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Crying in Front of Mic

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 23:29:38 -0000 To: Subject: Crying in Front of Mic From: RB_MAURYA@ecectronic... Baba "Tumi saba'r bha'loba'sa' peyecho..." (P.S. 1383) Purport: Baba, everyone loves You. And You receive everyone's heartfelt love. You look upon all with the same eyes-- with no differentiation. You always think about everyone's all-round welfare. You are concerned with one and all; everyone is Yours. In the burning heat when life is becoming unbearable, then You shower us with Your grace. And You take away all our pains and sufferings. Baba, You are ever-gracious. When the heart starts bleeding due to the blow of different negative samskaras from the present, past, and future, then You saturate those suffering hearts with the divine nectar of Your love. In that way You graciously take away all their problems in the showering of Your divine compassion. On the dark amavasya night when it is pouring rain all around, even that time You bring effulgence through the medium of firefly. Like this You provide the solution to each and every situation. It is Your grace. Baba, You love all and You know how to love. You give utmost importance to human life. And everyone is looking towards the path of Your arrival. Those who are crying and suffering, You have given them shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, You are granting boons and blessings to everyone. You are grace personified...
Namaskar, At the conclusion of the Ranchi faction's 24hr so-called Mahaprayan kiirtan in AN (Sun Oct 26), as he stood in front of the mic and delivered his talk, that esteemed Dada cried & cried in despair and sorrow, feeling that Baba is utterly gone. Of course, everyone has full sympathy for Dadaji's condition and feeling, yet it does bring to light the despondent and dogmatic nature of the Mahaprayan program. Why should we celebrate a degrading occasion that leads to mental darkness: Thinking that Baba is gone. When in truth, Baba remains always in our hearts. And with the light of sadhana, this blissful truth can be realised and experienced.
Following dogma is quite tempting as it is the easiest thing in the world to do. It takes almost no effort. In comparison, doing sadhana and realising Parama Purusa within is challenging, but walking up to a stone idol, doing pranam, and leaving an offering of ghee takes almost zero effort. That is why millions and millions of people resort to idol worship each and every day. But it will not bear any fruit; rather it is harmful. To engage in idol worship is to push Parama Purusa far, far away. Because as soon as one forgets the idea that Parama Purusa lies within, and engages in crude things like idol worship or the dogmatic Mahaprayan ceremony, then He appears to be so far away and cannot be found anywhere. Baba says, "He appears to you as per your feelings towards Him. If you are subtle, He is nearest to you; if you are crude, He is farthest from you. Do you feel that Parama Purus'a is in Ranchi or is in America? He is so near as to be in your [“I”] feeling, and so far as a distant country. When you think He is here, He is nearer than here. He is so near that it is difficult to measure the distance. You search Him in the caves of the Himalayas and wander here and there and He is nowhere. But when you attain awareness of Him, you know that He was along with you in your search and that He was seated in your heart." (AV-23) So we should always cultivate the sublime idea that Baba is within us, then we will always feel His presence. Unfortunately, when one gets lost in the dogma of Mahaprayan, then one may helplessly feel that 'Baba is totally gone and abandoned me'. This is the tragic fate that befalls dogmatic Mahaprayan attendees. And that is illustrated by our dear Dada who cried & cried about how Baba has left. Those tears were not tears of love and joy, but rather tears of abandonment and sorrow. In that case, who is not sympathetic and sorry to see our Dada became overwhelmed by the negative sentiment of the dogmatic Mahaprayan program.
The main point is that we should all pay heed to Baba's warning.
Du'ra't sudure...
Baba says, "If you think that He is very far from you, He will remain forever beyond your reach. If you think that He is near, He will be so near that you need not move even an inch to attain Him." (AMIWL-6) Thus we must utterly avoid dogmatic ceremonies like Mahaprayan that push Parama Purusa far from our mental plate, and instead encourage the sweet feeling within that Baba is always with us. For that, we have to do more and more sadhana. Here again, in this below teaching, Baba warns us of the ironic nature of the crude ways of worship like the dogmatic Mahaprayan program.
A'tmanasthiitam' shivam' tyaktva' vahis't'ham' yah samarcayet Hastastham' pin'd'am utsrjya bhramate jiivita'shaya'.
Baba says, "How unreasonable it is to search externally for the Supreme Entity instead of searching within! It is like throwing away the foodstuff in one’s own hand, and then complaining of hunger and begging for alms from door to door." (SS-12) Similarly, when Baba Himself resides eternally in our hearts, already we have Him there, then how ironic it is to celebrate Mahaprayan and fall prey to the false notion that Baba is far away gone, never to be seen again. In that case, we are no different from the beggar who senselessly drops edible food from his own hand and the goes around town demanding food from others. Those who attend Mahaprayan fall into this same category. They overlook the fact that Baba is within, and get caught in the dogmatic whirlwind that Baba is gone. Unfortunately, our dear Dada fell into this trap. That is why when standing at the mic he was crying for minutes and minutes, expressing remorse how Baba is gone.
By Baba grace, as His devotees we must search Him inside and not celebrate those dogmatic functions that throw Parama Purusa far away. We must celebrate Baba's eternal presence in our heart. Baba says, "When you attain awareness of Him, you know that He was along with you in your search and that He was seated in your heart." (AV-23) Namaskar Rambabu
The Ranchi group celebrated Maha'prayan divas on 21st of October in BQ Ranchi. And there was RDS in AN. So they started a 24 hr kiirtan program at the Kiirtan Pandal in AN on 25th. They announced that this is because of Maha'praya'n. Then today, Sunday October 26 afternoon, the kiirtan finished. It was then that Nirmoha'nanda gave his speech. Nirmoha'nanda told that Ba'ba' left us alone in this world. We came to Ba'ba' and Ba'ba' left us. He started crying making sounds and shedding tears for minutes while at the mic.
Baba says, "Parama Purus'a always remains with you, within the very core of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but within, within your very existence." (AV-12, p.41)
***************************************** Population Growth: Very Helpful
Baba says, "Today, capitalists are trying to check the population by propagating the principle of birth control because the increase in population will be detrimental to capitalism. In a collective economic structure one need not support birth control. Rather an increasing population will be helpful in the production of essential commodities." (PNS-13, p. 46)

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