEVALAM which is OM NAMO SHIVAYA. He teaches everyone this mantra, not BABA NAM KEVALAM. He makes every one repeat this mantra 1000 time everyday. He has created a large following of women who are doing this and to him like a God. There is no repcurcussion from the organisational leadership against this. Such Wts are coming to retreats with no restrictions. SS Dada Siddheshananda is doing business with them getting money from them. Such is the incestuous nature of the problem. 5f) Then there is Dada Jitendria who is having close relations with one sister in Buenos Aries. Even old margiis are afraid that at any time this Dada will leave the organization. They talk to others but they do not dare to talk to Dada. This sister stays alone Dadaji every night. 5g) Dada Pranakrshananda - originally from the Phillippines - is always falling down with sisters. Ranchi administration knows about his awful character and lowly ways, but they still made him avadhuta because he blindly follows GT SS. 5h) Dada Chittavodhananda is sitting in an MU and calling sisters alone giving them lessons. Even if a Didi has taught meditation to a sister, still Dadaji calls them and changes their mantra and everything. He tells them that he is the Acharya. Sisters go to him even during the night time but nobody says any thing. 5i) Regarding Dada Tapeshvarananda, good sisters do not dare go to him because anytime he can loose himself. 5j) Various Dadas from Kolkata are involved in the similar lowly dealings regarding following conduct rules. There is no of sector like GT. And GT SS Dada Siddheshananda from Ranchi side is directing all dadas on this wrong path. And Dada Tapeshvarananda from Kolkata side is doing the same. 5k) The basic scene is that so many Dadas in the sector keep violating their conduct rules but nobody can do anything because such are supporting GT SS. And SS is protecting those Dadas from their misdeeds.
6) SWWS Didi Ananda Hitesana tried to address the matter. After SWWS explained this (sister initiations, sister Lfts, sexual impropriety etc), GT SS denied everything. Rather he threatened SWWS that she will not be able to work in this sector. 6a) Dada Ramashrayananda told her that she will not able able survive in this sector if she does not work the way we want her to work. He also threatened Didi Tapasuddha that if she tries to convince didis to go against him, then he will get her visa revoked and she will not be able to become permanent resident in Argentina. 6c) After all this, GT SS Dada Siddheshananda went to India and levied false complaints about SSWS GT, and by that way he got her transferred out of GT sector. 6d) Central Dadas did not even ask Central Didis for transfer nor did they ask anything from SWWS GT. They just transferred her. SS GT has been working in GT sector for 19 year. This SWWS was working in GT for only two years. Her mistake was only that she was very sincere and tried to work hard for her department. She has done tremendous work in GT sector withing two years. Certain Indian Dadas did not like this kind of Indian Didi. They are used to having a Didi who will act as their slave. Her mistake was not mingling with Dadas and not satisfying their desire. 6e) Now they are telling every one that you see whoever goes against them will have undergo the same consequences as SWWS GT. She was supporting all didis and in turn she got kicked out of the sector. Now Didis are powerless. They cannot do anything. This is the naked dance going on in GT sector. But there is nobody to check the situation. Central workers from Ranchi from Kolkata get money from such Dadas and so they keep their mouth and eyes closed. Tragically, this is just a short portrayal of the awful events going on in GT Sector.
One can seen a myriad of worldly reasons why all this is going on, but Baba has pointed out the very root cause. Baba says, "Tendencies are of either a degenerating or an exalting nature, that is, they are either of a depraving or an elevating nature. We should encourage the elevating tendencies and discourage the depraving ones." (PNS-12) The sad fact is that the degrading tendencies of mind have taken root in such Dadas. They do negative misdeeds and that just hastens the downward spiral of mind. Yet Baba warns about this again and again. That is why He has given us so many elevating practices to keep the mind in a positive flow. Without that the mind will degrade and degrade. The only way out is external pressure. Huge circumstantial pressure must be mounted against such Dadas engaged in wrongful and sinful dealings. They must not be recognised as acaryas. Local margiis must be strict on this point and force those Dadas into feeling a sense of shame. That is the potency of the practice of silent action. Plus more and more pressure must be mounted on the supervisors of these Dadas. Ultimately there are two ways to keep the mind up: Internal inspiration and external pressure. Those proper sadhakas will feel inspiration inside from Baba to follow the path of dharma. This is the best way. But when Dadas do not do sadhana and do not feel that type of internal inspiration - when they no longer feel that Baba is watching them - then they are liable to do anything. And when external pressure is lacking, then their crude desires will run wild. That is the situation now in GT sector with certain Dadas. So the first step is to apply massive external pressure on such Dadas: Do not recognise them as acaryas, hold them accountable to Baba's conduct rules for workers, and force them into a period of shame. Then and only then can such Dadas be rectified and the situation cleaned up. All in all this is a sad and difficult situation. But only by standing tall and paying heed to Baba's guidelines can we begin to correct the problem, only then will the bleeding stop.
By Baba's grace we must hold everyone in our AM society - including Dadas - accountable for following all respective codes of conduct. Only then can our Marga come onto the proper path - only then will the nonsense going on, like the mess in GT sector, come to a halt. Baba says, "All Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting against the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will have to make the society strong." (GHC) Namaskar, Cinmay
*************************************** Confusion about Microvita
Baba says, "Microvita are the initial stage of matter. Although they are matter they are very, very subtle. All of a sudden microvita are transmuted into matter and matter is transmuted into microvita. For investigating the initial stage of matter, research is not possible in physical laboratories, but it is possible in the human mind and human soul. Microvitum is closer to the realm of ideas than matter...While atomic research can be done in physical laboratories, microvita research can only be done in the human mind and soul." (MVNS, 'Q & A on Microvita', #19) Note: In His above teaching Baba is giving the hint that intense sadhana should first be done and then one can realise & understand the practical aspects and theoretical concepts of microvita. The key point being that microvita are very subtle in nature and are "closer to the realm of ideas than matter". Nowadays, however, certain dry intellectuals are giving misguiding lectures on microvita and confusing margiis. Such dry jinanis are telling that microvita should first be discovered and researched on the physical plane-- with our crude eyes etc. The main source of controversy stems from the fact that these jinanis themselves aren't clear about microvita, therefore they are making others confused. Once again then, we should hold firm to Baba's above reference that only by doing maximum sadhana can one gain a proper understanding of microvita.


