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Unknown Side of the Olympics

To: From: wellsley29@markwebmail.... Subject: Unknown Side of the Olympics Date: Sun 10 Aug 2008 23:39:24 -0700 (PDT) Baba
"Eso eso bandhu eso jiivaner prati nishva'se..." (PS 213)
Purport: O' my dear most Baba, O' my Bandhu, please come in my life. Please come in my each and every breath. I want to remember Your name as my Ista mantra always. When You come in my mind and sit on the white lotus, then Your sweet fragrance permeates my whole being. Baba except You I have no one. You are the only one with whom I can open my inner heart. And that time I tell You all those things which I never share with anyone. I express to You all my inner feelings. With no one else can I do like this, only do I share these things with You, secretly. O' my dear most Baba, O' Bandhu, please grace me and come in my life. I am waiting in longing. Baba, I do not have anyone other than You...
Namaskar, With the grand Opening Ceremony in Beijing being marveled at by all, and with literally billions watching the Olympic events, the 2008 games in China are being highly touted and praised. Many are standing in awe. Of course, here we are not just talking about the Beijing games, but the modern-era Olympics phenomenon in general. Yet there is another side to the present-day glitz and glamour of the Olympics, one which is not commonly known. Some may be aware-- it is not that nobody knows, but most of the populace is certainly not. Hence this letter takes a look at the unknown side of the Olympics.
In this capitalist era, hosting the Olympics means investing billions and billions into stadiums, airports, skating rinks, swimming pools, ski jumps, ritzy hotels fancy venues, and so many grandiose structures. Some estimate that to host the 2008 summer games, China spent nearly $50 billion. Capitalists and the stupefied public just gaze wide-eyed at this astronomical figure and what it has brought to Beijing. All are awestruck, amazed, and pay tribute to the Olympic organisers. Furthermore, people are gasping how China has finally made it onto the world stage, political leaders are visiting and praising the gala event, and from all directions China is being honoured. Just like so many other nations were when they unveiled their Olympic dreamland. Though, it does appear that China has really outdone the rest in this regard.
Yet in the wonder of it all, in whirlwind of this gigantic display of wealth known as the Olympics, Baba offers a unique Proutistic assessment of the scene. Baba says, "While money has been spent lavishly for the construction of beautiful places of worship [sports venues], money has never been arranged for food, clothing, housing, education and medical care for the welfare of the poor. While for four full years all the state revenues of Orissa [China] were spent for the construction of the Konark temple [Beijing National Stadium, a.k.a. 'Bird's Nest'], during that period not a penny was spent for human welfare. Needless to say, the history of all countries [hosting the Olympics] is replete with such examples." (Rahr) If we review Baba's above teaching with the idea that we are in the vaeshyan era-- not the priest oriented vipran era-- where the money has been spent on Olympic stadiums etc at the request of corporate sponsors, then we can see how neatly Baba's guideline mirrors the Olympics' spending spree and twisted social outlook. Because while $50 billion has been spent in preparing for the Olympics, and while huge money has been spent on gargantuan construction projects and finding and training elite athletes etc, amidst it all the common people are suffering. They are suffering in the psychic realm and in the physical realm. There is no freedom of thought, civil liberties, or freedom of expression in China. It remains a suppressed Communist state where still many of its citizens are lacking in the daily necessities, despite China's recent economic boom. And just like with past Olympic cities, from Montreal (1976) to Athens (2004), after the games, all those grand stadiums will fall into dis-use, standing there needlessly, totally empty, wasting billions of public dollars as the cities go into debt, while still the minimum necessities of the people are not met.
