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NY Sector Book

From: "Aaron Tenning" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: NY Sector Book Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 23:42:36 -0800 Baba Intro to PS: In this following song, the loving Parama Purus'a, Tara'ka Brahma, is communicating directly with the devotee. Specifically, in a personal way, the divine Entity, Tara'ka Brahma, is asking the sadhaka various questions. Contrastly, in most Prabhat Samgiita songs, the devotee is singing or expressing his own thoughts to Parama Purusa. But this entire song is different: It is expressed in the voice of Parama Purusa; He Himself is narrating the scene. "Kende kende tava kavarii-bandha khuliya' giya'che ka'r tare..." P.S. 1104 Purport: For whom have been crying such that your hair braids have become loose and undone, and now your hair is just falling in an unkempt manner. Who is responsible for causing you so much pain. Even then you are trying hard to conceal your grief-stricken & broken heart; but by seeing your pain-filled eyes anyone can understand how sorrowful you are. Indeed, you are so upset that you cannot maintain the proper melody or tune of the song which you are singing. Why like this-- whose longing has caused all these problems & distress in your life. Now look, the whole day has passed and it is reaching up towards evening time. The brightness of the day is gone and now evening is falling. The sun is going to set; that time has come. At this time in this lonely place are You sitting here by yourself in this isolated forest. Tell me, whose memory is churning your heart; why are you so heart-broken. The whole day you have been sitting here alone involved in contemplation and now evening has come and still you are remaining here. Who is the cause behind all this, how has this happened-- please tell me. Always remember that the balaka bird flies off to far distant places, but again and again it returns and comes back to its own nest. Similarly, if your Beloved has gone far away, then He too will return again and come back. So please do not cry. O' devotee, whose love has shaken your whole existence. Rest assured that He will come...
Namaskar, By Baba's divine grace we have all come onto the path of Ananda Marga and been blessed to have a devotional link with our Beloved Baba. So following the path and devotion to Guru are the high points in the life of every Ananda Margii. Thus when we read any devotional story then naturally we seek to hear about these very qualities-- dedication to AM & love for Ista, BABA. Indeed such stories serve as satsaunga that propels us forward on the path of devotion. However, in the book of devotional stories book titled, "I am Yours" that was released a few years ago by New York sector, some things seem to be awry, if not altogether odd, or worse than that. At the least then it demands a closer look by one and all, so we may prevent and protect against such similar occurrences in the future and correct this current NY sector book.
Whenever we are about to hear or read any proper devotional story then we all take Guru mantra with proper ideation and the anticipation is that some sweet or touching tale is about to be recounted in a personal way about Baba and following the path of AM-- the path of bliss. So, with that expectation, we prepare our minds to receive that type of intimate, devotional expression.
However, in the early part of the NY sector devotional stories book, one story moves, from start to finish, in a very peculiar, manner. Because this particular story proceeds in its own way and in the very first line the person reveals himself:
"My name is Dale Brazosky. While I was with Ananda Marga," (p.57)
So by the very first line of the story it is clear that this person is no longer with Ananda Marga. Because firstly he introduces himself using a non-Sanskrit name-- Dale a.k.a. Mr. Brazosky. And side by side, by referring to AM in the past tense, in definitive language he bluntly tells us that he has left the path:
"...While I was with Ananda Marga," (p.57)
And indeed by reading the entire story, again and again throughout Mr. Brazosky's long-winded, first-hand account he reminds us again and again that he has left the path and that he is not an Ananda Margii.