  1. This Didi Hitaesana is more notorious for her promiscuity than any other acarya in Ananda Marga. Whoever wrote this does not know this didi at all.

    I think I would rather do my LFT Training with Dada Agra. In fact maybe I'll go for retraining.

    Also microvita is attracted by thoughts, emotions, sound... It can be used in medicines. This is the whole point of taking prasad after DC. Who in Ananda Marga doesn't know this?

  2. Este tipo de anuncios dan verguenza.
    Ocupense de los proyectos.
    Mientras que ustedes critican sin conocimiento a estos Dadas, ellos estan trabajando sinceramente por la misión. Y no generalicen, pues hay Didis que no estan de acuerdo con estas afirmaciones.

    Somos mucho mas que este cumulo de tendencias desbordadas, esforcemonos por ser verdaderos hijos hijos de Baba.

    No pierdan su tiempo haciendo de Jueces, enfrenten sus diferencias de manera directa, con personalidad, así podrán crecer y engrandecer a la misión.

  3. Completamente de acuerdo con Arunima, que pesar y que vergüenza utilizar el nombre de Ananda Marga para un sitio dedicado a propagar mentiras de Dadas entregados en cuerpo y alma a la misión de Baba.

    Es evidente que los autores y difusores de tantas mentiras no son personas mentalmente normales, les recomiendo hacer mas sadhana y servicio.


  5. Les envio un abrazo calido y amoroso a todos mis hermanos y hermanas de todo el mundo, y que nuestro amor infinito a nuestro BaBa, sea la inspiración para entregarle cada pensamiento y acción a la misión.

  6. Hola Arunima y el anónimo:

  7. En medio del odio y el desborde emocional, no hay espacio para la cordura y el equilibrio mental.

    Para su conocimiento no somos dos personas las que elejimos por las buenas acciones y las decisiones equilibradas. No se confunda: A pesar de todo, el mundo no está lleno de personas incensatas y descontroladas como usted. Y que aunque no se lo crea su interior debe reclamar a gritos la paz y el equilibrio. Me imagino como serán sus días, cómo será su vida...: la vrtii de la Desconfianza y el odio en su maxima expresión.

    Personas como usted que se descuidan a sí mismas se convierten en un peligro para sí mismas y para la humanidad.



    En Baba,

  8. muchas veces para lograr la paz se necesidad borrar del mapa a toda costa a animales como ustedes y divyapremananda, les aseguro que su dia está cerca, cuando menos lo esperan BAAAMMMMM.... !!BORRADOS!!

  9. Do not bring your problems to this page.
    We want peace. We are tired of so much war and hatred. Settle their problems as it should. Or is that this page is not Ananda Marga

  10. Hi, Hitaesana is not simple sanyasini , she is very clever and she makes the environment to show herself that she is innocent . She thinks that I am a sanyasi , but she became sanyasi to help her poor family , their brother's are alcohlic drinker . Everybody knows they had nothing to survive but Hitaesana is supporting her family by money , she used to go her Lokik family house evry time when she comes to India . every day she talks to her lokik family on skype .

