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Talking to Parama Purusa

From: "Dhananjaya Deva"
Subject:  Talking to Parama Purusa
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 21:01:28 +0000


Intro to PS: In this song the devotee is directly communicating with Parama Purusa and recounting his own devotional tales.

Note: In tropical countries, in the summer season most of the flowers dry up due to the extreme hot wind. Some few selected flowers are available in that season. So this song is about those types of summer flowers.

"Griis'ma'vaka'she se yadi a'se.." (PS 110)


If Baba comes in my summer parched heart, then I will offer Him various kinds of flowers in abundance. I will offer Him my summer season flowers - the sweetest ones I have in my heart. If Baba comes with His rhythmic rosy feet into my mental garden that is decorated with the crimson sky and full of jasmine and magnolia trees, then in full prostration with my outstretched hands I shall offer flowers at His lotus feet. 

In the blissful morning and evening hours when the sea breeze blows then the cuckoo of my mind calls Him with longing. In the flower grove of my heart, on the branches of the kimshuka trees, my internal papiya bird calls out to Him - even though the entire flow of devotional river in my heart has nearly run dry.

Because of the scorching summer heat, the sharica indica flowers of my mental grove have fallen and withered away. So my heart requests Baba to shower His divine grace and come. My mind, which is filled with longing, deeply desires for His arrival to change everything into the luscious blossoms of spring. Because of the extreme summer heat, the silk cotton trees are just laden with seeds. On the grapevine, bunches of grapes hang low for You. And in the arbor of the Madhavii flowers of my heart, swarms of black bees are humming around the blossoms.       

In this summer atmosphere of my heart, if by showering His grace He comes then I will offer all the best things of my heart at His lotus feet...


Baba says, "Why would He have provided them with a vocal chord?...As He has equipped humans with the means to speak, He will have to listen to them. Human beings will definitely have something to say; they are expected to tell their troubles to their nearest and dearest One. Otherwise, to whom should they go? To whom should they complain?" (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 8, p.66)

Note: In His above teaching, Baba is guiding us that we should communicate all our joys and sorrows to Him. This should be our regular practice in our sadhana - in dhyana. So all the intimate thoughts and feelings which lie hidden in our mind and heart should be shared with Him. This is our way. And it is this type of sharing which builds closeness in our devotional life. So it is a straight and easy equation. He wants that we should communicate our inner thoughts to Him. And by this way we will
feel closer to Him. And that feeling of closeness is devotion - i.e. coming in greater proximity to Parama Purusa. So in His above teaching Baba is clearly showing us how we can come closer to Him.

Dhananjaya Deva

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