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We Should Find Out True Avadhuta

From: "Tapan Deva"
Subject: We Should Find Out True Avadhuta
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 20:17:54


"Ka'che o du're na'-ja'na' sure toma'ri ga'n ami shun'echi..." (PS 232)


Baba, from all distances and directions, from both near and far, I have heard Your divine song, with its unknown melody. It is Your grace. In the sweet, euphoric breeze across the soothing and charming sky, I have seen Your exquisite beauty. Baba, this entire manifested universe reflects Your grand and magnificent Self.

In the external world, through rhythms and songs, in my happiness and sorrow, nobody was there with me to rejoice in my good days nor wipe away the tears and comfort me in my suffering. Through all the ups and downs of life, I was all alone. Baba, on a dark night, on a lonely pathway, You were there along with me as my eternal companion. Baba, only You were there to love and care for me.

Baba, when times were wrought with tragedy and I did not know what to do, everyone went away, leaving me all alone. Their false love vanished into the oblivion. Baba, through all my suffering and in the midst of danger, only You remained with me. That is why I always hold You in my heart and keep You in my mind. Baba, You are my everything.

Baba, You always reside in heart...


We should search and seek out avadhutas / avadhutikas according to this definition which Baba has given in His renowned discourse, "Kashi Avadhuta Sabha".

Baba says, "Sincerity means they [avadhutas / avadhutikas] should be one in thinking, saying, and in action. There will be no difference in their thinking, saying, and action. There will be no hypocrisy. Their saying and action will be clear, concrete, and conclusive. In our day to day life, we meet some persons - those who are thinking one thing, saying another, and doing some other thing. The avadhutas should not do this thing. Their heart should be clean and simple. The simple heart is the only qualification of the sadhakas." (Kashi Avadhuta Sabha, May 1980)

In reading Baba's above teachings we can easily understand that merely having the title of avadhuta and the suffix -ananda attached to the end of the name does not make one an avadhuta. Dress and name alone are simply not enough. Everybody and anybody can get that.

In order to become a true avadhuta, sincerity is needed. Without that one will never be a true avadhuta.

Those who have the dress and name of an avadhuta but lack the requisite sincerity should still try and pursue this endeavor of becoming a true avadhuta.

In fact, everyone should aspire to this ideal. For that type of sincerity which Baba describes above is the sign of an ideal sadhaka.

We should all seek out and find such persons who are true avadhutas. And we should aim for that ourselves by achieving perfect symmetry between thought, word, and deed.

Baba says, "There must not be any gap between your thinking and your actions. If there is any gap, that gap should be minimized step by step, and finally thought and action should coincide." (YP)

Baba says, "In the final stage, that is, when one attains the stage of devatá, then what one thinks, one says; and what one says, one does. There is no difference amongst thinking, saying, and doing. And that is the best stage of human structure or human existence. You should all try to be like this, and I want the number of such persons, who have attained the stratum of devatá, to increase. And you have become workers, or wholetimers, just to increase the number of these devatás in human society." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 1, From Animality to Divinity)


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