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Which One is Correct?

Date: 15 Aug 2003 01:19:39 -0000 From: "Gaurishankar Agrawal" To: Subject: Which One is Correct? BABA "Toma'ke bhule tha'ka' ja'y na'..." (PS# 1906) Purport: Baba! To forget You, is unbearable. It is very difficult. In longing when I cry for You, then feeling comes that best is to forget You. So neither will there be longing. And nor will there be any pain of yearning. If I think like that, my longing multiplies. This is Your liila. Your tales, Your stories are everything in my life. This is my sadhana. My whole existence is surrendered at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, When any preceptor leaves his body, after that his teaching goes in the hand of opportunists. And the opportunists change the preceptor's teachings according to their convenience. This we have seen since thousands of years. And that is the time when dogma gets the place in the name of religious teachings. If we study carefully the history of different religions, we will find the same type of panoramic picture. Less or more. Keeping this view, the time that is passing these days in our AMPS, it is very critical. If we will not keep strict vigilance, then selfish and opportunist people. Those who are sitting on the chair of controllers. Or they think themselves as heir of Baba's properties. They with their fertile brain, since '90 they are trying to inject many types of ideas. Already we have seen many of them. And we will go on seeing in future as well. Because the fight between vidya and avidya maya, will go on and on. Here one point I will bring in your kind notice. The dogma, which has been injected in November 1990. And according to the course of time, it is carried on by those who were in power. Earlier, those who were holding the chair, they were singing in favor of this dogma. But when they lost the chair, since that very time, they are feeling apathy toward this very dogma. This particular dogma is-- 'Baba has merged into His mission'. To enforce this idea in the minds of simple sadhakas, those in Central Office created mythological stories also. You already know what dogma is. But those who do not know, for them here I am quoting. Because this is the unique teaching of Baba, in relation with dogma. Although there are innumerable discourses on this topic, but this is one of the unique ones. Baba says, "You all know that the most detrimental thing for human society and humanprogress is dogma. What is dogma? Where there is no logic, where there is no support of intellectuality, where there is no debate and free discussion, but there is only a severe imposition forcing people to accept something, there is dogma. What type of people preach this sort of dogma? The answer is: the blind followers of religion. It is quite natural for the followers of religion to say all kinds of dogmatic things." (NHNS I) Recently, Dada Shubhatmanandji in his letter addressed to margis of Berlin Sector, he emphasized this dogma about Baba merged into His mission. In his letter, dated July 20, 2003, Dada Shubhatmanandji writes: "Baba poured his entire being into the Ananda Marga organisation during His lifetime. He said: I have merged Myself with My Mission." Here the question is, that the way Dada Shubhatmanandji treats 'mission', mission is the organization AMPS. Both are the same thing. The way he has written, it gives the notion that the words "organization" and "mission", are interchangeable. So here, two points are involved. One point is, that the quote which has been used to justify that Baba Himself has given this very idea-- that He has merged into His mission- AMPS. We have to find out the validity of this quote. How far it is correct. From which discourse it has appeared. In any printed or electronic or audio-video. Where such things are available, is it present in any form of Baba's discourse? Or just it is some utopia. If you search thoroughly, you will get the picture that nowhere in any discourse, did Baba speak like this. --That He has merged into the mission, AMPS. And the point is, that how can Parama Purusa merge into one worldly object or organization, which is formed in 1955. In the past, idol worshippers created idols of Lord Shiva and Krsna. But because Baba strictly warned one and all that His idol must not be created. So in place of idol, Centre created this particular pseudo-idol -- Baba merged into AMPS. In the past, priests created idols so as to get blind respect, from the society. The same idea is working today behind this dogma of, 'Baba merged into His mission'. Because injecting this dogma, is very beneficial. Especially in favor of those who are occupying the chair at present. Because in the name of Baba, everybody will be forced to follow their blind orders. As if this is Baba's order. With this selfish feeling, those holding the chair created this dogma -- 'Baba merged in His mission, -- AMPS'. My next point is, that dogmatic people who are preaching that BABA merged into AMPS, they think that AMPS is the mission. Let us see what Baba says is the mission. The mission is AMPS, or is it something else? If you open PNS 18, disc. #1, the name of the chapter is "Your Mission". This discourse is quite small. It is only two pages long. There Baba is giving important guideline, about the mission of His disciples. And there He says, that your mission is three steps. Baba says, "Your duty is three fold. Your first duty is to observe morality and to do intuitional practice." (PNS-18, p.1) The next duty is to unite the moralists of the world. The third duty, Baba says, is as follows. Baba says, "You have to mercilessly fight against sin, wherever it has taken root in this world." (PNS-18, p.2) After giving this significant guideline, Baba further guides, "You will have to propagate this mission, from door to door..." (PNS-18, p.2) So you see, according to Baba's definition, the "Mission of Ananda Margis" is three fold: (A) practice sadhana, (B) Unite the moralists of the world, and (C) Fight against all kinds of sin. But according to the dogmatic preachers, the mission is just following blindly the order of Centre. So Baba is telling something, and dogmatic preachers, they say another thing. Why the contradiction? Why Baba in His discourse, preaches a certain idea. And dogmatic people, in the name of Baba, are preaching a completely different idea. This itself proves that the preaching which Dada Shubhatmanandji is giving, that is concocted and false. This type of dogmatic preachings is not news. Rather, this sort of negativity has been coming since ages. In the past we have seen, and today also we have seen. Religious exploiters, always they do. Selfish people want to change Ananda Marga, into just one religious institution. Based on dogma. They don't like to see Ananda Marg as dharma, which is free of dogma. That's why exploiters in AM, create one after another dogma. To reach the conclusion which should be accepted, this following Baba's guideline is helpful. Baba says, "The final obstacle is that of the spiritual world. For the dissemination of spiritual instruction, how many scriptures and mythologies have been composed, from age to age. And these scriptures, these social treatises and mythologies, have made so many contradictory statements. Each of them has claimed that its own utterance is the most correct and rational and deserves to be accepted, since it is the commandment of God. Now the question is, if all these utterances are the instructions of Parama Purus'a Himself, then why should there be so much mutual contradiction among them? This should not be the case at all." (AFPS-5, p.31) In conclusion, I do not have anything to say other than this. That if we will not follow this idea, this following Baba's teaching, then that very purpose why Baba created Ananda Marga, that will be threatened. Because Ananda Marg will turn into one pool of dogma, just like other religions. Today it may be looking insignificant. But tomorrow this cancer of dogma will prove ghastly. Baba says, "For the welfare of the human society, human beings will have to struggle vigorously against these dogmas, which seek to devour them like cobras with outstretched hoods." (AFPS-5) Baba's blessing is with us. Baba says, "Victory is Yours". Namaskar, Gaurishankar Note 1: Dada Sarvatmanandji is the father of this dogma. Note 2: Please for detailed knowledge, kindly read the discourse "Your Mission", PNS 18, p. 1-2. Thank you.

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