Here again if we read Baba's below quote in the eyes of the vaeshyan era-- instead of the temple-oriented vipran era-- then we can see the audacity of what is happening with today's Olympic presentation. Baba says, "Those who worship a marble deity in the dark corner of a temple and neglect the poor multitudes – who are themselves an embodiment of God – gain nothing in this life nor for the life hereafter. The neglect of a person who is the embodiment of God is tantamount to neglecting God Himself. A truly righteous person realizes that God does not confine Himself to the temple, but manifests Himself in His creation." (AFPS-2) Thus those who stand in awe of all the Olympic stadiums, and those who have lost sight of what the Olympics should be all about, they have forgotten their inner self and become a tool of capitalism. The Olympics should be a celebration of the human spirit, and not the pomp and show of capitalist wealth. Yet that is what the Olympics has become. But Baba warns us about become a pawn of the Olympic menagerie. Yet most of the world has fallen into the trap of these capitalist Olympic organisers. People the world over are praising Beijing up to the sky for their wonderful fireworks and tremendous stadiums etc. Yet through it all, even the most basic human values are grossly overlooked in China. Crackdowns against innocent citizens is a daily occurrence. People are seen as tools of the government not living, breathing entities who have an inquiring mind and a thirst for the limitless. So here we can only think that in the eyes of Prout, this Olympics, like so many others, is also a flop. As it totally overlooks the welfare of the common people and suffering humanity and instead tries to dazzle and allure the world with its superficial glamour etc.
As the capitalist presses and media around the globe are gloating over the magnificent display of the Olympics, the needs and thoughts of so many suffering people are totally overlooked. Those capitalists will overtly claim, 'Anyone is welcome to speak', and while the media pays lip service to the human rights record in China, that is not enough to break the era of suppression. Only Prout is the real voice of the people. Proutists speak for those who are speechless. So it is the duty of writers in all corners to stand up for the suffering humanity, while the various governments foolishly spend all their public on Olympic pomp and show, overlooking the needs and rights of the people. Because the way things are now, the Olympics present a fake smile to the world, while it sucks up all public monies and funds. This is the side of the Olympics that is mostly unknown.
By Baba's grace our Prout philosophy aims for the welfare of the people. As Proutists, in this Olympic season, we are to always carry this ideal to the masses and work for their upliftment. Baba says, "There will be no more suppression, repression and oppression. Let the mind develop according to its longings; let the mind be free. Let there be a human society of coordination and cooperation. This is the last stage. We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays of PROUT." (PNS-17) Namaskar Jiivendra
Just as Baba has given kaoshikii and tandava for the practice and betterment of all, the real ideal of the Olympics is to inspire everyone to engage in sports and try to go beyond what they think they can do. Unfortunately, the capitalist model has taken the Olympics to such an elitist strata, that only the most talented athletes participate and the rest of the world grows obese watching from the couch. The standard is so high due to huge money, corporate sponsorships, steroids, and year-round training, that for the common people the idea of participating in one way, shape, or form is but a dream. Plus, most of the top athletes who try to participate get hurt or even killed while training and never even perform in then Olympics. So here is another angle of vision of how the Olympic spirit just spells disaster for the people. They have been reduced to paying spectators and overweight consumers, nothing more.
*************************************** Unfortunate Deed
Baba says, "For the celebration of a ceremony the arrangements of a social feast depends entirely on the desire and the financial position of the guardians concerned. Taking a loan or incurring a debt for this purpose is forbidden." (CC-1, p. 4) Note 1: This point is related with all kinds of social functions in AM. Because of their primitive mind some margiis are finding it difficult to follow this beautiful rule. In that case people unnecessarily take a loan and suffer the whole rest of their life. In numerous discourse though, Baba has given the specific mandate that living without any debt is the key to leading a happy life. Note 2: This ailment, or social evil, of purchasing on credit or taking a loan is more or less present in each and every nook this globe. For example some indulge in extravagantly dining with their friends in hotels or restaurants; some are sunk in purchasing automobiles or houses that are beyond their means; and countless other cases are there where people spend above and beyond what they can afford. But amongst all these case the central problem is the same. And that must be condemned: Taking loan is not good.

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