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Current Affairs: Nothing But Display of Tamogun'a

From: "Ramlal Sharma"
Subject: Current Affairs: Nothing But Display of Tamogun'a
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 11:00:57


"Saba'r tare a'sa' a'ma'r saba'ri bhare a'mi nob..." (PS 5000)


Parama Purusa has sent me here to serve everyone. By His grace I will carry the burdens of one and all. I will solve the problems of one and all. I will go on remaining very close with everyone to help them. Nobody is other, everyone is mine. Everyone's home is my home. I will spread my love and affection to one and all. Everyone is mine; no one is alien. Parama Purusa has sent me here to serve one and all...

Nowadays someone is claiming to be Parama Purusa - someone is claiming to be the personality and voice of Baba. This impostor is issuing all kinds of outrageous claims and static statements.

As disciples and as bhaktas, we should apply our rational minds and critically examine the situation. Thus far, a very small band of naive people have been taken in - they have been duped by this "voice" / impostor.

Of course, no true Ananda Margii will fall in this way.

By applying the principles of Ananda Marga, and by our sadhana, we can easily see that this so-called voice/person is just sunk in tamogun'a (crude principle) and not the Supreme Benevolence or Parama Purusa.

Once we remind ourselves about Baba's true divine nature, then the entire case becomes quite clear. Then there is no scope for confusion - then even naive people will see this "voice/person" for what it is, i.e. tamogun'a or static principle.

Here Baba qualifies that Parama Purusa loves everyone - bar none, irregardless of who they are or what they have done. Baba loves and cares for all.

Baba says, "There are so many animate and inanimate objects, but they are all within His mind and not outside. A person may be educated, may be illiterate, may be of fair complexion, may be of dark complexion, may be poor or may be rich, but all are within His mind. All are His psychic creations, all are His loving children, the loving progeny of the loving Progenitor. So, nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant. Nobody should be suppressed, oppressed or repressed." (AV-14)

Indeed, Baba's nature is that of divine love and compassion and He lovingly cares for all. He never wishes ill on anyone. All true Ananda Margiis know this and have practically realised Baba's love. Plus we know that His divine care extends to all - whether they are followers of the Marga or not. This below story serves as a perfect example:

In individual life, Baba saves those in need, and as the ultimate and gracious Guide of society, He has given Prout in order to serve and help all.

Then of course during DMC Baba blesses everyone. Time and time again He has graciously declared: "Sarve bhavantu sukhinah... Let everybody be happy." Thus, we know that there is no question that Baba only blesses some or a few, or that He only blesses His followers and all others can go to hell. He never overlooks or excludes anyone, and He never makes threats against humanity or uses fear tactics. There is not a single instance where Baba resorts to such type of statements.

 Yet this is exactly what that so-called voice/person is doing. This fellow is claiming himself to be Parama Purusa and side by side He casting threats on humanity. Below in this letter you will see his outrageous proclamations.

As Ananda Margiis though, we know in our hearts that Baba can never curse or harm anyone. It is not within His divine nature to do like this.

Baba says, "He can never hate anyone because all are His loving children." (AV-14)

In both His practical day to day life and through His teachings Baba loves and blesses all. In so many ways, by so many of His assurances and actions, it is clear that Baba lovingly watches for everyone's welfare. None are outside the scope of His care, whether they follow Him or not.

So Baba's Divine Personality is the cent-per-cent expression of sattvagun'a. He is the personification and embodiment of that purely sentient principle.

Baba says, "Only that entity in which sattvagun'a predominates can perform actions for the welfare of all; thus Brahma cannot have any other quality but sattvagun'a as its predominant quality." (TP)

Baba says, "The purpose is the welfare of all, which is motivated by sattvagun'a and not rajogun'a [or tamogun'a]." (TP)

Baba says, "The mind of Parama Purus'a is dominated by sattvagun'a." (DKG)

Indeed, every Ananda Margii clearly understands that Baba is love personified and that He can never harm anyone.

Hence when one fake voice or impostor is claiming to be Parama Purusa and then issuing all kinds of crude threats against humanity, we can easily discern that such a voice is not at all divine, but rather the false vanity of crudity. Theirs is not the voice of sattvagun'a but rather tamogun'a.

Recently, this impostor or "voice" made the following claims and circulated them around the globe, as if we were going to believe such things.

 First this so-called voice declared itself to be Parama Purusa.

[A] The false voice or impostor wrote: "I declare that I am PARAMATMA (Supreme Entity). I am BRAHMA (The Creator of the Universe) and I have already take birth on this earth."

Thus firstly, this so-called being is claiming to be Parama Purusa. That is step A, and now see steps B, C, D etc and the ridiculous edicts it is putting forth.

Here is what it says in an email titled "Final Message".

[B] The false voice or impostor wrote: "Very soon, I am going to start Maha Vinash (supreme destruction) and Maha Paralaya."

So the false voice which claims to be Parama Purusa is also promising to harm and destroy this world. This of course is impossible as Baba has come to spread His love and divine compassion. Any voice claiming to be the messenger of destruction cannot possibly be Parama Purusa.

But that is not all. In an email titled, "Final Warning" this false voice claiming to be Parama Brahma has issued so many threats.

The false voice or impostor wrote: "Only chanting my maha mantra with complete acceptance and giving it to others will establish you in Satya and Dharma. Whoever holds onto Satya, I will protect them in the coming destruction."

