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New Approach for Learning Prabhat Samgiita

Namaskar, Starting today, as far as possible, each song will now be done twice - two days in a row. The first purport will be extremely close to the exact line meaning. This will be very helpful to those interested in learning Prabhat Samgiita. The following day the song will be presented in a more descriptive manner to further explain about the meaning. According to Baba, both styles are appropriated. During DMC, in Baba's presence, various Dadas would come up and read their purports of Prabhat Samgiita, and Baba accepted all. Ac Candranathji would present a Hindi version that was a literal translation of the original Bengali. Ac Vijayanandji adopted a similar approach in presenting the English translation. In contrast, those Dadas giving the purport in Bengali would offer long elaborate and colorful explanations. Baba approved of them all. Namaskar, AM-GLOBAL Moderators Here below is today's Prabhat Samgiita. It will be posted in today's main letter as well and then tomorrow's posting will contain the more descriptive purport of this same song. PS #3002

Cir kále-r bandhu--------- Nikat́e- ese--- ghu-m bháungio---, Ghu-m bháungio--- Jad́eri bhávanáy yadi mete- Tháki-, jágie di-o Nikat́e- ese--- ghu-m bháungio---, Ghu-m bháungio--- Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái, A---------------------------------------á Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái, Randhre randhre ácho- sadái Tomáy bhúle- jad́e- hárái, T́ene- pa-the á-nio--- Nikat́e- ese--- ghu-m bháungio---, Ghu-m bháungio--- Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y, Á-----------------------------------á Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y, Tomáy khonjá- hoye ut́he dáy Bhránti kichu- dekhate ná dey, Tumi- diipak jvá-lio--- Nikat́e- ese--- ghu-m bháungio---, Ghu-m bháungio--- Cir kále-r bandhu--------- Nikat́e- ese--- ghu-m bháungio---, Ghu-m bháungio---


O' my eternal Bandhu [1], by coming close, break my slumber. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, arouse me.

By coming close please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, nothing is unknown to You. You are ever-present in each and every pore. If ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. Please light the lamp.

By coming close please break my slumber, O' my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet... NOTE FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #3002: [1] Usually people think that the term 'Bandhu' means 'friend', but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more. Baba says, "'Bandhu' means 'those within the bondage of love'. That is when one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called 'Bandhu'. Now you see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best friend-- he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to the cremation ground. After your cremation he won't be with you. So he is not Bandhu-- he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation." "So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical framework-- in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any mundane friend, mundane Bandhu." (AV-12)

