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Baba's Warning

Subject: Baba's Warning Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 22:18:52 -0000 From: To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Maner ma'jhe khunji shudhu toma're..." - P.S. 712 Purport: Baba, in my mind I am searching only You-- but those past memories of days-by-gone which are buried in the mind are swirling all around. Baba, I am trying desperately to only think about You but those old memories are hovering all around me. Baba, the dark clouds of doubt and suspicion come very close and disturb me; and they also get blown far away into the oblivion, by Your grace. Seeing this unique play of light and shadow my mind gets intoxicated. Baba, while living in this transitory world I get captivated by both the good and bad things. The panoramic crowd of the boats comes and again floats away-- and I just remain lying there alone on the bank of the river [1]. Baba, please come close my Beloved; please grace me. O' Baba, this is not the time to go on playing Your liila with me. There is no time for that-- most of my life has already passed, and now death is knocking. Already I have gotten too involved in this liila of Yours. Now just please come with Your sweet loving smile. Baba, if You love me then come and sit here-- very close to me. Please do not continue to play Your divine game of hide and seek, again and again. Baba, I am struggling hard in my sadhana and dhyan, please grace me by coming close... NOTE FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #712: [1] Here Baba is painting one symbolic picture. Because when anyone is sitting on the riverbank and any boat comes along, then naturally that person is curious to see what is going on and they want to look at all the people and things on the boat. So the 'crowd of boats' refers to the colourful panorama and attractive things of this mundane world. And 'sitting on the shore' means the sadhaka is trying to do sadhana. The sense is that in this state, when the sadhaka sits for meditation then so many scenes, thoughts, and desires enter the mind. And 'lying there alone on the river bank' means that ultimately the devotee wants to cross that river and reach to Parama Purusa. That is why he is sitting there trying to do sadhana-- in order to reach unto Him. But in that process the devotee gets caught up in watching these various eye-catching, worldly attractions represented by boats going up and down the river.
Namaskar, About a week ago, the high-profile US President put his signature and approval on embryonic stem cell research. This fateful decision stands as the latest of many tell-tale signs how today's modern society is totally out of balance and rushing headlong towards destruction. That is Baba's dire warning. We must pay heed to Guru's teachings on the relationship between civilization and science and educate the masses and intellectuals about what is to be done. Failing that, so many problems will come - even our demise.
In His teaching, Baba guides us that there must be harmony between science and civilization and warns us that when science is dominant then that society is doomed. Baba says, "How does the development of civilization take place? Civilization has an intimate relation with science. They progress together. But where scientific progress supersedes civilization, there civilization meets its Waterloo." (AFPS-6)
Unfortunately today, there are countless displays where science has the extreme upper hand on civilization. In the name of scientific progress, embryonic stem cell research has been given the green light by Obama and so many European countries. Thus we see that for the sake of "scientific research", human life may be utterly disregarded. Just as in our Marga we do not support abortion, similarly we do not support embryonic stem cell research as it obliterates a living human embryo. Yet in today's era where science is on top, this inhumane approach is being highly funded and sanctioned. And there are so many examples of how science is dominant over civilization. To clarify, Baba has defined civilization in the following way. Baba says, "The subtle sense of refinement that we come across in the different expressions of life is called civilization." (PNS-6) Civilization occurs then when the finer and more subtle human expressions are encouraged in society. But today, science is destroying this entirely. In addition to the case of embryonic stem cell research, we commonly see how science is used for pornography as the internet, film industry and public advertisements are littered with sexually erotic and debased images. Then of course, science has utterly failed to properly address critical issues that concern our humanity like starvation, infant mortality as well as various diseases in so-called third-world nations like cholera, tuberculosis, malaria etc. We have the scientific and technological means to end these dire problems, but science is not used in this way. To cite more cases of the misuse of science, today we see that scientific studies will stoop so low to even pay poor people but a few pennies to risk their health, and even their life, to experiment on dangerous new drugs and medicines. Likewise, science has reduced animals to mere commodities in their brutal ways of animal research. Or it is used nearly exclusively to invent weapons to kill and destroy other people. At present, huge budgets are given to defense contractors for inventing more and more tools of war. This is another grave matter. Taken altogether, there is no shortage of evidence how the use of science has totally upended our human civilization. Often, the finer and more precious human sentiments have been steamrolled by science. That is why Baba has made the following declaration. Baba says, "In the present age, civilization is on the wane due to science enjoying the pride of place." (PNS-6)