" was with the idea that I had left Ananda Marga." (p.71) "I was just time for me to move on" (p.72)
Thus Mr. Brazosky is one unfortunate fellow who has nothing to do with AM; he is not a margii; and he is not following the path of bliss. Yet somehow his whole entire negative approach has gotten the place and is being projected over and over again in the devotional stories book written by New York Sector Margiis and published by AM. Altogether it is somewhat shocking to see. Because the whole entire reason for writing a "devotional stories book" is to inspire sadhakas to proceed along the path and to attract new people to do the same. But this book is moving in the opposite direction as it is doing anti-pracar by airing one horrendously false and black notion and encouraging the negative movement away from AM. Because here again in this New York Sector devotional stories book, those responsible are allowing Mr Brazosky to express the same misguided idea again and again-- not to travel the path of AM:
"I left, I'm not doing His practice." (p.71) "for me to go another path" (p.72)
The point is that they are taking someone who is not an Ananda Margii and they are highlighting his negative agenda. As if his poor showing is supposed to be giving inspiration for margiis and non-margiis to strongly join in and support the teachings of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. But all the while he is an ex-margii, gone, left. So altogether the whole affair is cock-eyed because it gives a very negative, clear-cut picture that he rejected the path when in fact the supposed intention of the book is to attract others onto the path of bliss. But unfortunately it is not working in that direction. And not only that but some non-margii readers must surely be thinking 'those Ananda Margiis are supporting this person's stand to leave-- otherwise why are they latching on to his viewpoint and printing it in their book'. So like this, the entire example put forth by the NY sector story book is anti and completely off the mark.
The point being that such ugly examples should not be given. It is like if in order to highlight the glory of society building then a graphic example is given of one married couple who began arguing and fighting and ultimately they got separated-- but not only separated, they got divorced. And not only that but this husband and wife duo killed each other. Because they were so furious and enraged with one another that they put acid poison into each others eyes when the other was sleeping. And in result they both died a terrible, gruesome death. Yet all the while someone is presenting the point that this couple is a good, exemplary model of society building-- and that these people are ideal in their approach. But what to speak of being inspired, listeners will be horrified. Or it is just like one meat-eater who adopted a sentient diet but then again took to the path of meat-eating. And finally he opened one beef restaurant. And after that if he starts telling that sentient food is very good, then who will be inspired. Rather they will think what nonsense this is. Rather, right away the question will come that why this fellow left the track of sentient food. Or it is just like the drunkard speaking on behalf of the dry movement. Or...
Here it should be reminded that certainly this book has been written to inspire both margiis and non-margiis. Because if this book is meant for margiis only, then why are they printing various superficial things here and there-- even they did not put the words 'Guru' or 'Baba' on the cover. Nor do they say Taraka Brahma or Parama Purusa. The point being that in our internal talk then naturally we refer to Baba in a more loving, devotional, and intimate way. And we are not shy to highlight His greatness. By their approach then it becomes clear that they have the intention to write for non-margiis also. So both are reading, margiis & non-margiis. But when such type of nonsense stories are going on where one person is telling again and again the he is gone and off the track of AM, then prospective people and even new margiis will get scared and wonder why this fellow left. Right away this question will come into their mind. Thus drastically undermining the entire effort of doing pracara.
Best if of course if we follow Baba' example. Baba has never allowed for ex-Wts to get highlighted and be allowed to come into the front row. That means never did He highlight or give them special respect etc. And they never did they get introduced in full honor that so and so is an ex-WT. Rather everyone in Ananda Marga understands that ex-WT means that he is a degraded person and we should think that he has lost the game. Then in that case what inspiration he can give. When he lost and fell down. Similarly in the current episode this crude fellow fell down from the Marga and he joined some crude path. Then what can he give us.
So those behind the making of this NY sector devotional stories book should take lesson from this entire affair and come forward to rectify the matter. What way they can do they should suggest or ask others for some guideline.
Here following is Baba's special guideline about pracara. Baba says, "...That everyone might be enabled to enjoy the eternal blessedness under the loving shelter of the Lord, it is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margii to endeavour to bring all to the path of bliss..." (Supreme Command) Namaskar, Arjuna
Throughout his story Mr. Brazosky refers to Sadguru Baba in various crude ways. When we all know that we should always refer to Baba using only the most respectful and reverential language-- such as the name Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. And indeed Baba Himself always prefaces His own name with 'Shrii Shrii' in all the places. But in the above noted story this was not at all followed. Those at the helm and responsible for making this book and including should take one lesson from this below teaching of Baba. Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings - That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (CC II p.1)
Here is another poor showing done by Mr B:
"my original impulse to visit India was not to see Anandamurti".
By this you can see his standard of mind etc. Yet this person got selected and his name was put in bold print and his story got placed in this book as being one ideal devotee to inspire others.