  11. Hitaesana family is now in good condition they get money from Austrailia and from America , Their life is luxuries now .

  12. AM Global Moderator
    Please remove filthy messages from this web site

  13. Namita
    Es chistoso como pasan las cosas. He entrado a un correo que tenia olvidado, por 5 anos. Viene de una ciudad en donde tristemente uno de los Dadas puso en verguenza a la Mision de Baba. A el le agradezco me haya ensenado y compartido su amplio conocimiento espiritual y sientifico, que abrio un sin fin e inumerables posibilidades para mi despertar espiritual. A ese jagriiti en particular, por haberme aportado las herramientas becesarias para convertirme en la guerrera que hoy soy y al mismo tiempo por haber sacudido el velo de mis ojos ante tanta perversidad y suciedad que axiste, aun, en esa pequena ciudad que es un oasis, para la Mision de Baba. Al poder ocultar todos esos escalofriantes, sucesos, en donde nadie viene a poner orden o a limpiar...nada. Creo que los altos Cargos deberian prestar mas atencion. Es sencillo, el fanatismo existe en todos lados, en toda creencia, en todos circunstancias. No permitamos caer, somos mas fuertes!! Somos GUERREROS DE LUZ!!
    A los pies de Baba,
    Miami, Nov 24, 2011

  14. Namaskar.

    No es una vergüenza que se publiquen estos anuncios. La vergüenza es que estos casos se den en nuestro Marga. Es vergonzoso que haya dadas y didis que están violando sus códigos de conducta y se están comportando peor que cualquier simple mortal sin ningún enrenamiento monástico ni ningún código moral.

    No es lindo saber que estos casos existen, pero es un derecho de todos los margiis enterarse de quién es la persona que guía su camino espiritual.

    Por esto, felicito al autor del mensaje, CJ Phillips. Lo felicito por tener la valentía de poner en evidencia a estos acaryas que no deberían ser monjes de Ananda Marga ya que alguien que necesita guía moral no puede guiar moralmente a otros. Un acarya de AM, un monje de cualquier religión o grupo debe ser un ejemplo de lo que predica.

    Yo conozco muy de cerca el caso de Colombia -como Namita- y puedo dar fe que todo lo que dice el hermano del mensaje sobre dos de los acaryas mencionados allí (DIVYAPREMANANDA y JAPAMANTRANANDA) es absolutamente cierto. Y hay más agua sucia corriendo por ese río...

    Para darles solo una muestra, DIVYAPREMANANDA purgó una condena de 5 años en España por tráfico de droga entre Colombia y Europa. Y esto mientras vestía el uniforme de monje de AM y posaba de muy espiritual ante el grupo de seguidores en ese país. ¿Qué clase de autoridad moral, de monje, puede ser un narcotraficante? ¿Quieres comprobarlo? Investiga su nombre (Daniele Lodovichetti) en los archivos de las prisiones estatales de ese país.

    Los casos de Japamantrananda y Divyapremananda fueron investigados por la Organización, la cual comprobó que todas las acusaciones eras verdaderas. Se decidió un reentrenamiento para ambos.

    El "reentrenaiento" de JAPAMANTRANANDA duró solo unos cuantos días y después de sus cortas vacaciones en Malta volvió a Colombia a hacerse cargo de su Unidad -de nuevo. ¿Qué espera la Organización? ¿Que siga llenando de vergüenza a todos?

    A DIVYAPREMANANDA también la Organización le siguió una investigación; también le pidieron ir a un reentrenamiento. Sin embargo, este dada no hizo ni siquiera esto. Se rebeló contra la Organización y se apoderó de la casa en donde funciona el centro en su ciudad, valiéndose del fanatismo y la idolatría de algunos margiis a quienes manipula como un experto. Ahora es un impostor que se hace pasar por el Director de AM en Colombia, sigue vistiéndose de monje y sigue hablando a nombre de AM cuando ya no es ni siquiera reconocido como WT worker de la Organización.

    La Organización hizo muy bien en quitarle a este dada todos sus títulos, así que ya no se le debe ni siquiera llamar "acarya", porque ya no lo es. No es acarya, ni avadhuta ni se le considera un WT worker.

    En conclusión, ARUNIMA, quien critica sin conocimiento eres tú y no el autor del mensaje. Eres tú la que no sabe qué han hecho esos dadas que avergüenzan a la Organización en todo el mundo. O -lo que sería peor si lo sabes- la que, sabiendo lo que han hecho, los sigue defendiendo. Te están poniendo a su altura moral.

