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Which Do You Follow

From: George Kourakos Subject: Which Do You Follow Date: Mon 19 Jul 2010 21:46:02 -0000 Baba "D'a'k diye diye balechile jege ot'ho je a'cho ghumiye..." (PS 2773) Purport: O' Lord, You gave the clarion call to those sleeping in the cimmerian darkness: They were plunged in the spell of avidya maya, thinking that this material world is everything. With Your divine call You told them 'Awake, arise-- follow the path of bliss'. Your divine call saturated the sky, air, and even the shade of the tree in the desert. That call resonated from the dust of the earth to the top of the mountain, from the height of the hills to the bottom of the ocean, from the burning desert to the snow-filled peaks-- everywhere. That very call of the Divine Entity vibrated throughout the hot dry sand to the riverbank and across the young green grass in the forest. It echoed in all the ten directions. That divine call reached to the flower petals in the depths of the heart and it vibrated the braids of the hair-- the entire existence. Carrying the nectar of the river of love, the clarion call saturated the glow of the evening sun. It also spanned across the whole horizon as well as in the direction of the eastern sunrise. Baba, Your divine call changed everything from staticity to divinity... Note: When the divine vibration of Parama Purusa touches the devotee's heart then it feels like Parama Purusa is directly calling the devotee with His own voice. These below passages from Baba's discourses echo the theme of the above Prabhat Samgiita-- wherein His clarion call is resounding everywhere. [#1] Baba says, "In the crimson rays of the early dawn floats the trumpet sound from the distant blue void. The call resounds: Arise, awake and waste no time in sleep. Tear off the fog of dogma and march on smashing under your feet the sky-kissing challenges of the rocky mountains. Remember that victory does not come by itself. Victory has to be invited and welcomed with sweat, the warmth of the blood and the fiery flames of hard labour. The task you have undertaken has to be brought to its consummation. When the mission is noble victory is sure to come. So do not sit inert wasting your valuable time. Be ready to give a fitting response to the clarion call of the cosmos. Be ready from this very moment." (A'nanda Va'nii #70) [#2] Baba says, "Ignoring all the obstacles on the way, you must rush towards the real destination-- Parama Purus'a. His sweet call rushes towards you since eternity. Can you disregard that Supreme call and keep yourself engrossed in the petty world created by Ma'ya'?" (TK-2) [#3] Baba says: "From time immemorial you have been listening to the sweetness of His divine call. Can you remain oblivious to it, engrossed in your little world created by Ma'ya'?" (AMIWL-6) "With cosmic ideation set out from the starting point of moralism and advance towards supreme realization. Your feet may bleed, cut by the thorns scattered on the road, the sky, rent asunder by the lightning and crashing thunder of the fearful storm, may fall on your head, but proceed you must. You are a born fighter, To flee the battle in fear and hide like a corpse in the hills is ultravirous to your existential vitality. You must advance towards the Supreme Entity, your original abode, smashing all obstacles on the path." (AMIWL-6) [#4] Baba says, "O' human beings, you are fortunate. The clarion call of the Universal has reached you. Not only has the call come, but you are hearing it and it is vibrating in every cell of your body. Will you now lie in the corner of your house as an inert being and waste your time by clinging to old skeletons and bemoaning them? The Supreme Being is calling you in the roar of the ocean, in the thunder of the clouds, in the speed of lightning, in the meteor's flaming fires. Nothing good will come from idleness. Get up and awake the clouded chivalry of your dormant youth. It may be that the path is not strewn with flowers and that inferiority complex will be attempting to hold fast your each advancing step, but even then you have to proceed onwards tearing the shroud of darkness. You will tear the thick darkness of despair as you advance in the racing chariot radiant with the Sun's brilliance towards the attainment of the Supreme state." (SS-1)
Namaskar, It is the well-known fact that as A'nanda Ma'rgiis we have come onto this earth to help and serve others: To make our own existence pure so that we can bring welfare to the world. And in this grand endeavour Baba has supplied us with one very great tool-- satya. Baba says, "Satya implies proper action of mind and the right use of words with the spirit of welfare. It has no English synonym. The word 'true' or 'truth' would be translated in Sam'skrta as r'ta (to state the fact). The sa'dhaka is not asked to follow the path of rta. One is to practise satya." (GHC, 'Yama Sadhana) Thus, per Baba's dictum, when our thoughts, words, and speech reflect that spirit of welfare then that is satya. And that is what Baba directs us to follow in life-- not r'ta. Because by adhering to the path of satya we can best serve others.