Plus while moving about India he (Mr B) got attracted to one pseudo-guru after another and he visited and got enthralled with so many dogmatic type of people. By this way anyone can see what kind of fickle, non-devotional mind he has. And, indirectly, new persons may think that we appreciate all those dogmatic things.
Parama Purusa is the love Personified. He is the most loving and benevolent entity. Always He is showering His grace-compassion. And devotees always think of Parama Purusa in this way. Because they know and feel in their heart that Baba is always helping and saving them But this crude fellow Mr. B could never realise anything and just he makes blunder after blunder in his various things. For example here he reveals his crude state of mind as he blames Baba for being the cause of countless difficulties. Mr Brazosky places the following accusation against SadguruBaba. Mr. B writes: "Parama Purusa destroys everything...and then we have to start from scratch and work even harder." (NY Sector book, p.62) Thus he is blaming Parama Purusa for destroying everything. When in fact people are going through their own samskaras but all the while they are blaming that Baba is the cause. Such people are very crude negative. It is just like one indulging in eating voracious food and then blaming Parama Purusa that He forced me to eat and now look I am having a stomach ache. Doing all kinds of silly things and blaming others; creating and incurring all kinds of negative samskaras and when facing those things blaming Parama Purusa. This is what crude persons do otherwise devotees never do like this. Devotees always think that Parama Purusa is gracious and that He is saving me always. I create negative samskaras and every time He graces me and saves me. Here is Baba's guideline: BABA says, "People often hold Parama Purusa responsible for calamities that befall them, but in fact they alone are responsible, as the suffering of fate is only reaction of their own previous actions. How can Parama Purusa be responsible? Human beings themselves are answerable for their fate as it is their actions alone which create it. They alone will have to bear the consequences of all their actions. No one else can substitute for them. Their good deeds beget good result, while bad ones beget bad results, and they will have to experience both without exception. This is the law of Prakrti and no one can change this law." (AMEP, p. 86-87) Those blaming Baba are very low and mean and crude.
This is the longest story to get printed in the entire book written by NY sector. So the top-most number of pages was given to this one pseudo-person, Dale, who left the path of AM. Regardless of who let this blunder happen, and allowed his negative story to get printed. Rather it should be corrected at the earliest and steps should be taken to ensure repeat cases do not happen in future.
As we all know, Baba is the dharma Guru Supreme and He alone has created Ananda Marga-- the path of bliss. Baba says, "Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms." (SS-1 p. 63) Baba says, "The ideal of Ananda Marga can be considered the touchstone." (P.O.D.) Baba says, "...That everyone might be enabled to enjoy the eternal blessedness under the loving shelter of the Lord, it is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margii to endeavour to bring all to the path of bliss..." (Supreme Command)
****************************************** About the Propagators and Followers of Dogma
Baba says, "One may say that slavery has been totally abolished from today's world. It may be true in theory, but a handful of people who deserve no better name than "intellectual satans" have been enslaving people by propagating defective philosophies." "In a way, these exploited people are no better than slaves for they have lost their intellect. Even when one tries to enlighten them with logical arguments, they refuse to listen. Are they any better than slaves? Intellectually they are certainly slaves, and hence in the material world also they are slaves." "...[E]ven though they [intellectual satans] are endowed with eyes, feet, hands, etc., [they are] degenerating to the level of animality, or even below that. Animals quarrel among themselves or with others to procure food, but these crude people, even though they do not need to procure food for their survival, misuse their authority to destroy or subjugate innocent humans being. The people of today must understand this basic fact and remain vigilant against the detrimental actions of the intellectual satans." (PNS-18, p.16) Note: In the above teaching, Baba is guiding and warning us about how various dogmatic things get created like the dogma of Holy Land and other types of dogmatic beliefs which have been brought into our Marga. Such as dogmas like the Holy Tomb, Holy Land, Mahaprayan (MPD). Baba is also pointedly telling that those who are affected by & following these dogmas are like slaves who have tragically lost their sense; and not only that but such slaves do not like to listen to any logical reasoning or explanations. Just they are trapped in that dogma and they go on and on following those things. About the other side, those who are the propagators or inventors of such negative dogma, Baba strongly condemns them and calls them "satans". One should know and be aware about how harmful and detrimental all this is.

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