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Like Ka'mdhenu

Date: 23 Feb 2010 06:46:21 -0000 From: "Manindra Singh" To: Subject: Like Ka'mdhenu Baba "Toma're khunjiya' gechi vane vane maner kon'e khunjiya' dekhini..." (2807) Purport: Baba I went on searching You in the external world, in the holy lands, in the forest, in the cave of the mountain, but I never tried to search You in the corner of my mind. I never looked there. I observed many types of penance and took trouble to travel to the various holy lands in search of You and I remained engaged in external worship using the traditional paraphernalia with lots of ostentation. All the while I never understood that You are remaining so close to me-- this I never thought. Oh Baba, oh divine Entity, You are always sitting in the mind and You love me very deeply and intimately. And You shower Your love on everyone day and night. With my little intellect what I understood, I tried to execute that with my full strength and energy. I remained lost in various attachments. I also searched You through the exploration of knowledge-- remaining busy with pen, paper and ink. By this way my time got wasted. And I could never catch hold of You. But by Your causeless grace now I understand that You are always hiding in my mind. Your divine flute is always resonating. Baba, You are always gracious...
Note: This letter is related with an upcoming event in our Marga. Namaskar, Around the globe in any society, people have to do something to earn their livelihood. This is how people survive. Farmers have to cultivate the land; teachers have to teach; laborers have to do the tasks; and shopkeepers tend to their shops etc. So always there is something that people have to do for their survival. But one special job or role is there where people get huge prestige, respect, and veneration-- and they need not do anything for their upkeep in society. Just their only role is to befool others. And those who do like this are priests. And in each and every religion this is going on. And these priests-- those who fall into this category-- watch with their vulture eyes they create one tiirtha according to their liking. And they build that place according to their groupist strategy & selfish desire. Just like Lord Krsna's teachings were very great but priests jumped into that and captured them for their selfish agenda and exploited all. They capitalised on that. Similarly Lord Shiva's teachings got "used" by priests in order to befool the public and make Kashi into one tiirtha of Lord Shiva. And now today also, some crafty priests with "vulture eyes" are trying to fill up their belly and get fat off the common people. So they have nothing to do with ideology. Just as priests they are sitting on the heads of others. And for that they created such tiirthas. First it was done in Tiljala and next was done in Jamalpur. And here is more details how this tiirtha got created. Because once again Jamalpur DMS is upcoming and preparations for it are in full swing. So we should see why all this is going on.
First off as a general point, I think most know that "DMS" stands for 'Dharma Maha Sammelan'. The meaning is 'the grand gathering of dharma'. So certainly our DMS system is a great event, and it was designed as such by Baba. Then, though after 1990, certain Central Dadas took it in a different direction. Because remember this Jamalpur DMS started when Dada Rudranandaji and party, i.e. H group, first came into a little power in AM. That was about 10 or 11 years ago. Before then there was no such annual March DMS program in Jamalpur. So here I can tell further details how this Jamalpur DMS took birth. In 1990 in the month of October the 'holy land' was created in Tiljala by B group leaders. That we all know. And the name of that exact spot within Tiljala is -- 'Mahasamadhi'. So when B group leader Dada Sarvatmanandji was in full-fledge power then he brought his dream into reality. Means what he thought he did, all for the cause of his 'Bengali superiority'. And that very dogmatic 'Mahasamadhi' memorial is now erected in Tiljala. So when this all began happening in 1990, since then some Hindi fundamentalists were thinking to create something parallely in order to respond to the challenge of B group kingpin, Dada Sarvatmanandji. Those days H group proceeded with the formula: "When they (B group) created a holy land then we (H group) must also create a holy land. They created Tiljala and ours will be Jamalpur." This slogan was given by H group. Since then the fire of groupism got notched up one level in AMPS and has been burning & working in a seriously organised way. And now these days it is outright exploding. Because when one dogma is injected then it sprouts or multiplies in a different way. Means some off-shoot is created. So this highlighting of Jamalpur was that type of outcome. That outcome means the reaction of one dogma by creating another dogma. Here is some further history.
