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Ac Pashupatiji's Mahaprayan & Beyond

Date: 05 Mar 2012 17:56:04 -0000
From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL
Subject: Ac Pashupatiji's Mahaprayan & Beyond



Ac Pashupati Dharmamitramji's life reached its culmination; as everyone knows, his mahaprayan (death) occurred last month.

Many are aware of the array great works performed by Ac Pashupatiji of Bhagalpur. With his recent mahaprayan (death), we know that once again he will join Mahasambhuti and work for the great cause.


After all, everybody is aware that Baba asked many, "Do you want salvation or do you want to continue to work with Mahasambhuti for the cause of dharma by taking birth again and again?"

Baba posed this query in various venues - many people were given this option.

Ac Pashupati ji was one of many devoted sadhakas who chose to continue to work for the well-being of humanity by traveling from planet to planet along with Mahasambhuti.

While on this earth, Ac Pashupati ji spent his days following and preaching the gospel of bhagavad dharma. When liver cancer made his body unusable and dysfunctional, he left this world to again take birth somewhere, some place, to propagate dharma as he promised to Baba.

Indeed, Ac Pashupati is a blessed soul - his life became successful.

Most people live on this earth like animals - eating, sleeping, drinking, and ultimately dying without doing any great work like serving the general society. But Acaryaji's life was not like that. He utilised his life from beginning to end to work for the great cause and serve the entire humanity.



I remember one general darshan where many sadhakas were present, then Baba presented two scenarios.

Baba said, "Raise your hand. Do you want to become one with Parama Purusa; or when Parama Purusa takes advent as Mahasambhuti on different planets, do you want to accompany Him again and again, life after life."

Some sadhakas chose one way and some another.

Ac Pashupatiji did not choose to sit in Baba's lap, eternally. Rather, he was among those who promised to continue to work with Mahasambhuti as a human being wherever there is a need. Thus, there were many sadhakas whose desire was not to become one with Parama Purusa, instead, they chose to accompany Him wherever and whenever Parama Purusa takes advent as Mahasambhuti.


We all know that Parama Purusa in His divine form is everywhere, witnessing every iota of creation. He lives in the heart of His devotees. But when the problems in society become so big that even the harbingers and well-wishers of humanity cannot solve them, then Parama Purusa takes advent in the form of Mahasambhuti. At that time, Parama Purusa brings those sadhakas who promised to serve humanity - from planet to planet - along with Him as Mahasambhuti. Ac Pashupatiji is one of them.


Indeed, it was often seen during the 1960's and 70's in general darshan how Baba used to ask various sadhakas, what is their desire:
(1) To attain oneness with Parama Purusa; or,
(2) Go on serving humanity and take birth life after life with Mahasambhuti.

Those were the two options. According to one's own liking sadhakas could choose one of the two.

And this formula is still working today: To achieve oneness with Parama Purusa or go on working with Mahasambhuti serving humanity from planet to planet. Every person in the Marga still has this option and Parama Purusa will bless them and grant their wish.


After all, human beings have free will. This has been bestowed upon them by Parama Purusa; He honors their freedom to choose. So, bhaktas can decide what they want.

Even today and in the future also, a newly initiated sadhaka can think if at the culmination of this life he wants to (a) become one with Parama Purusa, or (b) take birth again along with Mahasambhuti to serve humanity life after life. Either way he can choose.

At the same time, we should also remember that Parama Purusa is infinite so there is no question of Parama Purusa being somewhere else and "not with me." Parama Purusa remains always with every bhakta. So, it is a faulty notion that He has gone away. He is with every devotee always. There should not be any confusion about this.


Ac Pashupati made His choice to continue serving humanity along with Mahasambhuti from planet to planet. Many others also preferred this. This very teaching Baba discusses in multiple discourses. In various meetings, He would openly ask margiis their desire: To become one with Him or serve the creation along with Mahasambhuti, life after life.

In those darshans Baba would often give the analogy: Do you want to sit on the lap of Parama Purusa or do you want to come close and serve His feet. In this analogy, sitting on His lap means becoming one with Him, and going close and massaging His feet means serving humanity.

With his mahaparyan (death), Ac Pashupati's desire will be fulfilled by Parama Purusa and he will take birth again and go on serving society under the direction of Mahasambhuti.

Karun Deva


There are many in our Marga who chose to continue to serving humanity from planet to planet as opposed to becoming one with Parama Purusa. For instance, it is well known that Ac Hari Shankar ji of Ranchi also promised to serve.


Essentially at the time of death one of three things happens: (1) Some get rebirth, as a human or otherwise; (2) some get mukti or moksa, i.e. reside on His lap; and, (3) some take rebirth along with Mahasambhuti to serve humanity, i.e. massaging His feet. This latter option was chosen by both Ac Pashupati ji of Bhagalpur and Ac. Hari Shankar ji of Ranchi.

In the case of the aforementioned options, i.e. #1 and #3, in both those cases, one gets a new body as Baba describes below.