    El hábito no hace al monje, dice un sabio refrán. Así que estos dos dadas que todavía están en Colombia, aunque se vistan de monje, aunque sepan dirigir a un grupo de personas devotas que sí trabajan para la ´Misión, no son autoridad moral, uno de ellos ni siquiera es monje y los dos avergüenzan a la institución.

    Todos solidariamente debemos rechazar su presencia en ese país y exigir a la Organización que tome medidas para que estas personas no sigan dando muestras de su mala conducta.


  15. Es contradictorio lo que Namita afirma. Como es posible que exprese el Dada es malo y al mismo tiempo la logro inspirar en su camino espiritual?. Por supuesto que encontraste un oasis, porque a pesar de las personas con intereses mesquinos y equivocados, Dada permanecio firme en la mision y en impulsar a los marguis en su camino espiritual.
    Hoy dia no importa el pasado de los Dadas, pues si lo que han hecho hasta ahora se ve reflejado en proyectos de servicio social como una escuela y un hogar de ninos, conferencias, actividades constantes de crecimiento personal, entonces, esto solo muestra que a pesar de que puedan haber tomado alguna decision inadecuada en su vida, esto no ha sido superior a su deseo de ser un buen ser humano. Por esto, en caso de que estos Dadas hayan tenido situaciones indebidas en su pasado y hoy conocemos de ellos personalidades disciplinadas, morales, amorosas y entregadas a la mision, lo que me parece es que hay que felicitarlos por su esfuerzo y ejemplo. Porque para salir de semejante situacion hay que tener berraquera y un amor inmenso por si mismo y el Guru.
    Las personas que asistimos a estos centros no somos manejables, automatas e irresponsables, no estamos enceguecidos y menos fanaticos. Somos profesionales, pensantes, sensibles. Estamos agradecidos con estos Dadas por su guia en nuestras vidas. Por traernos a Baba y trasmitirnos sus ensenanzas. Nos limitamos a trabajar en los proyectos y en mejorar nuestras vidas y las de otros a traves de ellos.
    Tampoco Dada se ha apoderado del jagrti. Queremos que siga con nosotros dirigiendolo, pues lo hace muy bien. En nuestro centro se realizan actividades de crecimiento personal y espiritual, no hay actividades degeneradas ni perversas. Todo se desarrolla en un ambiente de trabajo sincero y amoroso en donde no existe el abuso, el fanatismo y la confusion de roles. Respetamos a nuestros Dadas y ellos nos repetan a nosotros. Las actividades son abiertas a la comunidad, no hay nada que esconder. Tampoco estamos pidiendo ayuda solidaria pues no estamos en emergencia, los Dadas no nos tienen amenzados, lo que si han hecho estas personas que agreden a estos Dadas (lean algunos comentarios anteriores, donde amenazan con desaparecer...)y a su trabajo en nombre de una causa "supuestamente justa". Mucho menos le dedicamos tiempo a hablar de estas personas que nos agreden a traves de este y otros medios. Pues sabemos que esto nos desvia de la meta espiritual. Tampoco es bueno para nosotros llenarnos de resentimientos hacia ellos mientras podemos dedicar ese tiempo a trabajar en la mision y mejorar en nuestras vidas. En conclusion, estamos contentos con los Dadas Japamantrananda y Divyapremananda. Porque nos han hecho crecer como personas, y mantienen vivas las actividades. Sabemos que no son perfectos, y son muchas las cosas maravillosas que nos han traido a nuestras vidas. Por ello, no nos interesa su pasado, lo que han ido compartiendo con nosotros nos ha mostrado cualidades maravillosas de sus personalidades,y sabemos que el mismo trabajo los hace cada vez mejores personas.
    Gracias a CJ Phillips, por permitir expresarnos. Seria injusto que solo una parte lo pudiera hacer. Esta es una situacion muy compleja, hay mucho odio, intereses de muchos tipos, en donde se han involucrado y han involucrado a personas que no tiene conocimiento de nuestra realidad. Creo que solo queda seguir haciendo lo mismo que en nuestro "oasis" hacemos frente a lo que se esta viviendo Ananda Marga hoy: Respetar este proceso, dedicandonos sinceramente a la mision, no dejarnos distraer por nuestras tendencias mas debiles y las de los otros. Sobre todo ver el lado brillante de las cosas..

  16. Arunima,

    Usted estas totalmente equivocada. Muchas de las informaciones estan corretas. Su fanatismo es que pone en risco la integridad de la Mission de Baba.



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