Here following in this example, Baba clearly shows us the great use of satya in the practical sphere. Baba says, "Suppose your mother is taking food. A letter is received about the death of your maternal grandfather. If mother enquires about the contents of the letter, what reply will you give? If you adhere to 'truth', you will reveal the news of her father's death, which will cause a great shock to her mind and she would not even be able to take her food. It would be preferable in this case to state that all is well in their family. After your mother has had her food, a mention of her father's illness would prepare the ground for her to bear the news of the tragedy. In this way, even though something other than truth was uttered, the dignity of satya has been maintained." (GHC, 'Satya') In His above teaching, Baba guides how satya always brings welfare to others whereas r'ta can sometimes harm others. In that instance where r'ta creates an unfavourable or detrimental effect on others, then we are to follow satya.
Unfortunately some get confused and fall into the dogmatic Gandhian way of thinking that r'ta is everything in life. But we should not get clouded by such things. Rather we should understand why people get deluded into worshipping the practice of r'ta. It can be seen that some adhere to the faulty practice of r'ta because they have seen how some opportunists resort to deception in the name of satya. In order to satisfy their own self-interest such opportunists tell lies yet justify that they are following satya. Witnessing such cheats, some innocent people and even a few margiis may feel that satya is therefore something that is not to be trusted whereas with r'ta at least they know they are getting the 'truth'. That is how some fall into the mistaken belief that r'ta is the better path. But this is all just a misunderstanding that is a tragic result of the cheating that goes on in this present crude era. That is why innocent people get confused. As sadhakas we should wipe away any such confusions from the mind and develop a pointed understanding of satya and make that our practice. Because by this way we can bring maximum welfare to the world.
Here again Baba is giving the pointed mandate that in cent per cent of the instances we are always to adhere to the practice of satya. Baba says. "There is an ideological difference between rta and satya. That which is a fact, which has happened or happens, is called rta. And the ideation used for the welfare of the people is called satya.
Parahita'rtham' va' unmanaso yatha'rthatvam' satyam.
"Using one's mind or speech out of a spirit of welfare for others is satya. It is said that one should take the shelter of satya, not rta." (SC-2, Disc:11) So by His above teaching Baba pointedly and conclusively tells us that ours is the path of satya.
Here again Baba provides us with a practical example how satya is saturated in the spirit of welfare whereas on some occasions r'ta is devoid of benevolence. So in His following teaching Baba is again showing how we are to adopt the path of satya-- not r'ta. Baba says, "For example, a person rushes to you for shelter. You do not know whether he is guilty or not, or perhaps you know for certain that he is not guilty. He is followed by a ruffian bent on torturing him. If this terrified man seeks refuge in your house, and then the ruffian comes and asks you regarding his whereabouts, what should you do? By adhering to rta or truth you would inform the ruffian of his whereabouts. Then if he is murdered, will you not be responsible for this murder? Your mistake may have resulted in the murder of an innocent person. By adhering to rta or truth you become indirectly guilty of this heinous crime. What would be your duty if you followed the correct interpretation of Satya? It would be not to reveal the whereabouts of the person and rather to misguide the aggressor so that the refugee may safely return home." (GHC, 'Satya') And in our own daily life experiences there are innumerable occasions where we are to follow satya. For example suppose a one person is looking a little disheveled and running off to a professional job interview and a friend happens to meet them along the way-- just half a minute before the interview is to begin. Then in that split second if person asks their friend if they look nervous for the interview, then the friend should not say: 'Yes, you look very nervous and unkempt'. Rather the friend should tell that, 'You look very good and just keep calm and everything will turn out well'. Because by this way-- by following satya-- one is able to help push to person in the proper direction and make them feel more prepared for their interview. And here below is another use how satya is used in our daily life. Suppose there is lots of candy in the cupboard and one mother is taking care of her small baby. And the baby is crying out that it wants some candy to eat. But when the mother knows that the baby is currently on medication and that candy will make the baby more sick, then the mother will lovingly reassure the baby that, 'Darling, we do not have candy in the house right now but very soon when you feel better we will go out and buy some candy'. In the above circumstance by not telling that there is candy in the house the mother is following satya (benevolence) because by her answer the mother is saving her child from suffering more mental anguish and sickness. All these instances-- suffused with the spirit of welfare-- are part and parcel of the path of satya.