Easy Solutions to the Energy Crisis

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: Easy Solutions to the Energy Crisis Date: Sun 30 May 2010 14:24:16 +1000 Baba "A'mi toma'y ja'ni, e katha' vilate pa'ribo na', na', na', na'..." (P.S. 609) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace You are mine. Even though I am aware about Your divine Self, how I can I say for sure that I know You. No, no, no I cannot say. Baba, in spite of my intimate closeness with You, You remain mostly unknown to me. Baba, You are playing an unnamed tune on my mental viina calling me-- sitting in my heart constantly. Baba, in the beautiful dawn hour when the effulgence of the moon fades away and the petals of the lotus blossom in the pond, at that time I awaken. And by Your grace, in that early hour all my lethargy and sleepiness vanishes completely. At that very auspicious moment how can I forget Your heavenly sweetness which permeates all around. Baba, You are so gracious and charming. Baba, although You are always hiding and trying to keep Yourself out of sight each and every moment, even then by Your grace I know You are everything. In spite of Your on-going, eternal liila of hide and seek, I understand You are the essence behind each and every expression. Baba, You play Your divine flute-- all the while trying to remain hidden. Baba, by Your grace I know that You are that singular Divine Entity, yet in Your magical way You express Yourself in innumerable names, forms, and rhythms. Baba, by Your causeless grace this much I know: You are mine and mine alone...
Namaskar, The recent & ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is yet another reason for us to consider how and where we are getting our energy.
In these current times, the apparent "energy crunch" has everyone talking. In the US and the so-called developed west, everyone is moaning & groaning about the soaring price of gasoline as well as other high energy costs; while in so-called third-world countries, doing without and finding short-cut ways has since long been a way of life. To many the whole situation looks bleak and only seems to be getting worse; but for us Ananda Margiis we know well that Baba has graciously given all the tools and answers to easily solve this "energy crisis"-- permanently.
Like with each and every problem, in the case of the energy crisis also, Baba has clearly identified the root cause. Baba says, "According to PROUT, economic exploitation involves the unrestricted plunder of the physical and psychic labour of a particular community together with the natural resources in their local area." (Prout) In the above Baba exposes how with their greedy hand and exploitative methods capitalists and other negative sections of society heartlessly dig out all the resources from any and all local areas. And that includes the rampant manipulation and thievery of petroleum and fossil fuels etc. This we are seeing around the globe today where big US capitalists are unbarringly grabbing all the world's energy resources for their own selfish and profiteering ways. Due to this type of economic exploitation and plunder, the globe now finds itself in an energy crisis. But, by Baba's grace after identifying the root cause of the problem He also beautifully provides us with numerous solutions as well.
Baba first guides us that each and every area or district should be built up using their own natural resources. And He simultaneously warns us not to depend upon oil etc from other regions-- near or far. Baba says, "In a healthy economy raw materials should come from the local area. Industries which are based on imported raw materials are always weak industries, sick industries. A sick economy depends upon raw materials from outside -- it depends upon import. For example, the Barauni Oil Refinery in Bihar is a sick industry because it depends upon crude oil from Assam. If there is any disturbance in Assam or if India is balkanized, then the refinery will have to close down. The establishment of this refinery was a foolish act. It does not represent a healthy economic structure. It is a sick industry, a foolish industry, a stupid industry!" (Proutist Economics) According to Baba, depending upon oil from afar is a sick and faulty way to build up one's economy. In the above example Baba ridicules the idea of Bihar using oil which comes from Asaam-- both of which are states in India. Therefore it goes without question that US dependence upon Arab oil also represents a "sick" and "senseless" approach-- since that oil is coming from halfway around the globe. Similarly so many former Soviet satellite nations continue to depend upon Russia for their oil. All these are examples are unhealthy economies that will invariably run head-first into an energy crisis-- if they are not experiencing one already. Baba's given response is that each and every land should be developed using their own natural resources. And Baba provides numerous creative solutions for each and every area to create their own fuel. Here following is but one of Baba's many answers to the present energy crisis. Baba says, "Many healthy industries based on local raw materials can be developed. For example, high-quality concentrated alcohol fuel can be produced from sugar beet and sugar cane. Concentrated alcohol can replace fossil fuels, as the stock of crude oil is fast diminishing." (PE) And further down in this letter there are listings of many other ways for cities, states, and countries to develop their own energy-- all of which are given by Baba.
Here first is Baba's whole-hearted assurance that there are plenty of natural resources for all. Baba says, "If there were maximum utilization and rational distribution of all natural resources, pressing socio-economic problems could be easily solved. It is a law of nature that a mother is provided with sufficient breast milk to feed her newly born baby. In the same way nature has generously provided sufficient resources to meet the food and other essential requirements of all human beings. People need to utilize these natural resources in a proper way. Shortages of food or space cannot be blamed on nature. These problems are essentially the results of the mistakes made by human beings." (AFPS-9, 'Population Growth & Control') Similarly then, the energy crisis of today is not due to a lack of resources but rather stems from the misutilisation and misappropriation of those resources. That is Baba's above guideline. And here below He further tells us that each and every area has all the necessary raw materials. Baba says, "Nature has been kind enough to provide abundant natural resources to every region of this earth." (PNS-21) As a case in point, here below Baba clearly shows us that even the economically impoverished region of Rarh has all the energy resources it needs. Baba says, In Ra'r'h there are extensive deposits of coal, coal gas and natural gas." (PE) By all this it is quite clear that one need not live in the middle east or in Alaska to get the oil they need. If we remember His guidelines and look carefully, then we will find that in each and every land there are sufficient deposits of natural resources to create whatever energy they need.