Vásáḿsi jiirńani yathá viháya naváni grhńáti naro’paráńi;
Tathá shariiráni viháya jiirńányáni saḿyáti naváni dehii.

Baba says, “When the clothes become old and tattered, they are replaced with newer ones. This is the law. Nobody wants to wear old, tattered, and dirty clothes. Similarly, when the body becomes old and worthless, it is changed for a newer one.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 23, Accomplish Your Work with This Body Only)

As Baba has promised in the Supreme Command, those doing regular sadhana twice daily will get liberation - if that is their desire. Non-margiis not doing sadhana may not get liberation. Those who finished their samskara will attain moksa. And those who do not have any samskara but have the desire to serve, then they will incur samskara by that very desire and take birth to serve humanity.

Finally, those who promised to come again and serve human society, if they leave their body we cannot say that this person is sitting on Baba's lap. The reason is as noted above.


In the following two quotes, the first in English and the second in Hindi, Baba is telling how certain people vow to take birth along with Mahasambhuti to serve humanity, rather than attain moksa and sit on His lap.

Baba says, "At that stage of acute staticity in the society, which occurs every three to four thousand years, a great and extraordinarily powerful person’s advent is extremely necessary. Such a figure or “Mahásambhúti”, infuses dynamism in the social body and accelerates the speed of movement. All the virtuous people in the world respond to his call and rally around him. He creates a polarization in the society: the virtuous versus the wicked. In the clash between the two groups, the virtuous people emerge victorious by dint of their special efforts coupled with the grace of that great personality. His advent itself signifies victory in the war. The mark of victory is sure to be imprinted on the forehead of the virtuous. The brave companions of this Mahásambhúti accompany him from age to age preferring to work with Him than attain their own liberation." (Ananda Vacanamrtam part 7, The Transitional Period)

This next quote from Patna DMC leads in the same direction. The sadhaka has chosen to take rebirth along with Mahasambhuti to serve the suffering humanity, as opposed to getting mukti or moksa and remaining on His lap.

जो सही भक्त हैं, तगड़े भक्त हैं वे भी दो प्रकार के होते हैं | कुछ भक्त कहते हैं कि तारकब्रह्म जब मेरे ही "बड़े मैं" हैं, और मैं तो "छोटा मैं", तब मैं उन में मिल जाऊँगा, एक बन जाऊँगा | इसको लोग मोक्ष कहते हैं |

तारकब्रह्म ("त्रै" धातु + णक् = तारक, अर्थात त्राण करना) | ‍तो, तारकब्रह्म का काम है - त्राण करना | वे गुरु के role में आएँगे, लोक शिक्षा देकर help करेंगे, त्राण का रास्ता बता देंगे - यही काम है | कुछ ऐसे भी भक्त हैं, जो सोचते हैं कि, तारकब्रह्म को इतना बड़ा काम करना पड़ेगा, तो हम लोग help क्यों नहीं करें ? साथ रहकर अगर help करें, तो और अधिक मज़ा आएगा | इसलिए वे लोग चाहते हैं कि, साथ रहेंगे | जब-जब भगवान, तारकब्रह्म का आविर्भाव होगा, उतनी बार हम भी आ जाएँगे दुनिया में, और help करेंगे | वैसा ही शिव जी के टाइम में, वैसे ही थे कृष्ण के टाइम में - जैसे सुदामा थे, द्रुपद थे, विदुर थे, वे लोग मोक्ष नहीं चाहते थे | ये लोग तारकब्रह्म के साथ रहकर धर्म का प्रचार करते थे | यही नियम है, ऐसे ही चल रहा है | जो जैसा चाहता है, वैसा ही होता है | परमात्मा का नियम यही है |


"Bha'lobesechile tumi a'ma'y, vinimaye kichu ca'oni..." (PS #3811)


Baba, You are so gracious. Since ages You have loved me but in return, You never accept anything. You do not want anything in return; only You want to go on pouring Your divine love. Whatever I have offered unto You, You have accepted nothing. You only shower Your love.

Baba, Your compassion knows no limit. It is just like the moon which showers its sweetness on the water lily. The moon does not consider the good or bad quality of the water lily, just the moon goes on showering its effulgence. In the same way, Baba by Your fathomless grace You go on pouring Your love constantly on me, beyond all time. Baba, You never consider or look into who is high, or who is mean and low. By Your grace, You see everyone as Yours - worthy of Your infinite love.

Baba, in the pouring rain of the pitch dark night, the fragrance of the ketaki flower permeates the entire atmosphere without caring whether there is darkness or light. Similarly, Baba You also do not care about the proper or improper time, or who is qualified for Your grace or not. Baba, You are gracious to everyone - all the time. Your grace is like the brilliant effulgence which removes all the darkness in the blink of an eye.

Baba, You are the most compassionate One. By Your grace, I want to surrender everything at Your alter. Baba, please accept, please accept...

Who is blessed one?

Baba says, "The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood, move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is  the blessed one." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12, p.75)

Note: With the start of this happy new year we should once again reflect how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.

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