In 1966 when Baba physically left Jamalpur then after that time decades past and He did not visit again. And after a span of 12 years in 1979 then finally He reached back again in Jamalpur to do one DMC. Baba says, "During the twelve years since 1966, I have not been to Jamalpur." (AV-7, 3rd Jan 1979) It is obvious then that Baba did not give much importance to Jamalpur. One reason being that in Indian soil already the tiirtha dogma is common. That mentality is existing strongly here in India. Naturally then if Baba would have given a little encouragement regarding the importance of Jamalpur, then it would have taken the shape of a tiirtha far earlier. Jamalpur prone to become Tiirtha, so that is why He was avoiding it. Such that He did not even go there. The reason was that that Baba wants to establish the idea--in each and every devotee's heart--that Parama Purusa is not without, He is within. To attain HIM one need not go to any tiirtha. There is no such 'special' physical place where Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji lives. HE is not tied with any particular land.
Because Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma, He is everywhere-- in devotee's hearts. Baba says, "Wherever my devotees sing kiirtana I remain there." (SS part 11) Hence Parama Purusa cannot be found in any material structure like a temple, mosque, church, jagrti or Baba's Quarter. HE is living in a divine abode-- that is in the heart of each and every devotee.
Anyhow when Dada Sarvatmanandji created a 'special land' in Tiljala, he gave huge importance to that soil. And Dada Sarvatmanandji started propagating that Tiljala is one holy place. It was at that time that strong fundamental Hindi-minded WT leaders planned to execute this idea of Jamalpur. And make their own holy place. So in the mid 1990's when H group came into a little power, since then this DMS tradition started. And all these DMS type of locations or places are fixed. Two places of DMS was fixed earlier because of the AMPS international HQ is at Ananda Nagar. That was genuine and dharmic. But at present two groups/parties are dominating our AMPS. So they occupied 2 more places for DMS. B group created the Tiljala Holy land and H group created Jamalpur as a Holy land. And in Tiljala a major gathering is arranged permanently in October at the time of Mahaprayan (MPD). And in Jamalpur in the month of March every year there is the DMS program. So before 1990 we did not have rituals or any Holy land. But now we are "fortunate" to have two such lands: (1) Tiljala and (2) Jamalpur. These are treated as the respective headquarters of two belligerent parties. So by this way it is quite clear that the whole existence of this Jamalpur DMS program is rooted in self-centered thinking for group power. And now this event is coming again-- in full force.
Ultimately then Jamalpur is the place where they are pouring huge money by exploiting the various sentiments of margiis. And they are trying to compete with the dogmatic Sikh plan of spending billions of dollars to create their religious capital known as the golden temple of Amritsar. To prepare for building up Jamalpur DMS even more so they sometimes stage one big VSS camp there in hopes of drawing in and bringing more and more people there. So these groupists are giving full emphasis to Jamalpur and the surrounding area. And especially AMURT money is being diverted to turn Jamalpur into one dogmatic holy city like "Mecca" or "Rome" or "Prayog" or "Kashi" etc. So this is how some groupist WT priests are doing.
We should always remember that we all belong to one family. We are kith and kin. Following the teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the only way. Here I conclude with this Baba's Blessing. Baba says, "It is my firm conviction that the future of humanity is not dark. Every human being will attain that inextinguishable flame that is forever alight beyond the veil of darkness of the present-- and attain it they must. Those who will carry the message of that effulgent light will be forever revered by all humanity". (Prout-10) brotherly, Manindra * Ka'mdhenu: This is one mythological cow from the scriptures that was always ready to give all kinds of worldly gifts on demand, anytime. So this sacred cow from the heaven-- Ka'mdhenu-- would bless the asker with whatever worldly boons they requested. Only this mythological cow could not grant liberation, but it was always ready to give those various mundane things. Thus for certain groupist leaders, Jamalpur is like that. They have the desire that Jamalpur will be like one Ka'mdhenu-- providing them with power, prestige, $$$, and all types of securities of mundane life.
****************************************** Really God's Favourite?
Baba says, "There are many philosophies which tend to crudify the human mind, and make people violent and inconsiderate. They make people believe that they are God's favourite children, whereas the rest of humanity are cursed. Although these views have philosophical sanction, they do not have the sanction of the A'tman (soul)...Intellectually such people are certainly slaves, and in the material world also they are slaves." (PNS-18, p.15) Note: This psychic disease is present in fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Christians, and fundamentalist Muslims etc. All are bad and guilty of this point; but especially the fundamentalist Jews & Muslims. They feel very negatively towards those who do not belong to their dogmatic beliefs. Muslims brand others as Quafir (demons) and Jews label non-Jews in their own derogatory language. Thus according to Baba's the status of those fundamentalist Jews & Muslims is like slaves-- intellectually and physically. For more about this read Baba's discourse, 'The Continuous Effort to Promote Universal Well-Being-- Part 1'.

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