Here Baba gives more insight into and significant solutions to the world's energy crisis. Baba says, "The local administration will have to supply locally generated power such as solar energy, thermal energy, bio-gas, hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, pneumatic energy, electromagnetic energy and tidal power, or any other power which is easily available locally. The generation of power is a key industry which should be run on a no profit, no loss basis so that the cost of production is minimized and the purchasing capacity of the people is increased. For example, if batteries are produced through cottage industries, power should be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis, but the battery producers will be able to sell their batteries at a rational profit. Here the power that is used to manufacture the batteries is not an industrial commodity but a raw material. The power for such things as transportation, communication, schools, colleges and hospitals should also be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis to maintain social dynamism." (PE, 'Decentralised Economy-1') So here above Baba is giving some key concepts about the generation and distribution of energy. 1. Local governments have to create their own power. 2. Power can be generated from any number of avenues: hydro, nuclear, tidal, solar etc. 3. This industry must run on a no-profit, no loss basis. Looking around the globe, anyone can easily see that part and parcel of the energy squeeze today is that capitalist multinational corporations are using gas and oil to pull in huge profits-- grabbing trillions and trillions of dollars into their fold. All the while stripping near and far distant lands of their natural resources. This type of capitalistic plundering and profiteering goes entirely counter to Baba's given guidelines. And that is why the problem is growing today. Whereas as soon as Baba's above Proutistic methods are followed, then that will ease the energy crisis immediately.
Some may now be losing hope and thinking that it will be impossible to institute these types of changes. But actually due to the current energy crises there are many who are already considering and implementing such type of Proutistic methods. In each and every area this is happening. And more about this is discussed below.
Some may think that alternative energy can only be supplied in certain key areas. For example a few may be thinking that solar power can only be generated in the sunny desert etc, but this is not at all the case. In these next series of quotes, Baba gives countless solutions and suggestions how alternative energy can be created and found in all the regions of the world. According to Baba, there are innumerable sources of good, useable energy. Baba says, "Two types of power can be developed in Bangladesh -- power from oceanic tides, and solar energy. Oceanic tides can be harnessed in the Bakargang subdivision of Noakhali district where the Meghana River enters the ocean, and in the Chandpur subdivision of British Tripura district where the Dakatiya River enters the ocean. Many waves and turbulences are created by the impact of these rivers when they enter the Bay of Bengal. Tidal power would be very cheap to harness there. Solar power can also be harnessed, but this source of power is not so developed yet. It will become increasingly important in the future." (PE) So in His above guideline Baba is telling about tidal and solar energy and that this will play a big role in the future. Here below Baba tells further how to generate solar energy. Baba says, "There is no need to purchase coal from outside as is being done now. Solar power can also be generated in the plain areas where the land is wavy." (PNS-19) And with His broad based perspective Baba names innumerable ways how to generate energy from a variety of sources. Baba says, "Energy and transportation: Until solar energy can be manufactured cheaply, other energy sources can be utilized, like hydroelectricity, coal, thermal power, tidal power, geo-thermal power, wind power and natural gas. All the raw materials necessary for transportation are also available, including rubber, steel, mica, mica chips, mercury, silver, copper, quartz and manganese." (AFPS-7, 'Parts of the Economy')
And in those areas where there will be continued use of petroleum, Baba gives these two important guidelines. Baba says, "Petroleum can also be recovered from certain types of river valleys. Where the river bed is broad there is a chance of finding petroleum." (AFPS-9, 'Geology and Human Civilisation') Baba says, "There may be a shortage of petroleum but elements for creating petroleum are available in the world. We will be able to produce synthetic petroleum." (AFPS-8, 'Rule of Rationality') Thus even petroleum will be abundantly available in the near future.
None should hopelessly ponder that Prout will never be established-- already it is getting manifest. And quickly too. As we all know Baba has graciously given Prout in the year 1955. And in those days the world was not at all willing to move in that direction. For one reason or another the leaders and citizens were quite satisfied with the way things were going. The ideas of Prout seemed like a far-away dream. But now only 50 years later, huge progress has developed towards adopting Prout. Due to extreme social and economic circumstances, many communities and businesses are consciously or unconsciously moving in that direction. People have been forced to think in that way. Baba has created the magic wave for all His Proutistic guidelines to be implemented. Some are getting established by right thinking Proutists and other Prout guidelines are taking shape simply because the ways of old are no longer working. And this global transition is occurring at a marked rate, i.e. quickly. And that speed will only increase exponentially in the coming months and years. Thus none should think that they will not see the implementation of Baba's Prout. Already the hard part is over: the psychic seeds and awareness has taken root. The conditions are ripe. And very soon, more and more, we will see the sprouting of Prout in each and every land and community around this globe.
Here following is Baba divine assurance and blessing that our human existence will become better and better in all the spheres. Baba says, "The progressive availability of the maximum amenities of life will be guaranteed in PROUT, satisfying physical needs. The satisfied physical needs will lessen the physical obstacles which inhibit human progress, and human beings will experience all-round development, especially in the intellectual stratum. Human beings will get the opportunity to develop in the intellectual stratum without any hindrances. The truth of humanity, the veracity of humanity, will go on increasing in different areas of expression....the whole existence of human beings will become effulgent in the attainment of the Supreme." (PNS-17, 'Min Req & Max Amen') Namaskar, Vinay
Note: Baba has given one very beautiful idea to remember while living on this earth Baba says, "The nonliving world cannot express its grief when it is damaged or destroyed. To protect the inanimate world you should conserve and properly utilise all natural resources." As sadhakas we have to think for the happiness and welfare of all. And by thinking for their welfare-- and overcoming human greed etc-- then naturally our human problems will be solved. By this way each and every expression of His cosmic mind, animate and inanimate, will dance in His bliss.
********************************************* Crow and Cuckoo
Baba says, "It is said that there is a particular species of the cuckoo bird that is incapable of nesting and raising its own offspring. So to protect and save her babies, the mother cukoo gently places her own eggs in the crow's nest, even though the crow is her dreaded enemy. But since the eggs of both the birds looks the same, the crow carefully cares for those cuckoo eggs which were placed in her nest-- thinking them to be her own. At the time of birth, the newborn birds of both species are black; so seeing the baby cuckoos, the mother crow does not initially realise that the baby cuckoos are not her own offspring. It is only when the baby birds become a little bigger and start to call out and cry, that the crow realises those are not her babies. Then and there the mother crow becomes very angry, suddenly understanding that it has gotten duped. But because of having given long-term care and developed sincere love for the baby cuckoo, the mother crow gives up the idea of attacking and killing the cuckoo. And instead the mother crow raises the baby cuckoo as one of her own." (SC-10)

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