At the same time we should remember that most of the time rta (plain truth) and satya (benevolent truthfulness) coincide. That is, most of the time what is rta is satya and what is satya is rta. So it is not that we are against r'ta per se. Rather only where the two differ-- only when satya is different from rta-- we are to strictly adhere to the path of satya. That is the key point. Beyond that, when r'ta is consistent with satya then we are following r'ta is well. But when r'ta will create harm to others then we follow satya since satya will always result in properly serving others-- bringing them welfare.
By Baba's grace He guides us that by following the path of satya then the whole world-- nay the entire universe-- will be cleansed and benefited. Baba says, "O' the followers of A'nanda Ma'rga, march along the path of satya and awaken the Satya hidden in you. Develop the cosmic consciousness that is latent in you...Through those currents of satya, enliven your society and carry it along on the path of the infinite ocean of inseparable souls which are awakening on the road to the Supreme Union - the holy confluence of the sea." (SS-1, 'The Form of Sadhana') Namaskar, Gagan
All normal creatures follow rta-- the animals and plants etc. Such beings never resort to falsehood yet at the same time are unable to adhere to the code of universal welfare. Whereas human beings are elevated and are capable of following something better-- satya. Thus to follow satya a higher state of mind is needed. In contrast in the olden days people were not quite so developed and in that circumstance they were incapable of following satya. Baba says, "The people of the Maha'bha'rata period were supporters of the naked facts...This does not mean that they were spiritualists. The masses were not spiritually elevated." (Disc MHB) Thus due to their lack of spiritual growth, in the Mahabharata era the people were basically unable to adhere to the dharmic code of satya. But that era is gone. Now the human mind is more advanced and it is Baba's guideline that in all circumstances human beings are to apply their vivek and with heartfelt feeling serve others and bring everyone onto the proper path. And for this satya is needed. So to follow satya a refined intellect and an adequately elevated mind is needed. And that every Ananda Margii has. And side by side to do pracar and follow that path of sadhana and to propagate AM ideology satya is needed. Without that one cannot follow the path of sadhana. That is why Baba says without yama and niyama sadhana is an impossibility. So sadhana and satya are inherently linked.
Satya is the path of helping others. In contrast when one swerves from the truth for their own narrow self-interest then that is the path of deception. In that case one is lying and their mind is getting more restricted, contracted, and ultimately degenerated. So those who resort to lying cannot move on the path of sadhana, rather they are going in reverse, negative pratisaincara. Whereas if one is speaking with the intent of helping others then their mind is expanding and hence they are on path of sadhana. So those who follow satya will swiftly advance along the path of spirituality and reach their Goal. Baba says, "The only way to progress is to take shelter in satya (supreme truth) - there is no other way... the one who follows the broad path of truth... will be entitled to take shelter in the supreme truth, will surely attain the Supreme rank and become one with the Supreme Entity." (AV-4, 'Treading that Broad Path of Spirituality')

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