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Our Holy Language

Date: 19 May 2011 16:53:19 -0000
From: "G Bhaskaran Reddy"
Subject: Our Holy Language


"A'j prabha'te a'lor pa'the nu'tan phuger ba'rta' dile..." (P.S. 2001)


Baba, today in the dawn You came and gave the message that a new era is approaching. You told me to open my eyes and see how the darkness has faded away. And that humanity has gotten liberated from the serpentine noose of ignorance, staticity, and dogma. The humanity which was stunned by exploitation, injustices, and the tortures done by demons, today that very humanity has developed the inner strength to kick out those demons and get free. O' Lord, You are the charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, and You have come here to guide everyone towards the Cosmic Goal. In addition You have also brought a basket of hope and inspiration; and that You are showering that upon everyone. Baba, You came and sang the song of hope and showed us the path towards enlightenment. What was needed everyone got from you. Baba You came in the dawn and gave the message of the new era-- that of neo-humanism...



We are all aware that groupism did not burst out just recently within the last 1 or 2 or even 7 years. Rather, its roots are very deep.

The below document - written 16 years ago in 1995 - reveals how the situation was then. That time various factional people were raising their ugly head and spreading venom.

The following was written by a member of Amara Bengali samaj. This circular reveals the superiority complex of the Bangla faction and how they want to unjustly impose various mandates on the entire world.

Certainly H group and its affiliates also have their own negativity and they are spreading their own dogmas of various tiirthas and groupism. But let us not forget it is B group who created most of the systemic problems by destroying margii rights and inventing all sorts of horrible groupist policies and dogmas.

This original circular gives the picture how the fire of groupism was burning strong beneath the ashes those days back in 1995. Reading the below document makes all this quite clear.

Reviewing this historical document will help us better understand the nature of the current problem and how to resolve it.

in Him,

* * *

(Here begins the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)


Dear Brothers and Sister, Namaskar.
The purpose of this letter is to tell some facts that are going on against Baba's ideals and which are causing great harm to the Marga's unity. So every senior member must know these matters that are now confronting us, and think how to deal with them.


a. BABA was born into a Bengali family. So Bangla is the mother tongue of our Guru. Therefore it must be regarded as the sacred language in order to maintain the authentic qualities of Baba's expression.

b. Baba always gave His Ananda Vanii first in Bangla only.

c. All Baba's life, for writing purposes. He used only Bangla.

d. All records of Baba's handwriting are available only in Bangla.

e. Baba wrote his signature always in Bangla script.

f. 99% of the songs He wrote were in Bangla.

g. Baba was insistent that Prabhat Samgiit must be sung in Bangla and that they were not to be translated into other languages for dissemination but learned in the original Bangla. In this way, His secret motive was that maximum people of the universe would learn and enjoy Bangla. This was Guru's wish.

h. Acarya Diaries were originally written in Bangla. The only permitted translation is to English. Not to any other language. This proves the importance of Bangla.

i. Baba always gave dictation in His room in Bangla.

j. Baba spoke mostly Bangla during reporting.

k. With His PA, Baba spoke only Bangla.

l. All acaryas and LFTs all over the world must learn some basic Bangla to qualify.

m. Although Baba was well versed in all the major languages of the world and could converse in any of them, He personally chose to speak in Bangla most of the time.

n. On Baba's orders, irrespective of the place or language He used in the original discourse of general darshan, all translations of His books must carry the written note that it was, "translated from the original Bangla". This tradition was started by Baba himself.

o. Because of all this, margiis must learn Bangla and teach their children also. Bhukti Pradhans must uphold this idea and encourage everyone to learn the sacred language, for their spiritual enrichment. In all the aforementioned ways, Baba proved that Bangla is Marga's sacred language, but it is very unfortunate, that in this diverse organisation, people are feeling uneasiness about this indisputable fact. By accepting this fact the unity within the whole Marga will be strengthened.


For a long time some group has been working against Sarvatmanandaji to overthrow him and assassinate his character. This was revealed when they made a caucus against him in November '94 and pushed him out of his post. This they did despite the fact that he was endowed by Baba to remain as executive head for his whole life, which was assumed by all to be his right to guide and inspire the whole Mission, as he has the special qualities needed for this work and nobody else in the organisation demonstrated that they have these needed qualities. That very group it seems, made a circular in Hindi and mischievously circulated it in all Hindi areas of India anonymously. When this circular was opposed by rational people, a request was made to the Organisation that an Inquiry Commission should be set up to investigate who was the culprit behind this false propaganda. It is distressing to see that most of the members who were selected for that Inquiry Commission are Sarvatmanandaji's proven enemies. So what chance is there that they will sincerely try to find out the culprit?


How then can Sarvatmanandaji get justice from any of those people in this matter of the Inquiry into that circular, when these opportunists and traitors have proven their enmity to him already. This whole Inquiry is therefore , nothing but an 'eyewash'. Not only that, but these people have no courage to inquire at all, for fear of themselves losing their positions if they disturb the person who may be responsible during their work of inquiring into certain people. Who are suspect if they really want to find out the culprit, centre should reconstitute the Inquiry with people such as Vijayanandaji, Sutiirthanandaji, Narayanandaji, Pranavatmakanandaji, Vitamohananandaji, and Haratmanandaji. From the existing Inquiry Commission only Sarangiji should remain.


Because of PP's age and health, it seems logical that he should concentrate on the spiritual duties required of Purodha Pramukha. The post of president should be offered to Vijayanandaji who is best qualified for this role in the Mission. I am requesting all Margiis and Workers to seriously think about all these things that I have mentioned because they are true and they affect us all. As you can see from these points, many things are being done which are against Baba's wishes. So before more things are done to harm the Mission, we must stop and correct these sort of activities and by that ways the unity and solidarity of Baba's mission will be maintained. You are all senior persons, so please take this letter in a positive way.

In His Service,
S. Das
25th April, 1995.

NB You know, Bangla is my mother tongue which I love to use. But for the purpose of this letter, I am writing in English as these matters are related to all workers and Margiis of the world, therefore I am bound to use the International language of English. So my dear Amra Bengali brothers and sisters who expect to hear from me in Bangla, please understand and excuse me. And please circulate this letter accordingly. Thanks.

(Here concludes the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)

* * *

Everyone knows that true margiis do not believe in groupism.
brotherly yours

BABA says, "The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society is one and indivisible" (AFPS part 2 p. 25 ) Baba says, "Spiritual philosophy does not recognize any distinctions and differentiations unnaturally made between one human being and another, and stands for universal fraternity." (Idea and Ideology)

Population Growth: Really a Problem?
Baba says, "Does a population problem actually exist? This issue should be considered in the perspective of two vital factors - the availability of food and the availability of space. Today human beings have enough resources to manage their food. Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population....[So] The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems." (PNS-13, p.44)

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