The false voice or impostor wrote: "I will give you two months time (November and December 2009) to realise me through your atma."

The false voice or impostor wrote: "So it is wise to hold onto me and Satya. After these two months, I am going to declare DHARMA MAHA YUDH on 01.01.2010 at 00.00Hrs against all negative forces in the world by initiating MAHAPRAYLAY and VINASHA in the Nature. This will be the beginning of JUDGEMENT DAY or "QAYAMAT KA DIN" for all."

Hence the false voice is making so many threats, edicts, and crude warnings about harming and destroying humanity. And at the same time we are to believe that this voice is that of Parama Purusa.

No sane or rational Ananda Margii can think such a thing. This voice is merely the ploy of one very crude impostor drowned in tamogun'a (static principle).

As the Parama Purusa, Baba helps everyone and never wishes or calls for anyone's destruction. He is pure sattvagun'a.

In stark contrast, this crude impostor is totally stuck in crude thought and vain propositions. Such words can only be the expression of one degraded unit mind, not that of Divine Mind.

It is just tamogun'a, i.e. the expression of ego, vanity, and all kinds of baser propensities.

Actually tamogun'a and dogma go hand in hand. The above proclamations by that impostor echo the crude edicts uttered by fake prophets from the dogmatic religions.

Fake prophets in the dogmatic religions declare things like, "My people will be saved and all others will be destroyed." The dogmatic religions, sunk in tamogun'a, rely on threats and fear complexes in order to recruit followers.

And now one crude impostor is doing the very same thing in AM.

Next, Baba points out the crude and static methods employed by the dogmatic religions and false prophets. The fake voice claiming to be Parama'tma is using these very same tactics.

Baba says, 'The scriptures of other communities proclaim that only the followers of their religion are the favourite children of God and others are damned heathens. To kill them is not at all a sin, rather one will attain a permanent place in heaven after their death. Such scriptures are very detrimental to human society." (APH-4)

Just as the dogmatic religions bash non-followers and validate killing such "heathens", the impostor resorts to the same state mentality and issues proclamations of mass destruction to any who are not followers.

Here is the next point by Baba about such fake prophets.

Baba says, 'The followers of other religions look upon themselves as the chosen disciples of God, and regard others as heathens or infidels." (PNS-21)

The impostor does the same.

Finally, here is one last point by Baba.

Baba says, "Yet another religion says, “Know ye, my son, thy God is the only God. All other gods are false gods.” Just imagine, all these religions preach universal fraternity, and yet this universal fraternity is kept within the confines of their own community. Humanity gasps for breath at such preposterous claims of universal fraternity." (HS-1)

Likewise, the impostor claims to be Parama Purusa and the path of satya yet side by side that crude voice is threatening and strangling humanity. Thus, in all regards, the impostor claiming to be Parama Purusa is just a mirror image of crude dogmatic "prophets" from the past.

Now let's just review one more point.

The false voice or impostor wrote: "After these two months, I am going to declare DHARMA MAHA YUDH on 01.01.2010 at 00.00Hrs ...This will be the beginning of JUDGEMENT DAY or "QAYAMAT KA DIN" for all."

Thus the impostor has put for the call of judgment day. Here below Baba pointedly refutes such false types of claims.

Baba says, "Eternal hell or heaven is a totally defective idea. We should not encourage these approaches. There is no hell or heaven, and no one will go to hell or heaven for eternity after death, or lie in a grave for ever; nor will anyone have to wait until any Day of Judgment." (AV-3)

Thus Baba Himself outrightly rejects the false call of judgment day by the impostor who is trying to cloak himself as being Parama Purusa.

By Baba's grace He has come on this earth and refuted all such dogmatic proclamations and given His assurance that we all have a relationship of love with the Divine Entity. There is no question of any destruction, annihilation, or judgment day etc.

Baba says, "The meaning of the word ba'ba' is “dear”. As Parama Purus'a is the beloved of all, so all are beloved for Parama Purus'a. So when Parama Purus'a is “Ba'ba'” for units, for Parama Purus'a the units are also ba'ba'. This is because the relationship is that of love." (SS-21)

Thus the impostor who has invaded AM is nothing but the crude manifestation of tamogun'a.

Baba has come to lead all onto the path of liberation and save everyone.

In contrast, this impostor - who goes by the name of Chakradhar - is just one fake expression sunk in the static principle. This impostor Chakradhar uses the same scare tactics and threats that are rampant in all the dogmatic religions. This impostor is a spitting image of the fake prophets from the past.

It is an outrageous thought that anyone could possibly think that this impostor fellow is Parama Purusa. Most are not at all confused as the case is quite obvious.


By His grace we know that our Divine Father would never destroy anyone. He is the personification of loving kindness. Demons like fake prophets and the impostor Chakradhar can think of destroying others, but not the loving Divine Entity Parama Purusa. He can never think in such way.

Thus there is a heaven and hell difference between the sattvaguna ways of Parama Purusa and the tamogun'a methods employed by the impostor Chakradhar. Baba always loves and watches out for His progeny and would never threaten, harm, or destroy us .

Baba says, "Spirituality is based on Divine love. You may or may not be a learned person. You may or may not have a good history. Your only qualification is that you are the affectionate progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. You are His object of affection. Even if you forget Him He won’t forget you. He cannot forget you, because everything in this Universe is His mental creation. And as long as His mind is there, you are within His mind." (AV-12)


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