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Progressive Not Socialist

From: martin_gillian@X-PRESS... To: Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 10:34:48 -0500 Subject: Progressive Not Socialist Baba "Saptaloke tumi bhariya' rayecho, maneri shatadale nece calo..." (PS 2555) Purport: Baba, You have filled all the seven lokas with Your divine vibration. You are dancing in the hundred petal lotus of the mind. You are expressing Yourself through all my mental vrttis; You are present everywhere. Baba, You are the symbol of all hope and aspirations of the life. Baba, I do not find anything similar to You. In this world You are completely unique; You have no comparison. Whether my eyes are open or closed in whichever direction I look I see You. You are beyond comparison. Except You nothing is permanent. You pour Your divine effulgence upon the faces of those who are hopeless and dejected. Baba I see You in all the ways: In the depths of the nil moon night of amavaysa, as well as in the showering of the nectar on the full moon night. You are along with me all the time both in happiness and hopelessness. Baba, You are more beautiful than that which is beautiful. You are more loving than any loving things. Baba You have filled up my whole existence-- all the layers of my mind are filled with Your divine presence. And You are always expressing Yourself in each and every pore of my mind... Note: The hundred petal lotus is representative of all the 50 vrttis (instincts) of the mind in both their inner and outer expression. So 50 (propensities) x 2 (inner and outer) = 100 petal lotus. So this is one step of dhyan and on certain occasions Baba also refers to the one thousand petal lotus. That literally means the fifty propensities times their inner and outer expressions times the ten directions. Hence 50 x 2 x 10 = 1,000. So sometimes Baba uses the phrase hundred petal lotus and sometimes 1,000 petal lotus. Both He has approved and both refer to the full expression of the mind.
Namaskar, As we all know Prout stands for Progressive Utilisation Theory. But some keep trying to put forth the notion that Prout is linked with socialism. As we see capitalism falling apart in countless ways, a few think that socialism is the answer or that AM & Prout preach the gospel of socialism. But this could not be further from the truth. This letter touches on all the major defects of socialism so none should get confused and equate Prout with socialism.
(#1) But see here how Baba says socialism is not good: Baba says, "Those who speak high of socialism from a democratic platform befool the public. It is just to avoid constitutional lapses and to secure public confidence that leaders speak on socialism and promise to establish a socialist pattern of society, which is nothing but an absurdity. These so-called leaders are nothing but socialist show boys." (PNS 4 p. 7) (#2) And this below quote it is clear that the socialist system itself is communism. Because all the infamous communist countries had /have socialist governments and it was in this name that such communists did terrible harm to the society. BABA says, "In Soviet Russia, China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe socialist democracy is the dominant [such] communism the political and economic system is imposed on society by party officials, causing untold human suffering and severe psycho-economic exploitation. (PNS-21, p. 43) Hence the socialist name itself is negative.
(#3) Furthermore we can see the political map of the whole globe. And wherever capitalism has spread its noose they employ one special technique. Capitalists influence the prevailing government and capture the political power indirectly. And their rapacious exploitation continues in new and newer form. So only criticizing capitalists, socialism does not produce any yield. Because these socialists do not have any constructive ideals for how to eradicate capitalism. Just their sole method is to abuse and that is meaningless in practical aspects. Baba says, "The leftist groups are engaged in criticizing the capitalists, which is bearing no fruitful results, and capitalists have captured power by influencing the ruling party." (PNS 4) Whereas Prout has its own platform based on economic justice and democracy, and within the Proutistic framework Baba has given so many solutions to social issues, whereas socialists merely throw mud on the ruling capitalists.