But we have to be a thousand times careful and reverse our course. Allowing science to degrade our human stature and fill the world with vices like sex, pornography, gambling, disease, etc does not bode well for our humanity. In the past, no civilization could survive once science gained the upper hand over civilization. Baba says, "Take, for instance, the history of Egypt and Greece. So long as the scientific progress of these two countries did not supersede civilization, civilization prospered very well. But when the ingredients of enjoyment grew up in abundance, the civilization of both countries got destroyed, because science had occupied a higher position than civilization." (AFPS-6) Tragically, we see a similar thing unfolding in our present-day society. The degraded, ways of capitalism, materialism, debauchery, and indulgence are fast spreading all over the globe. In this way the misutilisation of science is ruining and demolishing our finer human expressions, i.e. civilization.
Why has science superseded civilisation. Some greedy people are profiting from it and always because once civilisation declines then it spirals quickly in that negative direction. In addition there are a few common justifications. Many people think that "Whatever science is doing that is fine - science has put a man on the moon and invented the internet so let science continue." In that way they give science a free pass to do as it pleases. Thur there is no moral check on what science is doing. Just people pay a blind eye toward science. Another common mistake is that people think, "My religion does not support this type of scientific research", but then they do not adamantly oppose that research if others do it. No doubt some Christian Fundamentalists oppose abortion and embryonic stem cell research, but on most issues such as the degradation of women and countless other ways that science is ruling society, they keep quiet. And in many circumstances, even in the case of abortion and embryonic stem cell research, they think if others do then let it be.
Here Baba outlines what needs to be done and how science should be harnessed. Baba says, "What is science? That which teaches the proper use of material things is science. Where the development of civilization is utterly negligible and science gradually attains the apogee of development, science only paves the way for destruction instead of doing any good to humanity. And so, study and practice of science, though unavoidable, should not be given a higher place than civilization." (AFPS-6) Thus, there should be clear-cut restrictions on what science can and cannot do. Science must not be allowed to destroy human life - whether in the form of the senseless use of megaton bombs or the tactics of embryonic stem cell research. Plus science should not be used to goad humans toward baser propensities like pornography, liquor, and gambling, etc. This is the absolute need of the day - there must be a strong moral call governing the ways of science. We must pay heed to Baba's warning lest our humanity meets its Waterloo.
Once a balance is achieved between science and civilization, then many good things will result, including a more sadhana oriented society. Baba says, "If science and civilization are harmonized, intuitional progress gets accelerated. Therefore, people of wisdom should proceed and progress, blending these two. It is useless to think of intuitional progress without effecting the harmony between the two." (AFPS-6)
By Baba's grace, He has given the teachings of Ananda Marga to guide society in all the ways. With His krpa, we will succeed in reining in the negative ways of science and ensuring that science is strictly used in a manner that benefits and enhances society. Baba says, "In the present age, civilization is on the wane due to science enjoying the pride of place. But developed as science is today, if civilization is pushed up again to the top, people can reach a greater height than ever before." (AFPS-6) Namaskar, Balakrsna
******************************************** Importance of Padma'sana
Baba says, "Padma'sana [lotus posture] is just like a lotus in full bloom. Just as the roots and stem of the lotus remain under the water and only the leaves and flowers float about it-- and although it is born in the mind it sustains its love for the stars-- in the same way people sitting in this lotus posture and remaining in the world, can keep their minds above their mundane environment. That is why on the path of sa'dhana' this posture has tremendous importance." (NSS, '85, p.241)

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