(#4) While talking about 'Economic Dynamics" discourse, Baba exposes communists and socialists how their economy is based on materialism. Because the whole profit goes either to some very few certain individuals pocket or in the pocket of communist party leaders. So socialism and capitalism are both working under the direction of materialistic philosophy, i.e. profit goes to a few individuals pocket. Profit does not go to common public. Just ultimately money gets accumulated and piled high in the hands of a few greedy leaders. Baba says, "In capitalist economies, production is for the profit of the capitalist and the profit goes to individuals, groups and the state exchequer. In socialist economies or so-called communism, the profit goes to the state exchequer and a microscopic fraction of the profit goes to the actual producers. In both cases capitalism exists." (AFPS-9) But the stand of Prout is completely different. In Prout, the profit goes for the welfare of one and all, the common public. But because communism or socialism or capitalism all are taking inspiration from the capitalism. That is why the stand of Prout and stand of these materialists are completely different, directly opposite.
(#5) Here again, in this following teaching Baba is pointing out the defects of the commune system of communist countries on the point of collective farming. In this teaching Baba also exposes how communism is the same as socialism. BABA says, "...the huge collective farms of the Soviet Union or China....One of the main defects of the collective farms in socialist countries is their unmanageable size." (PNS-20, p. 42) (#6) And in the below passage Baba condemns those socialist states because they exploit the vast majority of the innocent local people. BABA says, "In socialist countries, economic power is concentrated in a small group of party leaders....a handful of people manipulate the economic welfare of the entire society. (PNS-21)
(#7) Here below Baba exposed the extreme and rampant hypocrisy which exists socialist regimes-- group governed states. They like to call themselves democratic and they go great lengths to present themselves as such; but in reality they are just socialist exploiters. Baba says, "There are some countries which abolished the monarchy long ago and now call them selves a republic, but in these countries common people do not even have freedom of speech, what to speak of other rights. The state police and intelligence squads watch over the movements and activities of the people. Though such countries call themselves republics, in reality they are only group governed states. Are their leaders elected through a democratic process? No, they are not. The leaders of these group governed states fix the election machinery so that their opponents cannot attain a majority. They disrupt elections by force, by rigging votes, or other dishonest means in an endeavour to maintain their power illegally. Hence, they cannot be called the advocates of democracy - they are only group leaders elected by people of their own group or party. Their claims to democracy are utterly inconsistent with their professed ideals and behaviour. Their position is like someone who smears his face with black charcoal and then covers it with white talcum powder, and proclaims to the world: "Look how white my face is!" (PNS-14)
So the culminating idea is that socialism is one horribly negative term and that time after time Baba points out the glaring defects of socialism. In that case why should we stoop so low and refer to Prout in that demeaning fashion. When we all know in our heart of hearts that Prout is means for leading the humanity into that era of white peace and true prosperity.
Prout not only exposes the ills of capitalism and communism but our Prout platform gives the practical solutions to so many burning issues like migrating workers, use of resources, unemployment, wage disparities, distribution, language issues, money stagnation and so much more. Plus Prout advances many points that are entirely new like samaj theory, master units, cooperatives, and the list goes on and on. Thus there is a world of difference between Prout and any of the existing theories of the day and only Prout is the right approach for the humanity, not any variation of some other system like socialism. About this, no Ananda Margii should be confused. Baba says, "Both capitalism and communism have failed to provide the proper ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced. PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human beings. You have to fight against all sorts of corruption, meanness and so-called secularism if Parama Purus'a is the goal. Only then will you be able to maintain adjustment with this objective world." (PNS-15) Namaskar, Mukunda Note 1: A wrong translation has been done in the English edition of one of our books. So in that improper way it says that Prout is progressive socialism-- but this is not correct. Mistranslation is the cause behind the use of this faulty phrase. Because Prout is not linked up with socialism. Note 2: Everywhere this thing is known that socialism means communism. Just I felt the need to remind. And we all know that the full form name of the USSR is the United Soviet Socialist Republic. This was also their hypocrisy to use the term 'republic'. Because there was nothing like a republic but to befool the entire world those communists were playing some game to show the mock election. They were trying to show that this is a socialist republic. That is why they put the name as socialist republic, and their leaders were elected. But in their end all their cheating and destructive strategies got exposed and all have understood the defects of communism and that socialism is another name for that same defective philosophy.
******************************************** - Some Secret -
Baba says, "Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human's desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva's desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not." (10 September '78)

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